Season 7 Episode 3, Pretty Little Liars Recap, The Talented Mr. Rollins

Season 7 Episode 3, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 7 Episode 3, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 7 Episode 3, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Pretty Little Liars Recap Season 7 Episode 3
Episode Highlights:

Who’s ready for more of the riveting love triangle drama between Haleb and Spaleb!? I sure am! Meanwhile, the pretty little liars spend the entire episode investigating plots that were known to the viewers since the season premiere.

Episode Grade: C+ (Okay.)
Did you notice the product placement for Sara Shepard's newest book in the latest PLL episode?

The Amateur sounds like a rehash of Pretty Little Liars.

Is the Emily x Sabrina boremance finally gonna start?
Sabrina still doesn't want to hook up with Emily even though she should be the one feeling privileged to be chosen.
Sabrina is being kind of a sour and bitter bitch towards Emily. Forgive her already.
Emily can't handle the fact that Sabrina rejected her ass twice on the same day.
Sabrina kisses another woman right in front of Emily after her big love confession.
Can someone let Pretty Little Liars know that it's not normal to go kissing your ex-girlfriends like that?
Sabrina is so gonna cheat on Emily with her ex-girlfriend sooner or later.
Is Emily the laziest employee ever?
They need to end Spaleb already and not subject us to any more of this boring love triangle crap.
Spencer confronts Caleb about cheating on her. He replies that he was merely comforting Hanna with a kiss.
Caleb finally confesses to cheating on Spencer with Hanna.
 Hanna bought a fake knockoff engagement ring to keep up the charade that she's still engaged to Jordan.
Why isn't Spencer more outraged that Caleb cheated on her with her best friend?
Spencer confronts Hanna for breaking their negotiation treaty last season.
Hanna bought a fake engagement ring to keep up the roleplaying that she's cheating on Jordan with Caleb.
Hanna bought a fake engagement ring to keep up the roleplaying fantasy that she's cheating on Jordan with Caleb.
Hanna won't come clean about cheating on Jordan even though Aria just openly admits her adultery.
Somebody in PLL production forgot to turn off their cell phone during filming, oops!
Let's be honest, Caleb would drop Spencer so fast if Hanna actually agreed to get back together with him again.
Spencer tells Caleb that she LOVES him yet again. Are you serious, girl? WTF.
I am not looking forward for Haleb's inevitable reconciliation while shitting all over Spencer's feelings. Ugh, this is my personal hell.
Toby and Yvonne just announced their engagement! Poor Spencer, rejected yet again!
Yvonne's engagement ring gotta be purchased at the same counterfeit store at Hanna's, right?
Alison vs. Elliott Death Match: Round One
Elliott Rollins is an impostor living under a false identity all along, surprise surprise.
I eagerly anticipate the epic bitchfeuds between Emison and Spoby later this season.
Elliott's boss Dr. Freedman might be even more insane than the patients living in this mental institution.
Dr. Rollins continues to get away with torturing his wife under everybody's noses.
Alison ambushes her evil husband and chokes Elliott with an IV tube! AWESOME.
Alison and Elliott are intent on killing each other and only one of them will leave this fight alive!
Alison does have a twin sister! It's her stunt double wearing an obviously bad blonde wig!
Alison's stunt double might have died during the fight, but the real Alison still lives to see another day of torture.
Elliott is such a deliciously evil villain and I kinda love it!

Let’s hear your theories on that devil’s child, Eliza
Aria still believes in the eternal love story between Alison and her evil husband Elliott!
Hanna had the audacity to judge Alison for the bad marriage decision. Um hello, you're the one wearing the fake engagement ring!
Maybe Hanna should've let Aria drive in this episode instead??
Hanna is scarred for life because A used an electric cattle prod on her.
Eliza is a little weirdo not allowed to play with dolls without faces.
Aria and Hanna meet a strange Amish girl named Eliza.
Don't be fooled by Eliza's angelic disposition, she's secretly an evil demon child on the inside.
Eliza used to play dolls with Charlotte.
Aria Montgomery: Crime Scene Photographer
Aria rummages through Elliott's treasure chest looking for clues.
Aria Montgomery becomes a crime scene photographer inside Elliott's house.
Aria is taking so long just to take picture of every single item in the room.
Hey Aria, just take one picture and get the hell outta the murderer's house!
Elliott is cooking up a yummy recipe for latex masks.
The pretty little liars are so slow with their investigation and only find out plot twists that were revealed to us since the Season 6B finale.
Spencer kept zooming into Detective Wilden's picture until we see a ginormous blue eyeball.
Spencer had no problems identifying each drug and probably sampled a few of them herself.
Aria put the key in the wrong lamp! WRONG SIDE BITCH!!!

Alison vs. Elliott Death Match: FINAL ROUND
Does Pretty Little Liars get any campier than the evil husband whispering death threats to his bedridden wife?
Alison is conscious and waiting for the right moment to strike against Elliott.
Alison makes her escape!
Elliott runs funny, hehehe.
OMFG. Hanna runs into Elliott with her car and kills him on the spot.
Elliott's bloody head is smashed into the windshield, eyes wide open, blood pouring out of his mouth. Good job, Hanna!
Hanna is kind of a dangerous driver? Revoke her driver's license immediately.
It was just an accident. Why didn't the pretty little liars go to the police and report it as an accident?
Alison is definitely celebrating her husband's death. Victory is hers!
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  1. Default avatar Shannon July 10th, 2016 / Sunday

    This recap so far has made my day! Thank you <3

    • Default avatar Recap Everything July 11th, 2016 / Monday

      Thank you! May your day continue to shine brightly today, tomorrow, and for the rest of forever~ <3

  2. Default avatar JOHN July 10th, 2016 / Sunday

    God bless you and the speed that you’re cranking these out at! MOAR!!

