Pretty Little Liars Recap - Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 20

Pretty Little Liars Recap - Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 20
Pretty Little Liars Recap - Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 20
Pretty Little Liars Recap - Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 20
Welcome to a very special adulterer's edition of Pretty Little Liars! Join us in our 6B finale recap as we discuss who is the biggest cheater cheater boyfriend stealer. This recap also contains twin twists, evil husbands & SPALEB NUDITY.
Pretty Little Liars Recaps » Season 6 Episode 20 » Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars
  • This is the season 6 finale of Pretty Little Liars.
  • This is the episode where Veronica won the presidential election.
  • This is the episode where Spaleb officially died after Caleb cheated on Spencer.
  • Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 20 Review

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    PLL Recap: Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Episode 20

    This episode originally aired on March 15, 2016. The episode recap has 52 comments from the best readers ever.
    Alison's husband is actually an evil mofo in a scam marriage and secretly trying to kill her!
    Hey Alison, I don’t mean to ruin this sweet tender moment between you and your hubby, but U IN DANJA GURL!!! You thought you were the luckiest girl marrying such a genuine, sensitive, thoughtful prince charming, so perfect in every way that you never once believed he might be too good to be true. You thought you would call yourself Mrs. Rollins and flaunt your rich doctor husband around the neighbourhood. You thought you were gonna start a family with him and live happily ever after in that cozy suburban fairy tale fantasy of yours…

    And then you find out your husband is actually an evil sociopathic scumbag scamming you for all your money lolwhoops! Not only that, but he was also secretly in love with your deranged pseudo sister! Did I mention this douchebag tried to murder you a few episodes ago and pushed you down the stairs!? Oh Alison, you poor thing, let’s hope you signed a prenup!

    Your husband is evil, Alison!

    I knew Dr. Rollins was gonna be evil just because he was too nice of a husband for Alison.
    It’s time for me to put on my obnoxious voice and scream out, “I KNEW IT!!!” I knew Elliott was gonna be an evil bastard, just because his scenes with Alison were so sickeningly lovey-dovey. In a show that constantly thrives on dysfunctional relationships, Elliott stood out like a sore thumb by being so attentive and so sweet towards Alison. That’s why I knew this mofo had to be fronting with his phony nice guy act. I was waiting all season for his mask to drop, but little did I know that he would be wearing an *actual* mask in the finale lolz.

    To be fair, I think we all knew the Alison x Elliott marriage was doomed from the start. It’s hard to have high expectations when the climax of your love story is a random shotgun wedding officiated by Aria Montgomery in the sacred grounds of her front porch. Talk about setting yourself up for failure, y’know?

    Charlotte called dibs on your husband first, Alison! Too bad, so sad!
    It’s astonishing that Alison spent the past five years falling in love with Dr. Rollins, yet she had no idea that he was actually banging Charlotte all along. How can this bitch be so clueless??? The worst part is that she still doesn’t suspect anything. As far as Alison is concerned, Elliott is a faithful and devoted husband currently on a business trip at a medical conference. That should’ve raised an immediate red flag. Ladies, when your TV husband says he’s going on a “business trip”, it’s never the truth. There are no business trips. He’s either going to a masseuse or an escort or a secret wife. A business trip is practically code for HE’S LYING TO YOU!!!
    Elliott is plotting to kill his wife Alison, starting by drugging her to death.
    OMG. Poor Alison doesn’t even know that her beloved husband is plotting to KILL her! As if it wasn’t bad enough this evil bastard blatantly pushed her down the stairs, Dr. Rollins is following up with a second murder attempt by drugging his wife to death. Oh sure, it might seem like he’s prescribing painkillers to treat her injury, but he must have mixed the pills with a wicked concoction of hallucinogens and rat poison. And of course Alison consumes the medication without a second thought. It’s the perfect crime committed by the perfect husband, mwhahaha!
    Why is Dr. Rollins asking Alison if she wants to rest on her cooch?
    Elliott: Are you sure you wanna rest on the couch?

    Is it just me, or did anybody else mishear this line and thought he said COOCH and/or CROTCH instead??? The first time I watch this scene, I swear I heard him ask *R U SURE U WANNA REST ON UR CROTCH* and almost did a spit take. Either my ears were malfunctioning, or Dr. Rollins slipped up with his Brrrrritish accent right there. I guess when you’re an evil mofo, even the way you enunciate certain words come out sounding more diabolical than intended. *lol*

    The second time I did a spit take was when *this bitch* appeared on screen without warning. I admit that I was startled and my reaction was approximately along the lines of OMFG WUTDAFUQ DON’T SCARE ME LIKE DAT! I PEE EASILY!!! 😱😱😱 The biggest shock in this season finale is that Jessica DiLaurentis has a twin who is in fact an undead zombie. Just look at her, it’s evident that she finished a cameo appearance on The Walking Dead as Glorified Zombie Extra #2 and decided to pop by Ali’s house to say ‘hi’.

    Of course, Alison was scared shitless when she saw visions of her dead mother, which is kinda funny because didn’t she pull the exact same stunt in the first few seasons? Remember all those times the Holy Ghost DiLaurentis appeared in a ~misty dream~ or a ~foggy hallucination~ back when her friends thought she was dead? Um yeah, Alison is finally experiencing first-hand how annoying that shit can be. lol it’s karma bitch!

    Alison has an erotic dream of Detective Wilden climbing into bed with her in the middle of the night.
    The third time I did a spit take (I have a lot of spit, I know) was when Alison started seeing visions of Detective Wilden…IN HER BED. *cue porno music* I believe the scientific term for these types of hallucinations is called ‘having an erotic wet dream’. Less than 24 hours after her husband’s departure, Alison feels so lonely and horny that she already fantasizes of another man climbing into bed with her. Ooh yeah! Ravish me underneath these sheets, Detective Wilden!

    Hey, I’m not here to judge Alison’s kinky sexual fantasies. I totally get it, gurl. And for the record, I had the exact same dream as Alison last night, except Detective Wilden was only wearing a leopard print bikini and it got a bit X-rated in my version. 😘

    Aria: It’s just a bad dream…
    Alison: HE TOUCHED ME! I FELT IT!!!

    WOW. Talk about TMI. There’s no need to brag and describe your sexual fantasies in such graphic detail. I don’t care if you felt a rapturous orgasm, Alison! Nobody wanna hear about your erotic dreams of necrophilia!

     Alison thinks her house may be haunted with ghosts!
    Why is Alison seeing all these dead people!? Does she have the sixth sense!? No, it’s actually her evil husband trying to frighten her to death to collect the inheritance money afterwards. Since Alison is so looped up on the drugs, she’s very susceptible to the mindfuck. Imagine being alone in a big empty house, where you hear your dead mother’s voice over the phone calling a toll-free number straight from hell!

    Alison: *on the phone* Hello!? Is someone there!?
    Jessica: Did you miss me?

    AND GUESS WHAT, ALISON??? THE CALL IS COMING FROM **INSIDE** THE HOUSE!!! 😱 Despite Elliott & Zombie Jessica stealing the most overused clichés from a crappy horror flick, Alison still falls for the oldest trick in the book and believes her house is haunted. Welp, I need me a poltergeist to exorcise the bad demons! WHERE U AT, GHOSTBUSTERS!!!

     Sadly, there were no mushy gushy Emison moments in the PLL 6B finale.
    Fortunately, Alison’s knight in shining armour comes to her rescue! Since Emily doesn’t have a job or a storyline or a purpose this season (her life is so sad 😭), she has plenty of time to bum around Alison’s house and keep her company. The two of them share an intimate evening sharing sob stories about their dead parents. Boo hoo hoo, I hallucinate about my dead father too!

    Now, you’d think the combination of *a romantic dinner* + *an emotional conversation* + *sleeping over in the same house* would lead to some precious Emison fanservice in this scene. Yet, nothing happened between them in this PLL finale! Shockingly, it is possible for two former lovers to share a moment together without an overwhelming impulse to jump each other’s bones! Who knew some people would have the restraint to not cheat on their partners at the first possible opportunity!? *looking at u ezria* *u too haleb*

    The Ezria book is a COLOSSAL FLOP.

    Aria and Ezra are writing their book by flirting incessantly with each other.
    As you can see in this screenshot, Aria and Ezra are currently working very hard on the final chapters of their book. Well, I’m sure Aria must have typed out at least a couple of sentences before she straddled Ezra’s lap and began riding him like a cowgirl. We haven’t seen either of them write for more than five seconds, after which they just hold hands, caress faces, and staring lovingly into each other’s eyes. They honestly spend more time flirting than they do writing their goddamn godawful godforsaken book.

    But oh well! It doesn’t matter if they don’t write out a single damn word, because I know the sheer power of Ezria’s love will surely generate a bestselling novel!!! 😍😍😍

    Aria gets all the free drinks because her boyfriend Ezra runs a concession stand.
    SIDEBAR: Here’s a rare screenshot of Aria actually working on her book! Oh wait, she’s too busy peering inside an empty bag of pretzels instead. *lol* Also, I’d like to point out that Aria has four different beverages on her table: a big coffee mug, a Coca-Cola, a Red Bull, and an iced tea. Clearly one of the upsides to your boyfriend running a café is that you get to try out every drink on the menu. Sorry Liam, but I get free drinks and snacks from Ezra, that’s why I choose him over you!
    Ezra is still crying over his missing girlfriend Nicole even though none of the viewers even remember who she is.
    Unfortunately, Ezra is still crying over his missing girlfriend Nicole, even though he’s finally coming to terms that she might be d-d-d…dead! BOOHOOHOO!

    Ezra: *sobbing* I’ll never get to see her again… 😭😭😭

    Okay, just stop. We never even saw this bitch in the first place, so it makes no difference if her character never appears again. I don’t understand why they make such a big fuss over Nicole, who was only in two episodes and then seemingly disappeared for two centuries. Characters often come and go on this show, but you don’t see me crying over wherever the hell Holden or Talia or Sean disappeared off to. Do we need to file a missing person report for every minor irrelevant PLL character who goes into the dark abyss?

    Does Emily still remember that Nicole was supposed to be her friend?
    I think we all need to learn from Emily, who has not expressed one word of concern or condolence over Nicole’s disappearance in the past ten episodes. It’s a shockingly inhumane reaction considering Nicole was initially introduced to the show as her friend, yet Emily doesn’t seem to care about this bitch at all.

    Emily: You’re writing a book with a guy you used to be in love with, and it’s about his relationship with his dead girlfriend.

    Poor Nicole isn’t even referred to by name anymore. Her character is simply reduced to “his dead girlfriend”. It makes you wonder whether Emily still remembers some of her other friends from the past, such as Maya. Oh, that dead girl I used to date, what was her name again?

    Does Liam's character need to die too in order to make room for Ezria?
    Aria: I was supposed to write from Nicole’s side of her love story with Ezra. So at first, I was just pulling from my feelings for Liam… But those weren’t the right fit, so I just started remembering all the things I used to love about Ezra. Liam still thinks I’m writing from the heart, so it hurts him to read those pages. How did this get so complicated!?

