Season 6 Episode 9, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Last Dance

Season 6 Episode 9, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 6 Episode 9, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 6 Episode 9, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Pretty Little Liars Recap Season 6 Episode 9
Episode Highlights:

ZOMG IT’S THE PROM!!! In this epic PLL episode, the pretty little liars fulfill all their prom fantasies inside a smelly old barn, while pretty little moms get hilariously drunk and lock themselves in a basement.

Episode Grade: A+ (Epic!)
The pretty little liars are not going to prom! NO PROM FOR YOU!!!

Spencer is still complaining about her valedictorian speech even though nobody actually cares about it.

The pretty little liars are PROMZILLAS
Veronica suggests that the pretty little liars have prom in Spencer's barn instead.
The pretty little liars wouldn't stop BITCHING about their prom.
Alison doesn't understand the sheer importance of prom. IT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY IN HISTORY.
A invites Alison to go to prom with him and even signs a txt message with xo Charles.
Ashley wants Hanna to wear her grandmother's necklace to prom.
Everyone wants to put on a ball gown and get splinters in their butts, Emily! It's my sexual fantasy!
Ashley just called Emily beautiful and asked her to be her date for prom. I SHIP ASHLEY AND EMILY SO HARD.
Ashley is very concerned that Caleb isn't going to prom with her! Erm, I mean, with her daughter!
Spencer’s speeches will move the world
Caleb is lying to his girlfriend about going to New York.
Caleb doesn't want to go to barn prom with Hanna.
Hanna thinks Caleb is investigating A behind her back, which is exactly what she did to him earlier this season.
Hanna wants to call the cops because Caleb wouldn't pick up his phone once. HELP! MISSING PERSON ALERT!
Toby is gonna be out of a job and stop being a police officer in 3…2…1.
Toby doesn't deserve to be a police officer anymore, with or without the drugs.
Spencer wants to talk to the police into giving Toby his job back.
Spencer is an incoherent unintelligible mess trying to defend Toby's honour.
Alison doesn't even care about saving her relationship with Lorenzo after they broke up.
Behind the scenes, Toby has played a critical part to destroying Alison's relationship with Lorenzo.
Alison stole Lorenzo's access card, credit card, gym membership card, and his Pokemon card.
Spencer gives a really emotional and heartfelt speech about believing in Alison.
Spencer is a massive LORISON shipper and roots for Alison and Lorenzo to get back together.
Even Sara doesn't wanna go to BARN PROM with her girlfriend Emily.
Sara would rather go to prom with Clare than Emily. Sorry gurl!

Ezra’s ultimate fantasy: five girls, one barn
Ezra wants to share a punch bowl with Aria and all of his former teenage students. WHAT A CREEP.
Ezra compares himself to a troll. You don't have to dress up, Ezra, you already are one.
Aria actually won the photography contest with her creepy doll pictures!
Ella is giving Ezra the silent treatment and does not talk to him at all.
Aria is freaking out over a lethal disco ball at prom.
The pretty little liars pose in their pretty little prom dresses.
Alison is wearing a bright yellow prom dress, the same as what she wore when she disappeared.
Ezra is in voyeur heaven taking countless pictures of the pretty little liars and their pretty little boobs.
Ezra places his index finger over Hanna's boobs on the camera.
Ooh yeah, the pretty little liars spend prom following updates on Instagram and bitching about their classmates at prom.
Aria and Emily are having a good bitch about Noel and his slutty drunken date at prom.
Apparently, Lucas and Jenna are going to the prom together! We'd never know since we never actually see it take place on screen.
Toby is a little scared of the pretty little liars and their mad smack talk.
Alison photobombs a photograph of a couple at the school prom.
PLL wine moms are my prom kweens
The pretty little moms are totally drunk and wasted at their party.
Veronica gives Ashley a refill in her wine glass.
Ella is throwing some major sass over Jessica DiLaurentis.
The pretty little moms dish the dirt on their cheating husbands.
Veronica tells the other moms that Jason isn't actually Kenneth's child.
 Veronica downs another bottle of wine after telling the pretty little moms about Peter and Jessica.
The other moms are beginning to worry that Veronica may have one too many wine for tonight.
Pam accuses Kenneth DiLaurentis of killing Jessica.
Veronica is gonna confront Kenneth over whether he killed his wife or not.
Will somebody rescue the moms from the basement!?
Veronica and the other pretty little moms are involved in a house invasion.
Ella gives Veronica one of her famous signature sideeyes.
Pam was having a nervous meltdown over breaking into Kenneth's house with the moms. I'M NOT LEAVING MY FINGERPRINTS ON THAT.
 Rhys and his eyebrows are also in the DiLaurentis house for some inexplicable reason.
Ashley searches high and low for a picture of Charles DiLaurentis.
Ashley is picturing a sexual experience with both Jason and Rhys at the same time.
The other pretty little moms shush Pam when she suggests they should leave the house.
The moms walk down the basement and get the door locked behind them. It's the oldest trick in the book.
The moms get locked in the basement for the rest of eternity, never to be rescued again after this episode. RIP PLL WINE MOMS.
Going to prom with mah high school teacher
How is Ezra able to attend this high school prom with Aria!? How did he get away with it!?
Ezra Fits should not be allowed anywhere near this school prom.
Aria dances with her high school teacher at prom.
Aria achieved her lifetime ambition of dancing with her high school teacher at prom.
Ezra won't be able to stalk Aria in LA because he's going to Thailand. So sad!
 Spencer gives her awe-inspiring valedictorian speech to Toby during the prom.
SPOBY KISS! The pretty little liars are more interested in making out with each other than protecting Alison's life.
Caleb has a new job working as an Information Risk Analyst.
This girl's hair is bigger than Marge Simpson's.
Hanna thinks Caleb's new job is a bank robber.
Emily and Sara slow dance together at the prom.
Sara is relegated to wearing a basic prom dress because she isn't allowed to outshine the pretty little liars.
Spencer thanks Lorenzo for coming to Alison's prom. Spencer's speeches work!

