Season 1, Episode 10 – Co-Captain, Teen Wolf Recap

Jackson is a prime target for both the hunters and the werewolves; Allison finally learns the truth about her family.

Out of the ten Teen Wolf episodes that aired so far, did you know that at least 8 of these episodes featured a shirtless male cast member in some capacity? That’s quite an accomplishment. We’re reaching Hawaii-Five-0 levels of gratuitous television nudity here, and that show takes place on a beach!

Some shows have one or two fanservice scenes to appease their viewers, but Teen Wolf is like, “Fuck it. We’re gonna strip these guys as often as possible, and we know you’ll tune in each week to gawk at every trail of sweat on Tyler Posey’s naked body.”

Even a minor character like Danny is like HEYHEY~ as he joins the shirtless pecs & abs action. Why have a regular conversation with clothes on when you can shoot the same scene with half-naked guys in locker room, amirite?

After that very necessary display of male skin, the episode finally begins when Peter (the big bad alpha wolf) confronts Scott (his beta bitch) and catches him up to speed with the latest plot developments. Peter wants Scott to join his powerful pack of wolves, but first he has to leave behind his human sentimentality and kill all of his friends to reach that beastly ruthlessness.

Obviously, Scott is like LOLNOTHX on the idea of killing all his loved ones. So, the Alpha tries to change his mind with a one-minute montage of his life story!

We get this really trippy, really experimental, and really “film school project” montage segment, where we see brief snippets of Peter’s memories. We learn that the two thugs in Episode 8 were also the arsonists who started that fire at the Hale household. Now everyone, including the culprits, is dead except for Peter who survived the fire, but had been traumatized into a comatose state for the past few years.

Peter Hale was forever a changed wolf after the fire that killed his entire family, and he lost his sanity so much that he “accidentally” killed Derek’s sister, Lucy.

In conclusion, Peter is A FUCKING LUNATIC and he wants his beta wolves Scott & Derek to be just like him.

If you have any kinky fantasies of bending Colton Haynes over the hood of an expensive car, this is the right episode for you!

Unfortunately, you will have to wait in line until Allison’s father is finished violating him. Acting like a very creepy adult, Papa Argent rigs Jackson’s fancy car and takes an opportunity to inspect the wounds on his neck.

Chris: Hey hey, it’s all good! I’m finished molesting your neck now, so I’ll stop acting like a creepy adult who touches teenagers in inappropriate places on their bodies! Even if they look as scrumptious as you!”
Jackson: Mr. Argent, w-w-why does this feel so much like sexual harassment?
Chris: That’s why I’m wearing these black leather gloves, sweetheart.

Scott & Stiles had to interfere before Jackson wets his pants and spills the truth about everything. Scott and Jackson get into a petty tiff with each other, while Stiles takes this opportunity to touch Jackson’s nipple. Oh like you wouldn’t!

Scott whines about his life some more, but Jackson just thinks that Scott fails at being a werewolf and he can do a much better job given the opportunity.

Stiles: Jackson, what is your stance on guys who drive Jeeps?

Meanwhile, Allison is having a wet dream about Scott! And they try to go for an upside down kiss a la Spiderman, but it’s very awkward because their noses keep bumping into each other’s jaws. *lol* Not that you’ll notice their failed attempts at kissing over the VERY LOUD MUSIC PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND. (It’s “Help Me Close My Eyes” by Those Dancing Days, btw)

Allison is bringing Jackson as a date to the winter semi-formal, and uses this opportunity to make a snide dig at her friend Lydia. This bitch has passive aggressiveness nailed to a tee!

Allison: It’s not like I would take him to the coach’s office during lacrosse practice to make out with him or anything.
Lydia: *gulps* About that…

As a side note, I’m kind of disappointed in Lydia’s involvement in the show so far. I thought she was gonna be a main character along with the rest of the teenagers, but lately her role has been reduced to making silly expressions in the background. Right now, she’s just one notch above Danny in terms of character relevance.

In the woods, Allison tries out some of the weapons that she found in her parents’ garage. Even Robin Hood would be scared of her prowess, because her arrow causes a tree to explode or some freaky shit!

When she suspects someone is following her in the woods, sweet harmless Allison transforms into ALLISON ARGENT: TASER EXPERT!