    UGH JUST STOP!!! It only seems complicated because Aria is a messy two-timin’ ho who insists on dragging along Liam despite having zero interest in him. This bitch needs to stop milking *EZRIA DRAMA* when there aren’t any. Just dump Liam already and go crawl back into the sewage dump with your beloved Ezra, okay problem solved. From the way Aria is treating Liam right now, it makes no difference if his character got abducted by Columbian revolutionaries and was never to be seen again!

    Aria has a neurotic panic attack when she thinks her boss Jillian hated her book.
    Once Ezria finished “writing” their book (even though their “writing time” consists of unnecessary sexual tension, unnecessary angst & unnecessary human beings doing unnecessary things), Aria had a neurotic panic attack when her work comes under critique.

    Aria: That is SO Jillian! I know that she can’t tell anyone bad news to their face, which means she loved your chapters and she hated mine. Of course, I should’ve known she would never give me a fair shot! No, seriously, who DIED and appointed her the expert on literature!? Let’s remember this is the same woman who published This Snail’s Life! 😠

    Clearly, someone doesn’t know how to take constructive criticism! Mind you, this is Aria’s reaction before she heard Jillian’s feedback. Lord knows what she’d do once her novel comes out and it is universally panned by the critics. One bad book review later and Aria might transform into fucking Godzilla before our very own eyes!

    Aria kisses Ezra as soon as she got news that her book is getting published. Sorry Liam, you're out!
    To nobody’s surprise, Ezria’s book is already a bestselling masterpiece and nominated for a Nobel Prize in Literature before it even got published. Their publisher, Jillian, is massively hyped about their work. We’re talking about book tours, TV rights, prequels, sequels, sequels to the prequels, stage shows, operas, orchestras, music videos, and a three-part movie series starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams.

    Aria is so overjoyed by her pre-emptive success that she gives Ezra a huge celebratory kiss! We did it, Ezra! Smooch, smooch, smooch! At one point, Aria momentarily remembered that she still had a boyfriend and pretended to pull away in shock. But then, this cheating hoor was like *lmao wut conscience* and continued making out with Ezra anyway. This is hardly surprising. Aria’s boyfriends only exist just so she can cheat on them. 😒

    Aria and Ezra have raw, barbaric sex with each other.
    Ezra and Aria proceed to have raw, graphic, barbaric sex with each other filled with grunts and growls and the occasional squeak. He penetrates her. She moans. He jizzes. I wish I had more to say, but I’M BORED. If PLL insists on showing these meaningless sexual encounters, can they at least get a little more creative with the scenes? Give us Ezra licking Aria’s navel or Aria tickling Ezra’s balls! We could use some variety!

    I know this isn’t the first time Aria cheated on a boyfriend before, but poor Liam. 😟 He has been nothing but sweet and precious towards his irrational girlfriend and this is the thanks that he gets!? Ugh Aria, you’re the worst. 😭😭😭

    Caleb is a cheating whore.

    Caleb is naked after having sex with Spencer, already fantasizing about cheating on his girlfriend with Hanna.
    Let’s move on from one cheating whore to the next. I don’t like to slut shame anybody, but oh my gawd CALEB RIVERS IS A FUCKING PIG. There, it had to be said. No matter how much you love the idea of Haleb, or no matter how much you hate seeing Spaleb together, or no matter how much you wanna suck on Tyler Blackburn’s naked teets, what Caleb did in this episode was inexcusable. This cheating asshole is permanently on my shit list, grrrr!

    With that said, I’m definitely here for ALL DA DRAMAZ. From the moment Spencer and Caleb got together, nobody expected Hanna to step aside, wave a white flag, and clap politely as a bridesmaid at Spaleb’s future wedding. Um, hell no. All along, we knew this bitch was gonna put on her battle gear and duel Spencer to the death to win back her man. This was an inevitable catfight since the season started and I’m so hyped about it! As Claudius Templesmith once said, “Let the games begin!!!”

    Spaleb has a very lively discussion about Spencer's panties in this scene.
    It was calm before the storm in the opening act of this Shakespearean tragedy. Spaleb was doing their usual thang, which is getting buck naked and re-enacting parody scenes from a softcore porno. There was even a hilarious exchange where the two of them have a lively discussion about Spencer’s panties while all the PLL viewers cringe and/or giggle in unison.

    Caleb: Can you even wear underwear with a dress that tight? 😘
    Spencer: I’m glad that you care enough to be concerned about my panties. 😘
    Caleb: Well, I’m concerned about a lot more than your panties. 😘

    Okay Spencer, now try saying that exact same line again while your father is pounding on the other side of the door! *lol* FYI Papa Hastings, I don’t think you wanna enter into your daughter’s bedroom until she picked up all the used condoms from the floor.

    Spencer is clad in a pair of skimpy black panties that drive up her butt crack.
    Speaking of Spencer’s panties… HOLY MEAT BUNS!!! Um girl, I don’t know how to say this, but you’re in front of a camera and your ass is literally hanging out! Spencer is like almost completely naked, clad in only a pair of the skimpiest black panties with a massive wedgie in her butt crack. 😲 Wow, it’s out there. Here is Spencer Asstings and there is her bare naked butt for the whole world to see. It’s round. It’s plump. It’s as juicy as a fresh plum on a blossoming spring tree. It jiggles. It wiggles. It just finished doing squats in the morning on top of Caleb’s face. I mean, wow.
    Not to be outdone, Caleb was like HEY LOOK AT ME I CAN GET NEKKID TOO and starts flashing his naked dong all over the place. Okay, why didn’t anyone tell me that I was watching the special nudist edition of Pretty Little Liars tonight? Drop the camera an inch lower and we woulda seen some ballsack, jussayin’. Lately, PLL has been ramping up on the skinfest and trying to show as many titillating t&a shots of the actors without bypassing censorship codes. Unfortunately, I’m not feeling it. Don’t get me wrong, I lurve televised nudity! 😉 It’s just that I find PLL’s brand of nudity to be awkward as hell? 🙈

    Maybe it’s sexy for a preteen going through puberty to watch Spencer pick a wedgie out of her butt, or Caleb stuff his sausage & meatballs into a pair of jeans. Personally, I feel like a voyeur invading their privacy. Why are you showing me Spaleb getting dressed? Should I look away? Or should I cover my eyes and peek through my fingers instead? Kinda awks!

    Spencer says I LOVE YOU to Caleb and he doesn't return the favour. Awkward.
    What’s even more awkward than the gratuitous nudity shots is Spencer’s sudden declaration of love that came out of fucking nowhere. Didn’t the two of them only start dating in the middle of Veronica’s election campaign, which was roughly 3-4 weeks of romantic history at most? For Spencer to suddenly drop the ILU bomb, it’s like gurrrrrl what are you thinking!

    Spencer: I LOVE YOU.
    Caleb: ……*lolawks*

    Caleb doesn’t even have the decency to lie through his teeth and pretend their relationship is anything more than a fun little fling that he started out of boredom. So, he just stands there chuckling nervously in the world’s most awkward silence ever. Poor Spencer was more exposed now in this moment than she was standing in a pair of extra small panties. Very awks!

    Hanna steps up as a challenger and threatens to wreck Spaleb's unholy relationship.
    To make matters worse for Spencer, her dear friend Hanna suddenly changed her mind and decided that she does have unresolved feelings for Caleb after all. This bitch is making a very valiant attempt to take back her ex and she’s not being subtle about it either.

    Hanna: *strikes a battle pose* Yeah, well, I trust Caleb.

    She might as well have said: *IT’S WAR, BITCH!!!* I’d like to remind everyone that Hanna gave her full blessing and even sent a flower bouqet to Spaleb’s ribbon cutting ceremony before gifting away her ex-boyfriend. But in her defense, Hanna never said that Spencer would get to keep him forever. 🙊 Please return your borrowed boyfriend back to the library before the due date, Miss Hastings!

    Spencer doesn't know if she should continue to fight for Caleb's affections or just give him back to Hanna.
    I mean, what is Spencer supposed to do in this situation? Should she just shrug her shoulders, hand back her boyfriend, and pay for any necessary repairs or damages done in her care? My heart really goes out for her, because she’s honestly trying to be a good friend and not overstep her boundaries, even though Hanna barely showed the same respect towards her. Spencer certainly demonstrated more sportsmanship than a lot of us. If I were in her shoes, I wouldn’t hesitate to march up to Hanna and push that boyfriend-stealing ho off a cliff. BACK OFF U SKANK.

    Hanna: *glares at Spencer* I trust Caleb.
    Spencer: *glares back* I do too.

    Hey Spencer, you may want to think twice before saying that statement, lolwhoops!

    Caleb is secretly loving the fact that Hanna and Spencer are fighting over him. Gimme more attention, ladies!
    Naturally, Caleb is just chilling out, not saying a word, kicking his feet up on the sofa while he watches his girlfriend and his ex fight over him in a free-for-all cage match. This fight is more entertaining than any pay-per-view headline event in the MMA, that’s for sure. Just look at that shit-eating smirk on his face, he’s loving all the attention. Hey ladies, would you like to resolve this fight with some naked mud wrestling while I act as the referee? The winner takes home the grand prize! 🏆
    The pretty little liars & friends are trying to entrap A in their latest dumbass plan.
    In the midst of this messy love triangle warfare happening, you may have forgotten that there’s actually a PLOT taking place in the finale. Plot? What plot? I only watch Pretty Little Liars for the riveting relationship drama! No, seriously, there’s a plot, even if said “plot” needs to be spoken with air quotes and an eyeroll at the same time.

    Hanna is still proceeding with her utterly absurd plan to confess to a murder that she didn’t commit. I don’t know what this bitch is planning, but all I know is that nothing good will come out of her hare-brained, half-baked, stoooooopid scheme. Sure, go ahead and admit to Amoji (nickname courtesy of Caleb tyvm) that you killed Charlotte! I’m absolutely sure that your foolproof entrapment plan will work perfectly without a hitch, Mastermind Marin!

    Haleb are flirting with each other while joking about Caleb's crack.
    I think Hanna’s plan involves luring Amoji to the Lost Woods Resort as the bait, but Caleb will set up a homemade electric fence and zap that evil bitch to death? *lolwtf* Did I mention that he learned how to build a do-it-yourself electric fence by searching on Google? Just type “how to waste your time with an utterly ineffective plan” into your search engine and you’ll find the exact same guide that he used.

    Hanna: *starts chuckling*
    Caleb: What’s so funny? Do I have a plumber’s crack or something?
    Hanna: No, your crack is covered.

    I don’t know what’s worse: this dumbass plan or Haleb coyly flirting with each other. Ugh, I can’t even deal with these two heartbreaking, homewrecking, hemorrhaging sluts!!! 😠

    Does Hanna even remember Lucas? The guy giving her a million dollars? Who is he again?
    Caleb: So, did you make a decision yet?
    Hanna: W-what do you mean?
    Caleb: About Lucas’ offer.
    Hanna: Oh, right. Um…yeah, I mean, there’s still a lot to think about.

