Season 1 – Scream Queens Recap

Season 1 – Funny Screen Queens Recap
Yup, I’m recapping Scream Queens! It’s the critically panned, hilarious mess of a show on FOX, also known as Ryan Murphy’s latest brainchild. You probably heard of it, even if you might be too ashamed to admit that you’ve watched it AND enjoyed it too.

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2/13 episodes
WOOOO! This is the official Season 1 recap for Scream Queens! GET HYPED!

Episode 1: Pilot
The bathtub girl Sophia gave birth and didn't even know she was pregnant!
The bathtub girl was back by the time the sorority girls finished grooving to TLC's Waterfalls.
Amy delivered the babies and stayed behind to tend the baby momma afterwards.
Chanel #1 is the Queen of Kappa Kappa Tau.
Chanel's minions are literally called Chanel #2, Chanel #3 and Chanel #5.
Chanel #1 orders coffee from Pete the Barista. Trenta, no-foam, five-shot, half-caf, no-foam pumpkin spice latte at 210 degrees.
Dean Munsch is a carbon copy of Sue Sylvester from Glee.
Glen Powell, the actor playing Chad Radwell, is really charismatic and enthusiastic in his role.
Meet the new sorority pledges: Neckbrace, Deaf Taylor Swift and Predatory Lez.
Meet Jennifer, an experienced candle vlogger!
Meet these two basic bitches, Grace and Zayday!
Red Devil is the name of the serial killer in Scream Queens.
Chanel #2 is the Red Devil's first victim.
Deaf Taylor Swift is the Red Devil's second victim.
Chantel #1 literally burned off Ms. Bean's face!!!
Chantel #1 makes the sorority agree to cover up HER murder.
Episode 2: Hell Week
Denise Hemphill of Security Enforcement Solutions is frigging HILARIOUS.
Denise wants you to trust the Secure Enforcement Solutions 3-Step Program:
Denise is gonna guard the door! Oh, never mind.
Denise pushes Shondell's body out of the car before driving away again.
Nick Jonas plays another gay character on Scream Queens, named Boone.
Chad and Boone are sleeping together in the same bed.
Chanel catches her boyfriend in bed with Boone.
Boone's sexy shirtless workout scene.
All the actors on Scream Queens give good scream faces.
Boone is alive! He's not really dead!

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  1. Default avatar Recap Everything November 24th, 2015 / Tuesday

    AUTHOR’S NOTE: Posting this recap now to test the waters and pumping some new content onto the site. I’m not sure if I’m actually gonna post any more about this show, so it depends on the ~response~. Also, posting all the episodes into one long ass post *seemed* like a good idea in my head, but I’m not sure if it’s actually readable or not. Anyway, CURIOUS 4 UR THOUGHTS.

  2. Default avatar R.E FC November 25th, 2015 / Wednesday

    This is funny. Lol. I can’t get past the Pilot of this show but reading your recap was pure entertaining. <3

    I'd suggested you to merge multiple episodes of PLL into 1 recap too since lately it had no plot whatsoever during an episode. So it'll reduce you time and we'll get to read it. <3

    • Default avatar Recap Everything November 25th, 2015 / Wednesday

      TYVM! The first episode of Scream Queens was rough for me too, but the second episode was really fun! Subsequent episodes are up and down~~~

      I am working on the recap for the PLL special right now (lol) and then I will go back to the rest of the Season 6 episodes. I’m actually in a huge creative upswing right now, so I wanna keep writing and writing as much as I can before my tank runs out. Those recaps will definitely be shorter, except the prom episode because that one is my fave of 6A and needs to be covered in its entirety.

      I’m actually thinking of using this format to recap Teen Wolf, which I’ve been promising to do for years and may finally do it. :O

  3. Default avatar RE ADDICT November 26th, 2015 / Thursday

    I LOVED this recap! I’m so excited you decided to do Scream Queens- this show is perfect for your recapping style! I’m glad you’re back because I’ve really missed your PLL recaps! I agree, the prom episode was the best, and I’m excited for that recap!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything November 27th, 2015 / Friday

      Thx thx thx! Scream Queens is such a guilty pleasure and yes the ridiculousness fits right up my alley. I might just keep updating this recap with the rest of the episodes, but I’ll make sure I put the Season 6 PLL recaps as a high priority. #5MoreToGo

  4. Default avatar Super Creepy Stalker Ezra December 1st, 2015 / Tuesday

    Hi RE :). Thank you for the recap and I hope you’ll continue in doing recaps on SQ (PLEASE, I NEED MOOOOOAR).

    Back in the day (it could actually be around the time you posted this recap lol) I was thinking it would be awesome if you did that. My dreams came true :)

    • Default avatar Recap Everything December 2nd, 2015 / Wednesday

      Hi Super Creepy Stalker Ezra, you’re welcome for the recap! I’m planning to update the Scream Queens recap with more episodes in the near future, so expect to see this recap near the top of the site soon. I’m mostly doing it to capture all of the hilarious Denise quotes, I LOOOOOVE HER.

      Back in September, I think a few readers wanted to see a Scream Queens recap, so I took a stab at it! It’s not that easy for me to recap *comedies* so I didn’t really know how this recap would turn out, but I’m glad you liked it!

  5. Default avatar JOHN December 9th, 2015 / Wednesday

    A show as ridiculous as this is definitely perfect for you recaps. I support you 100%!

    The 2 hour premiere was hilarious and I hope you go all the way up to the 2 hr finale.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything December 11th, 2015 / Friday

      Yup! Scream Queens definitely fits the Recap Everything ~brand~ of guilty pleasure TV shows~ :D

      I haven’t caught up to the last couple of episodes yet, but I’m going to binge watch it soon and work on this recap again. I have no doubt that the 2-hour finale is just as redonkulous as the rest of this hilarious crapfest. <3

  6. Default avatar B December 16th, 2015 / Wednesday

    It’s funny, I used to read your PLL recaps and loved your snark. I just finished watching Scream Queens and I thought:”that girl from recap everything would totally love that show just for what it is, appreciating every little detail”. Then I check your website and I see that everything in the universe is right because you already started recaping Scream Queens :) hahaha It may seem silly but it made my night.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything December 22nd, 2015 / Tuesday

      Welcome back and thank you~ <3 To be honest, this Scream Queens recap is like the first time I've written about another show besides PLL on Recap Everything in over two years, but one day I just woke up and felt like writing about this ridiculous show. Now I know there's a higher cosmic power in place and you somehow telekinetically communicated your wish to me~ :D

  7. Default avatar Julia October 5th, 2016 / Wednesday

    I would totally hate this show. Ryan Murphy just writes obnoxious shows and I already found Glee infuriating. (Although I actually like Lea Michele.) Your recaps are pure gold, though.
    I think the fun of PLL is that it’s trying to be serious, but ends up being unintentionally hilarious, whereas this show probably wants to be over the top. It seems a bit too gory for me.
    The deep fryer reminds me of Pushing Daisies, a show you might like.

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