Season 2, Episode 01 – Omega, Teen Wolf Recap

Allison’s grandfather comes to town; Jackson and Lydia go through werewolf puberty; pretty much everyone gets naked at some point or another.


So before I could even sit my ass down to enjoy the second season premiere of Teen Wolf, there was already a shirtless scene in the show. Holy crap, I barely had time to put my headphones on, and there Jackson was shaking his bonbon, caressing his six-pack abs, and poking everyone’s eyes out with his nipples. And we aren’t even five seconds into the episode yet! Is this a new record for gratuitous fanservice?

I kinda rewatched this opening scene a few times (not because I wanted to investigate every morsel of skin on Jackson’s shirtless body, oh no siree) and I still have NO CLUE what is the *purpose* of this extraneous footage. We literally got one whole minute of the camera panning up and down Jackson’s drenched shirtless torso, but there was no explanation about what happened to his clothes or why he was frolicking in the water like some sexy aquatic animal. The scene can be best described as HEY GUISE LET’S CHECK OUT COLTON HAYNES & THE RESULTS OF HIS WORKOUT ROUTINE B4 WE MOVE ON WITH THE REAL PLOT!!!

My first impression of watching the Teen Wolf premiere is that its production values have improved drastically in terms of music, camera work and special effects. It’s obvious that MTV realized they have precisely one successful television program on their network so they’re throwing all their money behind it. The bigger budget is really evident in the final product. Everything looks so glossy and polished and professional and holy shit I might have to take this show seriously instead of ridiculing it all the time!

In fact, the first few minutes of the episode was basically Teen Wolf showing off how much fucking money they have in their production budget, so we see Scott jumping off cliffs and doing random midnight cartwheels JUST BECAUSE HE CAN.

OMGGG. Watching the fancy new opening credits has to be the best part about this episode, because the intro was SO DAMN GOOD. I don’t think I can translate the sheer amazingness into mortal words, but that shit was legitimately epic. Plus, we’ve got Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin all artistically naked and stuff, so now we’re guaranteed at least one shirtless moment in every episode! (Oh I see what you did there, Teen Wolf.)

BTW do you remember the intro in the first season, which was basically a title card in italicized Arial font? *lmao* This show has come a long way since such humble beginnings.

Scott and Allison were having HOT STEAMY FLASHBACK SEX until Papa Argent acts like the biggest cockblock ever by pointing a gun at Scott’s head! Allison begs for her bf’s life in exchange of cutting all ties with him forevah. Well, Teen Wolf doesn’t even bother with the ~*angst wank*~ moments and just jump immediately to the next scene, where the two of them are sneaking behind her father’s back for a sexy secret rendezvous anyway.

I guess even being held at gunpoint couldn’t suppress a teenager’s hormones. See, that’s why Papa Argent should’ve aimed for the crotch and castrated that lying bastard. Problem solved!

I wasn’t exaggerating about Scott and Allison having HOT STEAMY SEX together, because there was absolutely no modesty between them. In fact, there was a moment when Scott started pecking at Allison’s boobs! He was literally going *peck* *peck* *peck* and then just shoved his goddamn mouth right in between her funbags. Even I was kinda startled by the intimacy of their bedroom scenes. O_O

Mama Argent: Did I interrupt something?
Allison: Just my studying, my life & my happiness!

Was Allison always such a melodramatic bitch? *lol* Since her parents are such militant assholes, she has to hide the relationship & sneak around just to be together with Scott. IDK why she’s aggro, because having a forbidden romance only makes it SO MUCH SEXIER AMIRITE???

Allison: Can I go back to studying now? Or would you like to do a full body cavity search?

Ohhh, so that’s what Scott was doing in the screenshot above.

The best part about the season premiere is that it’s apparently clothing optional? It seems like pretty much every character is running around like they’re in some kind of free-for-all nudist colony. I know last season was already shamelessly exploitative, but now it’s just an endless parade of skin on display. I can’t even look away for five seconds without some shirtless stud getting his teets out, good grief!

At least they don’t discriminate with the skinfest. When Lydia stepped into the shower, my first thought was how much lower will the camera go (I can ask the same about this entire show) until we see that she’s wearing a swimsuit underneath?

Even Stiles gave us a rare glimpse of skin by lifting up his shirt and showing off his glorious treasure trail. *ooh la la* I never thought we’d get any shirtless action from Stiles on the show, so this was a bit of a pleasant surprise hehe.

