Season 1, Episode 03 – Pack Mentality, Teen Wolf Recap

Season 1 Episode 03 – Pack Mentality, Teen Wolf Recap A bus driver is attacked; Scott turns to Derek for help. The teens go bowling on a double date.

The episode begins with Scott and Allison sneaking out into a school bus in the middle of the night, as they start making out passionately.

(Can I just say that school buses are NASTY and little kids always wipe their boogers on the seats when they think no one is looking? This is a Public Service Announcement: please don’t bring your boyfriends and girlfriends to a school bus to make out.)

Anyway, Allison has this come-hither expression as she invites Scott to do unspeakable things to her…
…and her expression quickly turns sour as Scott transforms into a FUCKING WEREWOLF!!!
Rest in peace, Allison Ardent. We hardly knew ye.
Booooo, it turned out to be a dream of Scott’s after all and they didn’t kill his love interest 3 episodes into the series. What a shocker.

Scott: I never had a dream where I woke up like that before.
Stiles: Really? I have. Usually ends a little differently.
Scott: *takes a few seconds to get it* NEVER GIVE ME THAT MUCH DETAIL ABOUT YOU IN BED AGAIN.

Scott thinks this dream might be a symptom of his emotions going out of control whenever he’s around Allison. He’s worried something will go wrong during his date with her tomorrow. He even wants to ask Derek for some pointers, but Stiles is like: “Um, we threw the guy in jail last episode. Probably not on the best terms right now, no?”
But the boys find out that it might not be a dream after all, since there’s actually a bloody school bus in a crime scene investigation! Does this mean Allison is dead dead dead!?
No, the bitch is still alive to Scott’s relief. The principal announces to the student body that while the police investigate the school bus, classes will still proceed as scheduled. This is followed by a very *realistic* reaction as all the students groan in unison lol.
When the police pull out a body from the school bus, all the students react with shock when the guy rises from the dead! Except for Tyler Posey, who’s struggling to remember his next line: (“STILES I DID THAT!!!”)
One of the perks of dating a popular girl is that Scott and his tagalong Stiles are now induced into the popular clique with Lydia and Jackson.
By the way, Teen Wolf has one openly gay character named Danny who’s also on the lacrosse team. I thought the show did an okay job casting actors who can realistically pass off as teenagers, but my god Danny looks like he’s working at the school as a gym teacher verging on his 30th birthday. -_-“
Lydia suggests a group date between the four of them, which doesn’t make Jackson or Scott very happy since they have to spend time with each other. They decide to go bowling.
Tyler is freaking out because he sucks at bowling, while Stiles is freaking out because Danny seemed to be giving him the stink eye.

Stiles: I don’t think Danny likes me very much. Am I unattractive to gay guys? Wait Scott, am I attractive to gay guys!?

At the pet clinic, Scott’s boss and Stile’s dad speculate that the school bus victim might have been attacked by a wolf. Even though there haven’t been any reported wolf sightings around these parts in over 60 years, Scott’s boss reasons that wolves are known to migrate from place to place.
Convinced that he might have attacked that guy on the bus, Scott turns to Derek for help. Derek consoles Scott by telling him that YA U R PROBABLY GONNA KILL SOMEONE FOR REAL SOON, but also adds that he’ll teach Scott how to be a tamed werewolf…for a price.
Per Derek’s advice, Scott and Stiles decide to revisit the crime scene for evidence. The only reason Stiles is here is to keep watch for Scott.

