Season 7 Episode 4, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Hit and Run, Run, Run

Season 7 Episode 4, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 7 Episode 4, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 7 Episode 4, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Pretty Little Liars Recap Season 7 Episode 4
Episode Highlights:

It’s an epic episode of Pretty Little Liars featuring a tutorial on how to get away with (first-degree) murder. We also get sappy love triangle drama, steamy elevator sex, and most importantly Queen Jenna’s magnificent return from the underworld!

Episode Grade: A+ (Epic!)
Hanna put on her helmet, inserted her seatbelt, and reveed up her engine. She's about to win the Formula One championship title!

Um Spencer, it’s NOT first-degree murder?
Where did the pretty little liars find the shovel to bury Elliott's dead body?
Why didn't the pretty little liars call the police after Hanna's car accident?
Why does Spencer insist on calling a car accident as a first-degree murder?
Spencer definitely said that below-the-belt insult about Hanna out of spite.
For a moment, I thought Alison was gonna jump into the grave right there with Elliott!
Alison is so bored by all the murder talk and doesn't participate in the cover-up scheme.
Hanna broke multiple laws just to avoid getting convicted of vehicular manslaughter.
Emily calls Spencer an uptight nerd, which she is and proud to be one!
Can somebody wipe the blood off Hanna's face?

This Spaleb scene is EPIC AF
Hanna extracts a piece of glass from her hair after taking a shower.
Spencer would've nailed the part as Lady Macbeth.
Hanna asks Spencer to move forward from their love triangle drama even though Spencer just helped her bury a dead body.
Caleb arrives at the doorstep just before Hanna and Spencer were gonna come to blows over him.
Here's a diagram to demonstrate the Caleb, Hanna, Spencer love triangle in all of its glorious mess.
I actually want Caleb to enter the room for the most epic awkward confrontation ever.
Hey Caleb, everything you're saying to Spencer right now can be overheard by Hanna.
Caleb's apology to Spencer is so bad and so embarrassing. You were confused over who your girlfriend was?
Caleb recalls a happier Spaleb memory that none of us ever witnessed or experienced.
Caleb talks about Spencer's cleft chin as part of his apology speech to her. Erm okay.
Spencer won't open the door for a Spaleb reconciliation because Hanna is a major cockblock.
Caleb, Hanna and Spencer were all crying at the end of their love triangle drama.
Can Hanna stop pretending she cares about Spaleb getting back together because it's so disingenuous!?

