Season 1 Episode 2, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Recap, Sex, Lies and Alibis

PLL: The Perfectionists Recap - The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 2

In this episode, we're still reeling from the shocking aftermath of Nolan's murder from The Perfectionists premiere. This is also the episode where Alison awakens her inner mean girl and unleashes her dormant powers of bitchiness.
  • This is the episode of Nolan's funeral. Rest in peace, douchebag.
  • This is the episode where we meet Mason (Nolan's childhood best friend & Caitlin's ex-boyfriend) and Dana (former FBI agent turned school security guard).
  • In terms of plot advancement, this episode of The Perfectionists was a tad slow-paced. In terms of hilarious scenes with Mona & her beautiful mind, this episode DELIVERED.

    PLL The Perfectionists Recap: The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 2

    Nolan Hotchkiss is dead, and the world is now a better place.

    Welcome to a scumbag-free edition of The Perfectionists! Now that Nolan Hotchkiss is dead, the world is a better place with one less asshat in the population. Nolan will be remembered as a deceitful son, a cheating boyfriend, a plagiarizing student, a manipulative blackmailer, and an all-around bad person. He should skip the queue in the afterlife and head to the express lane straight to hell.

    On the night that Nolan died, he met with a mysterious ~someone~ who eventually pushed him off the school rooftop. The poor bastard fell as hard as the second episode ratings did for The Perfectionists. It was a strange meeting place in the middle of the night, don't you think? Imagine if Nolan was like "the roof? nah, let's just meet at starbucks instead~", he'd probably still be alive right now.

    Season 1 Episode 1, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists Recap, Pilot

    PLL: The Perfectionists Recap - The Perfectionists Season 1 Episode 1

    Pretty Little Liars has a brand new spin-off show called The Perfectionists! Is the premiere episode actually good? Or is the show crap from the start? Let's find out whether The Perfectionists is worth watching or not.
  • This is the official season premiere of Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists
  • This is the "unofficial" Season 8 premiere of Pretty Little Liars, let's just be honest here.

    Honestly? I enjoyed the episode and I think wary PLL fans would like it too. The Perfectionists premiere was a solid start and there's a lot of potential here.

  • PLL The Perfectionists Recap: The Perfectionists Premiere

    Pretty Little Liars has a brand new show called The Perfectionists!

    Hey, did you hear about the new Pretty Little Liars show? Who would've thought we'd STILL be talking about PLL in the year 2019, but here we are today. Just when you thought Pretty Little Liars was an officially dead franchise, somebody dug up its grave, scavenged for any remaining body parts, and used the pieces to form the ultimate Frankenstein monster: a spin-off show called The Perfectionists.

    As the biggest Pretty Little Liars fan, I obviously couldn't resist watching The Perfectionists. Going in, I knew nothing about the show other than the fact that Alison and Mona are in it, and there's apparently a gay storyline... 👀 (WHY is that one of the things I know? lmao) I dunno what to expect from The Perfectionists premiere episode, but I'm excited! Let's get this recap started, hoes!

    Season 7 Episode 20, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Till Death Do Us Part

    Pretty Little Liars Recap - Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 20

    After seven years, it's finally over. This is the Pretty Little Liars series finale. There isn't another PLL recap after this. There's never gonna be any more PLL episodes after this. You've just completed watching the Pretty Little Liars last episode ever. Let that sink in for a while.
  • This is the final episode & the series finale of Pretty Little Liars. Goodbye forever!
  • Wow. Just wow. That was, without a doubt, the best Pretty Little Liars finale I’ve ever seen. It was not the #PLLFinale that I expected, but it was definitely the finale we deserved. I couldn’t have asked for a more loltastic ending to this hilarious show.

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    PLL Recap: Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 20

    Spencer's evil twin with the tragic British accent is A.D.! Can you believe it!?

    Before we start the PLL finale recap, I want everybody to dig deep into their family ancestry and make sure that you don't have an evil twin somewhere out there. Let's learn from Spencer's mistakes. Are you absolutely certain that you don't have a secret twin sister, separated at birth, who will come back twenty years later to steal your life whilst speaking in a tragic accent?

    Wow, the show went there. I always dismissed those crackpot Twincer fan theories because I thought they were simply too bizarre, but PLL took those crazy Tumblr ramblings, turned the ridiculous dial to a 1000x, and even threw in a cockney accent for good measure. As soon as Twincer blurted out *EYE AHM EYY DEE!*, I burst out laughing so hard. From that moment on, I fully embraced whatever hijinks PLL prepared for the finale. OH BABY I'M READY. Take me to your crazy place, Pretty Little Liars!

    Season 7 Episode 12, Pretty Little Liars Recap, These Boots Were Made for Stalking

    Pretty Little Liars Recap - Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 12

    In this meaningless filler episode of Pretty Little Liars, we get bored by Aria's neurotic bridal drama, Hanna's stolen fashion drama, Spencer's annoying mama drama, and Emily's school bullying drama. *snooze*
  • In case you were wondering what was the most filler episode of Pretty Little Liars, this is it!
  • This Pretty Little Liars episode might be THE most filler episode in the history of filler episodes. Consequently, this Pretty Little Liars recap might be THE most filler recap ever.

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    PLL Recap: Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 12

    Pretty Little Liars isn't ending the show with a bang, but with a streak of useless filler episodes.

    Welcome to another action-packed episode of Pretty Little Liars, where the plot moves so fast that I'm kept at the edge of my seat with every riveting scene!

    Noooo, just kidding. We got a stinking filler episode and absolutely nothing has been happening so far. This might be the slowest and least interesting start to a PLL season ever. I don't get it, are they saving all the big juicy storylines for the last ten minutes in the series finale??? With the show ending in a couple of weeks, you'd think they might kick the story into high gear instead of focusing on Aria's inane bridal drama or Hanna's flop of a fashion career. Season 7B almost feels like I'm watching the TLC channel with way too much time dedicated to weddings, fashion & unwed mothers.