Unfortunately, Scott picked the wrong time and wrong place to be a creeper, as Allison fires her stun gun straight at his chest!

Getting injured turns out to be a well-played ploy to get into Allison’s good graces again. She obviously still has feelings for him. And perhaps the two of them can reconcile if they take time to “talk about their relationship”. (*groans*)

Next time you want to win back your ex-girlfriend, just steal something valuable from her bedroom, and then return the item afterwards by pretending you found it elsewhere. Maybe Scott McCall isn’t such a dumbass after all?

Ever so crafty, Stiles is getting his old man drunk in order to learn more about the police investigation on Derek Hale. Papa Stilinski gives us more plot exposition, since he suspects all the Alpha’s murders are somehow connected to the fire at the Hale household years ago.

The dead bus driver in Episode 3 was an insurance investigator assigned to the Hale house fire, but he was terminated under the suspicion of fraud. The dead video store clerk in Episode 5 was previously charged with arson, while the dead thugs in Episode 8 were both petty criminals.

The police are also having a hard time tracing down their suspected killer, since Derek and his laser beam eyes do not photograph well, apparently. *lol*

Stiles exploited his drunken father for all the plot information he could get; however, he was taken aback by Papa Stilinski’s sudden admission, in a moment of vulnerability, that he still misses Stiles’ mom. ;_;

Later that night, Allison confides in Scott about her parents’ suspicious activities. She’s catching on that her family might be a little…shady. And Scott is thinking to himself, “Gurl, I ~already~ know about your crazy ass parents and that psychotic bitch of an aunt. Why are you still on the slow bus?”

Scott has more pressing matters at hand when danger lurks its way to his doorstep. It turns out his mom has a dinner date with a ~*werewolf*~! Peter thinks the best way to change Scott’s mind is to turn his mother into a wolf as well.

Scott tries to warn his mom, but she shoots *daggers* at her son’s interference into her love life. Even Mama McCall needs some bread in her oven every now and then!

Melissa: Son, you best not be getting in the way of me getting laid. I swear to god, I’ll disown your scrawny ass so fast so hard.
Scott: …err, have a good time mom? Avoid teeth action? Try not to get killed?


They stop the car, and Peter takes this opportunity to stroke her cheek. Not in a romantic way, but more like how a serial killer would touch their victims before the finishing blow. At this point, Melissa can’t determine whether her date is just clumsy at flirting, or if she just got into a car with a very dangerous stranger.

And Peter is like salivating already before he got his fangs out.

RIP Melissa McCall. What did you expect from a guy who picked you up at a hospital? Normal well-adjusted single men don’t usually hit on overworked and overstressed nurses, unless we’re in a medical TV drama produced by Shonda Rhimes.

Fortunately, Stiles hits their car and causes a diversion just in time before Melissa meets her maker!

Stiles: I don’t know how it happened. You guys just came out of nowhere.
Melissa: Came out of nowhere!? We were parked on the side of the road, Stiles!

Stiles: We should probably call the cops, y’know. Fill in an accident report thing.
Peter: I don’t think that’s necessary.
Stiles: Are you sure? I think I feel a little whiplash…
Stiles: Ack, that must be the sound of my spinal cord cracking! Stop your date immediately and take me to an ambulance! Alert the presses! Call the SWAT team! Maximum security needed right now!

Peter congratulates Scott on causing an effective diversion…for now. But how long can he resist being a werewolf when there’s terrible danger lurking everywhere around him?

So I’m going to own up my filthy mind and you can judge me all you like, but I thought Derek was going to rape Jackson in this episode. There, I said it. IDGAF, that’s totally the vibe I got and how I interpreted their scenes together.

Like how most rape fantasies start, Derek and Jackson have another encounter in the school locker room. Derek is like: “Come to my house BB, and I’ll show you my full werewolf in all its glory ;)” And Jackson is like, “Y-y-yes sir, should I bring the lube and a change of underwear with me?”

Derek lulls Jackson to his house with the prospect that he’ll finally turn the teenager into a werewolf. As a beta, he technically doesn’t have the powers to do that, but Jackson is none the wiser…

It turns out Derek didn’t invite Jackson to his home to fuck him, but he actually wants to kill the teenager for ~*knowing too much*~ about the werewolves!!! Jackson doesn’t realize that he walked into a death trap until it’s too late.

