Season 2 Episode 2, Pretty Little Liars Recap, The Goodbye Look

Jason and Hanna’s dad return to Rosewood, while Emily finds a way to stay put; This is Ezra’s last day as Aria’s teacher.

After reading the cryptic text message from Melissa’s cell phone, the girls are zomg freaking out because Ian might not be dead after all.

The pretty little liars notice that Ali’s brother Jason has moved back to their hold house. God knows where Maya’s family has gone to (probably dousing holy water on their daughter and desperately trying to pray the gay away).

Jason throws away all of the mementos that people left behind after Ali died. Does this mean he has moved on from his sister’s death?

Speaking of awful parents, Emily’s mom confiscates her daughter’s cell phone so that she doesn’t communicate with the other girls. (SO MUCH LOVE for that portion of the wall that Toby cut out, btw)

Emily gets snippy with her mom, but is immediately silenced when her mom tells her that another family agreed to lease their house for a year.

Literally ten seconds after her mom forbade her to use the phone, Emily immediately calls Spencer because someone hacked into her computer and deleted all incriminating evidence against Ian. How convenient!

Melissa drops anchor-sized hints to Spencer that she’s now a single mother because Ian is DEAD DEAD DEAD.

It’s Ezra’s last day at school, so he and Aria are pouring unbearable amounts of angst in every scene this episode.

Ezra: Blah blah blah let’s go talk in my apartment tonight.
Aria: Blah blah blah spoiler alert – we make up and make out by the end of this episode.
Audience: Blah blah blah next scene please.

Mona wants to go shopping with Aria to buy a farewell present for Mr. Fitz. She also wants Aria to put in a good word for her to Hanna, but she’s like WHATEVS BITCH.

The girls are freaking out that the only copy of Ian’s video is wiped out *facepalm* They’re also burning with questions like ‘WHY IS JASON BACK???’ and ‘WHY DOES HE LOOK SO DIFFERENT FROM LAST SEASON???’

Anyway, the girls have to eat lunch all by themselves because of parental pressure. A naturally has to rub this in their faces with another suspiciously timely text message.

Toby is back on school grounds, but only to get his GED papers so he can finish his studies at home. He also found a job at a construction company, so that he can move out of his parents’ place for good.

Samara, the hot blonde lesbian introduced last season, totally wants to tap Emily’s booty and asks her out on a movie date.

Emily doesn’t want to go into another committed relationship because of all the shit that’s happening, but Samara is like NO ONE’S ASKING YOU TO PUT A RING ON IT & MARRY ME, GRRRLFRIEND. So Emily agrees to just the movie and the chance to jump on Samara’s hot ass.

Emily manages to score an even hotter date, because some college recruitment dude is so impressed with her swimming capabilities and wants to discuss a possible scholarship with her!

Wow, so many good things are happening to Emily at once! Nothing could possibly go wrong.

At the Hastings household, Melissa calls out Spencer for trying to pass off store bought brownies as homemade. LOL

Spencer explains these are gifts to welcome Jason back into the neighbourhood. She then not so subtly brings up Ian and Jason’s friendship, which rubs Melissa the wrong way.

Spencer: Just trying to make conversation…

Hanna’s dad is back in town because he’s worried about his daughter, but she gets pissed off that he’s only here for her whenever she’s in trouble.

And since Hanna’s dad is “staying in town” for a couple of days, you just know that her parents are sooooo gonna have angry make-up sex very, very soon.

Spencer: Is it just me, or did Jason get even hotter than last season if this is even humanly possible?
Jason: What now? I’m the same generic interchangeable brunette guy who played Jason Dilaurentis from last season, I swear!

New Jason isn’t convinced that Ian is the killer though, especially since he never outright confessed to Spencer about the crime…

FLASHBACK TIME: Alison acts like a humungous bitch yet again, while Jason smokes pot and apparently has a secret stash of Japanese anime pornography or something?

Emily’s conversation with the recruitment guy goes well. He might possibly maybe perhaps *consider* offering her a full scholarship to one of the most prestigious colleges nationwide. The only catch is that moving away to a new city might ruin Emily’s uncertain chances!

The scholarship is indeed a game changer, but Emily’s mom doesn’t want to stay at Rosewood unless it’s an absolute certainty that her daughter will get into this college. This family needs a guarantee written on paper, not just an empty promise.

Well, Toby’s job at the construction company lasted literally for five seconds before he got fired. The homeowner didn’t want someone like him on the job. Although this breaks all discriminatory employment laws, Toby is used to this kind of assholish behaviour by now.

Hanna expresses her daddy issues, but he feeds her a lot of bullshit about “it’s amazing how much damage can be done when you have nothing but good intentions”.

Ezra is stuck at work and can’t meet up with Aria at his apartment. After waiting around for a few hours, Aria decides to call it quits and end this relationship because she’s an impatient bitch!

The movie date starts off weirdly because Emily has déjà vu about making out with Maya in this cinema, but Samara is like GRRRL LOOK AT HOW FINE AND GORGEOUS AND PROUD LESBIAN I AM. MAYA WHO?

Hanna finally comes to her senses and realizes that it should be chicks before dicks. She makes up with Mona on the promise that they won’t let any guy come between them again.

Spencer confides in Toby that Ian might still be alive, but there’s very little either of them can do about it.

Spencer: The town is not a monster.
Toby: It’s got monsters in it, you know that, so do I.

They can’t call the cops because both of them have such a bad track record with the police. All they have is each other! It’s just so dark and grim and romantic at the same time, awww! *fantard*

After getting stood up with Ezra and breaking up with him, Aria decides to pay Spencer a visit in the middle of the night. However, it seems like someone might have broken into the house…

Aria tries to investigate, but she doesn’t make it far into the house before someone TACKLES THE BITCH DOWN AND PUSHES HER INTO A TABLE!!!!!

Aria is okay, but she and Spencer believe that the recent break-ins around the neighbourhood are all possibly connected to Ian’s disappearance. What if he wanted to come in to hurt Spencer instead?

The recruitment guy won’t commit to a guaranteed scholarship just yet, even though Emily is a very strong contender. He agrees to write her a ‘maybe letter’ to satisfy her overbearing mom.

Mr. Fitz gives a farewell speech to his English class during his last day as a high school teacher, but the whole “I WILL NEVER FORGET CHU” crap is obviously aimed towards Aria.

Ezra: There’s a quote by Joseph Campbell. It goes: ‘You must give up the life you have planned in order to have a life that is waiting for you.’ I thought I knew what that meant. I didn’t. Until I met you.

AND OH MY GOD, THE FAREWELL SPEECH MOVED ARIA SO MUCH THAT SHE SIMPLY CAN’T FUCKING CONTAIN HERSELF. She runs straight into the school parking lot and starts making out with Ezra in broad daylight!!!

What could be more romantic than kissing in front of a fucking yellow school bus, amirite?

Spencer starts snooping in her sister’s belongings again, and catches Melissa in a lie. She believes that Melissa and Ian are having secret rendezvous together.

Melissa isn’t the only one acting suspicious though, because new Jason is behaving like a serious creepo too.

But seriously, what the fuck happened to the other Jason!?


  1. It’s so weird! The pictures are from the previous recap but the text is from this episode. o.O

    I wish I could send you a screencap or something because this is cray-cray.

    • Ohhh shoot, you’re absolutely right, I got the photo albums mixed up. It should be fixed now.

      Thanks! The tech support department of this site is basically me, myself and I, so must rely on the readers if they notice anything broken! TYTYTY~ :D


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