Season 6 Episode 10, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Game Over, Charles

Season 6 Episode 10, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 6 Episode 10, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 6 Episode 10, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Pretty Little Liars Recap Season 6 Episode 10
Episode Highlights:

In this ‪#‎PLL‬ recap of the finale, please join us in our academic debate over whether Vanessa Ray or Dre Davis is the better actress. We also discuss controversial topics such as DiLaurentis incest and Spencer’s bangs.

Episode Grade: F (WTF!?)
PLL's Season 6 midseason finale is a damn hot mess.

Dear PLL Showrunners: EFF YOU TOO!
This episode was obviously put together at the last minute.
Wren should have been A. It was SO obvious.
I ragequit Pretty Little Liars after this episode.
The liars walk into another obvious trap *headdesk*
Can somebody shove A off the building already!?
The pretty little liars suddenly don't want A to die? WUT?
Lt. Tanner is absent from the most important police raid.
Detective Barry Maple is one of A's accomplices.
The PLL moms are still trapped inside the basement.
How did Alison get abducted at prom? Aren't they supposed to be guarding her!?
Siblings cannot be trusted on Pretty Little Liars.
Mona is exposed in her real alien insectoid form.
Mona throws some shade at Aria.
Mona programmed a piece of stalker software to track down Alison.
Don't laugh, Rhys Matthews could actually be A.
Hanna has a morbid obsession with disembodied bodies.
Mona shows off her crazy stalker knowledge.
Sara outright tells the liars about the passcode.
Sara doesn't latch onto Emily like a parasite for the first time this season.
Lt. Tanner better be Uber A or else.

A's lair is a futuristic sci-fi gimmicky mess.
How did Sasha Pieterse film this scene with a straight face?
Jason and Kenneth are DEAD! No, not really.
How did you feel before A was finally revealed?
I'm kind of disappointed that CeCe turned out to be A.
This PLL finale makes me wanna vomit too, Hanna.
Aria took off her hair band, oh shit it's on!
Hi, my name is Charlotte. Charlotte DiLaurentis.
Is Charlotte a good or bad representation for trans character on TV?
Lord help the mister who gets in between me and my sister.
A’s childhood memories
Charles is trying to have a nice tea party and some bitch starts crying!
A fills the bathtub and prepares to murder his little sister omg.
Charles fails to drown a bitch. Maybe next time?
Charles is abandoned by his parents at Radley after trying to kill his sister.
A places multiple assassination attempts on his infant sister. #respect
Charles twirls around in a dress.
Papa DiLaurentis denies the power of fashion.
The child actors were SO bad, oh my goodness me.
Bethany Young is an immortal character who never ages.
Bethany killed Marion Cavanaugh. BYE BITCH.
Bethany killed Toby's mother just because she saw Charls in a dress lol.
Why are all these crazy Radley patients allowed to be on the roof?
YOU KILLED HER FREAK!!! Said the kettle to the pot.
Alison is officially #TeamCharlotte after a few sob stories from her sister.
Jason scores with another half-sister
The trans portrayal on Pretty Little Liars is limited and narrow in scope at best.
Charlotte got enrolled into UPenn, but somehow Spencer didn't.
Jessica pulled some strings to make sure her daughter got enrolled at UPenn.
Jason has bounds of sexual chemistry with his sister Charlotte.
Jason licks his lips as he fantasizes about having sex with his sister Charlotte.
Charlotte doesn't really deny that she had sex with Jason...
Jessica is mortified when she found out Charlotte is dating Jason.
Jessica DiLaurentis is a boss and even Olivia Pope should bow down to her.
Kenneth does not recognize his daughter at all.
Charlotte goes on vacation to Cape May with the rest of the family.
Mona meets Charlotte
Charlotte ended up killing Alison by accident, oops!
Thank goodness Lady Grunwald was there to rescue Alison from being buried alive.
Mama DiLaurentis bribed Detective Wilden to cover up Charlotte's crime once again.
Mona also admitted to killing Bethany and pretended to feel guilty.
It wasn't a lucky night for these blonde girls wearing yellow dresses.

