Pretty Little Liars Recap - Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 3

Pretty Little Liars Recap - Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 3
Pretty Little Liars Recap - Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 3
Pretty Little Liars Recap - Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 3
Who's ready for more of the riveting love triangle drama between Haleb and Spaleb!? I sure am! Meanwhile, the pretty little liars spend the entire episode investigating plots that were known to the viewers since the season premiere.
Pretty Little Liars Recaps » Season 7 Episode 3 » The Talented Mr. Rollins
  • This is the episode where Hanna becomes a MURDERER.
  • This is the episode where Elliott DIES.
  • Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 3 Review


    PLL Recap: Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 3

    This episode originally aired on July 5, 2016. The episode recap has 32 comments from the best readers ever.
    Did you notice the product placement for Sara Shepard's newest book in the latest PLL episode?
    Before we discuss what happened in the newest PLL episode, we must address the product placement first and foremost. During this scene, I think Emily and Sabrina were chatting in the background, but who cares about their conversation when you’re trying to push an advert!? ZOOM IN ON THE BOOK!

    In case you didn’t notice that big purple hardcover staring right at the camera, this is a promotion for Sara Shepard (aka. the fairy godmother of Pretty Little Liars) and her brand new book called The Amateurs, coming to a bookstore café near you in November 2016! Or if you don’t wanna read the book, you can just wait for the crappy TV adaptation that will definitely air on Freeform within a few years. OMG! What if the main PLL cast leaves the show after this season, only to reunite together again in another Freeform show based on a Sara Shepard book series? #amazingidea #makeithappen

    The Amateur sounds like a rehash of Pretty Little Liars.
    I know you’re curious about the deets, so lemme summarize the book synopsis:

    About ‘The Amateurs’: 5 YEARS AGO! Some bitch named Helena Kelly disappeared from her backyard in Connecticut, never to be heard from again. OHNOES. Her family was left without answers about her death, but another bitch named Seneca Frazier wants to change that – after she changed her bizarre birth name that is. Seneca teams up with a bunch of online wannabe detectives to solve the case, one of whom is most likely revealed to be the real killer in the end. *lol so obvious* BUT PLOT TWIST! Is Seneca also hiding some DEEP DARK SEKRITS that might hinder the investigation? Is she the actual killer!? Dun, dun, dun…

    Yup, it’s a rehash of Pretty Little Liars with absurdly named characters. Just watch Helena come back from the dead and start a lesbian romance with Seneca, I’m calling it right now.

    Is the Emily x Sabrina boremance finally gonna start?

    Sabrina still doesn't want to hook up with Emily even though she should be the one feeling privileged to be chosen.
    Speaking of lesbian romances, Emily is desperately trying to get one started with Sabrina, but that bitch still ain’t playing. She has gotta be the most unwilling love interest ever, right? Excuse me, you should feel privileged to be on the VIP shortlist and one of the prestigious pretty little liars wanna hook up with your minor character’s ass. Like she’s Taylor Swift and you’re Calvin Harris, nobody even knew who you were before this relationship got started.

    I guess I wouldn’t have minded an Emily x Sabrina romance to happen last season since it’d go along with the rest of the filler romances. Now, we’ve less than 20 episodes before Pretty Little Liars ends forever and I don’t wanna put up with a drawn-out song and dance routine. Either put out for her or get out of this show, because ain’t nobody got time for a non-starter romance!

    Sabrina is being kind of a sour and bitter bitch towards Emily. Forgive her already.
    Emily: No pressure if you’re not interested…
    Sabrina: No, it’s not that…but Ezra’s key, that whole mess, it just kinda left a bad taste in my mouth.

    On top of being a massive vagtease, Sabrina is also kind of a sourpuss bitch? I’m sorry that Emily stole Ezra’s key a million years ago as part of some filler storyline last season, but it’s about time you forgive and forget your eternal lifetime grudges. I wanna see a lighthearted romance with a fun easy breezy love interest, and not with some nitpicking hag who still gripes over a trivial wrongdoing from eons ago. Sabrina’s character also leaves a bad taste in my mouth and it’s called SOUR BITTERNESS that I don’t want on my show.

    Emily can't handle the fact that Sabrina rejected her ass twice on the same day.
    As if it wasn’t bad enough that she got turned down the first time, Emily thought it’d be a good idea to hit on Sabrina for a second time on the same day. I know you said no to me just an hour ago, but maybe you changed your mind since then?

    Emily: I like you, Sabrina! And I know you must feel something for me too! If you didn’t, I wouldn’t be standing here making a fool out of myself. I just wished you wouldn’t judge me based on one stupid mistake. If you got to know me, you’ll realize that’s not who I am at all.

    You can tell that someone as gorgeous as Emily has always gotten every girl she wanted, so that’s why she’s not coping well with this rejection. “I know you must feel something for me too!” Um no, she just described you as a bad taste? Can you take a hint?

    Sabrina kisses another woman right in front of Emily after her big love confession.
    Sabrina didn’t even get the chance to say no again, because some random chick just comes outta nowhere and KISSES HER ON THE LIPS right in front of Emily! Dat awkward moment after you just made a grandstanding love confession and you realize that the object of your affections is currently making out with somebody else. Hey Emily, you left such a bad taste in Sabrina’s mouth that she has to wash it off with another woman’s saliva! *lolawkssss*
    Can someone let Pretty Little Liars know that it's not normal to go kissing your ex-girlfriends like that?
    Emily: You don’t have to say anything. You have a girlfriend. I get it.
    Sabrina: She’s not my girlfriend. She’s my ex. We’re just friends.

    WTF? Is it normal to kiss all of your ex-girlfriends on the lips with your tongues intertwined??? I think you meant to say “we’re just friends…with benefits”, Sabrina. Then again, her actions aren’t so surprising when Pretty Little Liars already demonstrated through Ezria and Haleb that making out with your exes is perfectly acceptable behaviour. I don’t see anything wrong with smooching my former lover? We’re buddies! A full tongue-on-tongue kiss is just our friendly way of saying hello to each other!

    Sabrina is so gonna cheat on Emily with her ex-girlfriend sooner or later.
    Afterwards, Sabrina has the gall to confess that she does have feelings for Emily and would like to start an official relationship with her. OH DIS BITCH. Um, if you like her so much, maybe *don’t* make out with your goddamn ex-girlfriend right in front of the girl you’re trying to woo!?!?

