Season 6 Episode 20, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars

Season 6 Episode 20, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 6 Episode 20, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 6 Episode 20, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Pretty Little Liars Recap Season 6 Episode 20
Episode Highlights:

Welcome to a very special adulterer’s edition of Pretty Little Liars! Join us in our 6B finale recap as we discuss who is the biggest cheater cheater boyfriend stealer. This recap also contains twin twists, evil husbands & SPALEB NUDITY.

Episode Grade: A (Loved it!)
Alison's husband is actually an evil mofo in a scam marriage and secretly trying to kill her!

Your husband is evil, Alison!
I knew Dr. Rollins was gonna be evil just because he was too nice of a husband for Alison.
Charlotte called dibs on your husband first, Alison! Too bad, so sad!
Elliott is plotting to kill his wife Alison, starting by drugging her to death.
Why is Dr. Rollins asking Alison if she wants to rest on her cooch?
Alison has an erotic dream of Detective Wilden climbing into bed with her in the middle of the night.
 Alison thinks her house may be haunted with ghosts!
 Sadly, there were no mushy gushy Emison moments in the PLL 6B finale.
Let’s pray that Ezria’s book is a COLOSSAL FLOP
Aria and Ezra are writing their book by flirting incessantly with each other.
Aria gets all the free drinks because her boyfriend Ezra runs a concession stand.
Ezra is still crying over his missing girlfriend Nicole even though none of the viewers even remember who she is.
Does Emily still remember that Nicole was supposed to be her friend?
Does Liam's character need to die too in order to make room for Ezria?
Aria has a neurotic panic attack when she thinks her boss Jillian hated her book.
Aria kisses Ezra as soon as she got news that her book is getting published. Sorry Liam, you're out!
Aria and Ezra have raw, barbaric sex with each other.
Caleb is a cheating whore
Caleb is naked after having sex with Spencer, already fantasizing about cheating on his girlfriend with Hanna.
Spaleb has a very lively discussion about Spencer's panties in this scene.
Spencer is clad in a pair of skimpy black panties that drive up her butt crack.
Spencer says I LOVE YOU to Caleb and he doesn't return the favour. Awkward.
Hanna steps up as a challenger and threatens to wreck Spaleb's unholy relationship.
Spencer doesn't know if she should continue to fight for Caleb's affections or just give him back to Hanna.
Caleb is secretly loving the fact that Hanna and Spencer are fighting over him. Gimme more attention, ladies!
The pretty little liars & friends are trying to entrap A in their latest dumbass plan.
Haleb are flirting with each other while joking about Caleb's crack.
Does Hanna even remember Lucas? The guy giving her a million dollars? Who is he again?
Haleb gets some alone time to cheat because Ezria is too busy cheating with each other too.

Hanna is also a cheating whore
Hanna wins over Caleb's heart by acting as broken and vulnerable as possible.
Hanna can't go on a trip with Caleb because she has to focus on her career, OHNOES!
Hanna is running in the rain because she regrets leaving Caleb behind!
Hanna is crying because she lost Caleb forever! Should have ran a little faster!
Half of the closet is empty when Caleb left the apartment.
Hanna tells Caleb that she never stopped loving him.
So, Hanna, did you continue or stop loving Caleb while she was screwing Jordan?
Hanna and Caleb kiss while both cheating on their respective romantic partners.
Caleb Rivers is a filthy cheater who can never be trusted. He is not boyfriend material, ladies!
Recap Everything is officially OVER this stupid love triangle between Hanna, Caleb and Spencer.
Hanna wins the love triangle! Sorry Spencer, you lose!
Toby’s secret love affair is EXPOSED
Should Toby cheat or not? If everyone is already cheating, he might as well cheat too!
Spoby touched hands while they're passing the cup to each other. SO ROMANTIC.
Spoby also cheated when they were sitting on the same couch with their KNEES TOUCHING ZOMG.
Spencer forces herself to laugh at Toby's stupid little stories too.
Spencer suddenly starts speaking in French for no reason whatsoever.
SHOCK TWIST: Toby actually knows how to speak French as well!
Pretty Little Liars has a tendency to put their characters in fake glasses for one episode and then they're never seen in glasses again, i.e. Andrew, Liam, Nate, and now Toby.
Toby is so bad at cheating that he gets accused of cheating before he even tries to do anything with Spencer.
Yvonne pulls a reverse Meredith Grey and tells Toby to pick the other woman, not her.
A random old lady starts hitting on Toby and calls him pretty eyes! ZOMG SHE MUST BE UBER A.