I don’t think his lil’ wardrobe malfunction was part of the script, but Papa Stilinski was looking out for us when he yanked up his son’s shirt and went like I THINK THE FANS DESERVE A LITTLE VISUAL TREAT FROM DYLAN O’BRIEN! *flashes treasure trail to everyone* God bless him.

To be fair, everyone has to go shirtless because they spent most of their wardrobe department on designing the most intricate accessory ever for Mama Argent. I swear that mutilating pearl necklace has the power to come to life on its own.

(BTW Allison’s mom is still the scariest creature on Teen Wolf with those fierce eyebrows and glam fashion choices. She’s not even doing anything in this screenshot and I’m already SHITTING BRICKS at how badass she looks.)

Lydia is now conscious after getting bitten by a werewolf last season, but a whole lot of freaky shit starts happening to her body. There’s all this unwanted hair and disgusting blood (sounds like puberty, no?) and then some stranger’s hand is suddenly molesting her naked body (also sounds like puberty) and IDK what’s happening to Lydia but it’s FUCKED UP. The show wants us to think that she’s turning into a lady werewolf, but I think there might be a *twist* to her peculiar story.

As soon as Lydia lets out a piercing scream, Stiles makes a beeline straight into the bathroom at lightning speed!!! Holy crap, I don’t think Stiles had run this fast even when he was being chased by a werewolf last season! For all he knows, she might’ve just gotten shampoo into her eyes or something, but that boy is determined to see Lydia naked and nothing is gonna stop him!!!

Speaking of Stiles, I have two animated GIFS to share with everybody. The first one depicts an epic feud between Stiles and the vending machine!

And the second one depicts Stiles as the humping machine? Oh dear. Somebody please show a little affection towards this boy so he doesn’t have to resort to humping vending machines for love. D:

CRAZY NAKED GIRL ON THE LOOSE!!! So apparently the bite didn’t turn Lydia into a teen wolf like one would expect, because I believe she actually transformed into an exhibitionistic streaker instead. That would explain why she decided to run around naked all across town. *lolwtf* I can only imagine how the evening news would report on this bizarre story: “AMBER ALERT: Runaway demented teenager, last seen without any clothes on.”

Scott: Lydia is missing! We’re scared that she might be…turning.
Jackson: Turning?
Scott: You know, turning!
Jackson: Turning what? Turning her head? Turning tricks? Turning the steering wheel?

I love how much Stiles hates this guy’s guts. *lol* Their exchange makes me laugh because he’s normally so goofy and light-hearted to everyone, which only makes it funnier when he’s acting super intense bitchy towards Jackson.

Jackson: If Lydia is turning, she’s not gonna be the one that needs help. When I was with Lydia, you should’ve seen the scratch marks she left on me. *smirky face* What do you think she’s gonna do with a set of real claws?

True dat. There’s nothing deadlier than a creature with claws and breasts.

After disappearing for a day or two, Lydia finally shows up again, looking quite dazed and confused. And yes, still oh so very naked.

Lydia: *flashes everyone*
Police: *gawks*
Stiles: *permanent boner*

Lydia isn’t the only one who might be turning into a werewolf though. Jackson is also confirmed wolf status after he and Derek had sex last season. (Wait, did that not happen?) And now that he has those coveted werewolf superpowers, Jackson’s massive ego has grown out of control, prompting him to dress like an exchange student from the land of douchebags.

Jackson is experiencing a similar set of symptoms as Lydia, but he seems to be bleeding way worse than her. Luckily, he doesn’t have to worry about any hair falling off, since it’s probable that he already shaved every single body part from the neck down as part of his daily beauty regime.

And Jackson just keeps bleeding and bleeding and bleeding like he’s some kind of Leona Lewis song or something. WTF IS GOING ON!? I NEED AN EXPLANATION TEEN WOLF!!! Is this like menstrual blood for werewolves or something? And why is the blood black? Well, in Jackson’s case it probably matches the colour of his heart, but I still want demand a proper logical explanation from the show!

The worst part about Jackson’s bleeding is that it’s not limited to the nose. His ears are also bleeding, and it’s most likely happening in all parts of his body. I can only imagine what his anus might look like right now.