    For a moment there, Caleb caught Hanna off-guard and this bitch thought he was asking whether she made a decision between choosing her ex-boyfriend or her fiancé. *lol it’s so true don’t even deny it* If Hanna can barely remember who Jordan is, I highly doubt she gives two shits about Lucas y’know? Even though that little nerd is basically giving her a million dollars just to buy clothes for herself, he’s still barely a two-second afterthought at the back of her mind. Goddamnit Hanna, how much more free money do I have to give you before you finally acknowledge me!!! [/Lucas]

    Haleb gets some alone time to cheat because Ezria is too busy cheating with each other too.
    The pretty little liars are supposed to be working together as a group, but of course they couple up and split off into conveniently matched pairs in order to propel their relationship scenes. Hilariously enough, Haleb got the entire motel room to themselves because Ezria was too busy sneaking off in the woods for a frisky quickie in the bushes heeheehee~

    Ezra: *raises eyebrow* I’m gonna run a test on the lights. Aria, could you give me a hand?
    Aria: *shifty eyes* Um, yeah, sure.

    Could the two of them be any more obvious with their *code* lolz? Normally, Ezra and Aria would just do it right here in the motel room, but I guess Hanna and Caleb must have called dibs on the king-sized bed first. Sorry, there’s only enough room for one set of cheaters in this motel, so you’ll have to go elsewhere to have an affair!

    Hanna is also a cheating whore.

    Hanna wins over Caleb's heart by acting as broken and vulnerable as possible.
    Once the two of them are alone together, the wily temptress begins her seduction. No, Hanna doesn’t flirt or make sexual advances towards Caleb, because she knows that aggressive approach won’t work on a guy like him. Instead, Hanna puts on her best *little lost girl* performance, acting so fragile and so vulnerable in front of her ex-boyfriend.

    Caleb: Have I ever let you down before?
    Hanna: No. *dramatic sigh* But I’ve let you down. The night of our big fight. The night we broke up. *teary-eyed glaze* If I haven’t left you that night, things could be so different now…

    Oh Caleb, I’m such a broken bird! 😢 I’m like a shattered vase! 😢 I’m just a wilting flower! 😢 And I need you to heal all the emotional wounds in my heart! 😘

    Hanna can't go on a trip with Caleb because she has to focus on her career, OHNOES!
    During a flashback, we find out the real reason why Hanna and Caleb broke up in the first place. It’s because he wanna go on vacation, but she wanna go to work instead! lolwut they broke up over dat? What a difficult ultimatum for CEO Hanna Marin, who’s such a career-driven workaholic that she can’t miss a single minute of work without losing millions and millions of profits! Sorry Caleb, but my corporate life comes before my personal life!

    Okay, just kidding. Are we forgetting the fact that Hanna is (erm, was) just a crappy fashion assistant on the absolute bottom of the food chain? I’m sure the fashion industry won’t fall apart at its seams without Hanna there to mop floors and put away chairs at the event venues. I’m glad she’s being responsible about her work, but her decision is basically like giving up a trip around the world just so she wouldn’t lose her part-time job working at McDonald’s.

    Hanna is running in the rain because she regrets leaving Caleb behind!
    Caleb threw a massive bitch fit and warned Hanna that their relationship is over unless they go on this vacation together. Unfortunately, she was like *I LOVE MY MINIMUM WAGE JOB MORE THAN I LOVE YOU* and ditched him anyway.

    Caleb: If you go, I’m not gonna be here when you get back!
    Hanna: ok bye fool~

    Of course, Hanna sat inside a traffic jam for approximately three seconds before she already got bored of her job. *lol* In a dramatic moment, Hanna jumped out of the cab and began running in the rain because our heroine realized she made the second worst decision of her life! The worst decision is obviously not bringing an umbrella in this type of weather. Gurrrrl, you’re getting your hair wet and ruining your mascara!

    Hanna is crying because she lost Caleb forever! Should have ran a little faster!
    Unfortunately, Caleb was already gone by the time Hanna came back to the apartment. And now, she doesn’t have a boyfriend, she doesn’t have a job, and worst of all her mascara is ruined too!

    You should’ve ran faster, ya slowpoke! DID YOU EVEN LOVE HIM, HANNA!? I think we all know the answer to that question, because this bitch could’ve followed him to the airport, but she chose to stay put and wallow in self-pity instead. I love you Caleb, but I’m not willing to run in the rain again! I don’t wanna catch a cold!

    Half of the closet is empty when Caleb left the apartment.
    SIDEBAR: Caleb packed all his shit when he left the apartment, and we see that half of the closet is now empty. My first reaction was: “Did Caleb nick some of Hanna’s clothes?” because there’s no way in hell the two of them would have 50/50 even allocation of the closet space. He’d be lucky to have room for one jacket, while the rest will be filled Hanna’s many dresses, ball gowns, and kimonos.

    Personally, I’ve a hard time believing Caleb’s wardrobe consists of anything more than three t-shirts and a pair of jeans (and nothing else, since we already know he goes commando), so the real mystery is where did the other 50% of Hanna’s clothes go???

    Hanna tells Caleb that she never stopped loving him.
    Hanna: I never stopped loving you.

    Wow, I’ll never be able to understand how Hanna can tell this BOLD-FACED LIE while she looks Caleb straight in the eye. Okay, let’s count all of the instances when the power of Haleb’s love continued to persevere:

    “Yes, I’ll marry you Jordan!” Hanna exclaims, while she never stopped loving Caleb. 😒

    “Yes, do me from behind Jordan!” Hanna exclaims, while she never stopped loving Caleb. 😒

    “Yes, you can date him Spencer because I don’t have feelings for him anymore!” Hanna exclaims, while she never stopped loving Caleb. 😒😒😒

    So, Hanna, did you continue or stop loving Caleb while she was screwing Jordan?
    What I wanna know is precisely how much Hanna loved Caleb when her fiancé got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. I know Jordan is nothing more than a shirtless mannequin that occupies space in her bed, but even mannequins have feelings too. It’s kinda shitty to hear Hanna declare her undying love for her ex-boyfriend while she’s still engaged to another man, for fuck’s sake. It’s okay if you’re still madly in love with your ex, but maaaaaybe take off your engagement ring first before you say shit like dat.
    Hanna and Caleb kiss while both cheating on their respective romantic partners.
    AND THEN THEY KISS ARRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!! Okay, calm down, deep breaths, stop shaking, I’m gonna need a moment to myself because Recap Everything is about to launch into an ALL-CAPS RANT!!!


    Caleb Rivers is a filthy cheater who can never be trusted. He is not boyfriend material, ladies!
    I trust you, Caleb. Oh whoops. I love you, Caleb. Oh whoops. It kinda sucks to be Spencer Hastings right now. The poor girl got hit by a double whammy: betrayed by her best friend and her boyfriend both at the same time. Ugh, I knew before I signed onto #TeamSpaleb that their love story isn’t gonna have a happy ending, but I didn’t expect it to end with two knives plunged into her back. I feel ya pain, Spencer! I feel ya, girl! 😭

    Once a cheater, always a cheater. We should’ve known that Caleb motherfucker had a history of cheating on his girlfriends in the past. You may not remember dat Ravenswood ho, but I still remember what happened the last time he got into a *love triangle* with him, Hanna & Miranda. It was messy as fuck. LADIES, STAY AWAY FROM CALEB RIVERS. This love rat cheated once, he cheated twice, and he will continue cheating on you again and again and again and again…

    Recap Everything is officially OVER this stupid love triangle between Hanna, Caleb and Spencer.
    I’m certain that Hanna and Caleb would’ve FUCKED right there in the dinky motel room if Ezria didn’t come bursting into the room at that exact moment. Um, can you guys come back in a few minutes? You’re kinda cockblocking us here!

    To be honest, I’m totally over the whole *HALEB vs. SPALEB* love triangle just because it’s so clear Hanna x Caleb are in the wrong that it’s making me hate their characters a little. I’m sorry to say this, but Hanna is a FUCKING FILTHY BITCH WHO NEEDS TO BE SLAPPED. Ok there, I’m done. I’m done with Hanna, I’m done with Caleb, I’m done with their messy relationship drama, and I’m definitely done with Team Spaleb. Let those two unfaithful cheaters get back together for all I care, they deserve each other whereas Spencer deserves better. I AM OFFICIALLY **DONE** WITH THIS STORYLINE, BYE.

    Hanna wins the love triangle! Sorry Spencer, you lose!
    Just to clarify: I don’t *hate* Hanna and I’m not *that* up in arms about what she did either. I think she made a mistake in the heat of the moment and I can forgive her for it. Part of my frustration comes from my exhaustion over this storyline. The love triangle was fun at first, but it played out for all of 6B and I don’t really wanna watch Hanna pitted against Spencer due to boy issues anymore. My official stance on the HALEB VS. SPALEB WAR is that I just want it to be over no matter who wins, who loses, who cheats, who cares.

    On a lighter final note, can we congratulate Hanna for winning this war? She came, she conquered, and she succeeded at getting the guy in the end. Her tactics may not have been pretty, but hey all’s fair in love and war. LOSERS 2 DA LEFT, THIS LOVE TRIANGLE IS 4 WINNERS ONLY. Go ahead and mount that champion’s flag on Caleb’s naked body, Hanna! YOU DID IT GURL WOOT WOOT! 🏆🏆🏆

    The Toby secret love affair is EXPOSED!

    Should Toby cheat or not? If everyone is already cheating, he might as well cheat too!
    If there’s any consolation, at least Spencer can always go back to Toby once she dumps that no-good cheatin’ boyfriend of hers. Ah, good old Toby. He might be a plank of wood, but at least this piece of wood will stay loyal and faithful to you! Unfortunately, it also means Toby will stay loyal to that other woman Yvonne, and ain’t nobody want dat bitch around.

    I’m kinda rooting for Toby to cheat as well! Just because it’d be HILARIOUS if all the PLL couples committed adultery in the finale. C’mon, admit it. There’s a part of you that wants to see it happen. 😁 Then again, I think cheating would have ruined the ESSENCE OF TOBY. 😟 Now that Caleb is a slut, Elliott is an evil mofo, Ezra is still Ezra, while Jordan & Liam are irrelevant, Toby’s character jumps up in everybody’s estimations and becomes the best boyfriend simply by default? I dunno, I’m desperately grasping at straws here, but please just let there be ONE not-so-shitty boyfriend on the show!

    Spoby touched hands while they're passing the cup to each other. SO ROMANTIC.
    Unfortunately, I might be overestimating Toby’s ethics and integrity. Don’t you think he and Spencer would have cheated too if the right opportunity presented itself? In fact, I have a working theory that Spoby only seems faithful relative to Ezria and Haleb’s dysfunctional relationships. However, if you scrutinize their actions more closely, you might realize they’re kinda cheaters cheaters pumpkin eaters just like the rest of them. Don’t believe me? I HAVE DA RECEIPTS.

    EVIDENCE ONE: Why are you holding your ex-girlfriend’s hand, sir!!! Is this not the most weirdly intimate way to pass a cup to another person? Why are their fingers intertwined together? What the fuck!? I SEE YOU, CHEATERS!!!