Meet your next president, Veronica Hastings
Veronica Hastings is winning the state senate race against a complete nobody who never once appeared on screen.
It takes one crazy bitch to know another crazy bitch, Spencer.
Mona begs Spencer to join the Hastings campaign even though she's blatantly Yvonne's mole.
Mona rigged the election results so that it's a close race between Veronica Hastings and Kristine Phillips.
Spencer jeopardized Veronica's political campaign multiple times on multiple occasions. Good job!
Veronica won the election! Veronica Hastings is now president!
Toby only wants to date the winning politician's daughter. Sorry Yvonne, but I choose Spencer instead!
Spoby's underground adventure reminds me of a RPG dungeon crawler.
Spencer and Toby discover that Mona is still stalking them underground.
Charlotte was not a real DiLaurentis! She was an adopted child, which means she wasn't having incest with her brother, she was having incest with her cousin instead!
Alison is still haunted by all the undead spirits in her house.
Emily is the worst babysitter ever and has no idea where Alison ran off to.
Alison is taking sanctuary inside a church to protect herself from the undead ghosts of her dead mother and dead Detective Wilden.
Alison decides to check herself into a MENTAL ASYLUM because she saw a couple of dead ghosts this morning!? SAY WHATTTTTT.
There was a shocking lack of Emison moments in the finale considering all the fanservice for the other heterosexual couples.
Did you catch that moment when Alison gave Emily a wedding ring? It's a marriage proposal for Emison!
Emily and Alison exchange I LOVE YOUs with each other.
Alison voluntarily checks herself into a mental institution and nobody even stopped her. WHAT. THE. FUCK.
Elliott takes off his mask and reveals he's an evil bastard underneath!!!
There's an actual twin twist in Pretty Little Liars! The twin is real, the twist is happening! I repeat, this is not a drill!
I want more twin twist on Pretty Little Liars! Every character should have a twin!
Elliott Rollins and Mary Drake are evil partners-in-crime plotting world destruction together.
RIP Hanna Marin
The pretty little liars fail to electrocute A to death. It's another failed plan.
A abducted Hanna by digging an underground tunnel beneath her motel room!?!?
Caleb lost all his marbles once he found out that A kidnapped Hanna due to his negligence.
Caleb has a colossal meltdown as soon as he sees Mona. Their hatemance is seriously amazing.
Caleb needs to be kicked in the balls when Spencer breaks up with him next episode.
A now signs the threatening text messages as A.D. instead.
Hanna Marin is dead at the end of the PLL Season 6B finale!
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43 Responses

  1. Default avatar RE ADDICT March 15th, 2016 / Tuesday

    I’m so glad you came back to recap the finale- we’ve missed you! And at least we’ll have your recaps to look forward to once PLL has ended!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything March 17th, 2016 / Thursday

      Yes, stay around after I finish this recap. I’ll be working my way through the 6B recaps one by one! If I actually don’t fall behind schedule (D:), I will finally work on the recaps for those unfinished PLL episodes too!

  2. Default avatar JOHN March 15th, 2016 / Tuesday

    Oh wow, I actually choose all the options in the poll :D. So many stupid plots to choose from! But we all know the best moment of Season 6 was when Sara spewed out “WILDENTH DEADTH”. Nothing can compare.