Derek: I think your body is resisting THE BITE!!!
Jackson: Wut!? Why!? What does that even mean!?
Derek: um idk, bye~

Helpful as always, Derek. Thanks! But he was pretty hilarious in this scene, just slowly walking away from Jackson like he was afraid of catching the cooties or something.

Derek goes like BE MAH BITCH and Jackson was all like LOL FUCK NO. He has no intentions of joining Derek’s pack, even if being a *lone wolf* is allegedly very dangerous in these parts.

By the way, why does it always seem like Derek and Jackson have these confrontations in restrooms and gyms and locker rooms and other common places for men on the down low? What’s wrong with meeting at a coffee shop like normal people, you guys?

I love it when high school teachers have an existential crisis about how meaningless their jobs are, so they go on an angry rampage and abuse their students with whatever little power that they have.

Mr. Harris: This is a pop quiz, Mr. Stilinski. If I hear your voice again, I might be tempted to give you detention for the rest of your high school career.
Stiles: *acts like a smartass* Can you do that?
Mr. Harris: There it is again, your voice, triggering the only impulse I’ve ever had to strike a student repeatedly and violently. See you at three for detention.

What has gotten up Professor Quirrell’s ass though!? I don’t recall him being such a hardass prick last season! Maybe he’s a secret Jackson fan, so that’s why he’s bullying Stiles with all these punishments?

Stiles: yay detention is finally ovah :D~~~
Mr. Harris: Sit your ass down before I decide to keep you here all night. My detentions are deluxe size, baby.

One of the new characters introduced in the episode is this weird cemetery kid named Isaac Lahey, who also happens to be on the school lacrosse team. (Translation: Danny is totes getting a boyfriend this season, y’all.) This guy appeared in quite a number of scenes, but he hasn’t made much of an impression on me, so I don’t really have an opinion about him atm.

Stay tuned for future recaps to see how my feelings develop! Will I start wishing death upon his character? Or will he become my new favourite as I salivate and slobber all over him? (It’s probably the latter as soon as he takes his shirt off. I’m so predictable.)

I think it’s hinted that Isaac has an abusive dickweed father who beats the shit out of his son. :(

I haven’t really looked online to see what the fan response is towards Isaac’s character, but I’m guessing that’s enough of a tragic backstory to make him an instant favourite among squealing fangurls, no? That crowd will just jump on any pretty face with the slightest whiff of angst.

During the night, somebody dug up Kate’s grave and apparently stole a liver from her decaying corpse. *lolpwnt* The poor bitch can’t rest in peace even when she’s dead dead dead.

More importantly, we get the confirmation that Kate was the age of 28 when she died last season, which according to my maths, that makes Derek currently a 24 or 25-year-old adult man who has a hobby of stalking teenage boys in high school washrooms. Good to know.

And he also stalks them in cemeteries as well, which explains his mysterious encounter with Isaac in the dead of night. Y’know, Derek, if you wanted to have anonymous sex with strangers, you can just go on Craigslist like everyone else. Hell, I’m sure the local park restroom isn’t that far away, so there’s no need to resort to picking up guys in a cemetery of all places.

The other new character introduced in this episode is some photography dude named Matt, whose only distinguishing features so far are: 1.) he has a camera & 2.) he’s totally getting involved in Allison’s love triangle storyline this season, y’all. In fact, we see them make great progress in their relationship during the ten seconds of conversation that they had.

Matt: Nice dress. :)
Allison: Nice camera. :)
Matt: *falls in love instantly and will take creepy pictures of you during the funeral*

I don’t have an opinion on Matt yet, but I’m not sure how I feel about him taking pictures of Allison during her aunt’s funeral. I can understand why some journalists might be interested in capturing footage of this buzzy trainwreck, but what is some teenage kid gonna do with all those pictures!? Is he already building a photo shrine of Allison in his bedroom wall? Or will he upload these pictures into an online blog that no one reads? (Because I know the feeling too well. *tear*)

Allison got flak at school for being the girl with the notorious psychotic aunt, so she’s feeling depressed. To his credit, Scott was quite supportive and offered her some mature advice. This is impressive coming from a guy who couldn’t articulate more than two full sentences before drooling at the thought of Allison last season. Maybe Scott felt the need to step up his game now that a new love interest was introduced.

Scott: Aren’t you supposed to cry for your loss? It doesn’t matter. You’re crying for you. You lost someone. Maybe Kate wasn’t totally who you thought she was, but you still lost her. You’ll be okay. I will make sure.

