Season 7 Episode 10, Pretty Little Liars Recap, The DArkest Knight

Season 7 Episode 10, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 7 Episode 10, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 7 Episode 10, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Pretty Little Liars Recap Season 7 Episode 10
Episode Highlights:

HEADS WILL ROLL in this epic Pretty Little Liars finale, where Queen Jenna and King Noel declare all-out war against the pretty little liars. Who will win and who will get decapitated!?

Episode Grade: A+ (Epic!)
I can't believe PLL is finally gonna end! After this season

Hanna and Noel make a snuff film
Hanna goes off the deep end after abducting and torturing Noel.
Hanna threatens Noel with a knife! WTF!!!
I'm terrified of what Hanna might do to Noel with that knife.
OMG! Hanna attacks Noel with the knife and draws blood!
Hanna records herself threatening Noel with a knife, hoping to use it as evidence against him. WUT.
The pretty little liars call the police believing Hanna has been aducted, when in reality it's really the other way around.
Alison says: To quote my dead husband, karma's a bitch!
Spencer kisses Detective Furey out of the blue.
I can't get myself excited about Spencer and Marco's new relationship, sorry.
Toby and Marco shake hands as one passes the invisible relationship baton to the other.
Hanna and Noel make the news headlines after the police issued a missing person alert on her ass.
Hanna calls in Mona for crisis management once again.
Mona is a miracle worker doing massive damage control to clean up Hanna's mess.
It's not simply enough that Hanna can send Noel to prison, she wants to prove he is A too!
Mona coaches Hanna on how to make up a fake police testimony lmao~
Caleb and Hanna share a moment together right in front of Spencer. *awks*
Hanna and Caleb share a romantic kiss together. Um, what happened to backing off because you don't have feelings for him anymore? GURL.
Hanna and Caleb immediately make up on all the make-up sex that they've missed over the years.
Pretty Little Liars thinks they're so edgy showing us pseudo nudity with the Haleb sex scene.
That awkward moment when you realize Caleb also had fireplace sex with Spencer last season?
Did Hanna forget that she actually abducted Noel while she was having sex with Caleb?
The Second Coming of Nicole, Our Homewrecking Messiah
Aria has been celebrating ever since she found out her love rival Nicole didn't come back to life.
Nicole is dead!? Let's bring out the champagne and celebrate!
Aria is pulling all the stops to prepare a romantic dinner with Ezra right after he found out Nicole is dead.
Little does Aria know that her bliss is short-lived and that homewrecking ho Nicole is right around the corner!
Aria cusses out a customer service rep because she doesn't know Ezra's whereabouts.
Ha ha! Nicole is still alive! Suck it, Aria!
There's no way Aria can come between Ezra and Nicole now that they're reunited again, right?
Did Ezra really kiss Nicole or was it all in Aria's imagination? I'm so confused!
Let's cheer for Nicole and hope she is successful in her campaign to homewreck Aria and Ezra's relationship.
Let's cheer for Nicole and hope she is successful in her campaign to homewreck Aria and Ezra's relationship.