    Sadly, Emily is so desperate for acceptance that she’ll take any piece of ass that comes her way, even though she’s essentially the *Liam* or the *Jordan* in this doomed love triangle relationship. In a few episodes’ time, don’t be surprised when poor Emily gets dumped at some scrappy construction site after Sabrina realized that she still has irrepressible feelings for her anonymous girlfriend. “We’re just friends…” MY ASS!!!

    Is Emily the laziest employee ever?
    BTW, you’d never be able to tell from the way she’s behaving, but Emily is actually supposed to be “working” right now. Even though she got a new job working as a bartender at The Radley, it didn’t take long before the bitch is already slacking off and checking messages on her phone. Oh, I’m just taking my break, it’s only my fourth 15-minute break for this hour!

    You’d think Emily might be more diligent on her first day of work, but she spends all of her time either on the phone or hitting on the customers at the bar. She’s lucky that Laura Leighton got removed as a series regular this season, or otherwise Mama Marin would appear right now and fire her lazy employee on the spot. *lol*


    They need to end Spaleb already and not subject us to any more of this boring love triangle crap.
    Before we can discuss the real plot in this episode, let’s get more boring relationship shit outta the way first. Dear god give me strength to trudge through the tepid love triangle melodrama because it’s the bane of my fucking existence. I’m dreading this next part of the recap because we must talk about the steaming pile of Spaleb. Oy vey. 😴😴😴

    Oh Spaleb, what happened to you? As somebody who genuinely enjoyed their relationship since it started, I hate the way Pretty Little Liars took a sledgehammer and demolished what was a fun, natural rapport between two compatible characters. Last season, the Spencer x Caleb scenes were so hilarious to watch. And this season, they’re the worst part of the show. How many times do I have to hear the line “We need to talk about us…”!? Enough talking, end this shit already! If Aria can break up with Liam in under five seconds, so can you!

    Spencer confronts Caleb about cheating on her. He replies that he was merely comforting Hanna with a kiss.
    During one of the bajillion *WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT SPALEB* inquisitions, Spencer confronts her boyfriend and finally asks if he cheated on her.

    Spencer: You two were alone together that night. Did something happen?
    Caleb: She was scared. I…I was comforting her.

    Ok bro, if that’s what you wanna spin it: “Hanna was feeling scared so I gave her a little bit of tongue to calm down her nerves.” You know, there are many other ways to comfort somebody without exchanging taste buds. Besides, Hanna wasn’t even scared during that scene, unless she was scared of losing Caleb to Spencer that is. OMG Spaleb is so terrifying, can somebody kiss me so I’ll feel better!?

    Caleb finally confesses to cheating on Spencer with Hanna.
    Caleb: We kissed. Old memories got stirred up. It was like we were in a time warp back in high school.
    Spencer: Okay, but we’re not in high school! And Hanna is not your girlfriend, I am!

    It’s obvious that Caleb would never confess to Spencer if she hadn’t continued prodding him about it, even though he had plenty of time to come clean, rue over his actions, and apologize for cheating. Notice how the mofo never said sorry to Spencer, most likely because he’s not sorry and would mack on Hanna all over again if given a second chance. I bet Caleb wanna go back into the time warp so he can relive the moment when he cheated with Hanna again and again and again and again…

     Hanna bought a fake knockoff engagement ring to keep up the charade that she's still engaged to Jordan.
    Spencer: Look, I can handle a kiss! But is that all it was!? Or do you still have feelings for her?
    Caleb: ………… 😁

    Wrong answer, Caleb! *buzzer noise* You had your chance to apologize and explain yourself, but instead you waste that time depleting oxygen with your mouth dropped open. His silence tells us everything we need to know. Maybe Spencer has a higher tolerance for filthy cheating boyfriends than I do, but I’ve no idea why she doesn’t just kick him to the curb on the spot. You kissed Hanna!? Okay then, get out of my face and climb outta the doggie door you go!

    Why isn't Spencer more outraged that Caleb cheated on her with her best friend?
    Was anybody hoping that Spencer would be a lot more outraged? I understand it’s her personality to rationalize everything, but honestly I’d rather just see her throw plates and cutlery in a fit of jealous rage. The best part about a love triangle has gotta be the potential fallout, so I feel kinda robbed by her underwhelming response. WHERE IS MY EPIC SPENCER HASTINGS MELTDOWN!? I want tears, I want profanities, I want slaps, I want blood, I want to see bright red belt marks on Caleb’s body as he begs for mercy on his knees!!!
    Spencer confronts Hanna for breaking their negotiation treaty last season.
    Spencer also confronted Hanna for breaking the negotiation treaty that she signed last season. Excuse me, you promised you wouldn’t trespass into my land and rummage through my man?

    Spencer: Caleb told me about what happened between you two at The Lost Woods. You really shouldn’t have told me that you were over him if you weren’t. 😒
    Hanna: Spencer, I’m so sorry! I am over him! That was a huge mistake! 😩

    I know some of you might insist that Spaleb shouldn’t have started in the first place, but I’m of the opinion that their relationship should have never ended. If I had my way, this love triangle drama wouldn’t exist since the two of them are still happily dating. We’ll ask Miss Marin to drive her car elsewhere because you lost your spot and this parking lot is full.

    Hanna bought a fake engagement ring to keep up the roleplaying that she's cheating on Jordan with Caleb.
    Hanna: I meant what I said! Caleb is my past and Jordan is my future!

    How…how can she say that with a straight face!? 🙈 For some ungodly reason, Hanna is still pretending to be engaged to her fiancé after she broke up with him. I don’t know why she’s lying, or what she’s planning to do with a fake engagement to a fake fiancé in a fake wedding she’s never gonna have. Maybe Hanna enjoyed the thrill of committing adultery so much that she wanna keep up the roleplaying fantasy when Caleb cheats with her again in the future?

    Hanna bought a fake engagement ring to keep up the roleplaying fantasy that she's cheating on Jordan with Caleb.
    To keep up the charade, Hanna went down to the flea market and bought a fake knockoff engagement ring for $39.99. LMAO GURRRRRL. In case you were wondering, that’s exactly how much she valued her years of relationship with Jordan, for less than the price of a toaster oven. If Hanna was so willing to put anything on her finger, Jordan shouldn’t have wasted all that money on an actual ring and just purchased a plastic toy from the vending machine instead.
    Hanna won't come clean about cheating on Jordan even though Aria just openly admits her adultery.
    Even when Aria comes clean about cheating on Liam to get back together with Ezra, Hanna still maintains her twisted reality that she’s happily engaged to Jordan: *hey aria u might be a ho but i am VERY faithful*

    Aria: Ezra and I, we spent a lot of time together these past few weeks and I just realized how much I missed having him in my life. We’re both lucky! I got Ezra, you got Jordan!

