Season 2 Episode 2, Pretty Little Liars Recap, The Goodbye Look

Jason and Hanna’s dad return to Rosewood, while Emily finds a way to stay put; This is Ezra’s last day as Aria’s teacher.

After reading the cryptic text message from Melissa’s cell phone, the girls are zomg freaking out because Ian might not be dead after all.

Season 1 Episode 22, Pretty Little Liars Recap, For Whom the Bells Toll

Spencer confronts Ian about Ali’s video; Spencer faces multiple life-threatening experiences.

Heyo, welcome to the season finale of the scandalous teenage drama & everyone’s favourite guilty pleasure Pretty Little Liars! Last episode, our four heroines retrieved a key, which led them to the storage warehouse, which contained a USB key, which had secret scandalous video footage! (OMG, ever heard of a backup drive, Ali?)