Season 6 Episode 7, Pretty Little Liars Recap, O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Season 6 Episode 7, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 6 Episode 7, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 6 Episode 7, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Pretty Little Liars Recap Season 6 Episode 7
Episode Highlights:

Happy birthday, A! Your birthday present was supposed to be a bag of gummy bears with a kick of marijuana, but Officer Toby already ate them all. This episode also has more Sara Harvey drama & more Vandergomery drama, ugh.

Episode Grade: F (Filler!)
The ongoing Sara Harvey drama continues in this episode of Pretty Little Liars.

Sara Harvey is an unnecessary human being and I'm sick of her unnecessary drama.

Sayonara, Sara!
Emily has fond memories of making out with Sara.
Emily promises Sara there will be more kisses.
Emily has a serious foot-in-mouth syndrome.
Sara's friend Claire is back!
Claire has a major personality transplant and loves Sara again.
Emily tagged along Sara and Claire's playdate like the ultimate third wheel.
Emily shuts down the idea of Sara and Claire sleeping together.
Unfortunately for Emily, Sara and Claire have become friends again.
Sara Harvey is Emily's concubine and must never leave her confinement.
Sara kisses Emily and promises they will still have sexy times after moving out.

Mona x Mike are the *worst* couple
Aria gets to compete in some prestigious photography contest.
Aria decides to quit creepy doll photography.
Aria compares her crappy doll photos to Picasso's artwork.
Aria tied the hands of the doll like a twisted sicko!
Mike and Mona are the worst couple on Pretty Little Liars.
Mona deserves a better love interest than Mike, sorry not sorry.
Mona deserves a better love interest than Mike, sorry not sorry.
Cody Christian is not that great of an actor, sorry not sorry.
Mike and Mona kiss and end our misery of listening to them converse.
Hanna wins a scholarship
Holy shit, Hanna receives a cheque for $30,000!
Ashley applied for as many scholarships as possible while her daughter got abducted.
Ashley ripped open Hanna's mail as soon as she detected there's a $30,000 cheque inside.
Jason gave Ashley that $30,000 as prostitution money.
Hanna discovers her scholarship money came from illegitimate means.
Ashley already cashed out that DiLaurentis money since yesterday.
A’s birthday party
Kenneth is running away as soon as he received a birthday card from his dead son.
Alison criticizes her dad for running away from A instead of telling the police.
Lorenzo and Jason have (sexual) tension with each other.
Alison is antagonizing her dad as much as possible.
Alison asks Mona to give her a car ride.
Alison and Mona share tips on how to get away with murder.

Dr. Hanna Marin, M.D.
Ezra and Caleb must be envious of A's tracking device.
Aria hears a beeping noise and immediately starts pressing on the back of her neck.
Hanna thinks the word is cyclops and not cyborgs.
The pretty little liars are planning to surgically remove the microchip implants by themselves.
The pretty little liars learn how to perform neck surgery by watching an online video.
The pretty little liars removed the microchips from their necks.
Toby gets high on gummy bears
Aria is calling the police to capture A! Or not…
The pretty little liars are going to tell Toby about A!.
Toby agrees to help the pretty little liars on their dumb scheme behind Lt. Tanner's back.
Toby thinks Spencer's gummy bears is a special gift for him.
Toby is high on gummy bears after taking some of Spencer's drugs by accident.
Mona tries to apologize to Alison inside the car.
Alison is calling the cops on you, Mona!
Alison isn't afraid to call the cops and expose A's real identity.
Jason is obsessed with meeting his brother Charles.
 Jason is obsessed with meeting his brother Charles
Toby is tripping balls and all doped up on drugs at the arcade.
A attacks Lorenzo with lotsa tennis balls!
Jason is mounting on top of his half-sister Spencer.
Spencer begs for Toby's forgiveness after unknowingly drugging him with her gummy bears.
Toby is totally gonna lose his police job after taking all those drugs.
Mike consoles Aria with some news about hooking up with Mona.
Jason goes on a drinking binge after A's escape.
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3 Responses

  1. Default avatar R.E FC December 26th, 2015 / Saturday

    OMG, the Mike trolling at Aria reminded me of Aria trolling at Spencer in the toilet. Back in Season 3, when Spencer cried the fuck out in the toliet and all Aria can say is ‘Ezra’s Back!’. LOL. How’s that feeling, Aria.

    • Default avatar Rebekah December 27th, 2015 / Sunday

      I thought the exact same thing! It reminded me of the recap of that episode where RE tore her apart over it haha

    • Default avatar Recap Everything December 28th, 2015 / Monday

      LMAO. I genuinely didn’t even remember that until u guise pointed it out. I guess I tend to block out any Ezria memory from my head, but how could I forget such a classic Aria moment?

      Aria cheering Spencer up about news of her Ezria reconciliation

      btw aria, what goes around comes around~~~

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