Damn Spencer, u mad at the deadmama killer Bethany?
Charlotte is not Red Coat, she is Red Robe!
Charlotte meets Mona at Radley for the first time!
Charlotte became A simply because of the stories Mona told her.
Mona pretends she doesn't remember instructing CeCe to kill the liars, um okay.
Mona is so guilty and basically helped Charlotte become the next A.
Pretty Little Liars overuses the word GAME in all capacities.

The production values in this PLL episode was sooooo bad and low-budget.
Charlotte grieves over her dead mother.
The pretty little liars have been standing around doing nothing for too long.
Alison tries to argue logic with a crazy person.
Vanessa Ray did a phenomenal job with the acting.

Are we supposed to believe that Sara is both Red Coat and Black Veil?
Dre Davis is such a bad actress: WILDEN'S DEAD!!!
Sara Harvey is my guilty pleasure. #QueenSara
Emily has a three-second meltdown after finding out Sara is evil.
Spencer defuses a bomb
Spencer comes up with an exit strategy!
Mona has hidden spikes, blades and knives hidden in her stilettos.
Mona wants to find out how the rest of A's story ends.
When you try to activate a bomb and it doesn't go off, how embarrassing!
Spencer deactivates A's bomb like a motherfucking boss bitch.
Emily punches Sara Harvey in her super punchable face…IN GIF FORM.
A doesn't jump off the roof and doesn't kill herself, boo! BORING.
Spencer is quoting Winnie the Pooh
It's a PLL time skip! Five years into the future!
Alison is now employed as a teacher named Mrs. Rollins.
The pretty little liars are all in the future with stylish makeovers.
Spencer has new bangs!
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56 Responses

  1. Default avatar Jenna November 8th, 2015 / Sunday

    Post the full recap, peasant. You have 7 days.

  2. Default avatar Anonymous November 9th, 2015 / Monday

    that’s rude. She’s doing her best.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything November 9th, 2015 / Monday

      That was actually me pretending to be Jenna in the comments section lol. I guess the joke backfired. >_<

    • Default avatar Anonymous November 16th, 2015 / Monday

      wow lol did not even realise. It’s just a lot of people were getting passive aggressive on this website and I thought it was another one of them.

  3. Default avatar Rebekah November 9th, 2015 / Monday

    Thank you <3
    Maybe this is the darkest timeline.. what would've happened if Abed had just let Jeff roll the dice that night?

    • Default avatar Recap Everything November 11th, 2015 / Wednesday

      Dark timeline Abed

      Sadly, anyone who has watched PLL’s 6A finale has broken out of their ignorant bliss and now knows that we are living in the darkest timeline. :(

  4. Default avatar Malcolm November 10th, 2015 / Tuesday

    It should have been Aria or Ezra or both being As without knowing each other were.

    I don’t watch this show but your recaps make it look like its all Arias big mess, intentional by her or not.

    The 0_0 eyes could be canonized into her really bad acting to cover her VILLAINY.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything November 11th, 2015 / Wednesday

      lmao yes~ I support the theory that Aria and Ezra are both A without knowing about the other person’s real identity. <3

      My #PLL mantra: When in doubt, always blame Aria. O_O

  5. Default avatar Aria November 14th, 2015 / Saturday

    Mooooooooore! I was dying to get to your part about Cece/Jason dating lmao

    • Default avatar Recap Everything November 16th, 2015 / Monday

      To be honest, I had zero interest in the Cece/Jason fling *before* it was revealed that they were siblings, but now I am shipping them together lol~

      Also, I do not believe for a second that their relationship was not of a sexual nature. Like what else do they have in common that could make them stay together for years? (Besides being genetically related of course)

  6. Default avatar LEeeee November 14th, 2015 / Saturday

    I think they should’ve still made it Spence and Toby. AbcFamily…I mean FREEFORM
    said it was too dark, but Spence could’ve just helped her lover find out about his mom
    which turned out to be nothing important to us as we suffered through the whole storyline.
    If Mrs. C saw a 6 year old boy in girl clothes she probably would’ve said something about Toby
    wearing her heels in the gay porn movie he’s now making with Franco lmao. I can’t even rewatch
    any of these episodes again :( I”m ruined for life!!!