I’m pregnant with your stolen eggs, Emily
Paige thinks she can worm her way back to Emily's good graces, but Alison is gonna call her out on it!
Emily's milkshake brings all the girls to the yard, ooh yeah.
Alison doesn't really care that Emily has a girlfriend, but only brings it up to spite Paige.
Oh my god! Alison is pregnant! It's our first PLL baby!
Alison is pregnant with Archer's alien baby! Congratulations!
Alison is totally pregnant with Emily's stolen eggs from Season 6.
I wanna find somebody who loves me as much as Emily loves Alison, yo.
Is Alison kissing Emily because she wants to retaliate against Paige? Totally.
Emily is finally rewarded with some Emison sex during one of their many sleepovers together.
Paige has the audacity to refer to herself as Emily's girlfriend. Um bitch, you wish!
Rhetorical question, but why is Psycho Paige acting like such a crazy ex-girlfriend?
Emily is totally a puppet and Alison is pulling all the strings in control of every move.
Paige may have lost this battle for Emily's affections, but you haven't lost the war against Alison. Keep fighting, girl!
Spencer gives Toby the KISS OF DEATH
Detective Furey is more concerned about dating Spencer than catching criminals.
Detective Furey is trying to woo Spencer with dinner, but she can only think about Toby, Toby, Toby.
Spencer makes a bold play to win back Toby and steal him away from Yvonne.
Spencer gives Toby a book of French poetry as a nerdy parting gift.
Spencer outright asks Toby if she could kiss him one last time.
Spencer and Toby kissed while betraying Yvonne, almost like how Hanna and Caleb kissed while betraying Spencer.
Let's not forget that Spencer has a known track record for kissing other people's fiancés in the past.
I can't believe even Toby cheated on his fiancée in a rather uncharacteristic move.
Toby died in a car accident after Spencer kissed him! She gave him the KISS OF DEATH!!!
What if Spencer was the reason why Toby never checked up his car properly and caused him to have the accident?
After the car accident, Toby is definitely still alive and Yvonne is definitely a dead character about to be written off.
Toby should've broken up with Yvonne sooner in the season so that her character didn't need to needlessly die
Welcome to Queen Jenna’s castle of hell!
The blood test results confirm that Noel isn't Mary's missing child!
The pretty little liars record a fake conversation of themselves and trick the police into thinking they're still in the house.
Noel escaped captivity after stealing the incriminating footage of Hanna's crime.
Noel escaped captivity after stealing the incriminating footage of Hanna's crime.
Mona and Jenna have a heated exchange in the elevator. Fortunately, there was no bloodshed.
I thought Mona and Jenna were supposed to be allies, but I guess a partnership between two forces so powerful is never meant to last.
How is Jenna, a blind girl, able to put on her lipstick so perfectly?
Mona and Caleb have so much chemistry that they can make each other's coffee like a synchronized tag team.
Sydney is back, posing as a bad Jenna impersonator in order to trick Mona and Caleb.
 Jenna lured the pretty little liars into an abandoned school for the blind, also known as the Joseph Lloyd King School for the Blind.
Jenna's voice suddenly blasts out at the pretty little liars when they didn't reference her blindness properly.
Mary Drake is also haunting the blind school, like the Gengar to Jenna's Misdreavous
You see the USB for one moment...and now you don't see it anymore!

THIS IS WAR: Jenna & Noel vs. Pretty Little Liars
Emily forgot her phone inside this creepy school. JUST LEAVE IT AND BUY A NEW ONE!
War has officially been declared between the pretty little liars against Jenna and Noel!
Noel picked up a battle axe and planned to chop the pretty little liars into pieces.
Watch out! Jenna has a gun! I repeat, the blind girl has a gun!
Jenna stands on top of a staircase, threatening to kill the pretty little liars with a gun.
Emily punches Noel, and he falls to the ground right on top of his axe!
Noel decapitated himself with the axe and his head came right off! WTF!!!
I burst out laughing when Jenna kicked Noel's head with her foot.
Spencer, before you die, I am your mother
Jenna has the pretty little liars scrambling for their lives and cowering in fear
OMFG! Jenna shot Spencer with her gun!!!
Jenna was gonna end Spencer's life until Mary stopped her at the last possible moment.
Help, Spencer is dying from her gunshot wound! She won't live through Season 7B!
OMFG. Mary claims Spencer is her daughter! I AM YOUR MOMMA!
Spencer is completely WTF after she was told Mary is her birth mother during the final moments of her life.
Welcome to Jenna's Army, A.D.!!!
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20 Responses

  1. Default avatar Anonymous September 1st, 2016 / Thursday

    Yay!! You’re back!!! This finale was insane, and there are so many things to talk about, but I think I’m most looking forward to your comments on Nicole being alive!! Lolol serves Aria right for smiling last episode when she thought Nicole was dead!

    • Default avatar Anonymous September 1st, 2016 / Thursday

      Also, the guy who plays Marco is apparently 40, which is even older than Lorenzo! :P

    • Default avatar Recap Everything September 2nd, 2016 / Friday

      I know, I have so much to talk about! CONTROVERSIAL OPINION, but this Nicole plot is my secret guilty pleasure and I’m enjoying this ridiculous storyline a lot more than I should be. I look forward to Aria forcing herself to smile and clap when she attends Ezra & Nicole’s wedding in 7B, hehehe~

      “older than Lorenzo” = never thought this could ever be possible :O :O :O

  2. Default avatar Andrea CC September 2nd, 2016 / Friday

    It’s so great that you’re back! I look forward to your comments on Mary’s revelation to Spencer. I was incredulously talking to my tv “lady, I don’t think that’s the most appropriate time and place ffs”. Had I been Spencer, I’d just give up the ghost, right then and there, rather than have to be involved even more deeply in the DiLaurentis/Drake bs. Poor kid…as if being awful Melissa’s sister already wasn’t bad enough, now she’s got the whole Charlotte as a sibling trauma to deal with, as well…

