Season 2 Episode 5, Pretty Little Liars Recap, The Devil You Know

The girls attend Ian’s funeral; Emily investigates his suspicious death.

This episode, Emily puts on her best Spencer impersonation and investigates further into the death of Ian Thomas. While her friends are happy that Ali’s killer got his comeuppance and they will finally get closure, Emily thinks the evidence doesn’t add up. What if Ian did not commit suicide? *dun dun dun*

Season 2 Episode 4, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Blind Dates

Hanna chaperones Lucas on a double date; Ian’s whereabouts are finally revealed.

Last episode, Spencer decided to check away her sister’s wedding ring and her common sense at the pawn shop. She was like I’M BUYING A TRUCK FOR MAH MAN and did not think about the consequences afterwards. What did Spencer think would happen? She must have known on some deep subconscious level that A would strike again, right? Now she had stolen Melissa’s wedding ring, all she got in return was this lousy horseshoe A left behind!

Pretty Little Liars Male Characters Guide

A Viewer's Guide to the Men of Pretty Little Liars

Enough is enough, Pretty Little Liars! Your casting department needs a serious intervention. You need to stop casting all these generic, interchangeable, hardly distinguishable brunettes on the show. It’s getting nearly impossible to keep track of these men and tell them apart from each other. These guys look too much alike, they act too similarly, and this is all just too confusing. I have prepared a handy guide to help us identify every mildly attractive brunette that appears on the show (shirtless profile pictures available whenever applicable). Here is an extensive recap of all the men in Pretty Little Liars.

Ezra Fitz, Ian Harding - Pretty Little Liars Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding)

1. The Romeo to Aria’s Juliet

2. Sensitive high school English teacher, aspiring writer

3. Fake spray on abs



Toby Cavanaugh, Keegan Allen - Pretty Little Liars Toby Cavanaugh (Keegan Allen)

1. Jenna’s stepbrother

2. Social pariah, delinquent teen, severely misunderstood

3. Former rape victim of Jenna, former love interest of Emily, and current boyfriend of Spencer

4. Was once suspected for his role in Alison’s murder

5. Gives off seriously creepy vibes, but he’s actually quite sweet

Ian Thomas, Ryan Merriman - Pretty Little Liars Ian Thomas (Ryan Merriman)

1. Melissa’s first fiance/husband

2. Broke up with Melissa, reconnected a year later, and suddenly they’re married in a shotgun wedding

3. Appeared in strange videos with the flirtatious Alison

4. Once made a romantic pass to the underage Spencer

5. Smarmy, predatory, and (probably) an evil bastard

Jason DiLaurentis, Parker Bagley, Drew Van Acker - Pretty Little Liars Jason DiLaurentis (Parker Bagley / Drew Van Acker)

1. Alison’s older college-age brother

2. Used to be a stoner frat boy, but now he’s cleaned up and sober

3. Used to be buddies with Ian

4. His relationship with Alison is strained at best

5. Actors changed between Season 1 and Season 2

Sean Ackard, Chuck Hittinger - Pretty Little Liars Sean Ackard (Chuck Hittinger)

1. Hanna’s first boyfriend

2. Virgin douchenozzle

3. Big jock on campus, Prom King, Mr. Popular, the All-American boy

4. Son of a preacher man

5. OMG, he takes Chastity Club way too seriously

Lucas Gottesman, Brendan Robinson - Pretty Little Liars Lucas Gottesman (Brendan Robinson)

1. Hanna’s not-so-secret admirer

2. Big self-deprecating dweeb who speaks in a whiny voice

3. Avid photographer, technology whiz, yearbook geek

4. Nicknamed ‘Hermes the Hermaphrodite’ by the popular clique

5. As a social outcast, he loathes Queen Bee Alison even long beyond her death.

Caleb Rivers, Tyler Blackburn - Pretty Little Liars Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn)

1. One of Hanna’s boyfriends

2. Bad boy, troublemaker, hacks phones for money

3. Homeless

4. Rebel without a cause

5. Could use some shampoo and/or a haircut

Noel Khan, Brant Daugherty - Pretty Little Liars Noel Khan (Brant Daugherty)