    • Default avatar JOHN July 10th, 2016 / Sunday

      For some reason I can already see the grade for this recap even though it’s incomplete…you’re giving it a C?? But I thought this was the best episode so far for the season :( :(

    • Default avatar Recap Everything July 11th, 2016 / Monday

      Yes, I will keep this up! I feel very recharged and rejuvenated when working on these recaps, probably because I haven’t worked on them for so long lol, so I haven’t burned out yet~ :D

      Yes, I know it’s a controversial grade for an episode that was rather well-received among the fans, but in the end I gotta ~follow my heart~. I dunno, I liked the first and last scene of the episode, but the middle was kinda slow and a lot of scenes dragged for me. :( I may boost the grade to a C+ upon completion.

  3. Default avatar Julia July 11th, 2016 / Monday

    You made me laugh when I really needed it. Thank you!

    Didn’t you just love when Emily complained about the other girl looking like a model? Stop fishing for compliments, it’s not cute!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything July 11th, 2016 / Monday

      You’re welcome! I’d like to think of these recaps as comfort food. I am the tub of chocolate ice cream you’ve been saving for a rainy day. <3

      LOL, yessss Emily was definitely fishing for compliments with that remark. Her thought process: "Ugh, why is Sabrina with her model girlfriend when she can be with me, the SUPERmodel girlfriend!"

  4. Default avatar Anonymous July 12th, 2016 / Tuesday

    Why are the polls so hard?! I couldn’t choose why Charlotte was visiting Eliza!

    Anyway, thanks for the laughs. I really needed tham cause I’m in functions rn. And people have no idea why I’m laughing at my phone.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything July 13th, 2016 / Wednesday

      Life is tough, but the polls in Recap Everything are even tougher! >:D

      It’s okay, people probably think you’re laughing at your phone because you’re playing Pokemon Go and you just caught an Articuno, nobody will suspect that you’re actually reading Recap Everything. <3

  5. Default avatar JOHN July 13th, 2016 / Wednesday

    The “change of plans, Alison” line cracked me up when I first heard it, I actually watched that scene over a few times. Seeing you spell it out here is even more hilarious! Rollins should join Sara Harvey and randomly pop up each episode, blurting out ridiculous sounding lines.

  6. Default avatar Clarissa July 22nd, 2016 / Friday

    Your recaps are hilarious please keep going!
    That “she run like Katness Everdeen” part made me laugh so hard!
    I wanna say thank you for existing but that would be a little too much haha =D
    PLL is getting more and more ridiculous lol

  7. Default avatar Concerned citizen July 26th, 2016 / Tuesday

    helloooo RE are you ok????

  8. Default avatar RE ADDICT July 26th, 2016 / Tuesday

    Nooooo RE don’t leave us again! Not when Queen Jenna and Prince Noel have returned!!

  9. Default avatar JOHN July 29th, 2016 / Friday

    You get back here this instant, young lady!

  10. Default avatar Re-Come-Back-Or-We-Riot August 3rd, 2016 / Wednesday

    Nooo! Not now! I need YOUR opinion on so many things .. calls from beyond (Elliot, Nicole), Hannas poor manicure (I swear in every episode, different nail polish, but every time she has cracked color on most of her nails), return of our King and Queen, Noel and Jenna, the inevitable shower destiny of Shower Harvey, WTF friendships (like why is Jenna bff with Cece, last time I heard, that bitch tried to kill her couple of times?) and for next episode the epic return of JESUS Jason :D :D please please come back, and recap everything for us in your most unique way, just like you know best… you are the funniest, most hillarious.. without you, the Pretty little liars are NOT the same :( please RE, dont leave us ..

  11. Default avatar RE ADDICT August 18th, 2016 / Thursday

    We miss you RE! So much has been happening, and PLL fans need your hilarious recaps more than ever!

  12. Default avatar RE Fan August 21st, 2016 / Sunday

    Ezra was THE WORST last episode. You HAVE to come back and destroy him with your snark! (Also, just imagine what was going through his mind when the FBI showed up! I don’t think Ezra thought it was about Nicole lol) And I want to hear your insane theories on Mary’s second child! Oh, and JESUS JASON! And his secret past with Aria!! This show is amazing again- and having you back would make it even better!

  13. Default avatar Anonymous August 25th, 2016 / Thursday

    Please tell me you’ll be back for the finale!

  14. Default avatar Shannon August 27th, 2016 / Saturday


  15. Default avatar Recap Everything August 29th, 2016 / Monday

    To be honest, I need to binge watch the past four episodes because I actually haven’t watched PLL at all… >_<" Hoping to get my mojo back and a fresh take of the season just in time for the finale~

    • Default avatar JOHN August 29th, 2016 / Monday

      This is surprising! For some reason this season feels really interesting to me, like Season 1 & 2 levels of interesting. I hope you get back into your groove soon!

    • Default avatar Shannon August 31st, 2016 / Wednesday

      OMG yay you’re back! ^o^ <3

  16. Default avatar Andrea CC August 29th, 2016 / Monday

    Please binge! It would be lovely if you would come back and share your hilarious and insightful thoughts with us again! Your recaps keep the show being worth watching :)

  17. Default avatar Kaleigh September 2nd, 2016 / Friday

    Omg you HAVE to recap the finale, i was laughing so hard when Noel somehow managed to get his head chopped off. And then of course the whole Spencer, I am your mother. You must recap!!

  18. Default avatar Riya October 16th, 2016 / Sunday

    I miss RE too!! This is such an intense season omg

  19. Custom avatar Can'thandletheseposts April 19th, 2017 / Wednesday

    Okay but like, these recaps have to be my new favorite thing on the internet now. Props to the writers, this is golden :)

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