Ezra vs. Clark CATFIGHT!!!
Both Ezra and Clark are a bit too obsessed with taking pictures at a high school prom.
Ezra and Clark are both voyeuristic creeps who won't leave Aria alone.
Aria confronts Clark during the prom and asks him about his gay hookup behind the doll factory.
I love this unnecessarily hostile teacher who bitches out the pretty little liars during prom.
Ezra and Clark get into a physical alteration over who gets to stalk Aria.
Toby says he's a police officer without a shred of irony in his voice.
Unlike Toby, Clark is actually a real police officer who has been protecting the pretty little liars all along.
Aria is surprised that Clark is an undercover cop who only got close to her to collect intel.
Charles, is that you!?
Alison is weirdly possessive over her evil psychopath brother. BACK OFF, HE'S MINE!!!
Alison calls out Spencer for never even liking her.
Alison asks a random waiter if he's her brother or not.
I am shipping Alison with Dominic, the cute waiter at the prom.
Alison even thinks a tree could be Charles DiLaurentis.
Alison broke a mirror on the wall, which is seven years of bad luck!
Charles grabs Alison from behind! GURL U IN DANJA!
A removes the hoodie and reveals his true identity. GET HYPED, THE PLL SEASON FINALE IS GONNA BE AMAZING.
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20 Responses

  1. Default avatar Anonymous January 5th, 2016 / Tuesday

    LOL !!!! great recap. Since you mentioned the zombie apocalypse, I need the drunk moms to be in Zombieland 2. It would be perfect!!!

    Ella-Little Rock

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 6th, 2016 / Wednesday

      The pretty little liars and their love interests could all feature in the movie as the mindless zombies. <3

  2. Default avatar RE Addict January 5th, 2016 / Tuesday

    I love how the moms acted just like their daughters when drunk. Veronica was stirring shit up, Ashley stared at the hot guy, Ella kept making O_O faces, and Pam worried too much! You even called Pam the weakest link, which is what A (Mona) always called Emily!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 6th, 2016 / Wednesday

      I thought I saw some resemblance between the moms and the daughters, but I didn’t know how many similarities there were until you pointed it out, haha~ Like mother, like daughter. :D

  3. Default avatar Parmesan January 8th, 2016 / Friday

    I mean gosh. This show’s turned into such a hot lovable mess. Anything goes now, no matter how unexplainable. I had Wren theories too! But I guess there’s an added comedic element to it now, with the wine moms and bitchy one liners. Thnx for the recap, and will you recap the rest of season 5?

    Faithful recap addict,

    Parmesan – And anyone that doesn’t like my nickname can eat me (Ella Montgomery glare)

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 12th, 2016 / Tuesday

      I up your Ella Montgomery glare with another Ella Montgomery glare.
      Ella Montgomery bitchface

      I have fully accepted this show is a damn hot mess. The hotter and the messier it is, the better!

      Yup, recapping Season 5 is in the cards. After 6B is finished, I’m gonna finish recapping the rest of Season 4 –> then Season 5 –> and finally Season 1. I won’t rest until I recap every PLL episode there is, mwhahaha.

  4. Default avatar RE Fan January 12th, 2016 / Tuesday

    Are you excited for 6B?