Scott also promises that he’ll show up at the funeral to support her, but that basically consists of him crouching behind a statue & hoping that no one would notice his most obvious hiding place ever. *lol* Geez Scott, I know you were trying to be romantic, but that’s not what I had in mind when you said you’ll be “there” for Allison. He might as well have stayed home and watched the funeral from a webcam and saved himself the trouble.

Kate’s funeral turns into a noisy public spectacle with lots of journalists and protesters (& teenage photography creepos). If there was a fashion reporter in the mix, they might even put Mama Argent on the best dressed list for stylish funeral attire. You WERQ that glamorous fur coat, gurl~

We are introduced to the third new character at the funeral. Meet Allison’s grandfather, Gerard Argent! Being the father of Chris *stay away from my daughter or I’ll shoot your brains out* Argent and Kate *I don’t know if I should kill it or lick it* Argent, it goes without saying that Grandpapa Argent is also a bloodthirsty psychopath. After all, the crazy from that family has to be passed down from somewhere.

I love how the Argent family is pretty much running this town like a mafia. Just look at Grandpapa Argent, what an evil looking motherfucker amirite? Doesn’t he have the vibe of an ~*EVIL MOB BOSS*~ written all over his shiny bald head?

Grandpapa Argent basically has a KILLKILLKILL mentality towards all supernatural creatures. No werewolf is safe with the Argent family goes around every night on a massive hunting spree. This is especially dangerous for lone wolves that refuse to travel in pack (called an ‘omega’) which basically means Jackson is *so ded* lol poor bb.

Those poor werewolves. Not only do they have to worry about all growing pains like body hair & menstrual blood, but now there are a buncha psychos running around the woods and slicing up their bodies like sashimi. The world is such a cruel place when you are a wolf. :-(

I can’t believe Allison’s father is actually the most well-adjusted adult in the Argent family, but even he showed some mercy towards the wolves from time to time. Unlike Grandpapa Argent, who pretty much declares WORLD WAR WOLF with all his senseless kills.

Chris: We have a code!
Gerard: Not when they murder my daughter.

OOH IT’S AWN! So that’s it for the season premiere of Teen Wolf! I thought it was a great way to start off what seems to be a kickass season! What do u guise think?

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  1. Default avatar Anonymous June 6th, 2012 / Wednesday

    It's funny to think that I first came across your blog last year when I was trying to find a recap of the first Teen Wolf episode.
    Keep up the great work!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 8th, 2012 / Friday

      omg it must be destiny calling u~~~
      I can't it has been a year since I started recapping Teen Wolf. When I first heard of the show on MTV, I was like *lol looks like another crapfest* but thirteen recaps later, I'm completely enamoured by it.

  2. Default avatar Lan Avis June 6th, 2012 / Wednesday

    Great to see you are going to continue recapping this camptastic, manflesh-exploitative, surprisingly good show! Isaac is such a cutie. He's like a wolfpup even more than Scott.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 8th, 2012 / Friday

      Isaac is super adorable. Some people are just born to play werewolves on these camptastic, manflesh-exploitative, surprisingly good shows. :D

  3. Default avatar Bethh O June 6th, 2012 / Wednesday

    So glad you recapped this so quickly, you seem to have been MIA for a while and I've missed the recaps! I also agree I came across this looking for teen wolf recaps, VERY happy accident. Keep it up I need this hilarity in my life! :D

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 8th, 2012 / Friday

      I know. And I don't really have a good excuse either. Some weeks I'm just so preoccupied with something else going on and I totally neglect television or this site. Sorry about that. :(
      But I'm glad you enjoyed the recap though! And I personally believe it is *destiny* that you found these recaps! :D

  4. Default avatar Leo June 7th, 2012 / Thursday

    Hoorah! Great recap! Now that I think of it, I don't know what's with that Jackson footage at the start. Maybe Derek just had sex with him. That explains the shirt LOL.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 8th, 2012 / Friday

      Now that you brought this possibility to my gutter mind, it can never be undone~ :D :D :D
      I love how Jackson's shirt was carefully positioned so that it shows off his best features. It's like *look nip slip!* lol

  5. Default avatar Leo June 9th, 2012 / Saturday

    Also, I'm shocked that you miss out the most controversial line of the episode!
    Derek: “This is why you need me. Why we need each other.” (hugs and whispers)

    I swear that line sounds so sweet and romantic! And the writers, such teases >.> I was like, “OOOH I SEE WHAT YOU'RE DOING THERE WRITERS!!! Also…

    Derek (to Jackson): You belong to me.