    NIce recap though! Makes me laugh everytime

    • Default avatar Recap Everything November 16th, 2015 / Monday

      I like the idea of A being an evil couple who gets their kicks torturing people and then having hot passionate sex at the scene of the crime. I think the fans would riot though and Freefall would never dare to make one of their precious liars or the beloved love interests as A.

      lmao yessss, I totally saw that underwear picture of Keegan Allen passing around the net. I am glad Mr. Allen have utilized his *assets* to launch his career into the lucrative gay pornography industry.

      Thank you, I try my best with these recaps. <3

  7. Default avatar JOHN November 18th, 2015 / Wednesday

    Well shucks, I was hoping you weren’t bitter like the majority of the fanbase…….. Meh.

    I didn’t have much of a problem with this episode at all. Besides the glaring plot holes – which chose to LOL at and move on, I thought it was pretty good. In fact for a show that can be so stupid at times having the girls chase a clue they found on something like a pen or gum wrapper for 40 mins week after week, I was surprised they were able to tie so much together.

    The most disappointing thing for me was that the girls only found out who ‘A’ was because ‘A’ decided it was time. It was almost like A got fed up those dumb bitches were never coming close to figuring out her identity and just decided “Gather round idiots, let me tell you my story.” There was no outsmarting of A or cornering A and forcing the mask off. ‘A’ could have tortured those girls for 6 more seasons if she wanted.

    Also, usually the only actresses in the show I give props to are Janel and Troian – but I was VERY impressed with Vanessa Ray’s performance. She just knocked that psychotic role out of the park and I wanted to give her a trophy.

    Yep, that’s my 2 cents.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything November 22nd, 2015 / Sunday

      You shoulda seen my first drafts for this PLL recap, I was just venting non-stop instead of actually recapping the episode. *lolsosad* Now that I’m looking back and rewatching some of the scenes again, my stance towards the episode has softened quite a bit. But I admit, some parts still sting a little. :(

      The glaring plot holes are essential to what makes PLL so hilarious though and I wouldn’t trade them away for anything. <3

      The pretty little liars outsmarted A once or twice before, but these intellectual miracles are almost as rare as a solar eclipse, so we could be waiting for another ten years before all the stars align and they're finally able to corner A again. For that reason, I'm kinda relieved that A just randomly pulled the plug and put them all out of their misery. It seemed more realistic that A would be in control of her own destiny and choose to call it quits rather than before caught by those dummies.

      Vanessa Ray was definitely g8 in this episode, but I'm sorry to say that Dre Davis completely eclipsed her in terms of acting ability. *loljk* No, seriously, seeing how much Ms. Ray rocked the role really softened the blow of this finale of me. Top marks from me, she slayyyyyed it.

  8. Default avatar Super Creepy Stalker Ezra November 20th, 2015 / Friday

    As super creepy stalker Ezra, I need to correct you :). Alison is two years younger than Bethany (it still makes Beth too young and too old for the flashback. But you know, flashbacks are interpretive. As are Toby’s words in The First Secret, where he claimed his #deadmama died a year ago. Or maybe Toby is time traveller and he has a mess in “his” timeline).

    I think they’re using the “game” word so much to make Charlotte seem more innocent and the new big badass super duper extra bad will be the real villan (right after Mr.D. of course). It’s funny, when you remember the “Mona played with dolls, I play with body parts” message and now they’re saying how CeCe was such a sweetie and this big badass super duper extra bad will be the real danger (lol CeCe tried to kill Bethany, which ended with almost killing Alison and also killed Wilden, that’s not dangerous at all).