    Spoby also cheated when they were sitting on the same couch with their KNEES TOUCHING ZOMG.
    EVIDENCE TWO: Look at how closely the two of them are sitting together! Spoby started this conversation sitting across from each other, yet somehow they migrated onto the same couch sitting together with their knees touching. Tsk tsk. I rest my case, Your Honor. *sits down*
    Spencer forces herself to laugh at Toby's stupid little stories too.
    EVIDENCE THREE: When Toby tells a rather unfunny anecdote about himself, Spencer starts chortling in fits of pity laughter as if he just told the most brilliant joke ever. Stop it, Dave Chappelle! UR 2 FUNNEH!!!

    Toby: When Yvonne and I were in Paris, I thought I was pointing at an éclair on the menu. Then, the waiter brought out a bucket of snails…

    Spencer suddenly starts speaking in French for no reason whatsoever.
    EVIDENCE FOUR: OMG. How about that moment when Spencer randomly started speaking in French for no reason whatsoever? Just because he used the word “Paris” does not mean it’s a cue for you to go full Francophone, non non. I dunno what came over her, but this bitch suddenly switched channels and communicated in another language during the middle of their conversation. Pourquoi, Spencer? Oh wait, I know why. It’s because she’s trying to flirt with him since they used to screw during their remedial French lessons together. Hey Spencer, how do you translate *ADULTERER* in your native language!?
    SHOCK TWIST: Toby actually knows how to speak French as well!
    Spencer: You remember French?
    Toby: J’ai eu un bon professeur.

    The funniest part is that Spencer thought Toby was a total dummy and didn’t even expect him to understand what she was saying. In other words, Spencer was just being smug and patronizing when she flaunted her multilingual skills needlessly. *lmao* Since Toby’s new glasses gave him extra stat points in Intelligence, he’s actually able to keep up with Spencer’s jibber-jabber in French: “Un, deux, trois! Je parle français aussi!

    Pretty Little Liars has a tendency to put their characters in fake glasses for one episode and then they're never seen in glasses again, i.e. Andrew, Liam, Nate, and now Toby.
    BTW, what does everyone think about Toby’s new specs? Pretty snazzy, right? It transformed his physical appearance from *I’m a construction worker!* to *I’m an architect!* simply by putting on a pair of glasses. Of course, I must also point out that Pretty Little Liars has a notorious track record of putting many characters in glasses for one episode and then they’re never worn again, i.e. Andrew, Liam, Nate. Toby joins an exclusive club of PLL characters who wear their fake glasses on the show for precisely this one and only time.
    Toby is so bad at cheating that he gets accused of cheating before he even tries to do anything with Spencer.
    Unfortunately, Toby is so incompetent that Yvonne still accuses him of cheating before he even tries to do anything with Spencer. He was hemming and hawing through some excuse about doing a favour “for a friend”, but she used her woman’s intuition and immediately sussed out their sordid love affair. Some charismatic men might be able to talk themselves out of the accusations, but…Toby is Toby lol. What did you expect?

    Toby: I don’t wanna lie to you, Yvonne! So please don’t ask me again!
    Yvonne: Do you hear how that sounds!? A month ago, we were having conversations about building a future together. And now, you can’t even answer a simple question.

    If you’re gonna go behind your fiancée’s back to fool around with another woman, at least come up with a decent explanation beforehand. Toby was like “g2g leaving u 4 spencer” while expecting Yvonne to send him off with a packet of condoms and her best wishes.

    Yvonne pulls a reverse Meredith Grey and tells Toby to pick the other woman, not her.
    To be fair, Yvonne’s suspicions were normal and appropriate given the way her fiancé is behaving right now. The problem is that I care about her character as much as I can about a love interest of a love interest. Even when she’s completely right about an issue, I still don’t give a damn about her.

    Yvonne: I won’t let you turn me into the woman who says pick me, not her!

    At this point, Yvonne already knows she’s gonna lose against Spencer in this love triangle, so she automatically forfeits and spares everyone the manufactured drama. Yvonne also tells us that she has too much class and dignity to fight over a guy, which is good for her but bad for us. You aren’t willing to get into a catfight and bitchslap a ho!? Then what are you doing here on this show!? Go back on your high horse and get the fuck outta here, Yvonne!

    A random old lady starts hitting on Toby and calls him pretty eyes! ZOMG SHE MUST BE UBER A.
    What Yvonne doesn’t know is that Toby does have a secret love affair, but it’s not with Spencer! *omggasp* There was a moment in this episode when Toby helped a random old lady get into her car, and she responded by hitting on him hardcore lmao.

    Elderly Lady: Oh! Thank you, pretty eyes!

    Wow, look at that saucy cougar go! I think she may have slipped him her digits while the two of them were holding hands. See you at bingo night in the retirement home, ya stud! 😘 Yvonne should spend less time worrying about Spencer and more time keeping an eye on this other budding romance instead!

    Meet your next president, Veronica Hastings.

    Veronica Hastings is winning the state senate race against a complete nobody who never once appeared on screen.
    Poor Yvonne isn’t having a very lucky night, considering she’s gonna lose her fiancé and this presidential election in one swoop. I know Yvonne isn’t technically the official candidate running for office, but she might as well be. Doesn’t it seem like her character is more prominent than her anonymous mother who never once appeared during this storyline? No wonder nobody is voting for Kristine Phillips at this election, because no one knows if she exists or not. Is she even a real person? Hello Kristine? It’s election night, so you may wanna come out of hiding now!
    It takes one crazy bitch to know another crazy bitch, Spencer.
    Let’s be honest, the only reason why Yvonne lost this election all comes down to Mona. Don’t fool yourselves into thinking that we live in an open democracy where everyone in the public gets a vote. In reality, you know Mona already rigged the entire voting system and she’s the only one who decides the outcome of this election depending on her mood that day. Hmm, do I let Spencer’s mom win or should I continue trolling her? Decisions, decisions!

    Spencer: You must be, because I can’t think of another reason why you’d be CRAZY enough to show up here. 😒
    Mona: Really, Spencer? From one ex-Radley patient to another, I think you’d be a little more sensitive to that word. 😜

    LOLLLL. ALL MONA x SPENCER INTERACTIONS GIVE ME LYFE. I love that you can try insulting Mona, but she’ll just take your diss and effortlessly throw it back in your face. 😁

    Mona begs Spencer to join the Hastings campaign even though she's blatantly Yvonne's mole.
    Mona: I want to help your mother! She’s a candidate I’m voting for and I want her to win.
    Spencer: Is it that you want my mother to win or that you want Phillips to lose?
    Mona: Look, Spencer, I’m not the enemy! I haven’t been for a long time!

    Mona shows up at Hastings HQ and acts like she wanna switch allegiances. Since the Phillips campaign messed with the wrong bitch by firing her from the post, Mona is gonna jump ships and join the Hastings campaign instead. Spencer must be, because I can’t think of another reason why she’d be CRAZY enough to actually accept the demon imp’s help??? UM HELLO, she’s *blatantly* a mole ordered by that pesky bitch Yvonne to steal information, wreak havoc, and sabotage the enemy camp from within! Why would you even trust her, Spencer, were you born yesterday!?!?!?

    Mona rigged the election results so that it's a close race between Veronica Hastings and Kristine Phillips.
    Spencer must have figured there’s not much time left before the polls closed, so what harm could Mona possibly do? FATAL MISTAKE. Just so you know, Veronica was actually leading this election by a 100% victory margin, but Mona made one phone call and her numbers instantly plummeted to 49% in a matter of seconds. LOOK WHAT YOU DID, SPENCER! That’s what you get for trusting the demon imp, mwhahaha! 😈
    Spencer jeopardized Veronica's political campaign multiple times on multiple occasions. Good job!
    Before they announce the election results, Papa Hastings gives a toast to his family, leading to an awkward moment where he has to *pause* and *think* before he can come up with *something* to say about Spencer’s contributions.

    Peter: *to his wife* I would just like to say, win or lose, you ran a smart, passionate campaign. And I couldn’t be more proud of you. *to his daughter* Or you, Spence! You… *long pause* You…erm, you really stepped up when your mom needed you!

    I don’t mean to be rude, but can someone point out what Spencer actually did in the campaign? Other than cause scandal after scandal that miraculously did not demolish Veronica’s chances of winning, that is. Good job, Spencer! You worked so hard at almost jeopardizing your mother’s campaign, we couldn’t be more proud of you!

    Veronica won the election! Veronica Hastings is now president!
    DRUMROLL PLEASE! Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the Miss Pennsylvania 2016 annual beauty pageant is… *opens envelope* Veronica Hastings! YAAAAAS KWEEEEEN. You’d be pleased to know that Veronica crushed this election and won her rightful place on the state senate throne. I mean, I know she kinda won by default because it was practically a one-horse race, but it’s still nice to get public reaffirmation that the Hastings dynasty is indeed the superior master race. 😀

    Congratulations on winning the election, President Hastings. Your first order of business is to put this sparkly diamond studded tiara on your head. 👑 Okay, you are now officially sworn into office, congrats again gurl!

    Toby only wants to date the winning politician's daughter. Sorry Yvonne, but I choose Spencer instead!
    You’d think Toby might stay by his fiancée’s side during this pivotal evening, but he was too busy staring into Spencer’s eyes and gently caressing her arm as they share a Spoby Moment together. And you thought Mona was opportunistic for jumping ships in the middle of the campaign, but it turns out Toby was even more transparent about switching his allegiances. As soon as Yvonne lost the election, Toby’s immediate reaction was: *WELP I PLACED A BET ON THE WRONG HORSE* *I DON’T DATE LOSERS* *GONNA GO FOR THE WINNING SENATOR’S DAUGHTER INSTEAD*.
    Spoby's underground adventure reminds me of a RPG dungeon crawler.
    We all know a Spoby reconciliation is inevitable. It’s just a matter of when they’ll get back together and whether there’ll be cheating involved. In fact, I thought Spencer and Toby were gonna hook up during this scene whilst they crawl the underground sewers looking for dem Charlotte DiLaurentis clues. I admit it’s strange since most couples usually cheat *inside* a hotel and not *underneath* a hotel, but whatever sets the mood for them I guess.

    Spoby’s underground adventure reminds me of a classic RPG video game, where you control your party of characters through a dark dungeon to fight monsters, collect items, and complete some type of quest to proceed to the next stage of the game. When a random monster spawns in front of them, Toby pulls out his gun and engages in combat. Do you use a physical move, use a magical move, use an item from your inventory, or try running away from battle? Select your move now, Player One!

    Spencer and Toby discover that Mona is still stalking them underground.
    *Mona emerges from the shadows*
    Spencer: Mona!? Are you still stalking us!?

    ZOMG A WILD MONA APPEARS! I dunno why Toby put down his gun afterwards? Personally, I would’ve fired a round of bullets and shot her anyway. Yes, we should’ve known it was that pesky troll Mona lurking underground with the rest of her native species. She appeared in this scene for the sole purpose of *cockblocking* Spoby just when they were about to hook up with each other. TROLOLOLOL NO CHEATING FOR YOU!

