Season 1, Episode 02 – Second Chance at First Line, Teen Wolf Recap

Season 1 Episode 02 – Second Chance at First Line, Teen Wolf Recap Derek warns Scott not to play in the lacrosse game and risk exposure; Scott and Stiles dig up a dead body.

What I like about Teen Wolf is that the show clearly knows its audience. They don’t make any pretence that Tyler Posey’s biggest asset as an actor is…well, not his acting, to put it nicely. Anyway, that’s why the second episode begins with our protagonist Scott, shirtless, in a locker room.
Anyway, Scott is kind of freaking out because his new girlfriend Allison. He’s so smitten with her after one episode of romantic development, but it turns out that her dad is a psycho hunter who kills werewolves like Scott for fun!
At least Scott gets to unleash his rage and let his inner freak out at the lacrosse field.
It doesn’t make things easier that Scott has a psycho coach, and a glory-stealing douchebag team captain. Macho jock Jackson (Colton Haynes), who looks like he stepped right out of an Abercrombie and Fitch catalogue, is merciless at taunting Scott in the lacrosse field.
So, Scott uses his mad werewolf skills and headbutts the smug motherfucker to the ground!
The problem is that once Scott gets the taste of bloodthirst, he can’t control his transformation. He even tries to attack his best friend Stiles in this animal state.
Scott’s mom is worried about her son’s erratic behaviour as of late.

Mama McCall: It’s not like you’re on drugs or anything, right?
Scott: Right now?
Mama McCall: What do you mean right now!? OH NO YOU DIN’NT!

Another thing I like about Teen Wolf is that it is great at building up a genuine horror movie vibe to the show. Granted, the atmosphere is more on the level of a generic slasher horror movie, but this vibe is still quite uncommon in most TV programming nowadays, which makes it unique on this show.
Anyway, mysterious werewolf Derek pays Scott a late night visit in his own home. Derek warns our teenage hero that he risks exposing the werewolf race with his abrupt transformations. Therefore, it’s in everyone’s best interests that he doesn’t participate in the heated lacrosse game this Saturday.
The coach doesn’t react well when Scott wants to drop out from the big lacrosse game tomorrow night. He doesn’t understand why – is it about a girl? Is it about a guy? Is it about drugs? The coach threatens him that he’s off the team and will lose all his glory if he doesn’t play on Saturday!
Jackson’s bitchy girlfriend Lydia is also concerned about winning the next lacrosse game for the sake of her social reputation. She threatens Scott that if he doesn’t win, she’ll hook Allison up with all the other hot studs on the lacrosse team.

Lydia: I’ll introduce Allison to all the hot players on the team, and Scott McCall can stay home surfing the net for porn.

The pressure of Saturday’s lacrosse game is getting to Scott, and he gets into a tiff with Allison over her relationship with Derek the mysterious werewolf.
Scott confronts Derek about playing in the lacrosse game after all, but Derek can’t risk having a werewolf shift right in front of a public audience. He has a point, but he’s kind of acting like a huge dick about it, which only makes Scott even angrier and want to defy his orders.
Jackson dislocated his shoulder, but he should be in okay condition to play in Saturday’s lacrosse game. His girlfriend isn’t beneath using performance-enhancing drugs to make sure that Jackson plays well though.
Stiles also has an unrequited crush on Lydia, but how could a nerd like him compete with a macho jock like Jackson anyway? (And yes, Stiles is reading a booklet on the menstrual cycle *lol*)
We just crossed the realm of ridiculousness, because Scott was able to sneak into the morgue at the hospital and access a dead body (see last episode) without any trouble.
Since Scott notices that the scent on the dead corpse matches the scent in Derek’s property, the boys believe that the other half of the dead girl’s body must be buried somewhere near Derek’s house. So, they go on an overnight expedition to find the missing half of the body!
Instead of finding a dead girl’s body, the two boys dug up a dead werewolf’s head!!! Coincidence or not?
Just then, Stiles notices a special type of flower nearby. It is called Wolfsbane, which is said to either repel werewolves or induce their supernatural powers (thanks Wikipedia!)
After Stiles removes the Wolfsbane from the earth, the werewolf’s head turns into the dead girl’s body. Whoa trippy!
So yeah, Scott and Stiles call the police on Derek and they arrest his werewolf ass!
Stiles’ dad is suspicious of his son, especially after catching him in a lie.