    Anyways, thank you for this great recap and I’m looking forward next part of it.

    Message to John: Actually, if you think about it, both -A’s revealed themselves to PLLs. With the amount of stupidity PLLs have, it would take a lifetime to figure out, who is playing the game (lol).

    • Default avatar Recap Everything November 22nd, 2015 / Sunday

      omg ur so right ezra. I just checked PLL Wikia (basically where I do all my fact checking for these recaps lol <3) and realized Bethany and Alison aren't the same age. :O I'm gonna slyly edit my passage and rewrite history just like the PLL writers did.

      My new theory is that every character involved in the #deadmama fiasco is actually a time traveller in disguise. Maybe Toby and Alison had a *five year time skip* into the future, while Toby's mama and Bethany had a *five years ago flashback* into the past, so the four of them collided during their time travel and caused these spatio-temporal anomalies.

      Yeah, I think they were trying to make A seem less threatening and more sympathetic with the viewers, so that's why they keep referring it as "the game" because that sounds like such a harmless word. But oh my god, just hearing all the "I was playing the game!" & "I can't stop playing the game!" ad nauseam throughout the episode made me wanna scream. NO MORE GAMES PLZ.

      Anyway, thank you! Hope you enjoy the rest of the recap and hope you stay around for any new ones that I post. <3

  9. Default avatar ariA November 26th, 2015 / Thursday

    Loved this recap! I’m so glad you’re back! The only thing I disagree with you on is Wren as A. I don’t think Julian Morris has the acting chops to portray a crazy, somehow sympathetic character. And you agree with me that Vanessa Ray was amazing! Although, I don’t know why they needed A to be a sympathetic character in the first place. It totally should have been Aria, with Ezra as her evil henchman, Red Coat. The shippers would be happy, and I would have *loled* the whole episode!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything November 27th, 2015 / Friday

      That’s a good point regarding the acting! IMO, another point in Vanessa Ray’s favour is that I feel like Julian Morris thinks this show is ~beneath~ him (which is kinda true lol) so he wouldn’t commit to a long-term story arc or even a recurring guest stint, whereas VRay seems genuinely interested in the opportunity she’s given and made the best out of it.

      With that said, ARIA = A and EZRA = RED COAT is the TRUE END and the revelation would have seriously made Pretty Little Liars into a god-tier show. I would excuse any & all plot holes, because PLL would be completely redeemed and forgiven for everything if this ever actually happened lol~

  10. Default avatar Anonymous December 25th, 2015 / Friday

    I MISSED YOU SO MUCH! Love your reviews. Hope you’re doing well, and merry Christmas!!! <3 And this finale was so disappointing :(

  11. Default avatar Rita December 25th, 2015 / Friday

    I MISSED YOU SO MUCH! Love your reviews. Hope you’re doing well, and merry Christmas!!! <3 And this finale was so disappointing :(

    • Default avatar Recap Everything December 26th, 2015 / Saturday

      Welcome back! Thank you and merry belated Christmas to you too! <3 Let's not hamper our holiday spirit with reminder of this finale. :(

  12. Default avatar RE Fan January 15th, 2016 / Friday

    What did you think of the 6B premiere?

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 17th, 2016 / Sunday

      I thought it was really good! I smiled, I laughed, I cried, I rolled my eyes at the Ezria scenes. This episode had a little bit of everything. And it was even better on rewatch! :)

  13. Default avatar Kaley March 22nd, 2016 / Tuesday

    I love your recaps so much they are sooo funny. I literally cannot contain my laughter when reading them. I agree so much on so many of the points you brought up. I love your point on “freeform” which is the most ridiculous name ever. It sounds more like some subliminal messaging dystopian society motto thing instead of a tv station. You do more episode recaps!!! I really wanna hear what you think of the Ezria book writing scenes because I personally cannot stay awake during them.