    Charlotte was not a real DiLaurentis! She was an adopted child, which means she wasn't having incest with her brother, she was having incest with her cousin instead!
    Like the delightful troll that she is, Mona immediately wedges herself in between Spencer and Toby despite being the biggest third wheel ever. She’s just like that annoying NPC forced to join your RPG team roster whether you like it or not. Anyway, the three of them finally arrive at the end of the dungeon and retrieve the coveted quest item. Congratulations Player One, you found an old Radley case file containing the plot to the seventh season of Pretty Little Liars!

    In this case file, we discover that Charlotte was actually ADOPTED. It turns out Mama DiLaurentis has a sister named Mary Drake, who was Charlotte’s real birth mother instead. This is a very important plot development since everyone thought Jason was porking his sister all along, but we were so mistaken! It’s not legitimate incest, it’s COUSINCEST instead!


    Alison is still haunted by all the undead spirits in her house.
    Meanwhile, Alison is still being haunted by the undead spirits in her house. I’d feel bad for Ali, but in all honesty it was pretty hilarious to watch. BOO, I’M ZOMBIE JESSICA! LOOK OVER THERE! *Alison turns her head in fright* BOO, I’M ZOMBIE WILDEN! LOOK BACK OVER THERE! *Alison turns around* ZOMBIE JESSICA IS GONE! *Alison turns again* BUT ZOMBIE WILDEN IS STILL HERE! 😵😵😵

    Alison got so spooked that she closed her eyes and simply willed the ghosts to go away. To be honest, I dunno why’s she so scared? Take a page from Buffy & the Winchester brothers to learn the proper way to deal with these undead spirits, y’know? Imagine how Zombie Wilden would’ve reacted if Alison threw a shoe at him or charged forward with a knife. Hey, if you’re a real ghost, you wouldn’t mind if I killed you again just to make sure you stay dead this time!

    Emily is the worst babysitter ever and has no idea where Alison ran off to.
    Elliott: Emily!? Where’s Alison!?
    Emily: Um…I dunno?

    First of all, Elliott got some cheek making a fake phone call and playing the role of the concerned husband, even though he was the one who wore a Halloween costume and scared off Alison. *phony American accent* EMUHLEE, WHERE’S MUH WYFE. Bitch please, you know exactly where she is. 😠

    Second of all, is Emily the worst babysitter ever? She had one job for the day, which is to keep her friend safe and sound during the finale. Instead, Emily decides this is the perfect time to go vote in the election, maybe do a little grocery shopping, stop by the gas station to leaf through some magazines, check into the hair salon for a three o’clock appointment, and then head back home only to find ALISON IS MISSING ZOMG.

    Alison is taking sanctuary inside a church to protect herself from the undead ghosts of her dead mother and dead Detective Wilden.
    Poor Alison is so scurred that she hides inside a church, because this bitch genuinely believes da evil ghostz won’t be able to hurt her inside this sacred sanctuary. Um Ali, churches don’t have actual magical properties that can ward off evil spirits. Oh, and also, ghosts aren’t real? Those ghosts in your house are as real as the ones in Pac-Man.

    Alison: I knew they wouldn’t follow me here. I deserve it! This is my punishment! They came back for me, and they’re gonna take me straight to hell!

    I love how Alison doesn’t even consider there’s a possibility that her dead mother could be looking down at her from heaven. This bitch just automatically assumes there’ll be a big cozy family reunion in the deepest depths of hell.

    Alison decides to check herself into a MENTAL ASYLUM because she saw a couple of dead ghosts this morning!? SAY WHATTTTTT.
    All of a sudden, Alison decides that she’s gonna check herself into a mental institution! SAYYYY WUTTTT. Well, that escalated quickly. Do not pass go, do not collect $200, just go directly to the nuthouse!

    OKAY WTF. I know this bitch is losing her sanity, but it’s kind of a huge leap going from *welp i see dead people* to *lobotomize me in a straightjacket plz*. Um, are you sure you don’t wanna try therapy or counselling first? Or what about a house exorcism? There are other options available besides the loony bin, Alison!

    There was a shocking lack of Emison moments in the finale considering all the fanservice for the other heterosexual couples.
    Alison might be going crazy, but what is Emily’s excuse? She was strangely nonchalant driving her friend to a psych ward despite it being ABSOLUTE CRAZYTALK!?!? Isn’t it Emily’s job to look after Alison and prevent shit like this from happening? Don’t indulge in her insanity, gurl!

    Emily: *to the nurse* Can we have a moment? 😘

    Sadly no, because there was a shocking lack of #EMISON moments in this particular episode. It’s unusual considering all the blatant fanservice for the other (heterosexual) PLL couples in the finale. Here’s Ezria jumping each other’s bones, and there’s Haleb going at it like savages, and even Spoby was flirting up a storm with each other, but the only Emison moment was like *deporting you into an asylum byeeeees*.

    Did you catch that moment when Alison gave Emily a wedding ring? It's a marriage proposal for Emison!
    The most intimate moment that we came close to getting is when Alison took off her wedding ring (!) and handed it over to Emily (!!!), which is kinda like a marriage proposal in my deluded fangirl fantasies. If only Aria was here to officiate their holy romantic union. 😍 Sadly, I wake up from my sweet Emison dreams and realize Alison is still married to that evil sleazy bastard of hers. Ugh, can Alison stop being such a faithful wife and start committing adultery with Emily already!? I’m rooting for you to cheat, hussy!
    Emily and Alison exchange I LOVE YOUs with each other.
    Alison: I’m only sure of one thing right now and it’s that I need help. They put Charlotte here. She got better.
    Emily: If you need anything…
    Alison: Love you.
    Emily: Love you too.

    Emison even exchanged ILU and ILU2 with each other, but we still didn’t see any hanky panky between them. It doesn’t get any more romantic than giving a declaration of love to your deluded friend before she checks herself into the psych ward, am I wrong? Who else thinks a magical kiss from Emily would’ve cured Alison from all her crazy and brought her back to her senses? One smooch later, and Ali would be like “Oh wow, I don’t need meds! I need vadge!” and then the two of them could skip off into the sunset living happily ever after.

    Alison voluntarily checks herself into a mental institution and nobody even stopped her. WHAT. THE. FUCK.
    Nurse: Although you are voluntarily admitting yourself for treatment, you’re not necessarily free to leave psychiatric care. You may be involuntarily detained if the doctor deems it necessary. Do you understand, Mrs. Rollins?

    I have no idea how Alison could hear this statement and still didn’t run for the hills??? Bitch, you’re basically signing your entire life away just because you saw a couple of hokey pokey hallucinations!? I was watching this scene in absolute disbelief, thinking any moment that she would turn around and go like “LOL JUST KIDDING!”, but no she went ahead and actually institutionalized herself. Alison, seriously, what the fuck are you doing!? This makes no sense whatsoever. STOP IT GURL WTF.

    Elliott takes off his mask and reveals he's an evil bastard underneath!!!
    The irony is that Alison doesn’t realize she played straight into her evil husband’s voodoo scheme. All along, this bitch thought she gone crazy seeing all these unholy ghosts and dark spirits and undead zombies and possibly the preserved mummies of several ancient Egyptian gods. And here I thought Alison was lucky to gain a clairvoyant third eye to see into the supernatural world, but nope it’s just a hoax!

    It turns out Dr. Rollins is a GHOST, or at least he’s pretending to be one in disguise. Guess what, Luke Skywalker!? I’m not Detective Wilden, I’m Darth Vader…WEARING. A. MASK. ZOMGGGGG!!!!!

    We get a chilling moment when Zombie Wilden appears and then HE LITERALLY RIPS OFF HIS MASK ZOMG. I’m not kidding here, he peels away his facial mask and reveals that he’s actually Wren in disguise! Okay, I am kidding about that last part, I know how much all you thirsty PLL fans out there wished it was Wren trolololololol~

    It’s actually Dr. Rollins underneath that mask! Naturally, every PLL fan in the world speculates this mofo must be wearing a second mask and it’s still Wren in disguise. Obvious plot twist is obvious, y’know? However, PLL decided it must be 2 EARLY 2 SOON to reveal Wren’s real identity in the finale, so let’s play along and pretend this Brrrrritish imposter is simply just “Dr. Elliott Rollins”, surrrre. *wink wink*

    There's an actual twin twist in Pretty Little Liars! The twin is real, the twist is happening! I repeat, this is not a drill!
    ZOMG TWIN TWIST ALERT! TWIN TWIST ALERT! For the past six seasons, I’ve been waving my arms in the air and screaming out “TWIN TWIST! TWIN TWIST!” at every storyline like a raving lunatic, so imagine my utter shock when Pretty Little Liars finally pulled the trigger and did an actual twin twist during this finale! The twin is real, the twist is happening! I repeat, this is not a drill!

    And it turns out Mama DiLaurentis is the one with a twin! Meet Jessica DiLaurentis and her identical twin sister, Mary Drake! This twist is hilarious, simply because all those filthy cheaters who read the PLL books have been soooo smug over the past six years, dropping *hints* everywhere about how *Alison* must be the one with a twin. LOLNOT. Just like how the Mayan calendar predicted the end of the world a few years ago, it turns out that you and your beloved book gospel were wrong all along! 😄

    I want more twin twist on Pretty Little Liars! Every character should have a twin!
    Now that the twin twist finally happened on Pretty Little Liars, this is obviously not enough for me. Why stop at *ONE* twin when we could have *MULTIPLE* copies of Jessica DiLaurentis running around and causing chaos in this show? I want triplets, I want quadruplets, I want Kate Gosselin plus eight! I will not rest until the seventh PLL season is filled with Jessica and all twenty five of her identical twin sisters, each with a unique personality and backstory!

    In fact, I want even more twins on this show! You get a twin, you get a twin, every character gets a twin! For starters, Caleb definitely needs a twin brother, so we can give one to Hanna and save the other one for Spencer. Hooray, we just solved the love triangle conundrum!

    Elliott Rollins and Mary Drake are evil partners-in-crime plotting world destruction together.
    All you need to know about Alison’s evil husband and Alison’s evil aunt is that they’re EVIL and they seem to be plotting diabolical world destruction plans together.

    Elliott: Yes, Mary, I control 51% of Carissimi now!
    Mary: You’re the only man my daughter ever loved.
    Elliott: I would’ve done anything for Charlotte.
    Mary: Elliott, you proved that when you married her cousin. We’ve finally taken back what was supposed to be mine. And that’s what our Charlotte would’ve wanted.

    I love how Elliott and Mary kept addressing each other by name, in case the PLL viewers got confused over who their characters are. This leads to some pretty awkward dialogue along the lines of: *YES, MARY, I’M AN EVIL BASTARD* and *ELLIOTT, YOU PROVED THAT WHEN YOU RIPPED OFF YOUR MASK*.

    RIP Hanna Marin!