    Seriously though this finale was pretty good well done, especially coming at the end of such a meh season half. I’m really looking forward to your recap! The only thing that annoyed me was all the cheating that was going on lmao, I was like damn these girls have not grown at all -_-

    • Default avatar Recap Everything March 17th, 2016 / Thursday

      WILDENTH DEAHDTH is truly iconic and one of the highlights in PLL history. It might even be Sara Harvey’s greatest accomplishment in her pitiful, meaningless life. <3 but seriously, she needs to goooooo away already and stop clogging up the show with her stupid storylines lol.

      I thought the finale was OK! I dunno, I liked it but this should have been the fourth or fifth episode of the season. I feel like the story/mystery finally just started with this episode, but now the season is over and there's no momentum anymore. :\

      lmao @ all the cheating. I mean, I totally expected it, but it was still such a glorious mess to watch. Never change, you pretty little cheaters. <3

  3. Default avatar Uber A March 16th, 2016 / Wednesday

    Wooot Finale Recap!

    Can’t wait for more!!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything March 17th, 2016 / Thursday

      Woot woot! Get on the hype train, dawg! :D

  4. Default avatar RE ADDICT March 16th, 2016 / Wednesday

    I actually really love that Jessica has a twin. Andrea Parker is super talented, and makes the show better! If you go back, it does make sense that she had a twin, but I wish the Liars had known that someone had a twin this whole season, and spent 6B that mystery. Because this whole season was such a waste. Spaleb was obviously not going to last- it ended when Caleb kissed Hanna, and we all know Spoby and Haleb will end up together. So all of their scenes together were a dramatic, boring waste of time. Instead, we could have had Team Spanna running around and breaking into cars, looking for clues about a twin.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything March 17th, 2016 / Thursday

      Yaaaaas, I was super disappointed when Jessica died because that limited the actress’ opportunities to make future appearances, but I’m glad PLL found a way to keep Ms. Parker on the show. Did you know she is signed on as a series regular next season? HYPE!

      I’m so glad PLL finally did the ZOMG TWIN TWIST that I have been anticipating for years, but I don’t want them to stop there! Alison should get a twin, Caleb should get a twin (Haleb vs. Spaleb love triangle resolution right there), Mona should get two twins, Mama D should get a triplet, and Jenna should get a whole army of twins too.

      Spaleb has been unintentionally hilarious and I would not trade it away for another plot, but yeah there has been way too much emphasis on these soap opera romances in 6B that add very little to the plot. I think the episodes individually weren’t that bad, but as a whole not a lot actually happened this season, which is kinda disappointed. I would have loved to see more mysteries and twists and plots and Team Spanna going on twin hunts instead.

      (P.S. Spencer to move on from Caleb and steal Ezra away from Aria next season plz. <3)

    • Default avatar RE ADDICT March 17th, 2016 / Thursday

      Aria would murder both Spencer and Ezra if that happened (I would be fine with the Ezra part). After this episode, I really want to see Mona and Spencer date! #Spona

    • Default avatar JOHN March 17th, 2016 / Thursday

      Lmao, Spona qould be quite possibly my favourite ship name after Liaria <3

    • Default avatar Recap Everything March 19th, 2016 / Saturday

      Let’s be honest, the Ezria fans would kill Spencer first and destroy her body before Aria even gets the chance to kill her. :(

      SPONA <3 A part of me does want to see Caleb cheat on Hanna with Mona next season (after which he cheats on both of them with Ashley lmao), but I have plenty of time for Spencer x Mona endgame romance afterwards.

  5. Default avatar JOHN March 18th, 2016 / Friday

    LOL ugh. Maybe it’s because I’m a 24 yr-old guy and the majority of fans for this show are giggling teenage girls( no offense to anyone here) or maybe its because I only watch for the shittly written mystery, but I really don’t get the reaction from the fanbase with regards to this whole “Haleb/Spaleb” thing?