    Between the two of them, I actually don’t know who is behaving worse. Hanna shouldn’t be telling such an outrageous lie, but at least it’s because she has a guilty conscience over her actions. As opposed to Aria, whose adultery is so second nature that she doesn’t bother with lying because the bitch feels no shame about flip-flopping between two men. *lolsad*

    Somebody in PLL production forgot to turn off their cell phone during filming, oops!
    Once again, Spencer and Caleb rehash over the same old relationship talk yet again. 😴 The Haleb fans aren’t enjoying these scenes, the few surviving Spaleb fans aren’t enjoying these scenes, and nobody else (including the actors) is enjoying these scenes. How many times must they go through this downtrodden road before PLL puts us out of our misery!?

    Caleb: I really think we need to talk about this morning…
    Background noise: *BZZZZZZZZZZT*

    Sidebar: did you guys catch that moment when Caleb was in the middle of saying a line and suddenly there was a strange text messaging alert noise in the background? Tyler Blackburn even broke character for a second to glare at the production member who must’ve forgotten to turn off their cell phone during filming. lol whoops!

    Let's be honest, Caleb would drop Spencer so fast if Hanna actually agreed to get back together with him again.
    Caleb: There’s a part of me that’ll always love Hanna, okay? She was my first real love, but it’s you who I wanna be with!
    Spencer: If Hanna wanted to be with you now, would that change things?
    Caleb: No!
    Spencer: Do you really mean that, or do you just feel obligated to say it!?

    It’s evident that Caleb must’ve rehearsed his script properly this time, because he finally knows the right lies to tell his girlfriend to keep her at ease. Fortunately, she can see through his bullshit and calls out the lying motherfucker. Let’s be real. If Hanna was ready to get back together with Caleb right now, he’d drop poor Spencer so fast that she’ll get permanent bruising on her buttocks!

    Spencer tells Caleb that she LOVES him yet again. Are you serious, girl? WTF.
    Caleb: I like everything about you. You’re smart and you’re driven. You’re sexy as hell.
    Spencer: Yeah, but that’s the problem. You like me, BUT I LOVE YOU!!!!!

    Oh my god, not this shit again. *spits out drink* Spencer, are you serious girl? Do you need a thesaurus to look up another word to use in your vocabulary instead of ‘love’? As much as I am in Spencer’s corner 100%, please don’t go around dropping hardcore ILU bombs on your boyfriend of several weeks. At least wait until the 30-day trial period has passed before you finalize your undying love for him in your wedding vows.

    I am not looking forward for Haleb's inevitable reconciliation while shitting all over Spencer's feelings. Ugh, this is my personal hell.
    Caleb: Please give me a chance to make it right. I really want this to work. 😘
    Spencer: I don’t know that I can… 😟

    And their relationship is donezo, thank fucking god! I feel like I did something wrong in my previous life to have to endure these past three episodes of relationship hell. In the process, they’ve annihilated Caleb’s character, ruined the friendship between Spanna, and wasted screentime that could be dedicated to more interesting plots instead. Now we have to sit through god knows how long before Haleb reconciles while shitting all over Spencer’s feelings, so we have that piece of riveting drama to look forward to. I can hardly wait. 😑😑😑

    Toby and Yvonne just announced their engagement! Poor Spencer, rejected yet again!
    Unfortunately, Spencer can’t even go crawling back to her own ex-boyfriend because Toby just got engaged to Yvonne! Poor Spencer is just getting sucker punched left and right in this episode. DOES NOBODY WANNA LOVE HER!?!?

    I will not waste any time discussing Toby and Yvonne’s romance, which is as interesting as watching the wallpaper fall in love with the carpet. Don’t worry though, their engagement won’t last. Queen Jenna didn’t even attend her stepbrother’s engagement party so this unholy romance clearly didn’t get the royal stamp of approval. Also, I must point out that the two of them held their party at a trailer park in some dinky part of the woods. lmao toby, get some class plz.

    Yvonne's engagement ring gotta be purchased at the same counterfeit store at Hanna's, right?
    P.S. Considering Toby lives in a trailer, I have no doubt that he bought the engagement ring at the same Sunday flea market as Hanna. Hey Yvonne, try to look a little less smug with yourself, you’re wearing a counterfeit rock off the second-hand rack. Hopefully Toby’s fiancée hasn’t thrown out the receipt yet because I have a feeling she’ll need to get the full $39.99 refund in the very near future.

    Alison vs. Elliott Death Match: Round One

    Elliott Rollins is an impostor living under a false identity all along, surprise surprise.
    Toby was also involved in some minor subplot when Emily convinced him to do a background check on Elliott and dig up some dirt on dat evil mofo. The police database shows that “Elliott Rollins” received a speeding ticket back in 1958! This shocking revelation confirms what we’ve suspected about him all along: ELLIOTT IS AN IMMORTAL TIME TRAVELLING VILLAIN WITH BAD DRIVING SKILLS!!! *omfg*

    Either that, or his real identity is Wren wearing a secret mask because obvious plot twist is obvious, but shhh let’s not ruin the surprise until the 7A finale. Anyway, it’s a miracle how this imposter managed to get away with the sham for so long, but I guess not a single one of his employers knows how to use a computer and notice a discrepancy in his records lulz. Wow, you were alive back in 1958? You must have a lot of medical experience then, you’re hired!

    I eagerly anticipate the epic bitchfeuds between Emison and Spoby later this season.
    Spencer was originally supposed to ask Toby to do the background check, but she chickened out after Yvonne sprayed her away with bug repellent. Spencer also insisted that she doesn’t want to involve Toby in the Alison drama, altho Emily was like *too bad! my love interest matters more than your love interest!* so these two bitches got into a minor catfight!

    Spencer: I asked you not to involve him!!!
    Emily: Ali’s life trumps what you want, Spencer!!!

    As if Spencer wasn’t busy enough fighting Hanna over Caleb and plotting against Yvonne over Toby, now she also picks a fight with Emily in another brewing bitchfeud over Alison. Leave it to Spencer to take on not one, not two, but THREE epic couple wars simultaneously. Datta girl, I wouldn’t expect anything less from this hardcore bitch. *lol*

    Elliott's boss Dr. Freedman might be even more insane than the patients living in this mental institution.
    The pretty little liars try to report Elliott to his superior, but they encounter a hilariously incompetent doctor who might be suffering from a case of permanent brain damage.