Spencer Hastings is DOWN! TO! FUCK!
Spencer sits at the bar, eating olives and thinking about Spaleb.
 Spencer is more preoccupied with her relationship drama than the plan to cover up a murder.
Spencer says that timing is for figure skaters and comedians, not for describing whether you love somebody or not.
Marco Furey is introduced as Spencer's third love interest this season.
Marco got Spencer at her weak spot: she'll stay for another drink along with the intellectual foreplay.
Marco is the perfect love interest for Spencer because he's so uncomplicated, but she'll never go for a nice normal guy like him.
Spencer should really choose Marco over Caleb or Toby for her endgame romance.
Spencer confesses to Marco that she spent the night burying a dead body.
 Spencer and Marco have hot raw nasty drunken elevator sex!
Marco fucked Spencer long and hard inside that elevator. 50 Shades of elevator sex.
If Caleb wasn't such a loverat, he could be the one having elevator sex with Spencer right now. Your loss, dude.
Marco flips Spencer over and the two of them have surprise butt sex in the elevator!
Spencer wasn't ready to have anal sex with Marco in an elevator yet. Maybe next time.
Emily yells at Spencer, asking her how she could lose control on the one night when she needed it the most.
Spencer isn't the only one who got screwed tonight, because she screwed over her friends pretty badly too.
Alison & Aria play hide-and-seek at the asylum
Aria had her back turned for three seconds and Alison vanished into thin air.
Aria could barely muster up any sympathy for Alison before ordering her to go back to her post.
You're not stupid, you're in love! This is the life mantra Aria genuinely believes in.
Hey Alison, you're looking at one of your most vocal protesters on the frontlines of your witch hunt.
During a flashback, Alison and Charlotte were arguing over another love triangle drama on Pretty Little Liars.
Alison voluntarily asks to put on that dog mask bondage headgear.
What does Alison have to do to prove she didn't kill Charlotte and win over the pretty little liars?
 Aria once changed her shirt just because she and Alison wore the same outfit.
Mona’s auto repair shop is open for service 24/7
The pretty little liars are planning to torch Hanna's car to burn away the forensic evidence.
Aria and Hanna were gonna burn down the car, except the car drove off on its own!
Hanna believes the Keebler elves live in the trees in this forest.
Hanna hyperventilates because they lost the damn car in the forest!
Don't worry, the pretty little liars are gonna get away with murder now that Monalise Keating is here to guide them along the way.
Mona must know an auto repair shop that provides 24/7 emergency services in order to get Hanna's car fixed.
Mona just admitted to planting GPS trackers in everyone's cars so she can stalk them wherever they go.
Aria should actually thank Mona for helping the pretty little liars on how to get away with murder.
Mona looked in so much disbelief when the pretty little liars didn't know about Elliott Rollins' burner phone.
Welcome to BRUNCH SMACKDOWN with Queen Jenna!
Aria is obsessed with the surveillance cameras after committing the cover-up crime.
Spencer is still drinking mimosa in the morning even though she has a massive hangover.
Now that Elliott is dead, Mary Drake will become Alison's primary caretaker from now on.
Queen Jenna makes a dramatic entrance. It has been a while since she last made an appearance on Pretty Little Liars.
I'm so glad Queen Jenna has made an appearance on the show again since she last showed up back in Season 5.
The pretty little liars were horrified to see Jenna again. It was like meeting the grim reaper.
Remember when Jenna's house blew up back in Season 5? Man, good times.
Jenna was dropping so much shade on the pretty little liars around the brunch table.
Jenna isn't even invited to her stepbrother's wedding. Toby and Yvonne don't want you there!
Did you know Elliott Rollins isn't who he said he is!? SHOCKED FACES ALL AROUND.
Toby confused the pretty little liars by announcing that Elliott Rollins is dead. Oops, that's not what he meant.
Emily is bluffing Toby with her poker face even though the police are closing in on the pretty little liars.
Hello Archer? It’s your accomplice, Jenna.
I dunno what Hanna's agenda is. Why is she now pretending to be a matchmaker when she spent the past dozen episodes trying to be a homewrecker?
Caleb leaves Spencer after nicking half the clothes from her closet, just like he did with Hanna.
Did they just call Hanna noble even though she's the one who betrayed Spencer and kissed Caleb?
Hanna admits that she got the pedals mixed up and that's why Rollins is dead.
Hanna lost her bracelet at the back of Elliott's car!
Mona reassures Hanna that she'll evade police capture and they won't arrest her. THEY'RE NOT GOING TO!!!
Hanna found her bracelet, while Mona found a clump of hair in Elliott's car.
Jenna calls Archer on his burner phone. We find out they're secret accomplices working geotherm all along.
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31 Responses

  1. Default avatar Parmesan September 22nd, 2016 / Thursday

    Is it just me or have they seriously upped the ‘thriller’ aspect of the show? I haven’t really watched episodes since 6B, but damn. It’s almost as if they were like, sipping martinis and lying wasn’t getting views no more, so they decide to make everyone bat-shit crazy. There is so much happening it’s like A Series of Unfortunate Events.

    Still love the show tho and I’m seriously looking forward to you finally being able to recap season 1. Keep up the awesome content!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 9th, 2017 / Thursday

      I totally feel the same. The whole vibe of the show is different now, much different from what it was like when it first started. Back in Season 1, it was like *hee hee hee look at these catty bitches and their high school drama*. Fast forward to Season 7, and it’s like *HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THESE CRAZY BITCHES AND THEIR SERIAL KILLER DRAMA*.