    The pretty little liars fail to electrocute A to death. It's another failed plan.
    Elsewhere, the pretty little liars are moving forward with their dumbass plan to zap A to death with an electric fence. Once they pick up a signal, everyone rushes in to capture the bad guy, while not a single person thought to stay behind and keep watch over Hanna, the person whom A is supposedly trying to kill??? If they were able to construct an electric fence from scratch, you’d think they’ll also have the technology to install a surveillance camera or some kind of alarm sensor to ensure Hanna’s safety? Oh, I’m sure she’ll be fine! *dismissive hand*

    In the end, their plan is a complete bust. They didn’t manage to electrocute a single fly with their goddamn fence. Does that thing even work properly!? I volunteer Ezra to test it out with his bare hands!

    A abducted Hanna by digging an underground tunnel beneath her motel room!?!?
    Worst of all, Hanna has been abducted! I think she fell into a hole on the floor or something? In order to escape detection, A dug an underground tunnel that connects to this motel room at the Lost Woods Resort, which is totes absurd but also kinda brilliant at the same time. Personally, I just think it’s funny Pretty Little Liars has gotten so meta that they’re creating *actual* plot holes instead of *figurative* ones. 😄
    Caleb lost all his marbles once he found out that A kidnapped Hanna due to his negligence.
    Caleb: I should’ve checked the floors!
    Ezra: Caleb, who would’ve thought to do that?
    Caleb: A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    holylol @ dat reaction. Caleb’s facial expression looks like somebody just said they don’t have any toys left for him in his McDonalds happy meal. I know he’s aggro because his mistress just got kidnapped, but there’s no need to get so huffy. Even Ezra and Aria were both looking at him afterwards going like *whoa serious rage issues* and they would know based on first-hand experience. Maybe take it down a notch, bro???

    Caleb has a colossal meltdown as soon as he sees Mona. Their hatemance is seriously amazing.
    There was also that hilarious moment when Caleb absolutely SPAZZED OUT and burst out like an erupting volcano as soon as he saw Mona in his sights.


    lololololded. That’s the exact same reaction I would have upon seeing Mona anywhere, by the way. I just love how much Caleb HATES the demon imp with every fibre of his body. She didn’t even have to say or do anything before he’s already cursing her out hardcore lmfao.

    Caleb needs to be kicked in the balls when Spencer breaks up with him next episode.
    Unfortunately, I must point out that Caleb directed all his misguided rage towards SPENCER of all people. Dude, that’s not cool! Don’t yell at your girlfriend just because you feel guilty about cheating on her with your mistress! Spencer has done absolutely nothing wrong in this relationship and doesn’t deserve your fucking victim-blaming bullshit! 😠

    Ugh seriously, fuck this guy. I hope Spencer remembers this exact moment when she breaks up with him next season. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and I hope she remembers it well when this bitch slaps him across the face, scratches his eyes out, and kicks him in the balls. After watching this finale, I am of the opinion that CALEB RIVERS DESERVES PAIN.

    A now signs the threatening text messages as A.D. instead.
    The pretty little liars receive a new text message afterwards:

    Thanks for giving me Hanna. You’re free to go. – A.D.

    ZOMG WHO IS A.D.!!!!! Prepare to spend the rest of the offseason wading through hundreds and thousands of online speculation theories about AD’s real identity, which range from “Andrew Drake” to “Aria’s Dad” to “A Dog”. Your guess is as good as mine. Personally, I’m not gonna bother guessing because I’ve been burned by this show too many times before. Just watch them introduce a new filler character named Anastasia DiLaurentis-Drake next season and all your theories will go down the drain.

    Hanna Marin is dead at the end of the PLL Season 6B finale!
    Is it just me, or does it feel like nothing happened in Season 6B other than a bunch of filler plots, filler characters & their filler relationship drama? The main storyline only got started with this episode, but then the season is already over. Guess we must wait patiently until next season to see how the mystery unfolds… Just kidding! Let’s get real, you know nothing is gonna change and Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars will have as much filler as before, don’t even pretend otherwise. *lol*

    Unfortunately, we must say goodbye to a departing main character next season, because HANNA MARIN IS DEAD. 😵 In the final moments of the finale, we see A drag her unconscious body on the floor, and there’s a splotch of blood (or ketchup?) near her lips. Yup, the bitch is certified dead! Well, I guess that’s *one* way to resolve a love triangle. RIP Hanna Marin! I’ll be sure to wear a black veil at your funeral! 😭😭😭


    1. I’m so glad you came back to recap the finale- we’ve missed you! And at least we’ll have your recaps to look forward to once PLL has ended!

      • Yes, stay around after I finish this recap. I’ll be working my way through the 6B recaps one by one! If I actually don’t fall behind schedule (D:), I will finally work on the recaps for those unfinished PLL episodes too!

    2. Oh wow, I actually choose all the options in the poll :D. So many stupid plots to choose from! But we all know the best moment of Season 6 was when Sara spewed out “WILDENTH DEADTH”. Nothing can compare.

      Seriously though this finale was pretty good well done, especially coming at the end of such a meh season half. I’m really looking forward to your recap! The only thing that annoyed me was all the cheating that was going on lmao, I was like damn these girls have not grown at all -_-

      • WILDENTH DEAHDTH is truly iconic and one of the highlights in PLL history. It might even be Sara Harvey’s greatest accomplishment in her pitiful, meaningless life. <3 but seriously, she needs to goooooo away already and stop clogging up the show with her stupid storylines lol.

        I thought the finale was OK! I dunno, I liked it but this should have been the fourth or fifth episode of the season. I feel like the story/mystery finally just started with this episode, but now the season is over and there's no momentum anymore. :\

        lmao @ all the cheating. I mean, I totally expected it, but it was still such a glorious mess to watch. Never change, you pretty little cheaters. <3

    3. I actually really love that Jessica has a twin. Andrea Parker is super talented, and makes the show better! If you go back, it does make sense that she had a twin, but I wish the Liars had known that someone had a twin this whole season, and spent 6B that mystery. Because this whole season was such a waste. Spaleb was obviously not going to last- it ended when Caleb kissed Hanna, and we all know Spoby and Haleb will end up together. So all of their scenes together were a dramatic, boring waste of time. Instead, we could have had Team Spanna running around and breaking into cars, looking for clues about a twin.

      • Yaaaaas, I was super disappointed when Jessica died because that limited the actress’ opportunities to make future appearances, but I’m glad PLL found a way to keep Ms. Parker on the show. Did you know she is signed on as a series regular next season? HYPE!

        I’m so glad PLL finally did the ZOMG TWIN TWIST that I have been anticipating for years, but I don’t want them to stop there! Alison should get a twin, Caleb should get a twin (Haleb vs. Spaleb love triangle resolution right there), Mona should get two twins, Mama D should get a triplet, and Jenna should get a whole army of twins too.

        Spaleb has been unintentionally hilarious and I would not trade it away for another plot, but yeah there has been way too much emphasis on these soap opera romances in 6B that add very little to the plot. I think the episodes individually weren’t that bad, but as a whole not a lot actually happened this season, which is kinda disappointed. I would have loved to see more mysteries and twists and plots and Team Spanna going on twin hunts instead.

        (P.S. Spencer to move on from Caleb and steal Ezra away from Aria next season plz. <3)

      • Aria would murder both Spencer and Ezra if that happened (I would be fine with the Ezra part). After this episode, I really want to see Mona and Spencer date! #Spona

      • Let’s be honest, the Ezria fans would kill Spencer first and destroy her body before Aria even gets the chance to kill her. :(

        SPONA <3 A part of me does want to see Caleb cheat on Hanna with Mona next season (after which he cheats on both of them with Ashley lmao), but I have plenty of time for Spencer x Mona endgame romance afterwards.

    4. LOL ugh. Maybe it’s because I’m a 24 yr-old guy and the majority of fans for this show are giggling teenage girls( no offense to anyone here) or maybe its because I only watch for the shittly written mystery, but I really don’t get the reaction from the fanbase with regards to this whole “Haleb/Spaleb” thing?

      Spencer tells Hanna that she has feelings for Caleb but she won’t move forward with a relationship if Hanna isn’t ok with it. Hanna gives her blessing and Spencer goes ahead. FANS: OMG, I hate Spencer! How dare she? She broke the girl code!!!!

      Hanna tells Caleb she still has feeling for him and the two of them start slurping on each others faces, effectively cheating on both of their current significant others.
      FANS: OMG, YAAAAAS. You go Hanna! I don’t feel bad for Spencer at all! Haleb 4eva!!

      And I’m just here like W.T.F? I think this is the first time I may ever be caring about relationship drama on this show if only because I just don’t understand the fans’ reaction it! lolol

      Tbh, I think Spencer and Toby should get a prize just because the were the only ex-couple in this episode who were alone for a while but didn’t use it as an opportunity to glomp each other and start humping

      • Personally, I don’t even watch PLL for the plot. I watch it for the sheer absurdity and mostly out of habit, I guess. It’s always such a ridiculous show in every aspect, but I still enjoy it so much! :D I can deal with a *little* romantic drama with a series like this, but I just don’t want it to be the *central focus* which is unfortunately what 6B felt like…

        The fandom’s response to SPALEB has been so strange. First of all, Spaleb is a wonderful and hilarious softcore porno, so more people should embrace their relationship for what it is. Second of all, I get not liking the two of them together. However, Spencer has done everything right in the way she’s approaching this relationship and she’s still getting hated on as THE OTHER WOMAN. :'( After Haleb got back together, I thought there would be so much online outrage over what they did. And there was a lot of outrage alright, but most of it was directed at Spencer. wtf? HAHA BITCH GOT WHAT BITCH DESERVED. wtf? Some of these PLL fans confuse me as much as the human beings who hold protest signs outside of gay weddings and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand them. :'(

        Not to take anything away from Spoby, but I feel like they became the most faithful couple simply by default? They’ve been really flirty with each other and I kinda feel like they would have cheated too, but it’s just that they just never got the opportunity? I totes thought they were gonna do it in the underground tunnel thingy, but Mona was a troll as always and cockblocked them. *lol*

    5. I love how you inserted that Sara pic into the Wilden scene. Wasn’t Wilden’s actor a stripper on some other show, Glee maybe?
      I also love that all your three choices in the area quiz are not… very favourable towards Aria.
      I also love how you always notice tiny moments and take the perfect screenshots. I simply love you! *lolawks*

      The problem with the nudity is, I have a long commute and thus often watch PLL on the train. Sometimes I wonder what the occasional old person sitting next to me thinks when they glance over my shoulder… As for Spaleb, I liked the tension they had, and they worked great as partners in crime, but as a couple… That said, I used to love Haleb, but what they did this episode was really, really not coot. And it bothers me because the girls were always such good friends, and now we probably won’t have Team Spanna anymore for quite a while. :(

      Btw, if you like cage fights, I have just *the* show for you. It’s completely ridiculous.

      • I also have to praise your memory – putting Emily and her awful French in there is genius. And yeah, isn’t it sad how Toby of all people wins best boyfriend by default?

      • I knew I needed to insert Saragoddess into the recap somehow because the PLL writers completely neglected her in this finale. I kept waiting for her character to suddenly emerge from the shadows during this episode, so imagine my surprise when this shadow beast never arrived. HOW DARE THEY. Sara Harvey is a central character to Pretty Little Liars and she deserved to be in this finale!!!