Papa Stilinski: So you lied to me?
Stiles: That depends on how you define lying.
Papa Stilinski: Well, I define it as not telling the truth. How do you define it?
Stiles: Reclining your body in a horizontal position?

During the ride home, Scott has an allergic reaction to the Wolfsbane that Stiles kept with him in his car. Even after getting rid of the flower, it’s too late and Scott has already transformed into the beast.
Werewolf Scott is now climbing roofs and perving on Allison at her bedroom, but freaks out when he sees his hideous reflection on the window.
While trying to escape, Scott gets hit by a car! It’s driven by none other than Allison’s dad, who unknowingly has tried (and failed) to kill Scott twice already.
After witnessing a sickening display of affection between Scott and Allison, Papa Argent invites himself to Scott’s lacrosse game just to see what his daughter sees in this dopey guy.
It’s finally the night of the big lacrosse game, and Lydia has some choice words for Scott before the game starts.

Lydia: Scott, I just want you to remember one thing for tonight.
Scott: Uh, winning isn’t everything?
Lydia: Nobody likes a loser.

The lacrosse game isn’t going well for the school or Scott. They’re behind a few points, and made worse by the fact that Jackson ordered his team not to pass the ball to Scott! Our werewolf hero overhears this and gets *pissed off* about the underhanded strategy!
Oh, you wouldn’t like Scotty when he’s angry!
Anyway, Scott lets his inner freak fly loose and score those last few essential points to secure the win. He even manages to shoot the ball with so much force that it breaks through the net!
Watching from the sidelines, both Allison and her dad are impressed with Scott’s amazing performance on the field.
Scott scores the winning point at the last possible second (television magic) and the crowd goes WILD!!!
While everyone celebrates the victory, Scott realizes that he can’t control his transformation and he’ll risk exposing himself as a teen wolf any moment now.
Scott makes a run for it to escape the crowd, but Allison’s dad catches glimpse of him doing so. And uh oh, he’s starting to get suspicious…
Meanwhile, Allison is also trying to trace down Scott, but she can’t find him anywhere in the locker room.
We get a tense scene where it seems like Werewolf Scott might not be able to contain himself and just start devouring Allison.
However, Scott comes to his senses just in time. He explains to Allison that he’s not feeling well due to the earlier adrenaline from the game.
That seems like a good enough excuse for Allison, who starts locking lips with Scott.
Not all is well in the neighbourhood though, because the medical examiner concluded that the dead girl was killed by an *animal*. Therefore, Derek is deemed innocent and has been released from prison!
At the empty lacrosse field, Jackson examines Scott’s gloves for possible clues. He’s puzzled that the gloves have strange holes ripped out of them (due to Scott’s claws).
It turns out that Jackson is not alone on the field after all, as Derek watches him silently and sinisterly…

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  2. Default avatar Anonymous July 17th, 2013 / Wednesday

    OMG can’t stop watching it! I <3 Derek and Scott. Lol the summaries are dead on and super funny.

  3. Default avatar howaboutno August 23rd, 2013 / Friday

    I’m sorry but your recaps seem extremely hateful and bias towards certain characters. I try to laugh at your poorly derived jokes, but they’re just that..poorly derived and not funny.
    What’s your issue with Scott? And maybe you should take a little more time to focus on the show as a whole instead of using him as a literal punching bag in which spit most of your jokes out from. I have found racist, hateful, and downright immature captions on the pictures you post and i’m surprised you’ve even gotten this far without some sort of backlash from someone else. try something…oh i don’t know…professional for once!

    Where’s the dislike button when you need one?

    • Default avatar YouGoGlennCoCo! March 22nd, 2015 / Sunday

      @howaboutno Bitch if you don’t like it don’t read it this was just a recap that was meant to be funny not rude seriously, you’re writing downright immature comments that are hateful I’m surprised you haven’t got backlash maybe you should try something more professional. I laugh at your incredibly suck ass taste and commentary. I don’t care that I might seem like a Hypocrite when I wrote this but you’re just as big of one as yourself asshole.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything March 26th, 2015 / Thursday

      I am on #TeamGoGlennCoco. Please be my new sassy best friend.

  4. Default avatar Kimbellz#teamscott January 10th, 2016 / Sunday

    i just stared watching the show and I like it, I actually enjoy your recaps a little more! I have a long way to go to get to season 5 and I hope ur recapping for that too!

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