Season 7 Episode 11, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Playtime

Season 7 Episode 11, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 7 Episode 11, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 7 Episode 11, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Pretty Little Liars Recap Season 7 Episode 11
Episode Highlights:

It’s the PLL midseason premiere with some delightfully random filler! Let’s watch Aria plan her royal wedding, Mona pulls a coup and overtakes Hanna’s business, Alison and Paige have a raging feud, while Spencer sinks her claws into Toby the grieving widower.

Episode Grade: B+ (Great premiere!)
In memoriam of Spencer Hastings, who much like the show itself, is about to die a slow and painful death.

Spencer, why are you wearing a fake arm sling?
There's an aggressive paramedic who keeps asking Spencer who her mom is.
Mary Drake is like a sea turtle that abandons her young and never returns to her nest again.
We need to start a campaign to include as much Jenna in these final PLL episodes as possible.
Toby is also in the hospital after his car accident. Apparently, he hit a deer.
Spencer and Toby are finally reunited together as they die alongside each other in the hospital!
One week later, you wouldn't even know Spencer and Toby were involved in a serious accident with physical injuries at all.
Spencer gets shot in the chest, yet she's wearing an arm sling... I don't think I understand.
Why did Spencer wear an arm sling if she can remove it without feeling any pain?
There were two different guns trying to kill Spencer that night. It was not Jenna's gun that shot Spencer.
 Yvonne is in a medically induced coma after the car accident. And by medically, I meant plot induced.

Excuse me! Veronica Hastings *IS* still yo momma!
Spencer's parents didn't come back from their cruise vacation even though Spencer got shot a week ago.
Spencer gives us the best Previously on Pretty Little Liars segment ever.
Spencer confronts Veronica about who her real mommy is.
Jessica and Veronica should have done an official husband swap instead of all this cheating.
Peter Hastings has slept with his wife, his neighbour, and his neighbour's twin sister and got all of them pregnant.
Why would Peter cheat on Veronica for Jessica? Dude, do better.
Why is Spencer angry at Veronica of all people for what happened to her?
There was a very melodramatic flashback when a 1940s gangster delivered the baby to Veronica.
Veronica's baby was super duper adorable with a wide-eyed look of bewilderment.
Hey Spencer, Veronica is still your mother whether you were adopted or not.
Nobody will stop Ezria’s wedding! Not even you, Nicole!
Aria packed her bags and wanted to leave Ezra, but he coaxed her into staying.
Is Aria seriously trying to compete against a physically abused and emotionally traumatized victim?
Can Ezra just pick either Nicole or Aria without stringing everybody along?
Hanna gives Aria Machiavellian advice on how to win Ezra over Nicole.
I can't believe a random nobody like Holden has returned to Pretty Little Liars.
I'm picking up a strong gay vibe from Aria's former high school boyfriend, Holden.
Ezria's wedding is like a high school reunion.
Holden just insulted Aria and called her a half-price bride to her face.
Aria is in such a rush to get married to Ezra even if this is the absolute wrong time for them to marry.
Does Holden realize the irony of him asking about who another character is?

Meet the future fashion superstar, Hanna Marin.
Hanna and Caleb are having sex in an apartment that Lucas paid for.
Why is Hanna still in a toxic and unhealthy relationship with that greasy loser Caleb?
Caleb is an unemployed bum mooching off Hanna's million dollars.
Who'd think Hanna would turn out to be a decent fashion designer?
Mona asks Hanna if she trusts her. Girl, are you for real or are you asking her a rhetorical question?
Mona reacts to Noel's death with scathing sarcasm and a shit-eating grin on her face.
Is Hanna trying to impress her client about her fashion skills with a homely grey sweatshirt?
Where can I apply for Mona's job as a political fashion coordinator?
Did Hanna really design all these dresses herself? I've a hard time believing it.
Mona tried to pass off Hanna's fashion label as her own lmao.
Hanna genuinely believes that her fashion designs constitute as important work.
Hanna makes Mona clarify to Katie whose fashion label this actually belongs to.
Alison vs. Paige: WORLD WAR THREE!!!
Emily is the swim coach, while Paige got a pity job as an athletic department supervisor.
Emily is trying to defuse any tensions between Alison and Paige in the workplace.
Paige tried to give Alison the benefit of the doubt and have a civil relationship with her, but Alison ain't buying it.
Mrs. Horowitz is the evil mastermind who pitted Alison and Paige against each other in the same school committee.
Alison already launched her first strike against Paige in the committee meeting, even though nobody could sense the danger yet.
Emily finally realized that Alison is actually attacking Paige in her usual sly bitchy way.
Not only has Alison launched the first strike against Paige, she's gonna continue and keep taking shots at her.
Alison is trying to recruit Emily and Mrs. Horowitz as reinforcements to turn them against Paige.
Mrs. Horowitz got the best seats in the house as she watches Alison and Emily fight each other.
Emily finally tells Alison to stop being such a bitch to Paige.
After years of trying to redeem Alison's character over the past few seasons, she just proved she's still the same evil bitch as before.
Emily doesn't love Alison's personality parts, but loves the rest of her lady parts.
OMG. Emily tells Alison to never kiss her again! Emison is over!
“Spoby gotta be endgame, bitches.” – A.D.
A designed an elaborate board game to torture the pretty little liars lolwut..
Check out the pretty little liars and their board game counterparts!
 A designed a fancy, high-tech, multifunctioning board game with lots of incredible features.
Why did Spencer feel the need to translate endgame in French?
I'm sick of hearing the word ENDGAME in Season 7B. Please boycott it forever.
A designed an elaborate board game just to put Spencer and Toby back together???
Toby wearing a pair of glasses looked adorable as hell.
Do we really have to wait for Yvonne to die before Spencer and Toby get back together again?
Mary wrote a letter addressed to her abandoned child, Spencer.
Veronica is on probation for being such a bad mother to Spencer in the past.
Hanna is gonna take a knife and slash this board game into endgame.
A.D. is blackmailing the girls to force them to play the board game.
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11 Responses

  1. Custom avatar :) April 21st, 2017 / Friday

    Heya! Glad that your back and recapping the new season. We’ll get through these last 9 episodes together (Pinky Swear).

