Shadowhunters Recaps

Shadowhunters Recaps

Shadowhunters is a supernatural teen drama featuring hotties who fight demons, vampires, werewolves, warlocks, and any other creatures that lurk in the shadows. Gotta hunt them all!

Meet Clary Fray (Katherine McNamara), just an ordinary teenage girl who was suddenly thrust into an unexpected supernatural world on her 18th birthday. That was when her mother revealed about their shadowhunter ancestry (a shadowwhat?), which gives them special awesome powers (what powers?) and oh by the way there’s now an evil bad guy trying to kill us (WAIT, WHAT!?). Before Clary’s mom can any explain further, she’s whisked away by an evil baddie inside a magical portal, never to be seen again. Erm, okay then.

Fortunately, Clary is adopted by a ragtag team of dazzlingly beautiful models who also call themselves “shadowhunters”. They take our ingénue under their wing as she navigates this new confusing supernatural world, filled with gorgeous vampires and hot werewolves and handsome demons and oh god why is everyone on this show so beautiful? How will Clary cope with her newfound powers? Will she ever reunite with her mother ever again? And just exactly what type of shadows will she be expected to hunt!?

Upon its release, Shadowhunters has been universally panned by fans and critics alike. Everything about the show has been lauded as laughably bad, including the bad acting & the bad writing & the bad production values. Those of us who stuck with the show beyond the premiere would discover this is a very entertaining and enjoyable guilty pleasure despite some of its flaws. Shadowhunters might not be the perfect show, but it sure is a lot of fun!

Season 2

Season 2 Episode 4, Shadowhunters Recap, Day of Wrath

Season 2 Episode 4, Shadowhunters Recap, Day of Wrath

Season 2 Episode 4, Shadowhunters Recap, Day of Wrath

Season 2 Episode 1, Shadowhunters Recap, This Guilty Blood

Welcome to the second season of Shadowhunters! In this season premiere, Alec is on a warpath to find Jace because ain’t nobody gonna get between him and his man. Meanwhile, Jace’s fathers and mothers compete against each other to see who can be the worst parent ever.

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Season 2 Episode 2, Shadowhunters Recap, A Door Into the Dark

In this Shadowhunters episode: Clary has an identity crisis over how much she sucks, Jace has too many evil daddy issues, Simon has a deathmatch with a firebreathing snake, and Alec has a mindblowing orgasm over Jace.


Season 2 Episode 3, Shadowhunters Recap, Parabatai Lost

This Shadowhunters episode introduces Maia, the new werewolf on the block! She seems like a cool chick, but she’ll turn into a beastly bloodthirsty badass killer if you cross her! Also, this episode has lots of gay kisses, gay weddings & gay parabatai bonding.


Season 2 Episode 4, Shadowhunters Recap, Day of Wrath

It’s a game changing episode of Shadowhunters as characters fall left and right after Valentine infiltrated the institute and turned the shadowhunters against one another. You’re dead! You’re dead too! Oops I didn’t mean to kill you, but you’re dead anyway! WHO SHALL SURVIVE THE SHADOWHUNTAH MASSACRE???