    Spencer tells Hanna that she has feelings for Caleb but she won’t move forward with a relationship if Hanna isn’t ok with it. Hanna gives her blessing and Spencer goes ahead. FANS: OMG, I hate Spencer! How dare she? She broke the girl code!!!!

    Hanna tells Caleb she still has feeling for him and the two of them start slurping on each others faces, effectively cheating on both of their current significant others.
    FANS: OMG, YAAAAAS. You go Hanna! I don’t feel bad for Spencer at all! Haleb 4eva!!

    And I’m just here like W.T.F? I think this is the first time I may ever be caring about relationship drama on this show if only because I just don’t understand the fans’ reaction it! lolol

    Tbh, I think Spencer and Toby should get a prize just because the were the only ex-couple in this episode who were alone for a while but didn’t use it as an opportunity to glomp each other and start humping

    • Default avatar Recap Everything March 20th, 2016 / Sunday

      Personally, I don’t even watch PLL for the plot. I watch it for the sheer absurdity and mostly out of habit, I guess. It’s always such a ridiculous show in every aspect, but I still enjoy it so much! :D I can deal with a *little* romantic drama with a series like this, but I just don’t want it to be the *central focus* which is unfortunately what 6B felt like…

      The fandom’s response to SPALEB has been so strange. First of all, Spaleb is a wonderful and hilarious softcore porno, so more people should embrace their relationship for what it is. Second of all, I get not liking the two of them together. However, Spencer has done everything right in the way she’s approaching this relationship and she’s still getting hated on as THE OTHER WOMAN. :'( After Haleb got back together, I thought there would be so much online outrage over what they did. And there was a lot of outrage alright, but most of it was directed at Spencer. wtf? HAHA BITCH GOT WHAT BITCH DESERVED. wtf? Some of these PLL fans confuse me as much as the human beings who hold protest signs outside of gay weddings and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand them. :'(

      Not to take anything away from Spoby, but I feel like they became the most faithful couple simply by default? They’ve been really flirty with each other and I kinda feel like they would have cheated too, but it’s just that they just never got the opportunity? I totes thought they were gonna do it in the underground tunnel thingy, but Mona was a troll as always and cockblocked them. *lol*

  6. Default avatar Julia March 18th, 2016 / Friday

    I love how you inserted that Sara pic into the Wilden scene. Wasn’t Wilden’s actor a stripper on some other show, Glee maybe?
    I also love that all your three choices in the area quiz are not… very favourable towards Aria.
    I also love how you always notice tiny moments and take the perfect screenshots. I simply love you! *lolawks*

    The problem with the nudity is, I have a long commute and thus often watch PLL on the train. Sometimes I wonder what the occasional old person sitting next to me thinks when they glance over my shoulder… As for Spaleb, I liked the tension they had, and they worked great as partners in crime, but as a couple… That said, I used to love Haleb, but what they did this episode was really, really not coot. And it bothers me because the girls were always such good friends, and now we probably won’t have Team Spanna anymore for quite a while. :(

    Btw, if you like cage fights, I have just *the* show for you. It’s completely ridiculous.

    • Default avatar Julia March 20th, 2016 / Sunday

      I also have to praise your memory – putting Emily and her awful French in there is genius. And yeah, isn’t it sad how Toby of all people wins best boyfriend by default?

    • Default avatar Recap Everything March 20th, 2016 / Sunday

      I knew I needed to insert Saragoddess into the recap somehow because the PLL writers completely neglected her in this finale. I kept waiting for her character to suddenly emerge from the shadows during this episode, so imagine my surprise when this shadow beast never arrived. HOW DARE THEY. Sara Harvey is a central character to Pretty Little Liars and she deserved to be in this finale!!!

      TY for loving my OCD. I take pride in recapping this show with an obsessive compulsion to capture the tiniest, most irrelevant moments. <3 As soon as Spencer started speaking French randomly in that scene, Emily was the first person that came to my mind. I knew I had to insert her into a screenshot somehow lol.