    Dr. Freedman: I wasn’t aware Dr. Rollins was treating Alison, but I assure you she’s in excellent hands!
    Aria: We think he’s abusing Alison! And if you don’t go check up on her right now, we’ll file a complaint against Dr. Rollins! And you!
    Dr. Freedman: Against me!? On what grounds!? 😟😟😟

    Uh durrrr. Someone just accused your subordinate of abusing a patient and you were like “I didn’t even know I was liable!” Maybe Elliott slipped him some tainted medication too, because nobody can be THAT much of a bumbling fool!

    Dr. Rollins continues to get away with torturing his wife under everybody's noses.
    Dr. Freedman doesn’t understand the concept of medical integrity, but he does know about the word ‘lawsuit’ so Dr. Rollins is scrutinized under an internal affairs investigation. Unfortunately, Elliott is an evil mastermind who already faked the documents and got all his tracks covered, so this weasel continues to get away with his hidden torture chamber under everyone’s nose.

    Dr. Freedman: *reading Alison’s file* It says here she’s being treated with a Big Mac, a McChicken, and a medium Coca-Cola. Vital signs are stable, everything is clear. Good job as always, Dr. Rollins. Another promotion for you!

    Forget about Dr. Rollins, he might be twisted but at least he’s competent. Can someone please file a complaint against Dr. Freedman ASAP because this clown shouldn’t be in a position of authority!? I’m more scared about this bozo’s stupidity than that mofo’s evilness!

    Alison ambushes her evil husband and chokes Elliott with an IV tube! AWESOME.
    Dr. Rollins thought he was gonna keep his braindead zombie wife chained to the bed forever, but it’s about time Alison fought back. She waited for the right moment to ambush Elliott before choking him with an IV tube! Yessss girl, now press A, B, and the up arrow button to execute the special move combo attack!

    Choking someone with an IV tube isn’t a typical maneuver you’d learn in a self-defence class, but it’s just as effective. Here’s the step-by-step combat strategy: first you crush his windpipes, then you break his neck, and finally you don’t stop until his whole head rolls off! YOU GO GURL, CHOKE DAT BITCH!!!

    Alison and Elliott are intent on killing each other and only one of them will leave this fight alive!
    Holy shit, Alison and Elliott were really going for it during their badass brawl! These two savage beasts were choking and strangling and tackling and throttling and using whatever necessary means to KILL their opponent mercilessly. This ain’t your typical PLL fight with two bitches slapping each other silly, this was an all-out BATTLE TO THE DEATH and only one winner will leave this bloody gladiator arena alive!

    The irony here is that even if Alison succeeded in killing her husband, the chances of her escaping the asylum and not getting caught are virtually nil. Which means she’ll still end up being imprisoned, except this time it’s for murder. Her situation wouldn’t change at all, other than the sheer satisfaction she’ll get from killing Elliott in the flesh with her bare hands! 😁

    Alison does have a twin sister! It's her stunt double wearing an obviously bad blonde wig!
    During the fight, there was a shocking plot twist when we find out Alison DOES have a twin, who is in fact her stunt double that looks nothing like the original. We saw glimpses here and there of Alison fighting her husband, but then we also saw glimpses of this other anonymous woman with a different body shape and wearing an obviously bad blonde wig.

    I couldn’t even focus on the fight at hand because I was so distracted by the fake impostor. Oh my god, who’s this mysterious DiLaurentis twin sister and why do they look nothing alike!?

    Alison's stunt double might have died during the fight, but the real Alison still lives to see another day of torture.
    As hard as she tried to fight, Alison was physically overpowered by her evil husband and he pinned her down on the bed to deliver a fatal shot of toxic serum. Screaming and kicking in her final moments, I’m sorry to report that the stunt double twin sister had perished during the fight. But luckily for us, the original Alison is still alive and lives to be tortured for another day!
    Elliott is such a deliciously evil villain and I kinda love it!
    And then came the most chilling moment after Alison was sedated and barely conscious. She wasn’t a threat to anybody, but Elliott still equipped her with some sort of FREAKY RESTRAINT MASK! Like one of those muzzles that you’d put on your pitbull! What the fuckity fuck fuck!!!

    Also, is anybody extremely disturbed that he carries around poisonous syringes in his back pocket and creepy bondage gear in his man purse like these are perfectly common everyday items? WHAT. A. FUCKING. PSYCHO. And yet, I kinda secretly enjoy watching him? *lol* I fear and respect Dr. Rollins in equal measures. Yes, he might be completely psychotic, but this mofo is so good at being bad that he gives me spine-shivering chills yo. He’s like the deliciously evil villain in a horror movie, you gotta root for him to kill dem all!

    Meet Eliza, the spawn of Satan.

    Aria still believes in the eternal love story between Alison and her evil husband Elliott!
    The unintentionally funniest quote of the episode goes to Aria, who had the audacity to say this about Elliott during the opening scene:

    Aria: No, no! Elliott would never hurt Alison! He loves her! I just keep thinking about the night that Alison and Elliott asked me to marry them. They seemed so in love…

    LMAO. Oh Aria, why are you such a terrible judge of character? Leave it to this deluded fangirl to completely misread one of the most twisted mofos on the show and describe his evil actions as eternal affections. Aria might be the only bitch who’d watch a slasher flick like Freddy vs. Jason and boldly proclaim: “Oh, but this is a love story!”

    Hanna had the audacity to judge Alison for the bad marriage decision. Um hello, you're the one wearing the fake engagement ring!
    The second unintentionally funniest quote of the episode goes to Hanna, who doesn’t understand that people living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones:

    Aria: I never should have agreed to marry them!
    Hanna: Ali should have never agreed to marry him. They only dated for one week.

    Says the girl who just broke off her engagement and is currently wearing a fake ring from the discount bin, so she has some cheek judging other people’s marriage choices. If Alison can talk through her mask right now, she’d be hitting back with a retort like: “Maybe Hanna should have never agreed to marry him. They only had three minutes of airtime together in the past twelve episodes.”

    Maybe Hanna should've let Aria drive in this episode instead??
    The third unintentionally funniest quote happened right afterwards when Aria and Hanna are about to embark on their next zany investigation adventure.

    Aria: Hanna, you coming?
    Hanna: Yeah, I’ll drive.