      I dunno, there are elements that I like in both versions of the show, but the differences are definitely noticeable. I look forward to revisiting the Season 1 eppys when I finally get to the recaps too!

  2. Default avatar Julia October 1st, 2016 / Saturday

    ” Imagine being a normal person with enough common sense to realize that you should call the cops instead of needlessly committing a felony, only to be treated by everybody else as if YOU are the irrational one.”
    Welcome to my life at work.

    Anyhow, I’m glad you’re posting again, your recaps make me laugh when I really need to. Thank you!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 9th, 2017 / Thursday

      Welcome to my life in general, oh snap.

  3. Default avatar RE ADDICT October 26th, 2016 / Wednesday

    Today is the last day of filming for PLL :( I’ll really miss this show, even though it’s probably best they’re ending it now. Of course, I’ll miss your recaps just as much! You’ve provided me with many laughs over the years, and I wanted to say thank you! You write these recaps for free, in your spare time because you care about PLL fans like yourself. You created a community where we can make fun of our favorite show, while still enjoying the hell out of it. Thank you RE, for being a major and wonderful part of my PLL viewing experience. (And thank you for being one of the few sane people out there who realizes that Ezria is disgusting/the worse!)

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 9th, 2017 / Thursday

      THANK YOU!!! First of all, let’s get matching tattoos on our index fingers to commemorate our past seven seasons together. *lol can you believe those actresses actually did that wut*

      I already miss this silly little show too. *tears up* And thank you for reading my PLL recaps all these years! I’m always amazed whenever anyone actually reads my crap and the fact that you stuck around for so long means a lot to me! I love doing these recaps, I have a lot of fun when I’m working on one and I’m glad that anyone else can enjoy them too.

      Not only am I writing these recaps for free, a fun fact is that I’m actually losing money due to the costs of the web hosting. I can’t break even each year despite the ads on my site. *lol sad* But you know what? Just reading a nice comment like this makes it worthwhile, as corny as it may sound. :)

      I know it’s hard to believe considering my output is one new recap per year, but I truly do plan on recapping every single Pretty Little Liars episode (and other shows too, I guess) even after the show is over. So, you can always revisit this show and these recaps for years to come. Show these recaps to your great-grandchildren and we can all laugh about how much Ezria sux together!

  4. Default avatar Anonymous January 27th, 2017 / Friday

    Plz finish this recap…Plz?

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 9th, 2017 / Thursday

      Ok, but only because you said plz.

  5. Default avatar :) January 29th, 2017 / Sunday

    I love your recaps they brighten my day! I hope you continue this one soon.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 31st, 2017 / Tuesday

      Thank you! In a few days after I finish the Shadowhunters fourth episode recap, I’ll hop back onto the PLL episode four recap again. My *plan* is to rotate between the two shows episode by episode.

    • Custom avatar :) February 18th, 2017 / Saturday

      Thanks for taking the time to finish the recap. By the way i love the new website look!

    • Custom avatar Recap Everything February 20th, 2017 / Monday

      Thanks for taking the time to return to this recap! And I’m delighted that you like the redesign! Sometimes, I hover my mouse over the top navigation menu for no reason just because I like watching the TV screens light up, hehe~

  6. Custom avatar RE fangurrrl February 17th, 2017 / Friday

    Gurrrrrl, will ya recap the missing recaps from S04,S05 and S06??? pretty plz?? with a cherry on top??
    this stuff if effing addictive and haven’t nuff of it! you make me lmaorofl with every recap

    • Custom avatar Recap Everything February 18th, 2017 / Saturday

      Yes, I will! My plans for PLL:

      – Finish the Season 7 recaps obviously
      – Power through the rest of the Season 6 filler
      – Finish up Season 4 and 5 – there are too many ridiculous storylines in those episodes that need to be addressed.
      – Redo the screenshots for Season 2 + 3
      – Finally, do Season 1 + redo the Season 1 Finale recap

      I shall not quit until I finish recapping every single PLL episode out there~

  7. Custom avatar RE fangurrrl February 19th, 2017 / Sunday


    • Custom avatar Recap Everything February 20th, 2017 / Monday

      *fist bump* :D

  8. Custom avatar Julia February 19th, 2017 / Sunday


    Your elevator graphic reminds me of The Sims. Do you play?

