Season 2 Episode 3, Shadowhunters Recap, Parabatai Lost

Season 2 Episode 3, Shadowhunters Recap
Season 2 Episode 3, Shadowhunters Recap
Season 2 Episode 3, Shadowhunters Recap
Shadowhunters Recap Season 2 Episode 3
Episode Highlights:

This Shadowhunters episode introduces Maia, the new werewolf on the block! She seems like a cool chick, but she’ll turn into a beastly bloodthirsty badass killer if you cross her! Also, this episode has lots of gay kisses, gay weddings & gay parabatai bonding.

Episode Grade: A (Loved it!)
 Alec Lightwood: soulless but not shirtless anymore.

Alec & Jace: literally soulmates
Alec is a sleeping beauty currently in an irreversible coma after last episode.
A parabatai bond is like a getting a matching couple's tattoo that you'll regret later in life.
Parabatai bonds are supposed to be angelic! There's nothing gay or homoerotic about two parabatais bondings!
Shadowhunters sometimes reminds me of a bad fanfiction that came to life.
Magnus accuses Jocelyn for being a manipulative bitch who killed Alec.
Some random jogger saw Jace with Gretel's body and automatically accused him of murder.
Jace might be a wanted criminal, but at least he got this cool police sketch of himself.
Clary lies to Aldertree during their interrogation together.
Ckary claimed she couldn't find Jace anywhere in the ocean. Did she look hard enough?
Why isn't Clary out there looking for her friend Dot?
Dot could really use a friend right now, Clary! Do you even remember her!?
Come out of the coffin, Simon!
Simon's mom is a former alcoholic who relapsed because she knows her son doesn't love her!
Simon's mom is a former alcoholic who relapsed because she knows her son doesn't love her!
Clary encourages Simon to come out of the coffin and tell his mom that he's a vampire.
Clary gives a romcom monologue about how much she loves Simon.
Clary kisses Simon on the cheek for good luck!
How long do we have to wait before we get a Climon kiss on the lips?
Raphael tells Simon that his mom's alcoholism doesn't matter because he won't even remember about her in one hundred years or so.
Simon needs to help Raphael find Camille so that his junk won't get burned off.
I want Simon and Raphael to get physically intimate with each other. Saphael forever, baby!
I thought I was above an abusive dom/sub relationship, but my heart can't resist that I think Raphael and Simon look hot together.
Raphael already met with Simon's mother and made up a cover-up story where he is Simon's band manager.
Raphael behaved like the perfect gentleman in front of Simon and his mother.
Simon's mom invites Raphael over to her house for dinner.
Sorry, I don't think Raphael is evil. I still think he's one of the good guys.
Simon decides to move back home with his mommy.

Meet Maia, your new worst enemy
Jace is a wanted criminal outlaw who's being hunted by the Clave, Valentine, the police and the werewolves.
Meet Maia, a new Shadowhunters character and the new werewolf around the block!
Maia transformed from a nice girl to a mean badass in the bat of an eye.
Gretel's godfather Taito is one angry motherfucker who wants to kill Jace and avenge Gretel.
The werewolf slammed Jace's head and used him to wipe the bar counter like a dirty rag.
Maia is relentless in her pursuit and won't stop until she kills Jace.
Jace is impersonating as a doctor, but none of the real doctors seem to care.
Maia transforms into a werewolf in the hospital right in front of Jace.
Maia fully transforms into her werewolf form.
Jocelyn saved Jace's life. He returns the favour with lots of snarky comments.
Jocelyn keeps getting into ugly confrontations with most of the characters on the show.
Magnus gives Alec a true love’s kiss
Aldertree is happy to let Alec die as long as it'll help him take down Jace..
Izzy tells Raj to shut the fuck up.
Why does this Raj person think he's entitled to an opinion? Shut the fuck up!
Magnus showed Raj who's boss by shooting orange laser beams out of his middle finger.
Magnus tries to wake Alec up with a magical true love's kiss.
Sorry Magnus, but I bet true love's kiss would work if Jace was the one who kissed Alec instead.
Alec spends the entire episode lying in bed with his eyes closed.

Alec and Jace have a gay wedding
In a flashback, we see the child versions of Alec and Jace when they were kids.
Jace is only the best shadowhunter because he took drugs.
Meet the child actor and teen actor playing Alec in the flashbacks!
Meet the child actor and teen actor playing Jace in the flashbacks!
Jace was very touchy-feely with Alec during their teenage years, constantly giving him these manly hugs.
Teen Izzy looks nothing like the adult version.
Izzy gives some great advice to snap Alec out of his funk.
Alec and Jace have a gay wedding ceremony to celebrate their parabatai love for each other.
Magnus doesn't know that Alec was married to Jace a long time ago.
At last, Alec wakes up with true love’s…hug?
Maia is determined to kill Jace and will show him no mercy.
Clary announces that Valentine killed Gretel and Jace is innocent.
Luke uses his green contact lenses to summon authority over Maia.
Izzy made a deal with Aldertree by exchanging Jace's freedom for Alec's life.
Jace holds an unconscious Alec in his arms, clasping his hand, caressing his face.
Jace hugs Alec and cries at the prospect of losing his parabatai forever.
Izzy knows Alec is faking his condition just to get attention from Jace.
I swear I heard Alec snoring at one point during the scene.!
 Alec wakes up after Jace gives him a true love's hug !
Jace gets arrested after saving Alec's life.
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  1. Default avatar Random person January 29th, 2017 / Sunday

    I’ve just discovered this page very recently, searching about PLL. Y’see, I have recently started watching (downloading to be precise) the series from the beginning and I found your recaps. I laugh so hard that people give me funny looks ¬_¬ so I want to give you a big thank you to make me laugh my arse out so much, I soo much needed this
    I was relieved to see that I’m not the only Ezria hater. Boy, I used to skip their scenes together and go for more interesting stuff elsewhere on the episode. I’m currently starting season 3 ( Ikr, sorry just found about the series recently)
    I loved your recaps of The Walking Dead pilot and some of American Horror Story, any plans to continue with them? Do you watch The 100? (a recap would be great)
    sorry for writing randomly here but since this is your latest recap, I assume you’ll read this sooner than if I wrote on PLL season 3 amongst the 2012 comments ¬¬
    see ya

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 29th, 2017 / Sunday

      HIYA! :D Thank you for all dem nice words! My blog is a safe haven for all us Ezria haters and it still amazes me that their wretched relationship keeps hitting *new lows* season after season.

      Unfortunately, no plans to recap TWD or AHS. I *may* recap the TWD finale if it ever ends just for the lulz but I really haven’t watched the show in a while, other than glimpsing here and there to see which character is still alive. I wanted to watch The 100 back when I heard there was a sizzling lezmance that got a lot of buzz, but then I found out what happened so I was like nvm.

      Right now, my priorities are Shadowhunters and PLL recaps. I need to get back to recapping Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars because it has been four months since I last worked on a new one. >_< I do read every single comment even though I don't *always* reply back right away. Feel free to comment any time! See ya!

  2. Default avatar Random person January 29th, 2017 / Sunday

    Thx for your reply ^_^ I’m currently on a PLL marathon so I will be enjoying all your recaps on that. It’ll be some time ’till I hit S07 but I’m kinda hooked on this fucking series so it won’t be any big amount of time


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