Season 6 Episode 6, Pretty Little Liars Recap, No Stone Unturned

Season 6 Episode 6, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 6 Episode 6, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 6 Episode 6, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Pretty Little Liars Recap Season 6 Episode 6
Episode Highlights:

In this episode, we dive deeper into the Lesli Stone drama that nobody cares about. Also, Aria’s personal life is invaded by her stalkers; Hanna and Caleb get rough with make-up sex; Emily finally scores with Sara Harvey.

Episode Grade: C (Meh.)
Dean arrives at Spencer's doorstep looking for some nookie.

How many of Spencer's love interests have appeared at her doorstep?

I’m in love with you, Spencer!
Dean is in the hood, wassup!
Dean is lavishing Spencer with presents.
Dean and Spencer should just kiss already instead of conversing.
Spencer won't STFU about her valedictorian speech.
Dean tells Spencer to JUST SAY NO to her valedictorian speech.
Dean is gonna steal your girlfriend away from you, Toby
Dean is waiting outside Spencer's entrance, looking very thug and gangster.
Dean is lecturing Spencer on missing one NA meeting.
Dean is pissed off that Spencer didn't show up at her NA meeting tonight.
Nobody cares about your valedictorian speech, Spencer.
Dean gives his love confession to Spencer!
Dean and Spencer didn't even kiss in the end.
Dean started using drugs again because he got rejected by Spencer.
Haleb has make-up sex
Hanna can't stand being in the same room as Caleb for more than five seconds.
Hanna's mom is eyeing Caleb like a hungry cougar on the prowl.
Caleb is caught reading a relationship self-help book.
Ashley was looking at Caleb like she wanted to explore the undeniable sexual chemistry between them.
Hanna laughs at sad movies and cries at happy movies.
Hanna left the fridge door open and wasted a lot of food.
Hanna and Caleb have hot rough make-up sex!
Hanna only wants to have sex with guys who treat her like trash!

Aria & her entourage of stalkers
Aria gets caught stealing Clark's photo negatives.
Clark is not impressed that Aria stole his photos.
Emily ditched Aria with the creepy stalker just so she can meet up with her lesbian friend.
Nicole is one of Emily's old friends from Haiti.
The Ezria fans obviously hate Nicole for coming in between their favourite ship.
Ezra sexually harasses Emily in the workplace!
Clark is such a creepy stalker towards Aria and asks her a million invasive questions.
Ezra also shows up at Aria's doorstep. Poor Aria can't escape from her stalkers.
Ezra stole Aria's photo competition appliation form
Ezra and Aria having a special bonding moment over his stalker ways.
A gives Aria a creepy doll with a knife stabbed into its eye.
Aria tries to drag everyone into her tedious Ezria drama once more.
Aria sees Ezra flirting with Nicole in the coffee shop late at night.
Is her name spelled as Lesli Stone or Leslie Stone!? E or no E!?
Lesli's actress doesn't show up at any point in this episode.
Hanna shows her black bra strap to some horny parking valet.
The parking valet hands over Lesli's car keys just because he saw Hana's bra.
Lesli deserves to have her car stolen by Hanna.
The irony of Hanna calling other people slobs.
The pretty little liars discover fake glasses and large animal cages inside Lesli's car.
Hanna wears a pair of fake glasses.
Spencer wears fake glasses while giving us the middle finger.
The pretty little liars hear a beeping noise coming out of their necks.
BITCH CHIPPED US! The pretty little liars cry out in realizaiton.
Hanna suddenly becomes a heroic animal saviour.
The raccoon is about to attack Hanna!
Aria had a rat jump onto its shoulder!
Mona tells off the pretty little liars for being dumb bitches.
Papa DiLaurentis is digging up his son's grave.

Emily x Sara KISS!
Sara strips down to her bra in front of Emily.
Emily is rubbing lotion all over Sara's naked body.
Emily is gawking at Sara and her breasts.
Caleb's favourite celebrity couple is Kimye.
Nicole is becoming everybody's new love interest.
Emily can't go to Thailand because she has to stay home and handle the Sara Harvey drama.
Sara pretends to be attacked by A off-screen.
Sara and Emily have hot passionate lesbian sex.
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10 Responses

  1. Default avatar RE Addict December 15th, 2015 / Tuesday

    I 100% agree with you on Nicole! I love her, only because she got between Ezria! Although I feel like she’s gonna die during the time jump, since in the 5 Years Foward Special, they said something bad will happen to Ezra in Thailand, and make his life oh so difficult. So I’m fine with her dying if it means Ezra will stop shaving and start drinking again!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything December 16th, 2015 / Wednesday

      If Nicole does die in Thailand, one of those Ezria fans must have followed her there and cruelly assassinated her. YOU MUST DIE FOR OUR SHIP, HO!!! I also have a couple of other theories, all of which point to Ezra as the culprit~~~ I’m *loling* at Drunk Ezra in 6B because he sounds like a HOT MESS. He’s gonna be a nasty drunk and I already love it.

    • Default avatar RE ADDICT December 16th, 2015 / Wednesday

      I’m so excited for horrible Ezra moments, especially that scene from the promo- “GET OUT! NOW!!!!”

    • Default avatar Recap Everything December 22nd, 2015 / Tuesday

      Sad to say, but Ezra’s character is only enjoyable when he’s at the lowest of lows and being an absolutely horrible human being. *lol*

  2. Default avatar Julia December 15th, 2015 / Tuesday

    Nicole can have them all, but no one comes between Haleb!!!11111!!!

    … Anyway, my only thought when seeing Sara naked was “that bra looks like the wrong size.” It rides up in the back and squishes her boobs in the front, that must be super uncomfortable.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything December 16th, 2015 / Wednesday

      That’s right, Nicole better back away from Haleb! If anyone is gonna come in between Hanna x Caleb, Ashley called dibs first!

      Sara’s breasts are the REAL caged animals that need to be liberated in this episode. I was wondering if Sara and Emily are sharing bras, so maybe that’s why it’s looking a lil squished. PLL missed an opportunity here, Emily should have taken Sara to go ~*bra shopping*~ during this episode, imagine the sexual tension possibilities in that scene. ;O

    • Default avatar Julia December 19th, 2015 / Saturday

      It’s decided: You should take over scriptwriting for this show.

  3. Default avatar Anonymous December 18th, 2015 / Friday

    When you were describing Ezra’s “sexual desires” for Emily and Nicole, all i could think of was “Mr. Fitz, step away from the underage girls”

    • Default avatar Julia December 19th, 2015 / Saturday

      I don’t think Nicole is underage. Which makes it strange Ezra seems to like her…

    • Default avatar Recap Everything December 22nd, 2015 / Tuesday

      Mr. Fitz definitely needs to step away from the underage girls and hold his hands up where we can see dem. Did your know that Emily actually quit her barista job in the next episode? I have no doubt it’s because she didn’t feel this was a safe work environment anymore after he behaved like such a *lolcreep* during that scene.

      Also, Nicole is definitely the outlier in Ezra’s history of sexual conquests. He usually goes for teenage students or absolute bitches (i.e. Jackie, Maggie), so Nicole is way too old and way too normal for his refined tastes. Maybe he’s just warming her up before suggesting a lesbian threesome with him, Nicole, and Emily or something kinky like that. <-- thinking like Ezra

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