    The gods of foreshadowing have spoken: maybe you’ll want to consider another mode of transportation for this episode, gurl. Because you’ve proven that steering wheel is NOT your friend, Hanna Marin. 😵

    Hanna is scarred for life because A used an electric cattle prod on her.
    Since Alison went on her honeymoon at Elliott’s family farm, the pretty little liars arrive at a small rural community hoping to find clues about his real identity. Except of course he lied about his family and he lied about his farm and he lied about his identity too, so I’m not sure what’s left for them to find. Let’s just skip ahead and check in on how much progress they made during their investigation…

    Hanna: Well, that was a waste of time!
    Aria: Let’s go look at the furniture!

    Great sleuthing as always, girls! *thumbs up* You may not have found any clues about Elliott, but at least you found a new vintage armchair to go with your living room!

    Eliza is a little weirdo not allowed to play with dolls without faces.
    The pretty little liars also found out what an electric cattle prod is. Normally used to rattle the cattle, it’s occasionally used to rattle human captives as well. This device was apparently used to torture Hanna during her abduction, prompting her to experience the delayed PTSD flashbacks that she forgot to have last episode. *OHNOES* *SADFACE* *TEARYEYES*

    Hanna is totes angsty because now she has these nasty burn scars on her back. Think of how much this limits her wardrobe choices in the next few episodes! No tank tops! No bikinis! No backwards V-necks! No strapless ballroom gowns! She might even have to wear a normal t-shirt instead of a sexy bustier! OMG SO TRAUMATIZING!!!

    Aria and Hanna meet a strange Amish girl named Eliza.
    And then they meet a strange Amish girl named Eliza. This sad little weirdo is so far removed from modernity and so far detached from society. It’s almost like she came from another culture at another time era in another universe. Eliza sprouts off bizarre otherworldly lines like: “I’m not supposed to talk to the English…” and “We’re not allowed to have dolls with faces…” and “I live under a rock worshipping a patch of dirt next to the haystack I was born in…”

    Excuse me, but what is this socially sheltered creature, which religious cult compound did she escape from, and why does she exist in the 21st Century? Eliza seems like something that belongs in a historic museum exhibit, next to the pilgrim wax figures and the heritage preservation of the Oregon Trail. I look at her and I think: “Oh, what type of backwards prehistoric orphanage were you raised in, you poor child?”

    Don't be fooled by Eliza's angelic disposition, she's secretly an evil demon child on the inside.
    Eliza: You’re pretty! 😊
    Hanna: Thanks! So are you! 😊

    No, you’re prettier! No, you’re prettiest! Oh thanks, hehehehe! Okay okay, you’re both beauty queens, but where is this conversation going? Even though Eliza shows a sweet angelic disposition, Recap Everything isn’t easily fooled and I *know* she’s secretly an EVIL DEMON CHILD on the inside. In fact, I’m 100% certain she’s the one that tortured Hanna with the cattle prod. We already got the suspect, the location, the weapon, and now the motive is clear too. You’re pretty… TOO PRETTY. 😈

    Eliza used to play dolls with Charlotte.
    Eliza shows off her secret stash of dolls with forbidden faces, claiming that she recognized Aria and Hanna because they resembled her voodoo barbies so much. The actual dolls look nothing alike, but I guess when you grow up playing with faceless dolls, your facial recognition abilities tend to be a little off.

    Eliza: You look like my dolls… *what dolls?* THE ONES THAT CHARLOTTE GAVE ME!!!

    If you need more proof that Eliza is an evil devil child: Charlotte used to frequently visit her at the farm. I doubt that evil bitch took time out of her busy day just to play dolls with an innocent little girl. More like Charlotte was grooming her young protégé to torture the second generation of the pretty little liars after the original A retires in twenty years. Start them young, teach them well, and raise an up-and-coming psychopath in this youth recruitment camp!

    Aria Montgomery: Crime Scene Photographer

    Aria rummages through Elliott's treasure chest looking for clues.
    After a close brush with death during her last break-in, you’d think Aria might think twice before entering into Elliott’s house of horrors. But here she is again, raiding his panty drawer for some memorabilia, and hoping to uncover valuable loot inside the mysteriously locked treasure chest in his bedroom. Ooh, what riches and gold will our pretty little expeditioner be able to find?

    It turns out this is actually Elliott’s murder inventory kit containing an assortment of scalpels, syringes & drugs. Don’t you love what a meticulous villain he is? Most killers just grab the nearest knife or gun to off their victims, but here’s this mofo carefully preparing each piece of equipment and brewing all these deadly concoctions as if he’s in Potions class with Professor Snape. And check out his scalpel collection: one for peeling your fingernails off, one for peeling your skin off, and a different one for scooping your eyeballs out!

    Aria Montgomery becomes a crime scene photographer inside Elliott's house.
    Aria transforms into a crime scene photographer on the spot, using her phone to snap countless pictures of the evidence. Even though she may not have pursued a career in photography, it’s nice to see that Aria’s tremendous craft has never left her and she can awaken her hidden third eye at any given time.

    Naturally, every single photo was taken with precision, technical perfection, and a meticulous attention to detail. An amateur photographer merely takes pictures, but the legendary, award-winning, master photography guru Aria Montgomery takes what is called art. Not only can her photos be submitted to the police as evidence, but they can also be published in the Art & Culture section of The New York Times. Watching her in action, I thought I caught a glimpse of the next Dorothea Lange of our generation. 😲

    Aria is taking so long just to take picture of every single item in the room.
    It’s funny because I think Aria honestly believed she was a professional photographer and felt the need to snap photos of each item in the room. And I do mean photos of every damn mundane thing, from this sheet of paper to that electric socket over there. Who knows if the speck of dust on the carpet could be vital evidence to Elliott’s real identity!? Snap snap snap!

    She would also take photos of the evidence one by one by one by one. Here’s a bottle! *snap* Here’s another bottle! *snap* And another! *snap* Zoom in! *snap* Zoom out! *snap* Lemme capture it in natural lighting! *snap* Oh no, that one had a lens flare, lemme pose it from a different angle! *snap*

    Hey Aria, just take one picture and get the hell outta the murderer's house!
    Can someone remind Aria this isn’t a commercial photoshoot at some photography studio? Here’s this bitch dawdling around the room, probably retaking pics just because one turned out a little foggy. Um hello, you broke into a psychopath’s house!? Can you hurry the fuck up!? Just take a one-shot photo with all the bottles and get the hell outta there!

    As luck would have it, Elliott arrived back to his house at that exact moment (…why does he always seem to return home when she’s there? lol). Despite Spencer warning her *YOU’RE GONNA DIE IF YOU DON’T LEAVE NOW*, Aria can’t seem to pull herself away from this little nerdy photography haven. No, I need more time! I still need to take a crime scene selfie! And I haven’t even uploaded these pictures into Instagram yet!

