Season 2 Episode 1, Shadowhunters Recap, This Guilty Blood

Season 2 Episode 1, Shadowhunters Recap
Season 2 Episode 1, Shadowhunters Recap
Season 2 Episode 1, Shadowhunters Recap
Shadowhunters Recap Season 2 Episode 1
Episode Highlights:

Welcome to the second season of Shadowhunters! In this season premiere, Alec is on a warpath to find Jace because ain’t nobody gonna get between him and his man. Meanwhile, Jace’s fathers and mothers compete against each other to see who can be the worst parent ever.

Episode Grade: A (Loved it!)
Shadowhunters might be the biggest guilty pleasure on television right now.

Okay, can Valentine please stay dead?
Simon appeared in the opening credits before Clary does.
Previously on Shadowhunters! I actually don't remember what happened and had to look up Wikipedia for the plot summary lol.
Watch this GIF of Clary saying Jace’s name over and over again.
Jace already killed Valentine in the first minute of the season premiere! Valentine is dead!
Valentine just respawned after Jace killed him moments ago.
Can Valentine survive being stabbed to death and falling to his death too?
Jace didn’t actually killed Valentine. He killed one of Valentine's clones.
ZOMG PLOT TWIST! Clary transforms into Valentine!
Ain't nobody gonna come between Alec and his man Jace!
Is Lydia's character going to stick around for Season 2?
Magnus grabs Alec's arm, but Alec flings his hand away! OH NO HE DID'NT!
You don't get it, Magnus! Jace is a part of Alec, physically, emotionally, and sexually!
I secretly want Alec and Jace to hook up no matter how much I love Alec and Magnus together.
Alec blows up at Magnus and the two of them have a lovers' quarrel over finding Jace.
Magnus puts Alec rightfully in his place and told him to check his privilege.
Alec is being such an asshole to Magnus right now. All of his worst qualities have come rearing out.
Why won't Freeform let Magnus swear? He was totally gonna say shit at the end of the line.
I can't emotionally deal with Alec and Magnus having a fight! STOP FIGHTING MALEC!!!
Victor Aldertree is the BIGGEST douche.
Lydia is no longer the leader of the institute because she kinda sucks.
I don't want no damn Victor Aldertree. Give Lydia and Hillary their jobs back!
Victor is kicking Simon out and doesn't care if he dies out there in the sunlight.
Victor claims it's part of his official business to record conversations with his cell phone.
Aldertree doesn't seem to understand Clary's numerous claims that Jace saved their lives.
Aldertree twists Clary's testimony and refuses to believe Jace's innocence.
Aldertree declares Jace betrayed the shadowhunters and orders them to find him, dead or alive.
Aldertree threaten the shadowhunters with de-runing if they don't follow his orders of executing Jace.

Why are the moms on this show so weird?
Maryse describes Jace as a cancer in her family..
Alec is so devoted to Jace that it's almost a little disturbing.
Maryse is not worried about Jace's safety. She's more worried about the PR disaster at hand.
Jocelyn is a trainwreck of a character.
Clary's reunion mostly consists of her bitching out her mom.
Clary fails to mention the part that she made out with her brother.
Izzy makes Clary go through a training exercise first before telling her how to find Jace.
Izzy tells Clary to read The Art of War while whooping her ass.
Izzy quotes Sun-Tzu and helps Clary go out there to look for Jace.
Clary takes a cheap shot and strikes Izzy while she's talking.
Is Izzy going to hook up with Aldertree? A romance between them is surely in the cards, right?
Simon's character is adorable and Alberto Rosende is such a good actor who can do both comedic and dramatic scenes.
Simon faces prejudice and discrimination as a vampire from the pack of werewolves.
Simon keeps saying ENCANTO and keeps failing to cast a spell on the werewolves.
Simon flails his arms and wiggles his fingers while trying to cast a vampire spell.
Simon sleeping in the canoe is so sad and yet so adorable at the same time.
Clary transforms into Aldertree to leave the institute and find Luke for help.
Simon thinks Jace is totally hung up on Clary. Um, look at mirror much?
Luke encourages Simon to be bold and confess to Clary about how he feels.
Simon is gonna buy Clary a Shadowhunters for Dummies guidebook for next Christmas.
Jocelyn needs a Closing the Door After Yourself for Dummies guidebook.
Jocelyn runs for the exit and locks up Clary as soon as she stole her phone and stele.
Simon is enjoying his quality alone time with Clary now that they're locked up together.
Is Clary even listening to Simon when he almost confessed his love to her?
Clary tells Simon to run faster when he's actually running slow for her.

Shirtless Malec. Need I say more?
Shirtless Magnus is everything I want or need from life. Thank you, Shadowhunters.
Shadowhunters is not afraid to exploit the shirtless hot guys on their show and I commend them for it.
Alec apologizes to Magnus after realizing he has been a major asshole for most of the episode.
Alec grabs onto Magnus' arm while he is apologizing to him.
Magnus forgives Alec! Hooray for Malec!
Alec and Magnus are both perfect tens, so it's only natural that their relationship is a perfect ten too.
Alec's hairy chest fills my heart with lust and desire.
Nobody even dare to shave Alec and his hairy chest. It is perfect just the way it is.
Alec and Magnus had a total Titanic moment. I thought Alec was going to ask his lover to draw him in the nude.
Jace is a demon prince!
Jace is tied up and being brutally tortured by Valentine and his minions.
Jace tries to kill Valentine by stabbing him with a kitchen knife! DIE MOFO DIE!
Jace speaks so highly of the Lightwoods, yet Maryse literally compared him to a piece of cancer.
Valentine experimented on baby Jace and turned him into a demon prince.
Evidently, Valentine did not breed the whiny gene out of Jace's DNA.
Yeah, I wouldn't try to leave that ship if I was you Jace.
Valentine tells Jace that he will ALWAYS want to bone his sister Clary.
Meet Maria, a bloodthirsty vampire who feeds on mundanes. A girl's gotta eat, y'know?
What kind of stupid rule is it that prevents Jace from killing these evil vampires?
Oh no! Jace broke the rules and killed a downworlder!
Jocelyn shows up with a crossbow and tries to kill Jace! Jocelyn, no, that's your son!
Poor Jace. Does he have any parents who don't want to kill him?
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