    The writers must be having a blast writing this lol.

  6. Default avatar miglet June 13th, 2012 / Wednesday

    Am I cliche for falling in love with Isaac?


    LOVE your recaps. And thank you for the Stiles gifs and treasure trail screenshot.

  7. Default avatar darci June 13th, 2012 / Wednesday

    woo it seems like it's been forever since the season 1 finale – glad I still had that DVR'ed at home because this episode picked up right where the last one left off with just a very minimal recap of where we were…also totally loved the new intro credit sequence, that totally reminded me of “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo” the only thing it was missing was that great rendition of “Immigrant Song” by Trent Reznor…

    Speaking of tunes though, I was super happy to hear Sally Seltmann's “Dream About Changing” play in the background when Allison gets Scott's message, hope to hear more of her in the future on this show (alongside some NIN or Trent Reznor to give a nice balance of pleasant and scary music)

  8. Default avatar Anonymous June 21st, 2012 / Thursday

    I adore your recaps! I can't wait for the rest. This looks like it's going to be an epic season!

  9. Default avatar aikakone June 24th, 2012 / Sunday

    I book marked your page from last season, but I forgot I did. Duh! So glad to find the bookmark again because this was brilliant.

    About wet Jackson in the intro… it totally reminded me of Shakira's “Whenever, Wherever”.

    I actually liked Scott and even Scott and Allison in this episode. It's like he stepped up somehow instead of being the dufus he was most of the 1st season.

    Oh, and I totally didn't notice it was Matt taking all those pictures at the funeral. I thought it was some random reporter, so good catch!

    I've been thinking plot-related Derek thoughts (you know… besides the Derek looks so yummy shirtless thoughts), and I think you're right about his age. It's cool to have the actor play a character his own age. The thing that doesn't make sense to me is that if Derek were real, he would probably not try to find more of his pack at the local high school. I know, I know, the POV character is in high school, so stuff has to happen in his world. But why would Derek want to get kids on his side? He should want to have a strong pack, not just the high school rejects.

    Anyway, thanks for an excellent recap. Looking forward to the next ones as soon as you have time for them!

  10. Default avatar Chloe July 11th, 2012 / Wednesday

    Ok so in the last couple of days or so, I stumbled upon Teen Wolf (I'm so late lol) and I was like “oh god this crap looks so un-fricken-believably bad”. But then I started watching it and the first episode BAM! there's Tyler Posey in his glorious half-nakedness so naturally I kept watching…and I was actually really surprised that I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH. And since this is kind of a thriller/drama show, I had to get a detailed summary of each episode because I hate suspense (even though I love drama…not sure how that works out…) so then I came across your recaps and I love them :D You're so damn funny and relieve the tension that continuously keeps building in the show with your hilarity. So yeah, I already got to the season premiere of season 2 in like…3 days or so and I want to keep watching (and keep getting bombarded with the oh-so-sexiness of all the guys in the show ;) ) BUT YOU HAVEN'T POSTED ANYMORE RECAPS and I'm like “whyyyyyy?!?!?!?!” and I've become so dependant on your recaps so I'm unable to watch the next 6 or so episodes without them. So please come back and update like RIGHT NOW. ok thanks bye!

    love you <3 such a fan

    p.s. sorry that was so long ^

  11. Default avatar Anonymous July 18th, 2012 / Wednesday

    Another person here going through recap withdrawal haha. Have you seen the video of Dylan and Tyler acknowledging Sterek? Definitely squee-worthy. Looking forward to new Teen Wolf recaps!

  12. Default avatar Marko Susimetsä July 26th, 2012 / Thursday

    Nice recap, but I was expecting more commentary on the fact that Colonel Tigh from Battlestar Galactica came in as grandpa and used Aragorn's sword from the Lord of the Rings (yup, it is the replica) to cut that random werewolf in half…

  13. Default avatar Giulia August 12th, 2012 / Sunday

    Your recaps are so so so great! They seriously make me lmao love them! Hope you'll do the other episodes too smetimes :)

  14. Default avatar Ryno February 13th, 2013 / Wednesday

    Wow I havent laughed this hard in ages!!! Keep up the awesome work… I’m gonna go back and re-read all the ones I missed!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 13th, 2013 / Wednesday

      Thank you! A lot of readers have asked me to continue recapping Season 2, so they will be written eventually~~~

  15. Default avatar Candi February 16th, 2013 / Saturday

    just found all your recaps and I have to say, they so rock! You crack my shizznit up! Lol, so I can’t wait for some more recaps for season 2. Maybe before season 3 stars, huh?