    Elliott is cooking up a yummy recipe for latex masks.
    During the forensic photo investigation, one of Aria’s pictures contains a handwritten list with the following items: One cup of cold water… Tapioca flour… Plain gelatin… Coconut oil… Okay, is this actual evidence or do these look like the ingredients for an exotic dessert? At first, I thought Aria accidentally took a photo of the recipe list that Elliott was preparing for tonight’s dinner. *lol*

    It turns out Elliott was cooking up a yummy recipe to make LATEX MASKS. And here we thought A’s creepy lifelike masks were purchased at a Halloween costume shop, but they were actually homemade! Wow, Dr. Rollins should consider quitting his day job as a psychiatric doctor and seek work as a FX artist instead because he got a real gift for this line of work! No wonder they call him ~The Talented Mr. Rollins~. 😁

    The pretty little liars are so slow with their investigation and only find out plot twists that were revealed to us since the Season 6B finale.
    Another photograph shows that Elliott owns a pair of blue contact lenses. In an ingenious moment, Spencer puts two and two together by deducing that Elliott must’ve worn a latex mask of Detective Wilden to spook Alison. WHAT A SHOCKING REVELATION! Too bad we already knew about this plot twist since the last finale. It only took the pretty little liars this long to investigate what was public domain knowledge from four months ago. 😒

    In fact, the investigation scenes in this episode are just the pretty little liars finally catching up by covering old ground. OMG Elliott is evil! OMG Alison isn’t insane! OMG Elliott and Charlotte hooked up! Sorry to rain on their parade, but this is all old news? At this rate, they aren’t gonna find out that Kelly Clarkson won American Idol until the Season 8 PLL premiere.

    Spencer kept zooming into Detective Wilden's picture until we see a ginormous blue eyeball.
    Since Spencer wasn’t sure about Detective Wilden’s eye colour, she double checked with a picture from his modelling agency. You can tell his eyes were blue from first glance, but Spencer kept zooming into the picture for some reason until there’s a ginormous close-up of his eyeball. Was Spencer trying to find the exact RGB values of his eye colour? I need to zoom in 1000x times until I can determine if this is a cerulean blue or a sapphire blue!
    Spencer had no problems identifying each drug and probably sampled a few of them herself.
    It’s nice to see that the pretty little liars played to their strengths during this investigation. Aria got the chance to fulfill her true calling as a crime scene photographer, while Spencer had an opportunity to demonstrate her encyclopedic knowledge of substance abuse. When Emily was looking through the pictures of the different mystery drugs, Spencer had no problems identifying each drug along with the special kicks you get out of them. 😉

    Spencer: *glances at photo* That’s a stimulant. To help you focus, to stay awake.

    Spencer was looking sheepish because you can tell she definitely dabbled in this stimulant in the past. A drug that helps you focus and stay awake? Sounds like it’s right up her alley!

    Aria put the key in the wrong lamp! WRONG SIDE BITCH!!!
    Unfortunately, Aria screwed up big time with her break-in. Elliott hid the treasure chest key in the lamp to the left, but that careless bitch Aria put the key in the lamp to the right. When this happened, I threw my arms up in the air and shouted out:


    But unfortch, she didn’t hear me. Now Elliott is rumbled and knows Alison’s friends have been snooping through his jock straps. *smh* so much at Aria, you’re the worst spy ever gurl.

    Elliott has one exit strategy, which is to pack up all his shit and go kill Alison. He brought along his entire scalpel collection and the rest of his potion making kit too, so god only knows what sick sadistic torture is planned for her. You know this evil bastard won’t kill Alison that easily, more likely he’ll make her squirm and suffer as much as possible until she dies from excruciating pain! 😵

    By the way, I’m fascinated with the man purse that Elliott carries around with him all the time. It’s like some portable murder kit with all these knives and needles and toxic drugs. Any one of these weapons would be enough to finish Alison’s life, but Elliott still carries around 100+ different supplies in his trusty man purse. Dude, why are you so overly prepared? You got only two hands to go with your twenty scalpels, how will you even use them all to kill Alison!?

    Alison vs. Elliott Death Match: FINAL ROUND

    Does Pretty Little Liars get any campier than the evil husband whispering death threats to his bedridden wife?
    In the next scene: Elliott sits inside a dark room, silently watching his wife with his hands intertwined. She stirs awake, and he leans forward to whisper in a British accent: “CHANGE ORF PLANS, ALISHUN.” She widens her eyes in fear, he cackles loudly, and a crow is heard cawing in the background. *caw caw cawwww*

    Oh my god, Pretty Little Liars couldn’t get any campier than this scene even if it tried. I mean, the show has always been ridiculously over-the-top, but none more so than this moment right here with the evil husband twirling his fingers and whispering death threats to his bedridden wife. And hearing his thick British accent is like the juicy cherry on top of this sweet meringue pie!

    Alison is conscious and waiting for the right moment to strike against Elliott.
    Elliott takes his wife out of the hospital and drives her into the woods (aka. her burial ground) in the middle of the night. Alison is pretending to be groggy and unconscious in front of him, but deep down she’s as alert as ever. She even managed to steal his phone, turn on the GPS tracker, and send a text message to the pretty little liars. SOS BITCHES! SAVE ME BEFORE I DIE!

    You gotta give props to Alison’s super stealthy ninja skills for doing all of that secret espionage under her husband’s watchful eye. Then again, Elliott wasn’t really that careful with his captive considering he didn’t restrain her, or tie her up, or throw that bitch in the trunk. It’s funny how he brought a whole bag full of scalpels, needles & drugs, and yet this evil genius forgot to bring a rope. *lolwhoops*

    Alison makes her escape!
    I don’t understand why Elliott is travelling all the way to Narnia instead of just offing the bitch already and dumping her body behind a dumpster. Then again, this is the same guy that pretended to be a dead ghost to scare his wife into admitting herself to a psychiatric hospital, so he clearly doesn’t do *simple and straightforward*.

    Luckily, Alison struck first and waited for the right moment to catch him off guard before bashing his head against the steering wheel! BOOYAH! For a moment, I thought Alison might consider choking him to death with the seatbelt in her second murder attempt of the day, but she just got outta that car and started running for her life. And oh, how she ran~ Alison ran like she was Katniss Everdeen when the hunger games commenced and there’s a pack of District 1 Careers hounding her ass. You gotta keep running, bitch! Run until you find Peeta!