        TY for loving my OCD. I take pride in recapping this show with an obsessive compulsion to capture the tiniest, most irrelevant moments. <3 As soon as Spencer started speaking French randomly in that scene, Emily was the first person that came to my mind. I knew I had to insert her into a screenshot somehow lol.

        I know what you mean re: the nudity. There are some shows I would never dare to watch in public because of the NSFW contents and I don't wanna be JUDGED BY STRANGERS. D:

        As for the Spaleb fallout, I'm curious about how they're gonna treat this storyline next season. There's definitely gonna be lots of drama, which might be a good showcase for Troian's acting skills. But I also think this type of drama could quickly escalate into something that's very *tedious* and *uncomfortable* to watch, so I dunno... I don't want to see Hanna pitted against Spencer for too long, y'know? I'm on Team Spanna as well!

        WHAT SHOW R U TALKING ABOUT??? I'm not the biggest boxing*fighting*wrestling fan, but I am a huge fan of ridiculous TV shows. Is it the one with Nick Jonas? :O

      • And just like Caleb, you ignored my declaration of love. ・゜・(つД`)・゜・

        The show I meant is a Japanese one from 2009 called Mei-chan no Shitsuji. It only has ten episodes, which is pretty normal for Japanese shows, and awful acting. The main girl resembles Sara Harvey, yet has two guys fighting over her. The premise of the show is uber rich girls fighting over unimportant crap by using their butlers as proxies in duels. The duels take place in a cage and use real swords. I recently rewatched this crap with my poor boyfriend (he has to watch PLL as well) and he found it hysterical. The subtitles are surprisingly accurate (I have seen way worse) and the show might be right up your alley.

      • *lolawks*at me inadvertently being the Caleb to your Spencer, sorry boo. ;A; And instead of saying I LOVE YOU back, now I’m gonna yell at you due to my guilty conscience.

        “uber rich girls fighting over unimportant crap by using their butlers as proxies in duels.” = already sounds like a top 5 show ever made in television history lmaooo. Recap Everything does love me some hilariously crappy j-drama. If it’s only ten episodes, I may be able to commit to it. I’ll check it out one day! ^_^

    6. I love you for writing these. Please continue! I predicted pretty much everything that happened in the finale except for Charlotte bring adopted, because now that kind of changes the family dynamic from the 6×10 finale. Are we supposed to assume Charlotte was bad all along? Cause she used the name Drake as her alias, so she definitely knew about her mother. I also don’t know how the name “CeCe Drake” didn’t make any of the DiLaurentis family suspicious considering the last name was their mom’s maiden name lol.

      Anyway, I enjoyed the finale as a whole but I kind of hate Caleb! It’s annoying how he was more of a main character than Emily this half season. And poor Spencer, she didn’t deserve to be betrayed like that :(

      • Thank you for your love! I will continue working on the rest of the 6B recaps over the next couple of weeks, so stay around if you wanna hear my unfiltered opinions on SPALEB and MALEB and ASHLEB!

        I was actually super shocked about anything that happened in the finale. *lol* I didn’t predict the twin twist, I didn’t predict adoption twist, I didn’t predict the Alison’s evil aunt and Alison’s evil husband are in cahoots twist. I did know Elliott was EVUL, but I didn’t predict he would be ripping off his mask in the finale lol.

        I thought CECE DRAKE was just a funny name that she chose out of random, but little did I know that it was her actual birth name instead! :O And yes, I love how Jason is so oblivious to macking on a blonde girl in Rosewood with the surname of DRAKE without checking the family tree first~

        Caleb has gotten a of prominence in 6B and I have already inducted him in the ~*HALL OF FAME*~ in this comments section. Too bad his increased screentime had to come at the expense of Emily’s, who really had no plot once her eggs got stolen. And Caleb was JUST THE WORST in the finale! It’s gonna take a while before I can forgive him. :'(

    7. I love that you’re recapping again! Honestly, this is more exciting than the season we’ve had. Honestly, 6B and all the five years forward was a waste of time. Ten episodes could have been pulled into a neater, crisper episode.

      Ah I remeber Emily’s annyoing French. YOU DON’T DESERVE PARIS, EMILY!

      I miss Wren (or staring at him) and Jenna. Sara Harvey is nothing comapred to Jenna. But thank the lord you’re recapping again! Please keep going!

      • I love that I’m recapping again too! Unfortunately, 6B is the season of lost potential, they could have done so much with the time skip and they just bumbled around aimlessly for most of the season. I agree they could have condensed the 6B plot into one episode or two at most.

        Emily’s francais is tres bien, oui oui!

        I miss JENNA sooooo much omg. A season without her royal majesty is like not a real PLL season at all. I can tell that they gave most of her storylines to Sara Harvey, but that knockoff is just not the same thing. *sigh*

        I will keep recapping for sure! I’m positive I’ll have one new recap done by this weekend! :D

    8. I love that you’re recapping again! Honestly, this is more exciting than the season we’ve had. Honestly, 6B and all the five years forward was a waste of time. Ten episodes could have been pulled into a neater, crisper episode.

      Ah I remeber Emily’s annyoing French. YOU DON’T DESERVE PARIS, EMILY!

      I miss Wren (or staring at him) and Jenna. Sara Harvey is nothing comapred to Jenna. But thank the lord you’re recapping again! Please keep going!

      • ZOMG TWIN TWIST. this duplicate comment is the twin sister of the above comment. Is it you, Mary Drake???

    9. I love that you’re recapping again! Honestly, this is more exciting than the season we’ve had. Honestly, 6B and all the five years forward was a waste of time. Ten episodes could have been pulled into a neater, crisper episode.

      Ah I remeber Emily’s annyoing French. YOU DON’T DESERVE PARIS, EMILY!

      I miss Wren (or staring at him) and Jenna. Sara Harvey is nothing comapred to Jenna. But thank the lord you’re recapping again! Please keep going!

      • ZOMG TRIPLET TWIST. Look at you and your twin sister and your twin sister’s twin sister!

    10. 6×11 and 6×20 are the only episodes in 6B that felt like they were worth anything. Lmao @ the literal plot hole. It fits the tone of the show so well. <3

      We've been promised ~revelations~ for every episode for Season 7. Shall I pretend to be naive and hope that Marlene is telling the truth? She surely wouldn't lie right? :D

      *prays that A.D. = A dog*

      • I know, you can just watch 6×11 & 6×20 and not miss a damn thing of importance that happened in between. *lol* Those eight other episodes were totes useless but still kinda fun to watch, and I have a lot of opinions on some of the more absurd plots.

        NEVER TRUST MARLENE KING. I will believe it when I see it, but I’ve a hard time believing she can restrain herself from throwing a million unsolved mysteries into next season. -_-”

        *prays that A.D. = a dog*

      • I’m dying that you added Caleb’s screaming face as one of the pokemon! LOL. Almost as good as Aria eyes O_O

      • Bwhahaha. Dat Caleb expression was priceless and I knew I had to memorialize it in the comments section forever. I’m also hoping to add a Toby Pokemon too, but he’ll need to step it up and give us some funneh faces too.

    11. You know its such a crappy season block because I wanted to vote for pretty much all of the options under worst plot. I literally could not decide. Anyway so glad u r writing again. Can’t wait to see what you think of all these filler episodes. I’m pretty sure all of four things happened in 6B that were relevant to the plot before the season finale.

      • Normally, there would be one or two irrelevant storylines in a typical season of PLL, but what’s so great about 6B is they’re all equally irrelevant. *lol* I’m excited to work on the recaps for the filler episodes, just because there are several plots that I’m itching to comment on (i.e. Ezria’s book, Emily’s eggs, Lucas in general).

        And thank you, I’m glad to be writing again too! Right now, I’m taking a stab at recapping a new show based on a fan request (spoiler alert: it has shadows and hunters). Right after that, I’m going to be diving into the other PLL recaps and hoping to knock them out one by one. Stay tuned!

    12. Will you recap more of season 6B soon? I’d like to hear your theories for season 7, and opinions on the episodes. I personally wish the season has begun with episode 11, and that the episode 12 was this one. We could have skipped all the Spencer/Hanna/Caleb drama and the boring new love interests, and just have gone back to the mystery and friendship of the girls. Because now I’m excited about the show, but I wasn’t during all of 6B.

      • I think I’ll start recapping soon, maybe this week. Doing this finale recap kind of took the wind out of me and I just wanted to step away from PLL for a while, but my creative juices are coming back again~~~

    13. Omg did you hear that the actor who plays Andrew (Brandon Jones) was arrested for threatening his neighbor with a gun?! :O I guess the Rosewood Police shouldn’t have released him.


        “Brandon Jones, an actor-musician-producer playing the role of Andrew Campbell in ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars”, is facing up to 5 and a half years of prison time for allegedly flashing a gun during an argument with his neighbor.”

        1.) First of all, lol @ actor-musician-producer. ok bro.
        2.) Second of all, someone tell the news writer it’s called Freeform now.
        3.) Third of all, holy cow at five and a half years of prison just for whipping out your gun. Are we sure the police officer that made the arrest isn’t Lt. Tanner in-person!?!?
        4.) Fourth of all, omg brandon gurrrrrl work on your conflict resolution skills plz. I was hoping for an Andrew cameo appearance in Season 7, but hearing this news makes it unlikely to happen now???

    14. Oh yeah I heard about that thing with Andrew’s actor. But I thought the funniest part was that the article was titled A PLL “Star” Arrested With a Gun. I don’t know how Andrew is a PLL “star” even though he has been in all of 11 episodes the whole series. Although thats the same amount of episodes Cece was in before she was revealed to be A so…

    15. Have you seen the promo for season 7 yet? You could do a recap where you overanalyze it. ;) And omg, Jenna is going to be in at least three episodes (so far!) of season 7! All hail the queen!!! She has returned!

