Season 6 Episode 8, Pretty Little Liars Recap, FrAmed

Season 6 Episode 8, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 6 Episode 8, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 6 Episode 8, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Pretty Little Liars Recap Season 6 Episode 8
Episode Highlights:

This PLL episode features a Christian Grey wannabe; the pretty little liars’ nudes get leaked; Alison officially becomes Lorenzo’s wife; and there’s even a scandalous gay warehouse hookup!

Episode Grade: B+ (Great!)
Rhys Matthews is a Pretty Little Liars rip-off of Christian Grey from Fifty Shades of Grey.

Fifty shades of A
Rhys must be Charles DiLaurentis!
The pretty little liars are so desperate to pin the blame on somebody, even if it's a complete stranger like Rhys.
Hanna Marin, the recipient of a prestigious scholarship, doesn't even know what a college credit is.
Ashley is trying to convince her dumb daughter to just take the $30,000 scholarship.
Hanna orders a bubbly water from the office receptionist.
Spencer is playing around with a Magic 8 Ball in Rhys' office.
Hanna thinks that Rhys is spying on them in his office.
Hanna crumples a piece of paper to make sure this conversation isn't audible to the hidden audio recorders.
Rhys finally stopped spying on the pretty little liars and entered the office.
Rhys is a poor man's version of Christian Grey.
Rhys is just your typical corporate douchebag found in any office building, but he is not Charles DiLaurentis.
Imagine a world where Hanna Marin is the recipient of multiple scholarship offers from universities.
Rhys explains that Hanna's so-called scholarship is basically a load of crock.
Hanna takes a sneaky picture of Rhys on her phone.
Jason and Rhys have a long lost triplet brother who appeared in the first season.
Emily can't tell the difference between Jason and Rhys in this photo because THEY LOOK SO MUCH ALIKE ZOMG.
Emily, will you go to prom with me?
Aria is entering the photography contest with her creepy doll photos.
Ella doesn't want Aria to attend the art show because it could be dangerous at the gallery.
Ella and Lt. Tanner square off against each other.
Lt. Tanner is a sophisticated art critic who appreciates Aria's creepy doll photos.
Aria is wearing her ballerina dress for the art gallery show.
Aria has to give Emily directions just to retrieve a jacket from the tangled web of clothes I her closet.
Emily throws shade at Aria's loud and busy wardrobe.
Aria wants to keep her top secret prom dress hidden until the next episode! No looky-loos!
Aria is outraged that the adoring public may not get a chance to appreciate her prom dress in all its glory.
Aria asks Emily to be her prom buddy, unaware that she is already TAKEN by Sara Harvey.
Oh no, Aria is a single lady who doesn't have a date for prom!
Aria tells Emily that she would rather go to prom alone than go with Clark.

Ezra, will you go to prom with me?
Clark asks Aria a million personal questions like always.
Clark is touching Aria in inappropriate places, stop it!
Ezra is seething with rage because Clark is stalking Aria when he should be the ONLY stalker in Aria's life.
Ezra warns Aria about Clark being the second biggest stalker on the show, the biggest stalker being Ezra himself.
I'd like to introduce Ezra to the word HYPOCRISY.
Ezra offers to become Aria's own personal bodyguard.
Aria asks Ezra to be her prom date, as just platonic friends of course!
Aria immediately regrets asking Ezra to prom and rejects herself before he could reject her.
Who is actually willing to go to prom with Aria?
Ezra would love to go to prom with you, Aria, or any of his formerly underage high school students!
Ezra introduces Aria to his new (soon-to-be) girlfriend, Nicole.
Aria has turned to stone after seeing Ezra and Nicole together.
Clark’s scandalous gay hookup!!!
Aria turned the tables on Clark and began asking him a lot of invasive questions.
Aria refuses to ask Clark to go to prom with her.
Aria makes fun of Clark for having no friends or family here to support him.
Aria bullied Clark about his family without even knowing about it.
Clark and Rhys are secret gay lovers who are having gay sex inside a warehouse.
The pretty little liars immediately go tell Aria that her friend Clark is gay.
Aria thinks she won the photography contest before they even announced the winner.
A replaced Aria's creepy doll photos with creepy morgue photos of the pretty little liars instead.
Lt. Tanner somehow interprets NO SON LINDAS as an implicit death threat directed at her.
Ella is raging because the police are so utterly useless and incompetent.
Red Coat is eavesdropping on Mama Marin and Mama Montgomery talking about tea and prom.
Aria is upset that her nudes got leaked to the public.
Ezra is constantly touching these girls' bodies in the recent PLL episodes.

