Season 6 Episode 5, Pretty Little Liars Recap, She’s No Angel

Season 6 Episode 5, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 6 Episode 5, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 6 Episode 5, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Pretty Little Liars Recap Season 6 Episode 5
Episode Highlights:

Spencer has a drug-induced dance hallucination; Alison gets into a catfight with a cop; Emily has a new tramp stamp; Lesli Stone is back and bitchier than ever!

Episode Grade: A (Loved it!)
Spencer watches an interpretive dance while she's high on drugs.

Maddie Ziegler performs an interpretive dance on Pretty Little Liars.

Say yes to drugs, Spencer!
Spencer is giving Aria cramps. :(
Spencer thinks the dancing sewage girl is supposed to look like a young Alison!?!?
Mona is deliberately trolling Spencer.
Recap Everything supports Spencer's consumption of drugs!
Spencer is sexting Toby on her phone lmfao.
Spencer is totally getting laid with Toby as soon as he comes back, hey hey!
Keegan Allen posing in his underwear with James Franco.
Hanna and Caleb aren't having any sex. Poor girl!
Spencer smacks Hanna's hand away when she tries to steal a bite of the pot cookie.
Spencer is being a greedy pothead!
Spencer got caught stealing brownies from Potheads Anonymous.
Meet Sheldon, the recovering drug addict!
Spencer is caught red-handed with brownies at the recovering drug addicts meeting.
Dean makes a second cameo appearance on the show..
Dean is a desperate ho who invites Spencer over for a booty call.
Spencer is magically cured from her drug addiction.
Spencer gives away her pot cookies to Dean, prompting a bad joke from him.

Alison x Lorenzo KISS!!!
Alison catches two police officers calling
Toby must be one of the police officers caught talking smack about Alison.
Kenneth agrees with the police officers that his daughter is in fact a little skank.
Alison lodged an official complaint against the police and got them sacked.
How is Lorenzo considered closer to Alison's age in any way!?
Alison got exactly what she wanted in the end like always.
Alison and Lorenzo KISS!!!
Alison's father sees her teenage daughter making out with an adult man.
Lorenzo's actor, Travis Winfrey, was involved in a SOCIAL MEDIA CONTROVERSY.
Emily has a new tattoo
Sara Harvey has some boring drama with Mama Harvey.
Emily is preventing Sara from going back to her family.
Emily wants Sara to get emancipated so that she can have Sara all to herself.
Emily and Sara turn to Caleb for advice on legal emancipation.
Hooray, Sara is legally emancipated from her parents!
Sara decides to get a tattoo to symbolize her freedom and independence.
Sara convinced Emily to get a tattoo at the parlour.
Emily got a Chinese tattoo that she mistaken as a Japanese one. That's not the Japanese for courage, dear!
Emily gets a tattoo placed near her good china.

Hi Aria! I’m your new bestie!
Aria is obsessed with her creepy doll photography.
Aria's creepy doll obsession is creepy af.
Clark the Creeper is suddenly Aria's new best friend.
What is Clark's purpose? What does he want with Aria? Leave her alone!
Aria is being stalked by Clark, Ezra and A at the same time!
Aria has some weird ethical dilemma over taking Clark's photos? GIRL JUST STEAL THEM.
Clark accidentally took a grainy photograph of A.
Sara runs away as soon as she thought her identity was exposed!
Sara Harvey is the guiltiest bitch in the history of ever!!!
Mona dresses up as Jenna for her Halloween costume.
Mona might be arrested for faking her own death and framing Alison for murder.
Mona is so scared that Alison will retaliate against her somehow.
Mona is absolutely shocked to hear Alison is a good little churchgoer. CHURCH!? ALISON!?
Mona left a card in Alison's mailbox as an apology.
Lesli Stone is back and bitchier than ever.
Lesli launches into an angry tirade against Mona!
Maddie Ziegler's face is plastered on the walls of Radley.
Hanna freaks out over a blow-up doll in the bathtub.
Mona purposely drew the pretty little liars' attention to Lesli's case file at Radley.
Lesli has an epic meltdown at the end of the episode.
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10 Responses

  1. Default avatar Julia December 6th, 2015 / Sunday

    I loved this recap! You have such a great eye for detail.

    As for Aria and her “crime”, there was also option 3: Just ask to borrow the negatives! But that must be too straightforward to the PLLs…

    There’s a book series with a character named Ali that reminds me of our friend here a lot; if you’re interested, it’s Daughter of the Lioness by Tamora Pierce.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything December 6th, 2015 / Sunday

      Thank you! It’s hard not to be this ~*detail-oriented*~ in the recap after rewatching this episode ten times. *lol*

      lol ikr? Why didn’t Aria just ask Clark for the photo negatives? Duh, girl, duh.

      I have not heard of this book series before, but I read the entire Wikipedia entry of the book (classic Ali move) and it does sound a lot like Alison’s ~journey~ on the show! I definitely see the resemblance~ Hopefully when PLL ends, they’ll make a TV show out of this book series too! ^_^

  2. Default avatar Mona December 6th, 2015 / Sunday


    • Default avatar Recap Everything December 6th, 2015 / Sunday

      Mona! What are you doing!? Get outta here, you demon imp!!! *prays for u*

  3. Default avatar Rebekah December 6th, 2015 / Sunday

    I love your little recapping streak at the moment, keep it up girl!
    For real though what is the point of Lesli Stone? I forgot about her until this recap. I could barely even concentrate on that scene where she yells at Hanna and Mona because of her acting! I don’t really know how to explain it but her eyes were all over the place and she sounded like she was straight off the script, tragic.

    • Default avatar Rebekah December 6th, 2015 / Sunday

      *reading straight off the script

    • Default avatar Recap Everything December 7th, 2015 / Monday

      Thanks gurl~ I am *so* committed to working on Recap Everything right now, more than I ever have been in the past year! Expect another (partial) recap up in a day or two! :D

      OMG. Lesli’s actress must come from the same School of Amateur Acting as Sara Harvey’s actress. The way she delivered all her lines was so distinctively unnatural, like she memorized off the script and was in a hurry to blurt everything out before she forgot her lines. Definitely tragic. *nods solemnly*

    • Default avatar Rebekah December 7th, 2015 / Monday

      Glad to hear that! Even the partial recaps are good just so we know that they’re coming :)
      Yeah that describes exactly how Lesli delivered her lines, so quick and rushed it was just completely unnatural. Her eyes freaked me out too, you can just see her keep looking in a million different directions instead of at one person. So weird

    • Default avatar Recap Everything December 11th, 2015 / Friday

      I still wish I could post the ~entire~ recap all at once, but I like doing these partial recaps too. It lets the readers know that I *am* working on the recap + I’m so OCD that I cannot leave a partially completed recap stay published for too long without finishing it lol.

  4. Default avatar Anonymous June 30th, 2016 / Thursday

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