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 12th, 2016 / Tuesday

      I’m more nervous than excited lol~ I feel like the time skip is such a big change for this show, so I don’t really know what to expect anymore.

    • Default avatar Super Creepy Stalker Ezra January 13th, 2016 / Wednesday

      Re: RE See, the show didn’t change at all. Except there are #WineDaughters following the steps of their mothers. :)

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 14th, 2016 / Thursday

      Yup, they’re still the same bitchy teenagers in adult women’s bodies, expect they’re now drinking cocktails instead of cappuccinos. <3

  5. Default avatar Katrina January 13th, 2016 / Wednesday

    Lmfao I love how you hyped up the next episode when you’ve already recapped it. Hilarious!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 14th, 2016 / Thursday

      Hehe. One of the good things about recapping these episodes sooooo late is that I have the power of ~*hindsight*~ and can crack jokes knowing what’s to come. :o)

  6. Default avatar Rebekah January 14th, 2016 / Thursday

    “A pure epic, iconic, legendary episode that will leave all us PLL viewers with our minds thoroughly blown. Ooh yeah, the hype is real, I promise you won’t be disappointed!!!”
    Hehe you sarcastic bitch <3
    Quick thoughts on the 6B premiere?

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 14th, 2016 / Thursday

      Quick thoughts on the 6B premiere:
      – I really liked it! It was interesting to see what these girls are doing with their lives five years into the future.
      – Ezra’s storyline so far is a real SNOOZEFEST. When will he go crazy or turn evil already?
      – Love the heart-to-heart between Toby x Emily, d’awww. <3
      - Love that Alison spent the past 5 years seducing the doctor and manipulating her friends just to get her sister released, only for karmic justice to kill her in less than 24 hours. <3
      - OMGLOL @ Spaleb. I love that there's a ~wife swap~ with the pretty little liars and I'm now praying the endgame couples are gonna be Spencer x Caleb and Hanna x Toby.

  7. Default avatar Rebekah January 14th, 2016 / Thursday

    I loved that Cece died after her release as well, lol karma bitch.
    Emily and Toby were cute, he seemed less annoying in this episode than he did in season 5 and 6 so I was happy to see him again.
    Yep Ezra’s already boring me, I read the synopsis of one of the next episodes and it has something to do with Aria helping him with his book… no.
    Yes I love the idea of Spencer and Caleb! They have so much chemistry, which you pointed out aaaages ago in a recap and I’ve been kinda on that crack ship since then too.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 17th, 2016 / Sunday

      Toby has been really annoying in these past few seasons, but Emily really brings the best out of his character. <3

      "Aria helping him with his book" WHAT. OMG. NO. I'D RATHER WATCH DEATH.

      Yes, I remember pointing out the crack ship between Spencer x Caleb (Cancer is still a better ship name for them btw) which I never thought would legit happen in a million years, but it's happening in front of us and their romance is a ~*beautiful rainbow*~.

  8. Default avatar Julia January 16th, 2016 / Saturday

    I love how you always come up with these awesome metaphors.

    I didn’t love the over-the-top make-up Hanna and Alison wore this episode. (And Alison’s overly tanned face in the 6B premiere.)

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 17th, 2016 / Sunday

      omg their make-up was totally cray, yo. Alison’s was a bit too much, but Hanna’s was A LOT too much. Usually the girls’ make-up on this show look pretty good, but I dunno what disaster happened here. I think the make-up artist thought it was THE PROM EPISODE and felt the need to massively overcompensate or something. It was like: “Welp, I have all these leftover products, so I might as well use them all on Hanna’s face!”

  9. Custom avatar antonella March 9th, 2017 / Thursday

    donde esta Alison se fue la busque por todo lados creo que la escuche gritar aun desparecida pobre siempre deseando los novios pero recuerda si besas yo cuento asustada descubrir lo dice tu lo hare yo asusto jenna crimen Alison muerta reemplezarla sospechosas

  10. Custom avatar antonella March 9th, 2017 / Thursday

    pense que realmente le caida bien pero lo todos lo que me dijo resulto una mentira de quien hablando cada palabra cada vista la señora dilaurentis ella tenia un romance con el papa bethany me preguntosi alquien en esa famlia es de confiar de palo tal astilla Alison conocia bethany el es una zorra vamos a intentar encontar otra palabras es una malvadad bethany no quiero decir desagradalble o o maleducada quiero decir malvadad sin alma puedes ser mejor persona del mundo ella consique me haga todo lo que quere cinco minutos con ella y ahogarias a gatitos en una bolsa si te lo pidiera dos minutos si era hombre si esta teniedo pernsamientos destructivos no destructivos de auto – desfensa soy yo ella no es lo unica que puede hacer plannes era bethany

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