Season 7 Episode 11, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Playtime

Pretty Little Liars Recap - Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 11

It's the PLL midseason premiere with some delightfully random filler! Let's watch Aria plan her royal wedding, Mona pulls a coup and overtakes Hanna's business, Alison and Paige have a raging feud, while Spencer sinks her claws into Toby the grieving widower.
  • This is the midseason premiere for Season 7B.
  • This is the episode where Holden makes a random cameo appearance after being absent for 5 seasons.
  • The endgame is near! Pretty Little Liars wants you to know the main theme of Season 7B is Endgame. Did I mention about endgame yet? Endgame, endgame, endgame. Repeat it with me one more time: ENDGAME.

    PLL Recap: Pretty Little Liars Season 7 Episode 11

    In memoriam of Spencer Hastings, who much like the show itself, is about to die a slow and painful death.

    Is everybody here? I know there aren't many of us left, but we might be the last group of survivors who are still watching Pretty Little Liars seven years later. All the other PLL fans dropped like flies, but we're the only ones to persevere and make it to the end. Along the way, there were a lot of tears, a lot of relationship drama, and a whole lot of boring filler, but we're still here and there're only ten more episodes left to go. Alright bitches, don't give up on the show now. Let's pinky swear and promise to watch this shit together until the end, okay?

    Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like Spencer will be joining us for the final stretch of episodes, because this bitch is gonna be dead. There's no way she'd survive the fatal gunshot wound from the midseason finale, right? Even if her major organs stayed intact, she must've slowly bled to death by now. Hey ambulance driver, turn around because we aren't going to the hospital anymore. Let's just save ourselves the extra trip and go directly to the morgue.

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    HEADS WILL ROLL in this epic Pretty Little Liars finale, where Queen Jenna and King Noel declare all-out war against the pretty little liars. Who will win and who will get decapitated!?
  • This is the midseason finale for Season 7A.
  • This is Noel's last episode on Pretty Little Liars.
  • This is the episode where Toby and Nicole got into a fatal car crash (for her anyway lol).
  • This is the episode where Nicole *finally* returns to destroy Ezria's relationship.
  • EPIC!

    I can't believe PLL is finally gonna end! After this season
    PLL FANS: THE END IS NEAR! When Pretty Little Liars announced that they were ending the show in Season 7 last year, I honestly didn’t believe them. I thought it was a cynical ploy to trick jaded fans and long lost viewers into watching the “final” season before renewing the show for another “final” season. But nope, it’s over, it’s finished, it’s official – Pretty Little Liars is cancelled forever!

    Noooo! How…how can it end already!? What will I do with my days if I can’t watch Pretty Little Liars anymore!? On the bright side, this also means PLL has nothing to lose with these last few episodes. The show can go out with a bang and pull off some outrageous plot twists: shocking deaths, shocking pregnancies, shocking maternity test results, anything goes! If you ever wanted to see a pregnant Aria kill Ezra because she found out they were both Mary’s long lost children, it could actually happen zomg!!!

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  • This is the episode where Ezra proposes to Aria.
  • Needless to say, I AM DISGUSTED.
  • FAIL!

    60% Complete

    We cannot endorse Ezria's disgusting proposal no matter how devastatingly inevitable it might be.
    I’m giving this Pretty Little Liars episode a GIANT F as the review score. For the record, the letter grade isn’t a reflection of the quality per se, but any episode that features Ezria’s proposal needs to get an automatic F based on principle. We must take an ethical stand and not provide positive reinforcements for this exploitative lolita love affair.

    As horrified as I am about a high school teacher marrying his student (like seriously, WHAT THE FUCK), I can’t say I’m surprised we’ve reached this point. Ezria’s relationship is like a deadly meteorite that scientists have foreseen hitting the earth seven years ago, yet nothing could stop its path of destruction despite many attempts to deter its course. There’s no use denying the inevitable outcome anymore with doomsday fast approaching us. Ezra and Aria will marry each other before the series finale and then we’ll all be dead. THE END.

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    It's an epic episode of Pretty Little Liars featuring a tutorial on how to get away with (first-degree) murder. We also get sappy love triangle drama, steamy elevator sex, and most importantly Queen Jenna’s magnificent return from the underworld!
  • This is the episode with the most epic Spaleb moment ever.
  • This is the episode where Spencer loses her butt virginity to Detective Furey.
  • IT GOTTA BE FIRST! DEGREE! MURDERRRR!!! ...according to Spencer anyway.
  • EPIC!!!

    Hanna put on her helmet, inserted her seatbelt, and reveed up her engine. She's about to win the Formula One championship title!
    Welcome to another episode of Pretty Little Liars, where we’re just in time to watch the renowned racecar driver Hanna Marin take the wheels and start another lap around the tracks. Even though there was a tiny roadside accident, the pretty little pit crew already came in and cleared away Elliott’s dead body from the racetrack. Now, Hanna has put on her helmet, buckled her seatbelt, and revved up her engine. Ooh yeah, she’s ready to win that Formula One world championship title! 🏁🏁🏁