Derek: There’s no one here! There’s a reason why no one cares you drive an expensive car! No one cares that you have perfect hair! *nostrils flaring in jealousy* And no one cares that you’re captain of the lacrosse team!!!


And all of a sudden, Scott makes a dramatic entrance at the top of the staircase!

Scott: EXCUSE ME. I think you mean co-captain, bitc-

*gets shot promptly afterwards*


Psycho Kate has been stalking Derek in hopes of seeing some boy-on-boy action, but she’ll settle for hunting down a few pesky werewolves. When she takes fire, one of the bullets hit Scott straight in the chest and black blood spews out everywhere!!!

Scott escapes the house, but he’s on the verge of dying after losing so much blood…

…but he gets rescued by the veterinarian, who treats his bullet wounds. Scott is very confused about this development, but the vet is like: “No one told you I got a specialist degree in werewolf medicine?”

It’s finally time for the moment of truth, as Kate explains to her niece what it means to be a member of this family.

Wow, talk about a butter face!!!

Scott might have escaped from the house barely alive, but Derek isn’t so fortunate. He has been captured as a prisoner in Kate’s special S&M torture dungeon!


And Allison is like, “Other than a look of mild surprise, you won’t find out my real reaction until the next episode!”

You know what? I would still hit it. Multiple times. Even without a paper bag.

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  1. Default avatar Recap Everything February 4th, 2012 / Saturday

    That scene was all kinds of amazing and I had so many different reactions in such a short amount of time. At first I was like, “Why do I always read some inappropriate sexual context between the Derek/Jackson interactions? I'm sure it's only intentional half of the time. o_o” And then I'm like, “This is so intense! I can't believe I actually feel bad for Jackson, but WERQ Colton Haynes!”

    Afterwards, I was like “I love how Derek associates expensive car, lacrosse team captain and ~perfect hair~ whenever he sees Jackson. :D” And finally I was like, “OMG Scott actually gets to be a hero to Jackson's damsel in distress…*gunshot* oh wait. lolpwnt”

    I can't believe the show would be *this* good when I first started watching. I'm looking forward to next week soooo much!

  2. Default avatar Recap Everything February 4th, 2012 / Saturday

    Thanks! Hope you stay tuned for the Teen Wolf finale in a few days~

  3. Default avatar Recap Everything February 4th, 2012 / Saturday

    It's just juvenile Internet speak, heh. Here's the definition according to Urban Dictionary:

    When someone gets dominated or owned extremely hard.

  4. Default avatar Recap Everything February 4th, 2012 / Saturday

    I enjoy Jackson's character the most when he's in a *submissive* role. Colton Haynes sells it so well with the nervous expression, quivering voice, and heavy breathing. The Derek/Jackson interactions are always gold, because Jackson is always on the verge of being violated~~~

    And thank you! I especially love writing these Teen Wolf recaps because it's such a fun show.

  5. Default avatar Recap Everything February 4th, 2012 / Saturday

    Heh. My eyesight naturally gravitated towards Derek's shirtless body at first. And a second later, I looked up at his face and was like :eek!

    BTW, it's really awesome that you rewatched the episode & read the recap at the same time. So cool. <3

  6. Default avatar Recap Everything February 4th, 2012 / Saturday

    Yeah, Allison had a few more scenes in this episode than I've included, sorry. :( Sometimes I cut out a few minor portions to condense the recap and hope no one notices. Allison acted so intense and unlike her usual sweet self that I was a bit scared for Lydia too.

  7. Default avatar Recap Everything February 4th, 2012 / Saturday

    I became so desensitized to the shirtless guys on the show that I didn't even notice Kate intentionally removed Derek's clothes in that scene. *lol* That's totally something her character would do. She seems like the type who'd put whip cream on his body, only to laugh about it as she electrocutes him afterwards.

  8. Default avatar Recap Everything February 4th, 2012 / Saturday

    Sorry I don't know that specific song. The song in Allison's dream was kinda catchy, so I looked that one up. I usually check the songs on MTV's website and then Youtube it afterwards. Maybe someone else around here will know the answer? :(

  9. Default avatar heftyhanna July 30th, 2015 / Thursday


    Luv teen wolf
    Teen wolf is bad

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