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 20th, 2013 / Wednesday

      Thanks! Yeah I am hoping to resume Teen Wolf before the new season starts. SPOILER ALERT: I still haven’t finished the second season yet. :O

  16. Default avatar Teen wolf lover aka Vaish April 7th, 2013 / Sunday

    Omg! pls pls pls, I can’t wait any longer for the recaps.. pls continue recapping.. pretty pls.. Tbh, my e-diary is full your recaps! I’m a great fan.. pls resume your work..
    And I can’t believe u missed the Derek-Scott scene when the omega gets sliced up in half [Leo has mentioned abt it too].. that part gave me all the dirty ideas, “Derek is practically hugging Scott there!” what did u think abt that part?

  17. Default avatar Mrs. Lahey ;) June 8th, 2013 / Saturday

    omgomgomgomg please please please update the rest of season 2 when you can!! I seriously love your recaps, if only you were the script writer for Teen Wolf *sighs*

  18. Default avatar Krystal October 24th, 2013 / Thursday

    Please please update the others of Season 2 :( Please! your recaps are perfect and hilarious…there has never been one recap which I have not laughed! so please xoxoxoxo

  19. Default avatar Anita O. August 3rd, 2014 / Sunday

    Hey! This blog is probably dead but please if you’re still there please write more updates! I recently started Teen Wolf and I LOVE the show, but watching the episodes isn’t the same without looking forward to your recaps! Please please please! -AdoringFan

  20. Default avatar Anita O. August 3rd, 2014 / Sunday

    Also Pretty Little Liars
    is good but can wait pls pls write more of these k thanks bye

  21. Default avatar Lulu September 11th, 2014 / Thursday

    Hey i just wanted to say that I loooove your recaps and it would be so cool if you would continue recapping Teen Wolf. Greetings from Austria! :)

  22. Default avatar A Big Fan January 19th, 2015 / Monday

    MORE RECAPS! MORE RECAPS! pretty plz?

  23. Default avatar I LOVE YOU January 23rd, 2015 / Friday


  24. Default avatar I LOVE YOU January 23rd, 2015 / Friday


    • Default avatar Bailey August 9th, 2015 / Sunday

      Samee, I read the recaps as I’m watching the show, I NEED & LOVE THEM.

      @Recapeverything Please do more recaps of Teen Wolf!! I know it’s late but you’re so incredibly funny. The show isnt the same without these recaps.

  25. Default avatar I LOVE YOU February 7th, 2015 / Saturday


  26. Default avatar Very late November 3rd, 2015 / Tuesday

    Hi Recap Everything. So, I’ve just finished season 1 of teen wolf. Late? By about three years. But nonetheless- I’m here! I read your recaps before watching each episode and enjoyed your commentary. (I prefer to know what happens before I watch something. Actually came across your site when I googled for teen wolf spoilers) Anyways, I read your season 2 Ep 1 recap before embarking upon watching the episode and I noticed your comments were all “please write more recaps!” Either I can’t find them, or this is the last recap you’ve done on teen wolf. I may have missed my opportunity well and truly, but I’m writing this in hope you’ll recap the upcoming season 5B. So many people loved what you did here. It would be a pleasure to be reading your recaps again.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything November 4th, 2015 / Wednesday

      Hey, thanks so much for the kind comment! :)

      Sorry, I’ve been posting Teen Wolf recaps in a secret area of the website only open for VIP members…loljk~ They aren’t found on the website because I haven’t worked on them since 2A. I’ve fallen so behind on the show (I’m still on Season 2 omg~) that catching up on all the episodes seems like such a huge mountain to overcome. It’s definitely on my bucket list though. I will finish the show and recap it again before the day I die, you have my guarantee~~~

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    I am an old man in a dark alley so….GIVE ME NAKED GIRL WEREWOLVES!!!

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      I love you

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