  14. Custom avatar antonella March 6th, 2017 / Monday

    asi es como yo escuche la historia las gemela jugaban traquilas mientran esperando a que sus padres llegaran a casa pero ellas no podia ir a pedir dulce esa eso noche un nunca mas ella leyanto el cuchillo en el aire y lo enterro muy dentro en el pecho de su hermana y una sonria enfema le cruzo la cara mientra veria sangre bortar del corazon de su hermana y no tuvieron opcion mas que enviada lejos a un casa criminles demenes y ahi permecio hasta ayer que se escapo y juro volver a rosewood y apuñalar a todos niños que se atreva a ir a perdi dulce en halloween

  15. Custom avatar antonella March 6th, 2017 / Monday

    asustadas creo que hay alquien ahi ver a alquien en la ventana escalofirios casa vieja malo paso en este lugar sus secretos halloween asusto en enterara por otra persona muerte tenias un pie adentro hermana mayor actucacion escuche historia

  16. Custom avatar antonella March 6th, 2017 / Monday

    aun desparecida el aniversario de la desparecion de Alison dilaurentis

  17. Custom avatar antonella April 4th, 2017 / Tuesday

    ell no es A sabe quien es siquiendo A

  18. Custom avatar antonella April 4th, 2017 / Tuesday

    pense que costaria muchos tiempo que mama me perdonase, nunca se me ocurrio que nunca me iba perdonar cece contrato Rhys me fastidio mucho cuando empezaron a quitar las medicinas a mona oir lo que les hizo a esas zorras era lo unico que esperada entonces mona sabia que era tu pare de ir a verla antes de que se recuperara de su aturdimiento por las drogas nunca pude confiar en mona era amiga fiel de hanna

  19. Custom avatar antonella April 4th, 2017 / Tuesday

    y la atopello con el coche donde esta la lealtad en eso mona no estaba preparada para terminar juegos y era como houdini entrando y saliendo de los sitios asi que hice ubn trato con ella si me ayudaba a salir de radley haria la jugada con ella fue como dijo bethany salir no fue dificil pero necesitaba a ayuda de mona para estar desparecida y mi primer encargo fue hacer amigas en rosewood te lo digo yo siempre es mejor una biena mentira estaba haciendo mi mejor imitacion de Alison deberias haber visto las caras de esas chicas vallio la pena

  20. Custom avatar antonella April 4th, 2017 / Tuesday

    ¿ entonces por que has vuelto a rosewood? mona me dijo que esas zorras estaban contentas de que te hubieras ido y eso me cabreo mucho esas chicas se suponia que eran tus amigas no recuedo habela contando nada sobre nostras cece pero alquien en radley empezo enviarme acertijios y retorcidas quien es A es charles hermnao Alison

  21. Custom avatar antonella April 17th, 2017 / Monday

    eso es lo me hizo cece mi cabeza me decia que gritara pero mi cuerpo no se podia mover jason y el Sr dilaurentis estan viviendo una pesadillas de la que no se pueden despertar lo siento por jason pero no creo mama venia a visitarme tan a menundo como podia la tia clatrol vino un par de veces pero durantes los siguientes siete años en radley estuve completamente sola eso debe haber sido horrible eso creees

  22. Custom avatar antonella April 18th, 2017 / Tuesday

    cuando cumplli doce años mama me trajo un verstido amarillo precioso por navidad y despues de eso cada vez que podia comprarte ropa me compraba a mi lo mismo casi como si fureramos gemelas eres preciciosa abslutamente arrebetadora bethany Sra cavaungh empujado bethnay te culpo por la muerte de la Sra cavaungh nadie creyo chico que llevaba un vestido tenia mucho que perder asi que pasaron que yo la empuje incluso mama pago z widen para aseguarse de que la muerte de marion se veria como un suicdio