    Also, what the hell is up with Spencer’s rich family not having any proper security on their house???

    • Custom avatar Recap Everything February 19th, 2017 / Sunday

      OMG. I drew that elevator doodle while thinking about the elevator woohoo from The Sims as my inspiration, so it’s like you read my mind~ Confession: I’m a hardcore simmer who can’t help but buy all of the overpriced DLCs, even though I haven’t touched my game in a while.

    • Custom avatar Julia February 20th, 2017 / Monday

      I thought you were! Awesome! Since my computer isn’t up to speed anymore, I only buy the expansion packs I think I’ll really like, which are the ones I need to build my dream houses.
      Have you ever made PLL Sims?
      I also think you’d really enjoy the Nintendo 3DS game Tomodachi Life.
      Anyway, thanks for updating! <3

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 21st, 2017 / Tuesday

      I’ve never recreated the liars on The Sims, but I sometimes starve my sims, drown them and and make them pee themselves, so I guess that kinda makes me like A in a way. <3

      No, I haven't played Tomodachi Life. In fact, I haven't touched my 3DS in so long since like....Fire Emblem lol.

  9. Custom avatar JOHN February 19th, 2017 / Sunday

    Thanks for starting back bby :)

    I got a good set of laughs as usual. Looking forward to more!

    • Custom avatar Recap Everything February 20th, 2017 / Monday

      Thanks for coming back, bb! :D

      There will be more! But first, I have to rewatch the next five episodes because I honestly don’t even remember what happened lol. More recaps will be coming, but they’ll be slowly trickling in.

  10. Custom avatar Julia February 21st, 2017 / Tuesday

    (I can’t get enough of this Caleb icon. XD)

    Isn’t this already the second time that Aria and Hanna fail at getting rid of a car? Remember when Wilden’s car reappeared from the water?

    Also, when you called Mona a criminal consultant, I had the sudden destructive urge to see her in a show with Moriarty. THAT would be epic – and terrifying.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 21st, 2017 / Tuesday

      Only on Pretty Little Liars would somebody need to dispose a car TWICE during their lifetimes. <3

      I don't have any proof, but I'm relatively certain Mona is one of Moriarty's protégées or business associates from his empire of crime. Mona must've learned all her crime lord knowledge from the very best!

  11. Custom avatar Ezria sux February 21st, 2017 / Tuesday

    Geez, I just started reading the books out of curiosity and boredom and that steaming pile of shite that is Ezria is barely mentioned, he breaks with her! OMFG why couldn’t the TV folks follow that particular line??!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 21st, 2017 / Tuesday


  12. Custom avatar Anonymous February 22nd, 2017 / Wednesday

    The other day I was on the interwebs and I almost spit my drink when I saw Elliot’s actor in a Fitbit commercial. He just seemed so out of place…

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 22nd, 2017 / Wednesday

      wut. i was not aware of such a commercial!

      I tried looking online, but the only promotional material I can find is this screenshot:
      Elliott in a FitBit commercial
      …which admittedly does not put the product in the best light?

  13. Custom avatar Julia February 22nd, 2017 / Wednesday

    I cannot believe that not even Mona is wearing gloves when going through the car. Damn it, Mona!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 22nd, 2017 / Wednesday

      I noticed that too lol. In her defense, a seasoned criminal like Mona probably had her fingerprints burned off a long time ago just to avoid leaving behind forensic evidence.

  14. Custom avatar Anonymous November 18th, 2017 / Saturday

    I love Jenna when she’s fake nice XD never forget.

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