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Welcome to Recap Everything, earthlings!

Who are you, Recap Everything?
Welcome, earthlings! Soooo, you wanna know wassup with Recap Everything? What’s up with this self-proclaimed television blogger and what’s up with these ridiculously wordy television recaps? Who are you? Why are you doing this? What is your agenda? EXPLAIN YOURSELF PLZ.

To be honest, I don’t really know why I’m doing this! *lol* I guess I’m just a TV-obsessed insomniac who likes to document my television habits online. There’s absolutely nothing to gain from these recaps other than a personal satisfaction from writing about my favourite TV shows and hoping somebody will get a laugh from reading about my opinions. I’ve been fascinated with television for as long as I could remember. I think about TV shows in the shower, I think about them on the toilet, I think about them while clipping my toenails, I think about them while preparing a sammich. So, why not start a blog for my hobby? *shrugs*

Recap Everything is my baby!

Recap Everything is my baby!
Recap Everything started out as a humble little blog hosted on Blogger back in…2011, I think? I wanna say around March 2011? To be honest, I actually don’t quite remember when I started my own blog. *lol fail* I can’t believe it has been over five years now, and Recap Everything has grown into an even less-known blog lurking in the dingy forgotten corners of the internet.

I might not have a lot to show for my work over the years, but I’m still very proud of what I’ve accomplished. This blog is like my baby and I’m the overenthusiastic parent who thinks my child is a special little snowflake even if nobody else agrees!

Recap Everything recaps everything.

Recap Everything recaps everything.
I decided to call this blog *Recap Everything* because I do plan on recapping every damn thing in a television show. In fact, overanalyzing miniscule details is my specialty. If an actor forgets to zip up his fly during a scene, or if an actress is hiding a big zit underneath her makeup, you bet your ass that I’ll be writing a thousand words about these hard-hitting topics!

My have a tendency to be very, very, very wordy. On average, I write over thousands of words (of nonsense) per recap. It’s possible that some of the recaps may be longer than War and Peace. I can’t help it, I have an uncontrollable urge to ramble on and on about every damn detail about every damn aspect, kind of like what I’m doing with this sentence right now. I don’t think it’s in my nature to be concise or succinct, hehe.

FUN FACT: I originally wanted to call this blog “30 Caps” partly because I’m a huge 30 Rock geek and partly because I envisioned each recap will have exactly thirty screencaps.

Recap Everything is one of the pretty little liars.

 Recap Everything is one of the pretty little liars.
I don’t really wanna admit Pretty Little Liars is one of my favourite TV shows because how embarrassing, but it’s totally my guilty pleasure. In fact, most of you probably stumbled upon this blog because of my PLL recaps. I’ve been recapping the show since the second season.

I have a complicated love-hate relationship with this show. It’s ridiculous, it makes no sense, it romanticizes exploitative relationships, I could go on and on. And yet, it can be so hilariously entertaining with all the plot twists and bitchy one-liners and epic soap opera drama. As much as I’d like to think I’m *above* this type of teen thriller, Pretty Little Liars is a show that’s right on my level and I always have a lot of fun whenever I’m recapping the show. 😀

And before you ask, Aria is both my favourite and my least favourite pretty little liar at the same time. She is a human disaster, and thus epitomizes everything I love/hate about the show.

Recap Everything apologizes for any absences…

Recap Everything apologizes for any absences...
Long-time readers of Recap Everything will know that I have a bad habit of disappearing for weeks or months without a trace. Where did I go? Was I abducted by aliens? Had I been abducted by an unknown organization? If you see a milk carton with your face on it, call home and let us know you’re still alive, Recap Everything!

I’d like to apologize for any absences in advance. Life happens. I go MIA from time to time. I can’t say any more. I know it’s frustrating, and I’ve lost a lot of readership due to these inexplicable disappearances, so thank you to the few of you who still managed to stick around over the years. One thing I can always guarantee is that I’ll be back. I may be gone for days, weeks, months, or centuries, but I promise to return one day, out of the blue, as if I’ve never left. Feel free to follow me on Facebook or Twitter if you wanna know when I finally resurfaced on earth with an update!

Show Recap Everything some love!

Show Recap Everything some love!
It gets awfully lonely working on an episode recap that’s read by approximately five people, so I really appreciate any type of feedback from my readers. I LOVE COMMENTS. I read every single comment on my blog and try my best to reply to each one of you. I ALSO LOVE POLLS. If you see a poll anywhere in a recap, vote and make a difference! (lol not really, these polls have zero value) It makes me feel a lot more motivated and a lot less lonely knowing someone out there is reading my stuff, so any reader contribution puts a smile to my face.

If you enjoy my recaps, feel free to spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, or wherever you want! It may not seem like a big deal, but even such a small gesture of support means a whole lot to me! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I also love discussing television, even if I’m not recapping about them! I watch obscure Canadian shows, British shows, Australian shows, Korean shows, Thai shows (loooove me some Thai BL dramas *blushes*), I am very open-minded when it comes to my television viewing habits. If you have a TV recommendation for Recap Everything, drop a comment and I’ll be very interested in learning more about it!

Finally, thank you for reading Recap Everything! I hope my silly little television recaps managed to bring a smile to your face! 😎