  23. Custom avatar antonella April 18th, 2017 / Tuesday

    dejo que toby pensera que su madre se habia suicidado todo este tiempo ha pensado que su madre eligio abandonado toby por charles Sra dilaurentis A tartar a las persona como muñecas Sr dilaurentis lo abandono Sra dilaurentis a charles como ser A despues eso los medico me dieron un nuevo diagnostico trastormen explosivo intemitente porque era un diagnositico adecuando para esa zorras loca bethnay el siguientes par de años me drogaron a tranguiliantes hasta que asi casi me ahogo con mis propias babas literalmente pasas A creo que los logueros se sintieron mal por asi matarme asi que me dejando salir a un funeral quien se murio

  24. Custom avatar antonella May 13th, 2017 / Saturday

    confirmado Andrew camblell era adoptado hablado sobre charles andrew fue adoptado ser mayor otro niño de ser un campbell era un dileurentis miedo sobre charles Alison tiene que estar ahi charles es su hermano esta vivo cosa que lesli ella podia saber quien es A su cara asustarme A charles no va a ser capaz de herirnos a nostras

  25. Custom avatar antonella May 13th, 2017 / Saturday

    charlotte matar charlotte tiene una larga historia dando atopello coche asesianto misma persona muerta sospechosos sobre charlotte fue mentira la de su mentora charlotte a tortarnos Dr roilins quien mato charlotte quien es mato caso investigacion lista sospechosos fue arma homicida encontraremos la persona que mato a charlotte dilaurentis justicia radley se podia matar a alquien con eso

  26. Custom avatar antonella May 13th, 2017 / Saturday

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  27. Custom avatar antonella June 26th, 2017 / Monday

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  28. Custom avatar antonella July 6th, 2017 / Thursday

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  29. Custom avatar antonella July 26th, 2017 / Wednesday

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  30. Custom avatar antonella July 27th, 2017 / Thursday

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    no hay salida Spencer y no ha donde esconderse por favor, soy tu hermana igual que charlotte soy tu hermana, igual que charlotte siento que lo haya malinterpretado. aun no es tarde no es para ser una familia si que lo es

  33. Custom avatar antonella August 1st, 2017 / Tuesday

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  35. Custom avatar antonella August 1st, 2017 / Tuesday

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  36. Custom avatar antonella August 1st, 2017 / Tuesday

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  38. Custom avatar antonella August 4th, 2017 / Friday

    toby, tu habla como un policia deberias hablar tu espera . toby . tu trabajo peligra con esto. ¿ estas seguro de que quieres ser parte de esto ? ¿van en serio Spemcer la vida hanna peligra. cuando me pedisteis ayuda, dije que estaba con nostros. todiavia lo estoy vale. estamos perdiendo tiempo vamos. chico esperando Alison no es la unica ve fantamas esta noche tal vez ella no estaba viendo fantamas en absoluto. a no ser que nos invadan unos ladrones de cuerpos. esa es una persona real. cuando desenterron a la Sra dilaurentis en mi patio trasero no solo estaba un poco muerta, era un cadaver putrefacto. quienquiera que sea, estaba en los lost woods esta noche. si ella es parte esto sabe donde esta hanna y le sacare a golpes la verdad se he de hacerlo. no puedes silmplemente ir hasta alli y liarte a golpes. Dadme un minuto dejadme averiquar por que esta aqui

  39. Custom avatar antonella August 13th, 2017 / Sunday

    asi es como yo escuche la historia las gemelas jugaban traquilas mientran esperaban … a que sus padres llegaran a casa pero ellas no podrian ir a perdi dulce esa noche in nunca mas ella levanto el cuchillo en el aire y lo enterro muy dentro en el pecho de su hermana y una sonrisa enferma le cruzo la cara mientras veria la sangre brotar de corazon de su hermana y no tuvieron opcion mas que enviarla lejos a una casa para crimenales dementes y ahi permanecion hasta… ayer que se escapo y juro volver Rosewood y apuñalar a todos niños que se atreva a ir a perdi dulce en halloween

