Season 6 Episode 4, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Don’t Look Now

Season 6 Episode 4, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 6 Episode 4, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 6 Episode 4, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Pretty Little Liars Recap Season 6 Episode 4
Episode Highlights:

In this episode, Spencer goes on a drug binge; Hanna goes grave robbing; Emily goes swimming with another ho; Aria goes to A’s beauty salon and gets her hair done.

Episode Grade: B (Good!)
Spencer is high on drugs.

Spencer has a drug problem
Spencer has drug-induced hallucinations.
Spencer is covered in menstrual blood.
Spencer is desperate for pills.
Spencer the drug addict hits an all-time low.
Spencer digs through Aria's garbage for pills.
Stoner Sabrina and her pot cookies.!
Spencer orders some drugs from Sabrina.
Sabrina is just giving away drugs for FREE.
Sabrina gives free pot to Spencer.
Ezra catches Spencer picking up drugs at his coffee shop.
Spencer yells at Ezra when he tries to patronize her.
Ezra is a creeper preying on Spencer.
Ezra wants to pry information from Spencer.
Aria gets a haircut
Aria and her father have some weird tension.
Aria opens up to her father about the dollhouse.
You're MY doll, bitch! - A
A tortures Aria by giving her a stylish makeover.
Aria rebels against A and refuses to dye her hair.
A cuts off Aria's hair when she doesn't obey.
Aria's new haircut is actually pretty stylish!
Aria has a panic attack in the darkroom.
Aria meets her new love interest, Clark.
Aria talks photography p0rn with Clark.
Aria is obsessed with photography lately.
Aria likes taking creepy photos of dolls.

More unnecessary Shower Harvey scenes
Sara likes to climb on top of roofs.
I don't even know that bitch Sara!
Sara wasting our time with her storyline.
Emily goes swimming with Sara during night.
Is Sara going to drown Emily too?
Emily and Sara almost share an underwater first kiss.

Stop protecting me, Caleb!
The pretty little loved ones are useless.
Caleb vows to protect Hanna forever.
Caleb takes his bodyguard job very seriously.
Caleb plants a tracking device in Hanna's car.
Caleb is stalking and spying on Hanna everywhere.
Hanna is mad that her boyfriend cares about her so much.
Hanna kicks Caleb out of the house.
A is also stalking Hanna's every move across town.
History of Charles DiLaurentis
Papa DiLaurentis drops some massive truth bombs about Charles.
Charles DiLaurentis isn't welcomed into the family.
Jason is upset that he lost his imaginary friend Charlie.
Jason has an existential crisis.
Charles tried to drown Alison in the bathtub during childhood.
Alison almost got murdered by her own older brother.
Alison and Jason's terrible photoshop picture lmao~
Charles DiLaurentis is obviously not dead, duh!
Aria has super sleuthing skills in the data storage facility.
Emily is the official Alison DiLaurentis historian.
Jason drives a car with an arm in one sling.
Jessica doesn't let her injured son into Aunt Carol's house.
Jessica denies a loud ruckus in Aunt Carol's house.
Hanna talks shit about Alison's family.
Hanna tries to dig up Charles' grave.
Don't rest in peace, Charles DiLaurentis!
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11 Responses

  1. Default avatar ANONYMOUS July 1st, 2015 / Wednesday

    Hanna is such a dumb bitch. Does she know that her other friends would kill to have a boyfriend like hers? If Spencer knew there was a way for her to finally get some sleep without waking up every 10 seconds she’d dump angsty Toby right on his ass and run straight into Caleb’s arms. [Facepalm]. I love how REALISTIC their search for Charles’ Radley file was. Within minutes of entering the fairly large warehouse, with who knows how many files contained in unspecific boxes, ARIA out of all people finds Charles’ Radley documents that were among a dozen others in a file called “Radley”. Are they saying that Aria suddenly became super efficient in box checking, or found ultra-violet vision and somehow located it, or pulled out a wand and said Acchio Charles’ Radley file? Or maybe, and most probably, SOMEone brushed up on their Dark Arts. But I somehow I find it hard to imagine any of those possibilities happening. Don’t trust Pretty Liars Mystery Inc. to do your investigating. Even Daphne was more competent.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything July 1st, 2015 / Wednesday