    Elliott runs funny, hehehe.
    Elliott recovers and gives chase in a footrace immediately afterwards. What follows is a comedic Roadrunner versus Wild E. Coyote showdown, made funnier by the way Elliott ran like some lopsided orangutan that is trying to find his balance. This mofo hobbles, then skips ahead, and wildly swings his arms back and forth with every movement he makes. What are you even doing, Elliott!? Just put one foot in front of the other when you run, it’s not that difficult of a task! *lol*
    OMFG. Hanna runs into Elliott with her car and kills him on the spot.
    Meanwhile, the pretty little liars are driving nearby, squabbling over Alison’s GPS coordinates, and bitching out each other as usual. These four clucking chickens bitched so much that Hanna got distracted and didn’t notice Elliott ran out into the middle of the road. In that moment, time stopped… tires screeched… and the earth shook as Hanna’s car crashed straight into the motherfucker at full speed!!!

    HOLY SHIT!!!!! SHE RAN THE MOTHERFUCKER DOWN!!!!! 🚨🚨🚨 His body slammed into the vehicle, his head cracked open, his blood spilled outrageously everywhere. And just like that, Elliott Rollins became instant roadkill. RIP gurl!

    Elliott's bloody head is smashed into the windshield, eyes wide open, blood pouring out of his mouth. Good job, Hanna!
    Okay, Recap Everything got lots of thoughts! Here are my immediate reactions:

    1.) THAT. WAS. FUCKING. AWESOME. 😝 Sorry for sounding like a psychopath, but this is exactly what the season needed to raise the stakes and inject some adrenaline into the show. Not only do we wanna see lots of characters die in the final season of Pretty Little Liars, we also want the deaths to be as bloody and gory as possible. The absolute best part about this scene was seeing Elliott’s bloody head smashed straight into the windshield, his eyes wide open, and there was even blood splurging out of his mouth. I nearly died from laughter when I saw blood coming out of his dead body like a juice fountain, omglawl.

    Hanna is kind of a dangerous driver? Revoke her driver's license immediately.
    2.) It about damn time the girls added another tally to their victims list! Emily killed Nate, Aria killed Shana, Mona killed Bethany, and now Hanna killed Elliott. Who’s left? Hey Spencer, step up to the plate and take a swing, because you gotta pop your cherry next!

    3.) Remember when Mama Marin also hit Detective Wilden with her car back in Season 3? Like mother, like daughter. *alol* Ashley and Hanna must have some hidden nascar blood in their family genes, because these daredevils aren’t afraid to put the pedal to the metal and run those motherfuckers down! You don’t wanna get caught in between a Marin woman and her deadly racecar. As soon as they get behind that steering wheel, every street, road, highway, back alley & even dirt path becomes an OPEN KILL ZONE.

    It was just an accident. Why didn't the pretty little liars go to the police and report it as an accident?
    4.) Okay, so I don’t wanna judge before watching the next episode in case there’re missing details, but it’s weird that the pretty little liars decided to bury Elliott’s body (in the flashforward) when this was clearly just an accident. I understand why Hanna might be reluctant to go to the police station and retrieve her medal for having the best time around the racetrack, but the alternative of covering up his death seems like a pretty stoopid plan? WTF?

    Do these girls realize they just turned a manslaughter into a hit-and-run crime? Not to mention this will be another scandalous sekrit that A uses as blackmail, because you know that evil mofo is lurking in the shadows and filming incriminating footage right now. Mark my words: this will *not* end well for those bitches!

    Alison is definitely celebrating her husband's death. Victory is hers!
    Let’s offer a hearty congratulations to Alison DiLaurentis, who just won her first championship title after surviving an epic husband versus wife death match! The bitch didn’t even have to deliver the final blow, she merely led him into ongoing traffic and let nature take care of the rest. My evil husband is dead and I didn’t have to get my hands dirty, hehehe! #masterplan #likeaboss

    BTW, I love this final image of him sprawled out on the vehicle, while she looks down at her husband’s dead body probably trying to suppress a chuckle. In her head, Alison must be thinking: VICTORY IS MINE!!! 🏆


      • Thank you! May your day continue to shine brightly today, tomorrow, and for the rest of forever~ <3

      • For some reason I can already see the grade for this recap even though it’s incomplete…you’re giving it a C?? But I thought this was the best episode so far for the season :( :(

      • Yes, I will keep this up! I feel very recharged and rejuvenated when working on these recaps, probably because I haven’t worked on them for so long lol, so I haven’t burned out yet~ :D

        Yes, I know it’s a controversial grade for an episode that was rather well-received among the fans, but in the end I gotta ~follow my heart~. I dunno, I liked the first and last scene of the episode, but the middle was kinda slow and a lot of scenes dragged for me. :( I may boost the grade to a C+ upon completion.

    1. You made me laugh when I really needed it. Thank you!

      Didn’t you just love when Emily complained about the other girl looking like a model? Stop fishing for compliments, it’s not cute!

      • You’re welcome! I’d like to think of these recaps as comfort food. I am the tub of chocolate ice cream you’ve been saving for a rainy day. <3

        LOL, yessss Emily was definitely fishing for compliments with that remark. Her thought process: "Ugh, why is Sabrina with her model girlfriend when she can be with me, the SUPERmodel girlfriend!"

    2. Why are the polls so hard?! I couldn’t choose why Charlotte was visiting Eliza!

      Anyway, thanks for the laughs. I really needed tham cause I’m in functions rn. And people have no idea why I’m laughing at my phone.

      • Life is tough, but the polls in Recap Everything are even tougher! >:D

        It’s okay, people probably think you’re laughing at your phone because you’re playing Pokemon Go and you just caught an Articuno, nobody will suspect that you’re actually reading Recap Everything. <3

    3. The “change of plans, Alison” line cracked me up when I first heard it, I actually watched that scene over a few times. Seeing you spell it out here is even more hilarious! Rollins should join Sara Harvey and randomly pop up each episode, blurting out ridiculous sounding lines.

    4. Your recaps are hilarious please keep going!
      That “she run like Katness Everdeen” part made me laugh so hard!
      I wanna say thank you for existing but that would be a little too much haha =D
      PLL is getting more and more ridiculous lol

    5. Nooo! Not now! I need YOUR opinion on so many things .. calls from beyond (Elliot, Nicole), Hannas poor manicure (I swear in every episode, different nail polish, but every time she has cracked color on most of her nails), return of our King and Queen, Noel and Jenna, the inevitable shower destiny of Shower Harvey, WTF friendships (like why is Jenna bff with Cece, last time I heard, that bitch tried to kill her couple of times?) and for next episode the epic return of JESUS Jason :D :D please please come back, and recap everything for us in your most unique way, just like you know best… you are the funniest, most hillarious.. without you, the Pretty little liars are NOT the same :( please RE, dont leave us ..