      I know what you mean re: the nudity. There are some shows I would never dare to watch in public because of the NSFW contents and I don't wanna be JUDGED BY STRANGERS. D:

      As for the Spaleb fallout, I'm curious about how they're gonna treat this storyline next season. There's definitely gonna be lots of drama, which might be a good showcase for Troian's acting skills. But I also think this type of drama could quickly escalate into something that's very *tedious* and *uncomfortable* to watch, so I dunno... I don't want to see Hanna pitted against Spencer for too long, y'know? I'm on Team Spanna as well!

      WHAT SHOW R U TALKING ABOUT??? I'm not the biggest boxing*fighting*wrestling fan, but I am a huge fan of ridiculous TV shows. Is it the one with Nick Jonas? :O

    • Default avatar Anonymous March 23rd, 2016 / Wednesday

      And just like Caleb, you ignored my declaration of love. ・゜・(つД`)・゜・

      The show I meant is a Japanese one from 2009 called Mei-chan no Shitsuji. It only has ten episodes, which is pretty normal for Japanese shows, and awful acting. The main girl resembles Sara Harvey, yet has two guys fighting over her. The premise of the show is uber rich girls fighting over unimportant crap by using their butlers as proxies in duels. The duels take place in a cage and use real swords. I recently rewatched this crap with my poor boyfriend (he has to watch PLL as well) and he found it hysterical. The subtitles are surprisingly accurate (I have seen way worse) and the show might be right up your alley.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything March 24th, 2016 / Thursday

      *lolawks*at me inadvertently being the Caleb to your Spencer, sorry boo. ;A; And instead of saying I LOVE YOU back, now I’m gonna yell at you due to my guilty conscience.

      “uber rich girls fighting over unimportant crap by using their butlers as proxies in duels.” = already sounds like a top 5 show ever made in television history lmaooo. Recap Everything does love me some hilariously crappy j-drama. If it’s only ten episodes, I may be able to commit to it. I’ll check it out one day! ^_^

  7. Default avatar B March 21st, 2016 / Monday

    I love you for writing these. Please continue! I predicted pretty much everything that happened in the finale except for Charlotte bring adopted, because now that kind of changes the family dynamic from the 6×10 finale. Are we supposed to assume Charlotte was bad all along? Cause she used the name Drake as her alias, so she definitely knew about her mother. I also don’t know how the name “CeCe Drake” didn’t make any of the DiLaurentis family suspicious considering the last name was their mom’s maiden name lol.

    Anyway, I enjoyed the finale as a whole but I kind of hate Caleb! It’s annoying how he was more of a main character than Emily this half season. And poor Spencer, she didn’t deserve to be betrayed like that :(

    • Default avatar Recap Everything March 23rd, 2016 / Wednesday

      Thank you for your love! I will continue working on the rest of the 6B recaps over the next couple of weeks, so stay around if you wanna hear my unfiltered opinions on SPALEB and MALEB and ASHLEB!

      I was actually super shocked about anything that happened in the finale. *lol* I didn’t predict the twin twist, I didn’t predict adoption twist, I didn’t predict the Alison’s evil aunt and Alison’s evil husband are in cahoots twist. I did know Elliott was EVUL, but I didn’t predict he would be ripping off his mask in the finale lol.

      I thought CECE DRAKE was just a funny name that she chose out of random, but little did I know that it was her actual birth name instead! :O And yes, I love how Jason is so oblivious to macking on a blonde girl in Rosewood with the surname of DRAKE without checking the family tree first~

      Caleb has gotten a of prominence in 6B and I have already inducted him in the ~*HALL OF FAME*~ in this comments section. Too bad his increased screentime had to come at the expense of Emily’s, who really had no plot once her eggs got stolen. And Caleb was JUST THE WORST in the finale! It’s gonna take a while before I can forgive him. :'(

  8. Default avatar Anonymous March 21st, 2016 / Monday

    I love that you’re recapping again! Honestly, this is more exciting than the season we’ve had. Honestly, 6B and all the five years forward was a waste of time. Ten episodes could have been pulled into a neater, crisper episode.