      I know, Hanna has so many *DUMB BITCH* moments that it makes me wanna facepalm too. I have no idea why she’s so averse to good boyfriends and common sense, but she treats them like they’re her enemies? :| I might be shipping Caleb x Ashley more than I ship Caleb x Hanna at this point, at least Mama Marin knows a good catch when she sees one~

      LOL @ Aria developing these incredible sleuthing skills this season. I thought it was just a lucky coincidence that she found the hidden photograph last episode, but now it’s just getting a little ridiculous. I’m totally on board with the Dark Arts theory and believe Aria may have sacrificed some of her hair in order to attain newfound psychic superpowers.

    • Default avatar Julia July 1st, 2015 / Wednesday

      I don’t know. Sure, Caleb is great, but he could have at least asked before he put that tracker into her car.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything July 2nd, 2015 / Thursday

      I think Hanna would have FLIPPED OUT even if Caleb asked her politely to put a tracker inside her car. “Like what the hell, if I wanted a stalker boyfriend, I’d go for Ezra!” It was a lose-lose situation either way.

    • Default avatar HOC July 6th, 2015 / Monday

      LOL no, #TeamHanna
      Hanna is right in not wanting to be treated as a helpless bitch who needs to be rescued all the time. Geez caleb, Edward cullen much?

    • Default avatar ANONYMOUS July 12th, 2015 / Sunday

      Lol YASS. Like I don’t want to start a beef with anyone and I love PLL and the Liars as much as the next PLL addict, but I have to go with #TeamCaleb on this one. I’ve seen Hanna try to be independent, and I am a FIRM believer in Femminism and equality and all (don’t get me wrong), and the moments just made me CRINGE, like what about the bright idea SOMEONE had about burying the gun? Anyway, I agree that Caleb should have taken it down a notch, but you have to realise that he did it out of compassion in the only way he knew how (gadget genius remember?), and you would feel inclined to protect Hanna in SOME form or another if you were in his situation too. Maybe more trust issues rising…

      It was a nice change though, GO HANNA, GO CALEB, GO EVERYONE so long as we learn who A is. Otherwise, I will lose touch with some of my sanity.

      Loved this week’s recap, can’t wait for your next. I’ve got a Spencer addiction with this website. Quick, before I hallucinate. <3

  2. Default avatar Anonymous July 1st, 2015 / Wednesday

    Great recap,as usual. I was actually hoping Sara and Emily kissed in the pool, just so Paige could pop up and drown that bitch herself. Seriously, she is SO ANNOYING. Also, this episode proved Spencer and Jason really are brother and sister, with their shared interest in getting high (maybe that’s why Jason is so dumb, I’ll forgive him though cause hello,have u seen him?)

    • Default avatar Recap Everything July 1st, 2015 / Wednesday

      The only good thing about Sara is that her character makes me realize how much I miss Psycho Paige. <3 Paige needs to return to the show and seriously own this counterfeit bitch. BACK OFF MAH WOMAN. *drowns u*

      Spencer and Jason should totes get high together~ <3 I definitely agree that the drugs have turned Jason's brain into mush, but when you look like DAT, you don't really need a functioning brain to get far in life.

  3. Default avatar Julia July 2nd, 2015 / Thursday

    The guy in the photo looks like the first Jason. #zomglcue

    I love your reviews so much.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything July 3rd, 2015 / Friday

      ZOMG. Maybe Jason 1.0 is the real Charles DiLaurentis and the pretty little liars only saw him as a ghostly apparition in the first season~~~ #SummerOfAnswers

  4. Default avatar Charlotte July 4th, 2015 / Saturday

    The Sara storyline is ridic. like kill her off already. and then Ezra too. Can we just have one of the liars turn out to be A and run off to Ibiza with someone, Bonnie and Clyde style? like it would be a better ending than whatever they’re planning I’m sure.

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