Alison is the perfect waifu
Alison suddenly sympathizes with A as soon as she found out A could be her brother.
Alison likes to pretend that she has all these fond childhood memories of her brother Charles.
Hanna Marin was bitching out Alison in every second of this scene! YAAAAS GURL!.
Hanna Marin is not impressed.
Alison has already become Lorenzo's wife even though they only started dating for a while..
Alison loves doing all of Lorenzo's chores and taking care of her man.
Lorenzo Is ordering Alison around like she's his servant.
Alison DiLaurentis is some serious wife material who knows how to cook, clean, wash, and manage a household like a badass boss.
Alison steals Lorenzo's access card and heads over to the police station.
Lt. Tanner catches Alison snooping around the police station for clues.
Lt. Tanner is calling out a bitch and rips into Alison for jeopardizing the police investigation.
Alison is caught red-handed holding a piece of evidence in her hands. I DIDN'T TOUCH ANYTHING!
Lt. Tanner, stop looking at Alison like you want to DEVOUR her.
Alison is sad that the police may use lethal force against her evil brother Charles.
Lorenzo breaks up with Alison after she stole his police access card.
Alison DiLaurentis is a motherfucking boss and doesn't need your permission to do anything, Lorenzo!
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8 Responses

  1. Default avatar Anonymous January 1st, 2016 / Friday

    Ali has been seriously getting on my nerves since she came back from the dead. She’s just a boring mary sue character, It doesn’t help that the Alison/emison fandom are the most obnoxious people i have ever come across (sorry to the sane fans)

    LOL at the FSOG references. p.s , did you know Lucy Hale auditioned for Anastasia?

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 4th, 2016 / Monday

      Yup, I did some scholarly research (aka. browsing celebrity gossip sites) while working on this recap and found out about Ms. Hale’s audition! I also learned that Ms. Benson was VERY vocal about her desires to get her baps out on the big screen too. Our pretty little actresses are such ~*ambitious*~ starlets, hehe. ^_^ I’m glad they didn’t land the role only because I don’t want them to leave PLL yet.

      RE: Alison, I am still firmly on her fanwagon altho I can totally see how her character can rub people the wrong way. I just love that she’s like this churchgoing goody-two-shoes who’s still a devious manipulative bitch deep down no matter how hard she suppresses it. I am also one of the INSANE Emison shippers, sorry not sorry. *lol*

  2. Default avatar JOHN January 1st, 2016 / Friday

    I completely LOST IT at “Aria’s smelly tuna tin” :’). I cant wait for your recap of Last Dance. I also need to congratulate you on the smooth timing of your updates as of recent. I don’t want to jinx it :P, but please,keep up the good work!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 4th, 2016 / Monday

      Sometime when I’m working on these recaps, I feel like a lot of my jokes are only funny in my head and I thought that “smelly tuna tin” was one of those comments, so I’m glad you laughed too! :D

      TY, I’ll my best to keep up this streak of updates even when 6B starts! I’m getting into ~*da groove*~ with these recaps again.

  3. Default avatar Dime January 9th, 2016 / Saturday

    Yes! Glad to see you’ve been back for a while! I missed your recaps a lot. Though I don’t really want to watch 6B, I’ll watch it only to read your recap gold.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 12th, 2016 / Tuesday

      Thanks for coming back! :D

      Let’s hope that 6B is gonna be *SO SURPRISINGLY GOOD* that you would wanna watch these episodes because of the actual quality and not just because of my recaps. I don’t have very high expectations, but fingers crossed!

  4. Default avatar AJ January 11th, 2016 / Monday

    I’m only on season 5 at the moment, but I wanted to let you know that your recaps are so awesome! I probably wouldn’t even have bothered with this season if it weren’t for your recaps :D So many of my friends take this show waaay to seriously, but I’m just here to laugh at it! Thanks so much for the hard work :))

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 12th, 2016 / Tuesday

      THANK YOU! Really appreciate your kind comments! :D

      I actually take Pretty Little Liars way too seriously as well, or else I wouldn’t write be writing these 10,000+ word recaps about it lol, but most of the time I can just laugh at how ridiculous this show is. The best way to enjoy PLL is to simply laugh along with it.

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