      • I have watched the promo and can tell you without watching the season that Queen Jenna will be the best part of Season 7. #hype #bowdown #wearenotworthy

    16. ¿ que esta haciendo ? Alison, no puedes estar fuera. hay como diez coches al final de nuestra calle. ¿ de acuerdo? prensa, policia. no me ire a pasar por la cuidad. ¿ de acuerdo? solo quiero sentarme en mi poroche. no me has hecho ninguna pregunta ¿ como es eso ? me imagime que necesitarias tu espacio ¿ cual fue la reaccion de mama ? ¿ cuando descubiro que estaba viv? estaba estupefacta. ¿ que esperabas ? entra ¿ puedo ayudarla ? tengo una cita con la Sra. dilaurentis – ¿ que es usted ? – kathy paras del refugio de Condado. acordamos traer a puppy por la mañana la Sra dilaurentis quieres adoptarlo sientate _ mi madre no lo pido – es un perro, chico, no una pizza _ y si lo hizo – es muy inteligente si ¿ por que estuvo en el refugio de animales? bueno, tiene problemas, sobre todo con los hombres ponlo de vuelta en la caravana. ! ahora ¿ que pasaras con el si no nos lo quedamos basicamente, la Sra dilaurentis era la uiltmas parada de si tren no es bonito

    17. manten la voz baja ¿ por que ? no hay nadie en casa si. pero melissa podria volver en cualquier momento bien. la quiero a ella tambien ¿ por que me haces hacer esto.? ¿ por que te importa si ella lo sabe ? yo no te estoy haciendo hacer nada. Spencer te estoy diciendo, que para mañana por la mañana melissa lo sobre todo y no hay nada que puedas hacer al respecto.. salvo dejar que ella lo escuche primero de tu parte bien. se lo dire tu ganas pero aqui terminamos… porque estoy harta de tus juegos todas estamos harias. ¿ estas tratando de que voten mi salida de la isla ? no fucionara. nos creo que tenga mucha eleccion. yo te cree Spencer cree todo lo que eres ante de conocerme eras solo una santurrona en pollera escocesa… que hacia todo lo que su mami y papi le pedian. ! eres tan creida ! ¿ piensas que porque nos juntaste a todas puedes tratarmos como marionetas ? pero lo son. ¿ no te das cuentas ? no existen sin mi. ¿ en serio. Alison ? entonces dime.. ¿ de que siver un lider si no tiene seguidores ? porque me parece… que la cuestion aqui no es si nosotras existiremos sin ti.. sino si tu existras sin nosotras y en lo que a mi respecta estas muerta para mi. y en lo que a mi respecta, esta para mi ASI QUE LA SOMBRA EN LA FOTO NO ES lan , ¿ EREAS TU ? si ¿ por que nos lo dijste antes ? no lo es supongo que estaba asustada esto parecera una locura pero creo que lo les dije. porque siempre hubo una parte de mi que se preguntaba si habia sido culpa mia me refiero a que, lo deses y se hizo realidad Spencer, tu no lo dijiste en serio solo fue algo que dijiste en un momento en enojo ademas, Alison nos dijo cosas muchos peores ¿ si ? ¿ Spencer ? ! dios mio ! ¿ es ese ? es jason

    18. asi historia conmienza

      no podia confiar en nadie despues de lo bethnay asi que encontre una manera de escapar radley sin rime nunca toc toc mama triago unas noticias fantiasticas. ¿ me van a dejar salir?
      bueno algo asi o estoy encerrada aqui o no no hay una manera de ser solo modo parcierte en
      radley la junta te ha concedido el permiso para asistir a clases en la universidad de pennsyvania ¿ como lo has hecho ? ¿ como ? tu lo has hecho. charlotte enseñandoles lo inteligente que eres no no no llores estoy muy orugullosa de ti pense que ir a clases seria divertido pero ya sabia la mayorria que cosas que estaba enseñando un dia, clases se cancelaron vale llama con una amenaza de bomba sabia que era un riesgo pero necesitaba ver a mi familia ¿ te mataria si sonrises ? ¿ y a ti que te inmorta ? ¿ un poco grosero ? lo siento ¿ que ? ¿ podemos volver a empezar ? soy jason. jason dilaurentis ? siquiente, por favor ¿ fuiste incluso a la escuela aqui ? no pero apuesto a que hubiera sido la chica mas guapa del anuario no me ha dicho tu nombre tiene razon no te lo he dicho me llama cece drake se lo que vas a dieclir es de locos que saliese con mi hermano – os … ? – vale eso es de enfermos Aliosn como te dicho. es mi hermano ¿ por que crees que siempre estaba tan enfadad ? estaba muy frustrado ¿ y a quien podia culpar ? mirame no puedo creer que mama estuvieria de acuerdo con esto mama no sabia que CECE ERA CHARLOTTE hasta el dia que nos fuiemos a cape may ¿ como has podiolo arriesgar todo ? por lo que has trabajando tan duro ? mama ¿ puedes baja de voz por favor jason Alison estan dentro si se entreraran, me matarian. ¿ asi que todo que este tiempo has estado fingiendo ir a clases mientra estabas por Rosewood con mi hijos yo tembien soy tu hija solo queria estar con mi familia jason pido a tu padre si podia traser s su novia a cape esta de camino a casa para ir a buscarte ¿ que pasaria si me descubrese ? ,mama ¿ que pasaria si me de descubrise creeo que esta muerta ¿ le dijste que esa tumba era real todo el tiempo pense que lo hiciste por mi pero lo hiciste por ti lo hiciste para protegerte que no solo enterrate a charles sino que enterraste tu sucio secretos le mientir para finalmete tu puedeses ser tu misma nunca lo habia permitido vale se que me estoy llevando muchas cosas Alison no Ali mama no sabia que estaba en casa esta es cece estaba en el porche cuando he aparcete es un encantado jason hola – hola deber de ser cece soy el Sro dilaurentis es un plancer cononcerle pero veo que estas listo para irnos asi que sos voy dejar a vuestro aire pero pensaba que veria con nostros en serio oh dios este va ser el menor varano de mi vida se que pasaste por mucho ese verano pero tambien nos divenrtimo mucho Alison cada ves que acuerdo de algo tengo que verlo de una forma diferente ahora

    19. ¿ Spencer ? ¿ esto estuvo siempre aqui ? no lan deber haberlo devuelto antes de baile pero ¿ como es que no lo viste ? se fue despues que yo el videos ya no esta. y la papelera esta vacia. sorpresa sopresa dios mio Alison ¿ que ? ¿ que es ? ” cuiden sus espaldas. yo lo hace A eso fue tomado en tu patio la noche en que ella desaparecio esta usando el top amarillo hay una sombre justo ahi como si alquien estuviera siquiendola Spencer ¿ sabes quien es ? n tengo idea

    20. asi no es iba vestida cuando se fue ¿ A donde va Alison ¿ la viste volver ? no aun no bueno, ¿ como estaba actuando ? cuando se fue de tu casa esta noche ? no sabia decirte, se fue muy termprano auque quiza fue culpa de hanna estaba bediendo ¿ delante de tu madre ? si tuvo que echarla sabe que estoy enfadada. quiza ni aparezca tiene que aparecer tenemos que averigual que trama Alison es de A ¿ esta segura ? compruebalo. ” nueva york nueva york vaya cuidad ” Alison gurada secretos

    21. la Sra HOROWITZ quiere hacer las cosas bien realmete no deberia rerime no en serio, por favor risame necesito toda la risa posible hola hanna hola Sra fields siento llegar tarde no te preocupes justo estabamos prepandonos para llever las cosas a la mesa ¿ quieres algo de beber ? agua esta bien aqui tiene Em ¿ quieres echarme una mona ? claro oye, ¿ has hablamos con Caleb no va a dar problema un chico asi da problemas sin tener que intentarlo bueno, confio en el yo no este seria un momentos muy malo para cometer un error Caleb no es error es lo menos parecido a un error en mi vida necesitas mantener la cabeza centrada hanna es dificil hacer eso mientiras besas a alquien ¿ y que quieres que haga y no lo compiques porque sabes que soy muy lista solo lo digo el volvio a la cuidad tu estaba en una realcion tan vez deberias tranquilizarte un poco asigurate de que estas haciendo lo correcto para todo ¿ me estas diciendo que no vea Caleb quien quieres un pastelillo ? guarda uno para mi

    22. ¿ podia alquien llamar a jason y jason y decirte que deje la ” hierba ” alquien llamara a jason y le dira que deje su hierba y se renuna con nosotras y venga aqui con nosotros ? ¿ que haciendo agui que haciendo agui necesitaba hablar contigo necesitaba hablar contigo ¿ que pasa ? ¿ que pasa creo que estoy metida en un promblas creo que estoy en promblas ¿ A que te refieres ? ¿ que quieres decir ? tengo un retraso llego tarde ¿ como ? como ¿ como ? si si ¿ quieres decir que no usateis proteccion ? ¿ quieres decir no estabas usando preteccion la usando, solo que no todo el tiempo si pero no todo el tiempo este bien ¿ de cuanto es el retraso ? vale ¿ cuando de restrasdas vas ? dos semana dos semana ¿ que habia pasado antes ? ¿ algunas vez te habia ratrasado ? ¿ que voy hacer ? ¿ que voy hacer ? ! se lo has dicho ? ¿ es lo has contando ? no puedo no puedo si lo averguiar, va a matarme si lo descubre me matara.

    23. Alison, ¿ estas alli ¿ que estas haciendo aqui ? – ! Spencer ! -¿ que ? si quedense aqui ya regreso no puedo creer que dejarmos que Noel nos trajera aqui ¿ pensemos que va a venir ? no lo es, cuando lo vi en vez de a Alison estaba seguro de que era una trampa problemente lo es y nosotras estamos aqui sentadas como gansos patos ¿ que ? te sientas como pato perdidos no como gansos. de acuendo, bueno, como, sea, ambos hacer ” cuack ” los gansos graznan ¿ por que ? Alison confiaria en Noel Khan ? porque el tambien tiene secretos quiero abrazante y abofetearte al mismo tiempo me vendira buen un abrazo me alergro de que estas aqui, Spencer ¿ por que ? soy la unica en la que no puedes confiar necesito ayuda ahora que la policia sabe que no soy la que estas enterrada ellos van a a empezar a buscar de nuevo y hasta que no sepa quien es A no ouedo volver a casa Alison creemos que tu madre fue quien le robo el juego de mona creemos que ellas es A no pareces sorpendida. es complicando. Em nunca he encotrado la manera adecuada de contarles lo que necesitan saber nunca me he sentido preparada para decir las cosas en voz alta ¿ por que empiezar por el pricipio ?

    24. yo no puedo quedarme aqui mira esto es como un museo se que es lo que pormeti a hanna pero no puedo hacerlo de acuerdo, Emily intenta relajarte un momento miras cuando lo piensas poner de nuevo su habitacion como estaba no es realmente una reaccion extraña lo digo en serio EL el siglo xix. cuando los niños morian sus padre a veces los posaban para las fotos como recuerdos no estas ayudando nos ayudando en abosluto de acuerdo, bueno solo intenta recordar que esta es una oportunuidad podia encontrar algunas cosa aqui que puediera sernos util es solo que no me emociona estar aqui sola – espera ¿ tu madre no estaria contigo ? – no tiene una audiencia en el departamento disciplinario de comite de la policia no volveria de Harrisbrug hasta mañana ¿ que pasa con paige ? ¿ puede venir ? no estamos en el mejor momentos ahora mismo ¿ encuentras todo lo que necesitas ? si siento que este tan frio la cadera esta funcionado mal. llame a alquien para que viniese a mirarla ¿ puedo ofrecerles algo ? tengo esas gelletas de vainilia que tanto les gustaban no, gracias. – deberia desmpacar. tu trasere algunas perechas. ¿ sabes ? realmete no me pongo cosas que tangas que colgarse hay toallas ilmpiar en el armario. y he hecho unas llaves de mas de verdad quiero que te sientas como en tu casa Emily se que tu madre y tu habeis pasando por mucho Gracias Sra dilaurentis es un plancer volverlas a ver en esta habitacion es como si nunca se hubieran machado


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