    Ah I remeber Emily’s annyoing French. YOU DON’T DESERVE PARIS, EMILY!

    I miss Wren (or staring at him) and Jenna. Sara Harvey is nothing comapred to Jenna. But thank the lord you’re recapping again! Please keep going!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything March 23rd, 2016 / Wednesday

      I love that I’m recapping again too! Unfortunately, 6B is the season of lost potential, they could have done so much with the time skip and they just bumbled around aimlessly for most of the season. I agree they could have condensed the 6B plot into one episode or two at most.

      Emily’s francais is tres bien, oui oui!

      I miss JENNA sooooo much omg. A season without her royal majesty is like not a real PLL season at all. I can tell that they gave most of her storylines to Sara Harvey, but that knockoff is just not the same thing. *sigh*

      I will keep recapping for sure! I’m positive I’ll have one new recap done by this weekend! :D

  9. Default avatar -Z March 21st, 2016 / Monday

    I love that you’re recapping again! Honestly, this is more exciting than the season we’ve had. Honestly, 6B and all the five years forward was a waste of time. Ten episodes could have been pulled into a neater, crisper episode.

    Ah I remeber Emily’s annyoing French. YOU DON’T DESERVE PARIS, EMILY!

    I miss Wren (or staring at him) and Jenna. Sara Harvey is nothing comapred to Jenna. But thank the lord you’re recapping again! Please keep going!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything March 23rd, 2016 / Wednesday

      ZOMG TWIN TWIST. this duplicate comment is the twin sister of the above comment. Is it you, Mary Drake???

  10. Default avatar -Z March 21st, 2016 / Monday

    I love that you’re recapping again! Honestly, this is more exciting than the season we’ve had. Honestly, 6B and all the five years forward was a waste of time. Ten episodes could have been pulled into a neater, crisper episode.

    Ah I remeber Emily’s annyoing French. YOU DON’T DESERVE PARIS, EMILY!

    I miss Wren (or staring at him) and Jenna. Sara Harvey is nothing comapred to Jenna. But thank the lord you’re recapping again! Please keep going!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything March 23rd, 2016 / Wednesday

      ZOMG TRIPLET TWIST. Look at you and your twin sister and your twin sister’s twin sister!

  11. Default avatar JOHN March 23rd, 2016 / Wednesday

    6×11 and 6×20 are the only episodes in 6B that felt like they were worth anything. Lmao @ the literal plot hole. It fits the tone of the show so well. <3

    We've been promised ~revelations~ for every episode for Season 7. Shall I pretend to be naive and hope that Marlene is telling the truth? She surely wouldn't lie right? :D

    *prays that A.D. = A dog*

    • Default avatar Recap Everything March 23rd, 2016 / Wednesday

      I know, you can just watch 6×11 & 6×20 and not miss a damn thing of importance that happened in between. *lol* Those eight other episodes were totes useless but still kinda fun to watch, and I have a lot of opinions on some of the more absurd plots.

      NEVER TRUST MARLENE KING. I will believe it when I see it, but I’ve a hard time believing she can restrain herself from throwing a million unsolved mysteries into next season. -_-”

      *prays that A.D. = a dog*

    • Default avatar Anonymous March 23rd, 2016 / Wednesday

      I’m dying that you added Caleb’s screaming face as one of the pokemon! LOL. Almost as good as Aria eyes O_O

    • Default avatar Recap Everything March 23rd, 2016 / Wednesday

      Bwhahaha. Dat Caleb expression was priceless and I knew I had to memorialize it in the comments section forever. I’m also hoping to add a Toby Pokemon too, but he’ll need to step it up and give us some funneh faces too.