1. Party boy on campus

2. Super wealthy, arrogant, used to getting his way

3. Pursued a five minute fling with Aria until he turned into a psychotic self-serving blackmailer

4. Knows about Aria and Ezra’s scandalous relationship

5. A is for Amateur

Byron Montgomery, Chad Lowe - Pretty Little Liars Byron Montgomery (Chad Lowe)

1. Aria’s father

2. Teaches history at Hollis College

3. Shameless adulterer

4. Had the nerve to force his wife out the house even though he’s the one who cheated

5. Generally clueless on how to manage his two children

Tom Marin, Roark Critchlow - Pretty Little Liars Tom Marin (Roark Critchlow)

1. Hanna’s father

2. Separated from his wife Ashley long ago

3. Absent parental figure in Hanna’s life

4. Only comes to visit Hanna whenever she’s in crisis

5. About to marry another woman & start a new family with or without his previous one

Wayne Fields, Eric Steinberg - Pretty Little Liars Wayne Fields (Eric Steinberg)

1. Emily’s father

2. Military officer stationed in Afghanistan

3. Away from his family for most of the time

4. Married an evil, shrewd, unsympathetic woman

5. Loves his daughter Emily unconditionally

Peter Hastings, Nolan North - Pretty Little Liars Peter Hastings (Nolan North)

1. Spencer’s father

2. Competitive overachiever

3. Business-savvy, very conscious about social reputations

4. Winning. Is. Everything.

5. Probably wishes he didn’t have two bickering daughters

Mike Montgomery, Cody Christian - Pretty Little Liars Mike Montgomery (Cody Christian)

1. Aria’s younger brother

2. Annoying little brat

3. Devastated by his parents’ separation

4. His presence actually makes Aria appear like the mature one

5. Secret kleptomaniac

Wren Kim, Julian Morris - Pretty Little Liars Wren Kim (Julian Morris)

1. Melissa’s fiance, take two

2. Jovial disposition, charming accent

3. Made googly eyes at Spencer, which led to an intimate kiss

4. Got caught in the act by Melissa

5. Engagement plans fell through, and was kicked out of the house

Alex Santiago, Diego Boneta - Pretty Little Liars Alex Santiago (Diego Boneta)

1. Spencer’s first age-appropriate lover

2. They met at a tennis court

3. Earnest, hard-working, Jack of all trades

4. Feels somewhat inferior in comparison to Spencer

5. Wow, do not ever sign him up for tennis camp!

Darren Wilden, Bryce Johnson - Pretty Little Liars Darren Wilden (Bryce Johnson)

1. Sleazy police detective

2. Hanna’s mom slept with him to get her daughter out of trouble with the law

3. Generally incompetent & unlikable

4. Unconventional methods of investigation and interrogation

5. Overstepped legal boundaries when pursuing Alison’s killer

Garrett Reynolds, Yani Gellman - Pretty Little Liars Garrett Reynolds (Yani Gellman)

1. Jenna’s secret boyfriend

2. Police officer

3. Emily’s former neighbour

4. Helped the girls blackmail Ian before his death

5. A secretive guy with ambiguous allegiances

Ben Coogan, Steven Krueger - Pretty Little Liars Ben Coogan (Steven Krueger)

1. Emily’s ex-boyfriend

2. Massive obnoxious tool

3. Tried to rape Emily and force her to put out in the locker room

4. Got his ass kicked by Toby

5. Never to be seen again on the show

Season 2 Episode 3, Pretty Little Liars Recap, My Name Is Trouble

Hanna plays matchmaker; Jenna confronts Aria; Emily forges a fake acceptance letter.

HEY YOU GUYS, remember Wren – the original generic brunette with the funny accent? He was Melissa’s fiancé at the beginning of the series, until he ditched her for her sixteen-year-old jailbait sister! I wonder why he’s suddenly included in the “Previously on Pretty Little Liars” segment. *big hmm*