    • Default avatar Recap Everything September 11th, 2016 / Sunday

      Queen Mary <3 She's one of those characters who always delivers the lulz every time she makes an appearance. The whole maternity test plot twist is kinda insane and I'm still trying to wrap my head around it. We've known Spencer Hastings for seven seasons and all of a sudden we find out she's...Spencer Drake? Sisters with Charlotte? Cousins with Alison? LIKE WUTTTT. You're right, Spencer is better off dead than to live with that type of cray-cray in her DNA. :(

  3. Default avatar Julia September 8th, 2016 / Thursday

    You’re baaaaaaaaack!
    This episode was hilarious. I laughed out loud several times, as did my poor boyfriend who always has to watch PLL when he cannot make a better suggestion. (Who’s the ultimate couple here now?!)

    I have to say, I’m glad that Haleb are back together, although I could have done without the sex scene that’s stealing screen time away from the actual plot, if such a thing still exists on PLL. Caleb is apparently only the best boyfriend ever when he’s Hanna’s boyfriend, and I choose to ignore Spaleb just as much as Ravenswood. (Not that I didn’t love Spaleb at first. Before things got all dramatic.) Someone on the PLL Subreddit pointed out how Haleb sexed it up in Lukas’ apartment and wouldn’t he see that on his Hanna shower cams? What’s your opinion on this?

    Also, while I generally find Aria really selfish, I can somehow feel for her. After years of being groomed by her high school English teacher, how can she go out and find another man? I also think that the jungle must have been less traumatic than being in a relationship with Ezra (especially when the jungle has a beauty salon), so Nicole seems like the winner here.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything September 11th, 2016 / Sunday

      The finale was very eventful and entertaining! I loved every moment of it~ ^_^

      Haleb: I wish I could unsee the past twenty episodes and go back to stanning this couple, but I just *can’t* get there with them right now. One thing I’m certain about is that I don’t wanna watch any more Haleb drama in 7B, they’ve had too much to fill up an entire lifetime. Just let them be happy and have cute low-key couple moments, that’s it.

      As for Lucas spying on the Haleb sex, I actually never considered this possibility! But now that you mentioned it…hmm, lemme put myself in his shoes. Watching Hanna have sex with another guy on a hidden camera is probably *the* closest that Lucas will get to having a sexual experience, so he should be ecstatic. I’m guessing he must’ve watched the footage countless times and even tried to digitally alter the tapes to crop Caleb out of the picture.

      I kinda feel bad for Aria to a certain extent, but she lost all sympathy with me after choosing Ezra over Jason “Jesus” DiLaurentis – excuse me, how could one make such a terrible life decision, you have nobody but yourself to blame for the mess you’re in right now. As for Nicole, I’m happy that she’s alive and I like her enough not to inflict Ezra upon her character. Run back into the jungle while you still can, girl!

  4. Default avatar JOHN September 13th, 2016 / Tuesday

    This episode was super awesome and when Noel died I was so confused between LMAO and/or NASTY AF.

    I thoroughly enjoyed your recap, please do the previous Season 7 episodes!

    I’m pretty sure Jenna missed when she shot, because right after that we hear Spencer shout “NO!” and then there was a 2nd gunshot (which was presumably A.D. and the bullet that actually wounded Spencer). So in the end Jenna was about as accurate as expected!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything September 14th, 2016 / Wednesday

      Noel’s death was so hysterically morbid. When his head first fell off, I was horrified, then I laughed, then I was horrified that I laughed. <3

      Yes, I'm definitely gonna do the Season 6 and Season 7 recaps with the goal of finishing them this year. (12 recaps in 3 months is doable for me, I think). My goal is to do one PLL recap per week. I'm gonna work on the 7x04 recap in a few days~

      And here I thought Jenna was so boss killing Spencer without even seeing her. *lol* Just think if Jenna managed to hit her shot and A.D. still fired a second shot anyway, we could have two dead liars instead of one. <3

  5. Default avatar -B September 14th, 2016 / Wednesday

    Yes I was looking forward to this recap! I loved the episode. I predicted Mary being Spencer’s mother at the beginning of the season, but then I thought pll was trying to trick the audience. Peter Hastings has some explaining to do. I think either he knocked up multiple women at the same time or there was some kind of weird mental patient surrogate thing going on if Veronica couldn’t carry her own child. I mean, would that really be that much more far-fetched than Alison being unknowingly impregnated with Emily’s stolen eggs? I didn’t think pll would go there either lmao, but I’m 75% sure the baby is Emily’s.

