Season 2 Episode 4, Shadowhunters Recap, Day of Wrath

Season 2 Episode 4, Shadowhunters Recap
Season 2 Episode 4, Shadowhunters Recap
Season 2 Episode 4, Shadowhunters Recap
Shadowhunters Recap Season 2 Episode 4
Episode Highlights:

It’s a game changing episode of Shadowhunters as characters fall left and right after Valentine infiltrated the institute and turned the shadowhunters against one another. You’re dead! You’re dead too! Oops I didn’t mean to kill you, but you’re dead anyway! WHO SHALL SURVIVE THE SHADOWHUNTAH MASSACRE???

Episode Grade: A (Loved it!)
Jace, you cannot have romantic feelings for your biological sister!

Do you love Clary the way a brother loves his sister?
Clary offers to do anything for Jace, including sexual favours.
The Jace x Clary scenes are boring to watch as always. Even incest can't make them interesting.
Why is Jace describing his sister like it's the last piece of chocolate cake that he can't have?
Hodge may regret handing over the mortal cup to Valentine, but it's too little too late.
Shadowhunters needs to fix the lighting issue in their show because I can't see anything during the dark scenes.
Aldertree is determined to get Jace to confess to coveting his sister while under oath.
If I have to hear Aldertree say the way a brother loves his sister one more time, my soul might die completely on the inside.
Jace answered the last question incorrectly and now he's sentenced to lifetime imprisonment.
Jace tried to kill himself after confessing to having sexual urges for his biological sister.
Alec doesn't seem to care Jace is in prison after making such a fuss about bringing him back.
Alec finally calmed down after the last few episodes and went back to being a sweetie pie to Magnus again.
I'm dying at all the cuteness in this Malec scene as Alec tries to ask Magnus on a first date.
Aldertree burns Raphael’s junk off
Aldertree shouldn't blame Raphael for the vampire slayings when Camille is the wicked vamp of the west
Aldertree traps Raphael in a booby-trapped chair.
The concentrated UV rays almost burned off Raphael's junk!
Aldertree calls torturing Raphael as motivation instead.
This is the Shadowhunters Characters Alignment Chart! Check out who's lawfully good and who's chaotically evil!
Raphael's face is so botched up that he could use a couple of face masks.
Magnus and Raphael are so close that he refers to him as a son.
Magnus performs magical cosmetic surgery to fix up Raphael's face.
The sad and sometimes suicidal history of Magnus Bane
Magnus can't seem to pronounce Raphael's name for some odd reason.
Simon and Raphael got into a huge fight. Simon even shoved Raphael in the chest.
Simon could've found Camille two episodes and saved Raphael from being tortured, but he didn't.
Raphael takes Magnus' cocktail stick and uses it to slice Simon's hand open.
Simon is not the biggest fan of Camille considering she kinda killed him.
Magnus used to have suicidal tendencies until his friend Camille talked him down from the ledge.
Magnus turns against Camille, summoning her and then capturing her.
Magnus might be a fierce mama bear, but why do the children under his care look like hot twinks?
Camille preys on Magnus' loneliness to manipulate him into freeing her.
Despite her emotional manipulation, Magnus still sends Camille to the Clave for her punishment anyway.

Hey Lydia, you in danger girl!
Clary is delighted to finally be accepted on a team.
Alec says Hey Fray! to Clary. Iconic line.
Clary can see the heat temperature of demons now. Cool!
Clary pretends to know what a classic possession hangover is.
The demon has entered the institute and every single one of you shadowhunters is gonna die!
Why does Raj think he's part of the shadowhunter gang now? Go away, you loser!
Lydia hates Raj so much that she doesn't hide her disgust around him.
Lydia never misses an opportunity to remind everyone she's the new leader of the institute.
Raj was so savage when he told Lydia: no wonder Alec ditched you for a warlock.
Lydia keeps up her trash talking even as Raj is kicking her ass.
 The fight between Raj and Lydia was so intense that he left gaping puncture wounds in her chest.
Don't think Alec's debt to Lydia is cleared just because he saved her life this one time.
How I Killed Your Mother: an Alec Lightwood story
Jocelyn is being deported back to Idris for being such a hot mess.
Luke is ride or die with Jocelyn all the way, baby.
Izzy tells Clary to be grateful that at least her mom isn't completely awful, unlike Mama Lightwood.
Izzy is gonna teach Clary how to kick demon ass in five-inch heels.
Clary doesn't love her mother enough to move to Idris with her.
Jocelyn is dead with a humungous hole in her chest!
Alec was the one who killed Clary's mother! Jocelyn is dead because of him!
Clary is horrified to discover her mother's dead body after Alec killed her.
Alec and Clary watch security footage of him killing her mother on the big screen.
Clary gives Alec the hand when he tries to apologize for killing her mother, oops!

Jace attempts a prison break
After one of the silent brothers died, Jace realizes that he might be trapped in this prison cell forever.
Aldertree is so shocked to discover that the institute is under attack while he was away.
Hodge tries to attack Valentine, but it backfires and Valentine stabs him in the forehead. Hodge is dead!
Jace had an awesome move where he stabbed two of Valentine's henchmen at once, like a shish kebab.
Dot is working for Valentine again. Can somebody rescue her and save this chick from her Stockholm Syndrome?
Jace dares Valentine to kill him. What's up with Jace and his suicidal tendencies?
Imagine how funny it would be if Aldertree sent Jace back into prison after saving his life.
Demon Izzy is the FINAL BOSS!
Demon Izzy instantly owns Clary and throws her across the room in three seconds.
If Izzy kills all her brothers, she'll be the favourite child!
Clary looks ridiculous jumping on Izzy's back when she could've simply walked towards her.
Clary just won the first fight and defeated Demon Izzy!
Simon pushes Jace aside in order to comfort Clary first. Calm down Simon, this isn't a football match!
Simon is the first one to hug Clary. He's desperate to earn as many relationship point with her as possible.
Jace looks on sadly as he watches Simon and Clary embrace.
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  1. Custom avatar Karen February 4th, 2017 / Saturday

    Hi, I’ve been a fan of yours for years, loved your PLL recaps and you got me started on the Shadowhunters just so I can understand your recaps. This show is so ridic but kinda awesome it’s now my guilty pleasure) just wanted to say that you are absolutely hilarious, keep doing what you are doing girl)

    • Custom avatar Recap Everything February 6th, 2017 / Monday

      Hiya! Thank you for your lovely words and also sticking around all these years!

      I’m really glad you got to experience the ridiculousness that is Shadowhunters alongside with me! I only discovered this show because another reader recommended it to me, and it was such a perfect recommendation for my TV tastes. This is a delightful circus of a show and it’s totally my new obsession.

      I’m also really glad you commented, because I was starting to have doubts whether *anybody* was reading these Shadowhunters recaps lol. As long as one person is reading it tho, I will keep going~

  2. Custom avatar Ann February 7th, 2017 / Tuesday

    Hey I’ve been reading your recaps for a while now but never commented and I looove the way you are doing Shadowhunters! So trust me, lots of people are reading them. And those who are not are seriously missing out lol

    • Custom avatar Recap Everything February 9th, 2017 / Thursday

      Thank you for commenting! :D I occasionally glance at the *blog stats*, but the web traffic for these Shadowhunters recaps are pretty low – like single digit, single hand, single finger levels of low. But that’s okay, I will continue working on these recaps no matter what just because I love doing them so much lol. Once in a while, I just need somebody to comment and remind me I’m not going crazy as I write these recaps by myself, hahaha~

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