Pretty Little Liars Characters: The Ultimate Poll *VOTE NOW*

OKAY! I thought it would be kinda fun to do a post-finale poll and determine who is the best Pretty Little Liars character once and for all. It’s time to settle a score and separate the queens from the peasants in the cast. Who is the best PLL character? But more importantly, WHO IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST?As you may know, Recap Everything never does anything half-assed, so even my character poll needs to be EPIC AF. I wanted to include every damn character that has appeared over the past seven seasons, but had to stop myself before I started including total randoms like *that cute waiter at the restaurant* or *the fierce queen in the classroom*. My rule is that if a character appeared in at least 2 different episodes and was even remotely relevant to the plot, I’m gonna throw them into this poll.

In total, there are 97 characters for you to score from *DA BEST* to *DA WORST*. I honestly don’t expect you to remember half of these nobodies, and if you remember every single person without looking them up, I recommend you may need some help at Radley. I included a *WHO?* option and we can find out who is the most obscure, forgotten, irrelevant nobody to ever exist in the show. I bet you don’t remember a Duncan Albert or a Jesse Lindall, but yeah apparently these mysterious men are part of our PLL universe.

Anyway, I’m gonna reveal the survey results right after I finish the finale recap, but full disclosure: I might rig the results like Putin did for Trump if your opinions aren’t correct. VOTE WISELY, PLL FANS!!!


  1. OMG U GUISE. I just realized I *TOTALLY* forgot to add Isabel Marin (Hanna’s wicked stepmother) into the survey…… Guess we now know who is the most forgotten and obscure PLL character ever lol. I’m gonna throw her name into the survey now, but for those of you who completed the poll already – you can either add in your answer for her now, or we’ll just ~spiritually~ pretend your vote for Kate is a vote for Isabel (i dunno, i’m just winging it lol)

    • OMG. Alison’s lawyer, Rebecca Marcus, was missing too. Who are these nobodies and why do they keep popping up out of nowhere!?

      *quietly adds Rebecca to the poll and pretends she was there all along*

  2. At first i thought it said Duncan Albert was ‘Alison’s plot’… I guess it would still be fitting haha!

    • lolz. I feel like I can go change the labels on half of these characters as “Alison’s plot”, “Aria’s plot”, “Hanna’s plot”, etc. and it would still be fitting.

  3. I may be a little dense (hence my Pokemon choice) but I can’t seem to get the poll started… where do I click? :D
    And thank you so much for your recaps, they always make my day or month, depending on their frequency (passive-agressive like a boss) :D

  4. It worked! Thank you so much! I’ve always wanted to make a difference, you know, and I think this poll was my chance.

    And please no, I’m sorry for everything I’ve said, keep up the amazing work!

    (also, thank you for answering, I feel *blessed* #touched_by_an_angel)

    • Noooo, don’t apologize lol. My passive aggressiveness has been defeated by your kindness! ;A;

      Yay, thank you for taking the poll! Your vote did make a difference! I haven’t decided how to format everything yet, but I wanna do something cool with the results (i.e. images and stats) and make it worthwhile for those of you who took the time to vote.

  5. Of Mona or Spencer don’t win, I call HAX.

    But seriously, this hard ;_;. Sara Harvey was beyond useless, but “WILDEN’S DHEADTH” was arguably the best line on the show. (rivalled only by “You’re a selfish little bitch”). Does that mean I hate Sara or love her?? Aaaaaaahhh.

    • Don’t worry, I’m with you. If Mona or Spencer don’t win in the end, I’ve a team of Russian hackers on standby ready to cast a thousand ballots for them. We got this vote locked no matter what.

      #WildensDad might edge out #SelfishLilBitch as Line of the Series for me just because she was also wearing that ridiculous black veil while saying the line. It’s not just the words, but the whole Sara Harvey experience that made it iconic for me.

  6. You should add in that Ted is Charlotte’s father and Charlotte is Spencer & Alex’s sister. Also you should in more info to the dead people.

    • You are my fav of the whole show and so is Hannah she is so funny and Emily I like that she is very scared and I just wish area can call me I wish all of you could call me but you can’t so can you please respond or give me your number I wish we could be best friends and go on set that would be amazing but trust me this is not a it is jara so bye! J-

  7. i love it the vote favorite beast tv drama and victoraous too i know real killer is alex drake A .D all these yaers muder killer body found all though to the last
    pl.laris spncer hasting twin alex drake aria emily hanna mona and caleb and toby toby taKE A GUN WHO IS REAL SPNCER HE PICK HES LEFT ONE

  8. I never really liked Aria. She was always a little annoying and would always say dumb things. Plus I hated that she was with Ezra. All the other girls where fine to me, I mean I even liked Mona better then Aria.


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