    6. Ezra was THE WORST last episode. You HAVE to come back and destroy him with your snark! (Also, just imagine what was going through his mind when the FBI showed up! I don’t think Ezra thought it was about Nicole lol) And I want to hear your insane theories on Mary’s second child! Oh, and JESUS JASON! And his secret past with Aria!! This show is amazing again- and having you back would make it even better!

    7. To be honest, I need to binge watch the past four episodes because I actually haven’t watched PLL at all… >_<" Hoping to get my mojo back and a fresh take of the season just in time for the finale~

      • This is surprising! For some reason this season feels really interesting to me, like Season 1 & 2 levels of interesting. I hope you get back into your groove soon!

    8. Please binge! It would be lovely if you would come back and share your hilarious and insightful thoughts with us again! Your recaps keep the show being worth watching :)

    9. Omg you HAVE to recap the finale, i was laughing so hard when Noel somehow managed to get his head chopped off. And then of course the whole Spencer, I am your mother. You must recap!!

    10. Okay but like, these recaps have to be my new favorite thing on the internet now. Props to the writers, this is golden :)

    11. donde encontro tu madre la bolsa de la compra ? aqui. pero obviemente, ya no esta oye Emily ¿ como se llamada el resurante al que llamaste ? – Mamm Gabusi ¿ por que ? agarra tu tablet mira esto ¿ crees que Alison ha estado escondiendose ahi ? no pero quiza signfique algo para ella tengo una idea es la direccion electronica del sobre estoy intentado meterme en la cuernta funciono. Mamma Gabusi era la contraseña – ¿ ahora que ? estoy enviando un mensaje Alison llamame. tenemos que hablar estas en peligro Emily – ¿ y ahora que ? esperamos – ¿ donde has estado ? – estaba con mi madre – ¿ donde esta Spencer ? pesanbamos que estaba contigo – esta bloqueado – contestado.

    12. – ¿ hola ? ¿ como me ha han encontrado ? de acuerdo, Alison. la policia sabe que no eres tu -¿ que ? enterrada. Alison, ¿ tu madre lo sabe ? hablen con mi madre ¿ de acuerdo ? ella no puede saber nada mira, queremos ayudarte. pero tienes que decimos que ocurrio aquella noche entonces tiene que venir aqui y tienen que darse prisa

    13. PAGINA 1 ¿ entonces como vamos a arreglar esto ? ¿ que le vamos a arreglar esto ? ¿ que le vamos a decir a jason ? olvida a jason aqui pasa algo realmente malo con Spencer quiero decir es algo mas grande de que toby se haya ido tengo el corazon roto tambien pero ella parerce. rota es una de la cosas por las que dudar de la persona con que estas si algunas vez te han quierdo, si no es completmente distinto cuando empiezas a dudar de ti ¿oyen eso ? ¿ te refieres a los aspersoes ? lo escuche sea noche. no en el patio de Alison sino en su tumba mezcle las pesadillas no deberiamos estar aqui esta mal no deberiamos estar haciendo esto ! tenes que para ¿ que crees que esta haciendo ? ! no puedes hacer esto !! para ! para la chica…. la chica del abrigo rojo todo justo ahi yo no le hice daño. ¿ A Alison creo que no espera. ¿ asi que eso fue despues de que jenna y noel te recogieran del restaurante ? no lo se podia haber sido antes se que ridiculo, pero alquien lo tiene que pregurntar ¿ CREES QUE ERA ALIOSON LA DEL ABRIGO ROJO ¿Alison desenterro su propia tumba – he dicho que era ridiculo – y t tenias razon todo lo que se que era un mujer ERA RUBIA Y LLEVABA UN ABRIGO ROJO Y ¿ QUE ? ELLA SE LA QUE MANDA

    14. ¿ este es el video que la policia le mostro ? si. despudes de verlo. ¿ le dijo a la policia sobre el paradero de su hermana Alison el dia en que mona Vanderwaal fue atacada ? dije que no estuvo con nosotros ¿ por que ha decidido decir la verdad sobre la coartada de Alison ? no lo es. – ¿ fue por algo que vio en el video ? – no lo creo. algo va mal. esta cambiando historia ¿ no le dijo a la Dective tanner que penso que la atacante en video era Alison ? pude haber dicho eso, si. pero ahora no lo creo. le dijo la policia. estuve pensadolo y estoy seguro de que no pudo haber sido Alison Sr. dilaurentis…

    15. ¿ conoce a una chica llamada Hanna marin ? – prontesto lrrelevante. – ¿ A donde vamos Sr Sirk ? su Señoria, el testigo ha confirmado que la acusada no tiene una coartada. es un hecho. me gustaria que le jurando entendiera lo que ha podio influenciar la identicacion de la atacante. ¿ abogado ? su Soñoria, si el Sr Sirk quiere contra interrogar. a su priopo testigo. no protesto. proceda. – ¿ conoce a hanna martin ? – si – ¿ es amiga de su hermana Alison ? – si. – ¿ quien es Ashley martin la madre de hanna – protesto, lrrelevante – es para la base. denegado. pero no teme la ruta escenica, Sr. Sirk ¿ esta la Sra matin en este juzgado. hoy ? si. Señalaela para el jurado,

    16. señalela para ti el jurado, por favor. esta en la tercera fila. lleva un vesitdo azul. – ¿ la Sr trabaja para ustede ? – antes si, ahora ya no. ¿ tuvo la ocasion de reunirse con ella fuera de la oficina ? – si. ¿ socialmente ? si. ¿ cuantas veces ha estado con ella socialmente ? eso.. no la conte. estas reuniones sociales, ¿ fueron siempre en lugares pulicos ? la mayoria de ellas. pero no todas. – algunas fueron en privado. – si. – ¿ esta diciendo lo que creo que dice ? ¿ en serio ? ¿ como caracterizaria esas renuines privado. lo siento, creo que no entiendo la pregunta – bueno, ¿ esta describria como intimas ? – eran privadas. ¿ Ocurrio algo durante estas renuiones privada con la atracativa mujer sentada en el publico – que lo llevo a alterar su tesitmonio ? – no. ¿ Ashley martin, la madre de alquien acusada como comopilce de este crimen. le efrecio alguno incentivo personal. para cambar su testimonio. en favor de la defensa ? – prontesto. pregunta y respuesta. se acepecta A otra cosas


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