Stiles: Okay, why is it starting to feel like you’re Batman and I’m Robin? I don’t wanna be Robin all the time!
Scott: Nobody’s Batman and Robin any of the time!
Stiles: *hurt* Not even some of the time?
Scott: Just stay here!
Stiles: *upset* OH MY GAWD. D:

Scott has a mini meltdown on the bus as his werewolf senses are tingling. It turns out that Scott was at the bus last night, but he was actually trying to protect the bus driver from being killed by another wolf! Stiles thinks this could’ve been an initiation between a pack of werewolves – having the first kill together.
Allison’s dad forbids her to go on the group date since there’s a curfew at night, but the fearless bitch isn’t going to let some LAWS and an ANIMAL ATTACK get in her way!
Eight years of gymnastics have taught Allison how to leap out from her bedroom window like Spiderman and be a rebellious teenage daughter!
It turns out Scott is playing with a bunch of PROFESSIONAL BOWLING PLAYERS because Allison and Jackson are ridiculously good at this. Even Lydia managed to knock down four pins, so the pressure is on for our protagonist Scotty!
Unfortunately for Scott, he looks like a complete idiot and scores two gutter balls in a row. Jackson almost busts a gut by laughing so hard at Scott’s suckitude.
To help her boyfriend, Allison gives him some vivid encouragement.

Allison: Think about me…NAKED.
Scott: *instant erection*

Allison’s dirty talk gets Scott’s pulses going, and he manages to score a strike in his next try! YAY FOR TEENAGE HORMONES!
Speaking of big pricks, Allison’s dad has a posse who goes to harass Derek at the gas station. He’s trying to rile up Derek and force him to transform in public, but it doesn’t work. And when Derek gets mouthy, they decide to bash the windows of his sports car!
Being a filthy pervert helps Scott score six strikes in a row, which infuriates Jackson obviously. Even Lydia is getting a little turned on by Scott’s athletic prowess, but he refuses to give her one-on-one “lessons”.
Okay, it turns out that we have a teenage Olympic bowling team right here, because even Lydia scores a strike with perfect form. Shocked by the sudden improvement, Allison accuses her friend of playing dumb to gain Jackson’s affections.
Allison: Maybe you should stop having to pretend to suck just for his benefit.
Lydia: Trust me. I do plenty of sucking just for his benefit.


Scott wants to make amends with Jackson after the bowling game, but Jackson doesn’t trust him one iota. He thinks Scott cheated in bowling and he’s now *determined* to find out what Scott’s secret is.
Jackson’s threats notwithstanding, this was a great date night for Scott and Allison, as they end it off with a nice long smooch. Allison promises their next date will only involve the two of them.
Like most fathers of teenage girls, Allison’s father observes their budding romance with a hint of suspicion.
Scott’s mom goes ballistic after finding Stiles in her son’s bed (HEY HEY~) but she gives up arguing with them because “that’s enough parenting for me for one night”. Anyway, Stiles comes here to report that the bus driver has succumbed to his wounds in the hospital.
Scott is like OH ME SO ANGRY and bursts into Derek’s house unannounced. Derek claims that he didn’t kill the bus driver and his sister. In fact, he came to this town specifically to look for his sister, although he only found her in pieces. Scott then threatens to expose Derek to the sheriff.
After Scott gets thrown down the stairs (lulzy), he transforms into his wolf mode!
And then he hurls Derek through this obviously fake paper-thin wall, but it still looks pretty frickin’ awesome!
And then Derek turns into a *fierce* werewolf himself!


What follows is a prolonged fight scene between Scott’s stunt actor and Derek’s stunt actor. It wasn’t even a close fight to be honest, and Derek pretty much owned Scott’s ass. At one point, he even grabs Scott’s neck and pounds him on the ground like a fucking rag doll! (Oh wait, it probably is one.)
Derek insists that neither of them killed the bus driver, but Scott doesn’t believe him. He thinks Derek *ruined* his life by biting him. Derek claims that he wasn’t the one who turned Scott into a werewolf in the first place!
Derek explains that both he and Scott are beta wolves, while the one who bit Scott is an alpha wolf. Derek and his sister were trying to find this alpha, which led them back to this town. Now, Derek is trying to use Scott to locate the alpha wolf, because Scott is part of his “pack”.
Derek: You’re the one he’s after, Scott! You’re the one he wants!
Scott: …wut?

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