  12. Default avatar Kaley March 24th, 2016 / Thursday

    You know its such a crappy season block because I wanted to vote for pretty much all of the options under worst plot. I literally could not decide. Anyway so glad u r writing again. Can’t wait to see what you think of all these filler episodes. I’m pretty sure all of four things happened in 6B that were relevant to the plot before the season finale.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything March 25th, 2016 / Friday

      Normally, there would be one or two irrelevant storylines in a typical season of PLL, but what’s so great about 6B is they’re all equally irrelevant. *lol* I’m excited to work on the recaps for the filler episodes, just because there are several plots that I’m itching to comment on (i.e. Ezria’s book, Emily’s eggs, Lucas in general).

      And thank you, I’m glad to be writing again too! Right now, I’m taking a stab at recapping a new show based on a fan request (spoiler alert: it has shadows and hunters). Right after that, I’m going to be diving into the other PLL recaps and hoping to knock them out one by one. Stay tuned!

  13. Default avatar Rita Teresa April 8th, 2016 / Friday


    • Default avatar Recap Everything April 18th, 2016 / Monday


  14. Default avatar RE ADDICT April 14th, 2016 / Thursday

    Will you recap more of season 6B soon? I’d like to hear your theories for season 7, and opinions on the episodes. I personally wish the season has begun with episode 11, and that the episode 12 was this one. We could have skipped all the Spencer/Hanna/Caleb drama and the boring new love interests, and just have gone back to the mystery and friendship of the girls. Because now I’m excited about the show, but I wasn’t during all of 6B.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything April 18th, 2016 / Monday

      I think I’ll start recapping soon, maybe this week. Doing this finale recap kind of took the wind out of me and I just wanted to step away from PLL for a while, but my creative juices are coming back again~~~

  15. Default avatar AD April 17th, 2016 / Sunday

    Omg did you hear that the actor who plays Andrew (Brandon Jones) was arrested for threatening his neighbor with a gun?! :O I guess the Rosewood Police shouldn’t have released him.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything April 18th, 2016 / Monday


      “Brandon Jones, an actor-musician-producer playing the role of Andrew Campbell in ABC Family’s “Pretty Little Liars”, is facing up to 5 and a half years of prison time for allegedly flashing a gun during an argument with his neighbor.”

      1.) First of all, lol @ actor-musician-producer. ok bro.
      2.) Second of all, someone tell the news writer it’s called Freeform now.
      3.) Third of all, holy cow at five and a half years of prison just for whipping out your gun. Are we sure the police officer that made the arrest isn’t Lt. Tanner in-person!?!?
      4.) Fourth of all, omg brandon gurrrrrl work on your conflict resolution skills plz. I was hoping for an Andrew cameo appearance in Season 7, but hearing this news makes it unlikely to happen now???

  16. Default avatar Kaleigh April 18th, 2016 / Monday

    Oh yeah I heard about that thing with Andrew’s actor. But I thought the funniest part was that the article was titled A PLL “Star” Arrested With a Gun. I don’t know how Andrew is a PLL “star” even though he has been in all of 11 episodes the whole series. Although thats the same amount of episodes Cece was in before she was revealed to be A so…

  17. Default avatar RE Addict May 13th, 2016 / Friday

    Have you seen the promo for season 7 yet? You could do a recap where you overanalyze it. ;) And omg, Jenna is going to be in at least three episodes (so far!) of season 7! All hail the queen!!! She has returned!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 13th, 2016 / Monday

      I have watched the promo and can tell you without watching the season that Queen Jenna will be the best part of Season 7. #hype #bowdown #wearenotworthy

  18. Default avatar Anonymous May 21st, 2016 / Saturday

    I can’t wait for PLL to return, I’m sure your season 7 recaps will be awesome!!!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 13th, 2016 / Monday

      Thanks for the vote of confidence! I will try my best! :3

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