  40. Custom avatar antonella August 21st, 2017 / Monday

    pense que agradecerias una cara conocida no mas mensajeron no mas intermedriarios solo tu yo cara a cara quiero que entiemdas algo no voy a hacer daño a mis amigas y yo quiero que tu entiendas algo haras lo que se te dija si no, tus amigas descubririan que esta cuidando del numero uno y no te olvides esta solo un documentos de ir a prison quiero lo mismo que tu el fin el juegos y eso es lo que vamos a conseguir juntas dijo que no sabria anda sobre charlotte quiza era amigo de un chico llamado charles hace tiempo quiza siquieron siendo amigo en radley si lucas siquio en contacto con charles y luego charlotte

  41. Custom avatar antonella August 22nd, 2017 / Tuesday

    engañado descibirerto conozoco brookhaven es el ulitmo lugar donde vi a Alison viva una semana antes de que desapareciera Alison digo mona te puedo contar un secretos estoy vigilando a alquien ahora fijie que no me conoces y vete ¿ esta bien ? Alison dilaurentis le deje un mensaje esa noche pero entonces fue cuando desaparecio y ella nunca me llamo ¿ lograste ver a quien estaba vigilando Alison ? querras decir a que estaba espiando no seguramente era un chico del cual ella estaba enamonada A no estaba observando a Alison en brookhaven si este el codigo A nunca tuve de manual de uso mi Alison es hospedo en un motel la mañana ante que desaparciera ella no fue para esconderse de A creo que ella siquio a A hasta alli

  42. Custom avatar antonella August 24th, 2017 / Thursday

    es malo verdad que sucedio deber se tormenta hay lago afuera chicas las atrape eso no fue anda gracioso Alison creo que fue divertidisimo chicas Alison descargaste la nueva cancion de beyonce todavia no me encanta su nuevo videos tan vez demasiado tu turno vamos cuidado toma mucho, y nos contaras todo tus secretos los amigo comparten secretos eso es lo que nos mantiene unidas donde esta Alison Specer no sabemos Alison se fue que quieres decir la buque por todos lados creo que la escuche gritar aun desaparecida

  43. Custom avatar antonella August 24th, 2017 / Thursday

    chicas Alison escuchas a mona tan vez debermos esperar alguna vez dara cuerta que perderdora ese no es auto de tu padre de A para Spencer pobre Spencer siempre deseando los novios melissa pero recuerda si besa yo cuento A van comer eso cariño estoy siendo una amiga hanna no es supone que esten en lo de Alison hola chicas hola lan Spenne todiavia necessitas ayuda con la excauacion tengo mi barra en el auto tiene que decriselo a tu hamana que demonios esta haciendo ella lo a descubiri no no lo hara porque si no lo dice tu lo hare yo pense que eras mi amiga no lo entienes te estoy ayudando a hacer lo correcto le contare todas la verdad sobre asusto de janna Alison

  44. Custom avatar antonella September 23rd, 2017 / Saturday

    es malo ¿ verdad ? que sucedio deber ser la tomenta hay algo afuera chicas las atrape eso no fue nada gracioso Alison creo que fue diviertidismos, chicas Alison ¿ descargaste la nueva cancion beyonce todovia no me encanta su nuevo videos tan vez demasiado Em tu turmo vamos cuidado Aria toma mucho y nos contarias todo tus secretos los amigos comparte secretos eso es lo que nos mantiene unidas bebe Em ¿ donde esta Alison Alex ? no sebemos Alison se fue que quieres decir la busque por todo lados creo que escuche gritar. aun desparecida Spencer gemela Alex

  45. Custom avatar antonella October 8th, 2017 / Sunday

    es malo verdad que sucedio deber er la tormenta ha algo afuera chicas las atrape eso no fue gracioso Alison creo que fue diviertidismos, chicas Alison descargaste la nueva cancion de beyonce todavia no me encanta su nuevo videos tan vez demasiado, Em tu turno vamos cuidado Aria toma mucho y nos contarias todo tus secretos los amigo comparte secretos eso es lo que nos mantiene unidas bebe Em donde esta Alison Spencer no sabemos Alison se fue que quiere decir la busque por todo lados creo que la escuche gritar aun desparecida

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