    • Default avatar Recap Everything April 24th, 2017 / Monday

      YAS GURL. There’s no promise more sacred than a pinky swear, and we will get through the next 9 recaps together!

  2. Custom avatar Julia April 22nd, 2017 / Saturday

    You’re BACK!!!

    1) Now we know where that deer Rory hit in season one of Gilmore Girls escaped to. (My brother once hit a deer with my parents’ car. He got to eat it afterwards. Yeah, and they wonder why I’m a vegetarian…)
    2) How could Spencer be so sure it was that gun she saw in Jenna’s hand? Wasn’t it dark? And I don’t know about you, but memorizing gun details isn’t on the top of my priority list when I’m about to get shot.
    3) I never thought about Peter’s lack of birth control until you mentioned it. I was more impressed by Veronica’s snark about her neighbours.
    4) Frankly, I think Aria is doing Nicole a favour by keeping Ezra.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything April 24th, 2017 / Monday

      I think Spencer has no idea what gun Jenna used to shoot her with, she just wanted her nemesis to go down for attempted murder no matter what, which backfired when she identified the wrong weapon. Had Marco shown her a plastic water gun, Spencer would still be like “OMG. That’s the gun! Arrest her now!”

      IKR? Aria is actually rescuing Nicole in a way. Poor Girl, you’ve suffered enough already, you don’t deserve to be inflicted with the trauma that is Ezra Fitz.

      I hope that deer comes back as a recurring guest star in Season 7B and become the deer of doom by killing more PLL characters. First, it wipes out Toby and Yvonne. Next victim? Peter Hastings, I’d watch the road very carefully if I were you.

    • Custom avatar Julia April 25th, 2017 / Tuesday

      No, Peter Hastings would just impregnate that deer. Then the next villain will be someone with antlers, like a deer-centaur. (I probably got this image from reading too much Wild Magic.)

      Anyhow, I’ll just keep adding points because I’m so excited about your recap!

      5) Aria is the quarter-pounder, right?
      6) Not just Hanna’s clothes are WTF this episode (that laced-up dress???), her hair also looked like she put zero effort into it, and that’s coming from a girl who once stupidly wished she had a head like Hermione Granger’s and just got the hair.
      7) Like you, I really wondered whether Hanna made all those clothes herself.
      8) If Mona puts on Hanna’s designs, will that be The Devil Wears Marin?
      9) How much money does Rosewood High have to spend on all these unprofessional teacher wannabes??

  3. Custom avatar I think too much about food orders April 22nd, 2017 / Saturday

    I actually think Ezra would chose a Filet-O-Fish from McDonalds. He’s that kind of guy who would go out of his way to chose the awkward and unusual one.

    • Custom avatar Recap Everything April 22nd, 2017 / Saturday

      Knowing what we know about Ezra, I’d say he would go for the children’s menu and secretly order a Happy Meal for himself. ;O ;O ;O

  4. Custom avatar Hell yeah! April 25th, 2017 / Tuesday

    please don’t disapear!! I need my fix of RE ^_^”

  5. Custom avatar Ash April 27th, 2017 / Thursday

    Thank you for updating! I’ll be here reading the recaps until the bitter end when we are all inevitably disappointed by Marlene’s writing ability yet sad the show is ending.

    I really liked the plot lines this episode, except for the Aria parts lol. I think Mona and Hanna should just co-own the business because Mona is honestly smarter and has more potential to be successful than any of them. Her tactics may not always be legal, but she’s always 10 steps ahead of the liars.

    I’m torn between thoroughly enjoying the love triangle mess at the high school and being disappointed with how Ali is acting toward Paige. It’s not that I particularly care about Paige; I’d just rather Ali channel her bitchiness at AD or Jenna, you know? I think they’ll have a heart-to-heart about Emily in a few episodes.

    Also, I’m going to need you to draw a DiLaurentis-Drake-Hastings family tree complete with lines signifying adoption to make it even more complicated. I heard a rumor that Pastor Ted is back the episode Charlotte’s father is revealed, which would be kind of ridiculous. Who do you think AD is? My gut feeling is Melissa. She’s been on my A radar pretty much forever. I can’t even see it being anyone else except maybe Lucas since he keeps showing up to offer Hanna (possibily bugged) houses and business deals, but that would be a huge disappointment lol

  6. Custom avatar Random person April 28th, 2017 / Friday

    Remember the yesteryear days when Hanna used to throw random shit into kitchen appliances? Now she has gone full psycho stabbing random shit with a knife LOL
    I’m bored with the relationship parts, I don’t give a fuck about Haleb or Spoby. Ezria is shite, crap and I was wishing that Nicole could keep Ezra away, kbyethnks. The only one a bit juicy is Emison for the bitchiness, more bitchfights please!

    Pleasseeee keep up, I love your recaps

  7. Custom avatar JOHN April 29th, 2017 / Saturday

    I really hope you keep up with this half of the season! Favourite photo was where you pointed out the A.D. in Athletic Dept. LOL, made me cackle.

    Also, when we saw the game pieces that looked like the girls at the end of 7A finale, the Spencer piece was holding up a magnifying glass to its face, so that’s your mystery object :P

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