    Here’s my thoughts on the Jenna/Noel part: (1) why does this place look like it was abandoned in the 1950s instead of 2009? (2) lol at Noel falling DIRECTLY onto the axe and his head somehow rolling down the stairs (3) I don’t blame the plls for being scared of Jenna even though she’s blind. I would be scared if I saw Jenna in broad daylight. Being in a dark house with her as she carries a gun and cackles would be utterly terrifying

    Anyway, great job as always :) I can’t believe the show is coming to an end

    • Default avatar Recap Everything September 15th, 2016 / Thursday

      MY THEORY: Mary did a twin switcheroo and pretended to be Jessica, then she seduced Peter who was too horny to notice the difference. Peter’s sperm must have super fertility effects on the Drake women, so he manages to impregnate Mary in one shot as well. (As much as I *love* the idea of a mental patient surrogate, I can’t imagine a scenario where Veronica would ask Mary out of all the possible surrogates in the world.)

      I haven’t read any spoilers, but I’m 100% certain the bun in Alison’s oven belongs to Emily because I know that’s how Pretty Little Liars operate. *lol*

      (1) I KNOW. It’s surprisingly abandoned and run-down considering the place was still in operation a couple of years ago? Once again, it must be Jenna’s doing. She can use her witchly powers to turn a thriving house into a haunted hellhole overnight. (2) lololololololol (3) Exactly, they better be damn scared! Personally, I wouldn’t be afraid tho. As a loyal member of Jenna’s Army, I’d be running up to our queen, giving her directions, and helping her with her aim.

      Thank you for reading! :) I still can’t get over the shock that there are only ten episodes left! I feel like such a large part of my life is ending. ;_;

  6. Default avatar Kaleigh September 15th, 2016 / Thursday

    Omg I just realized that if Peter is Spencer’s father than that means Spencer and Jason are siblings AND cousins. Lol this is all so twisted and I love it!! Peter should be Charlotte’s father too because they would just make it all so twisted and perfect.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything September 16th, 2016 / Friday

      If Jason and Spencer finally make out with each other in 7B, it would also mean he’s committing both incest AND cousincest at the same time. Like killing two birds with one stone.

      We also need a plot twist where it’s revealed that Melissa isn’t Veronica’s biological daughter either. Instead, she was the love child between Peter and a third DiLaurentis/Drake triplet yet to be introduced on the show.

  7. Default avatar RE ADDICT September 20th, 2016 / Tuesday

    Will you be recapping the rest of 7A next? *crosses fingers* Because I think we all want RE’s thoughts on Jesus Jason and #Jaria. :o You need to make a Jason Pokémon!!

  8. Default avatar Parmesan September 21st, 2016 / Wednesday

    Can I just say that Mary Drake is a huge effing mess? Like woman, get it together. Putting kids up for adoption left and right? Gosh. At this point, i’m scared to think what the DiLaurentis family tree looks like.

  9. Default avatar Julia September 27th, 2016 / Tuesday

    While it usually irks me when people blame the whole Wren thing on a then 15-year-old Spencer, I now really want to see her going after Ezra just for the lulz and to finally get rid of Ezria if Nicole cannot (and I bet she cannot.)

  10. Default avatar Anonymous September 28th, 2016 / Wednesday

    My thumbdrive for your camera? They could’ve just copied over the damn files to a computer, or another USB or something. WTF? Why does it feel like the ZOMG the thumbdrive is gone moment could’ve been avoided?

  11. Default avatar Anonymous October 1st, 2016 / Saturday

    You need to do a haiku for Noel…

  12. Default avatar Me October 6th, 2016 / Thursday

    Spencer the cheater… She’s coming for you Ezra!!

  13. Custom avatar Ajess Druffalo May 5th, 2017 / Friday

    Lol, I love how the school has a room for learning to take care of babies ( this is your life now children you will either get pregnant or babysit Drake style) and the murder axe room to teach the proper way to kill next door (guess Noel should have taken this class). Also, when Noel’s head rolled, I kinda wanted Emily to go over, pick it up, and be like, “it’s ok guys. It’s fake” (like the dirty hotel scene) then take off its face to have a masked baby mannequin (courtesy of upstairs and fake Hannah death). Love your Arecap Deverythings by the way

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