Season 5 Episode 5, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Miss Me x 100

Season 5 Episode 5, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 5 Episode 5, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 5 Episode 5, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Pretty Little Liars Recap Season 5 Episode 5
Episode Highlights:

Welcome to the most epic episode of Pretty Little Liars ever! Join us in our festive celebration and ongoing worship of Alison DiLaurentis for being a lying, manipulating, bitchslapping QUEEN.

Episode Grade: A+ (Epic!)
Alison vs. Jenna. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!

Queen Jenna returns
Jenna needs a new driver now that Shana has died.
Toby's hair is still awful.
Kill 'em all, said Jenna.
Can Emily stop denying her sexual feelings for Jenna?
Aria clearly knows no boundaries.
Jenna is upset that all her drivers and bodyguards keep dying on her.
Jenna shows up at Aria's house like the Grim Reaper.
Jenna and Aria reminisce Shana's crazy ass.
Jenna has already replaced Shana with Sydney.
Sydney is Jenna's new driver.
Jenna, Mona and Sydney are the witches coven.
Why does Sydney think she is worthy to be in the presence of Queen Jenna and Queen Mona?
Sydney is a phony ass ho secretly working for Jenna.
Hanna Marin: the most eligible bachelorette
Hanna is always thinking of how to dump Travis.
Lucas is such a creep around Hanna lol
Lucas pretends to have an imaginary girlfriend.
Hanna shoots Lucas down once again.
ZOMG! Caleb returns to the show!
Caleb is back and he got a new haircut!
Hanna is already flocking back to Caleb and forgets Travis still exists.
It's only a matter of time before Hanna dumps Travis via a text message.
Lucas acts like a total creep at his own party.
Hanna doubts whether Lucas has a real girlfriend.
Lucas has imaginary sex with his imaginary girlfriend.
Travis shows up Lucas and gets closer to Hanna more than Lucas ever will.
Lucas is giving off major date rapist vibes at the party.
Hanna needs to learn how to respect herself.
Caleb refuses to discuss about what happened in Ravenswood.
Caleb is pretending to have so much angst over Ravenswood when no1curr.
Hanna finally has her revenge on that boyfriend stealer Miranda.
Aria goes down on Ezra
100th Episode Ezria anniversary! Let's celebrate with an Ezria kiss!
Ezra is licking Aria. That's DISGUSTING.
Ezra shows off his fake spray-on six-pack once again.
Even Aria is dubious about the abs.
Ezra ravishes Aria on a kitchen stove.
Ezria's anthem is a creepy stalker song, how appropriate.
Aria goes down on Ezra like a butterfly. Some things cannot be unseen.

Veronica is getting a DIVORCE
Veronica found out about her husband's lies, so she's leaving him!
Who hires a private detective to investigate her own family for murderers? Veronica Hastings, that's who.
Spencer is Veronica's favourite child. Melissa, not so much.
Spencer and Hanna bond over a broken home.
Alison goes back to school
Alison is putting on her WAR PAINT.
The school is both in awe and in fear of Alison DiLaurentis.
Alison calls them gayrons, as in a combination of gay morons.
Alison tells her friends to wear clothes that won't clash with her bright outfit.
The entire school is gawking at Alison.
Paige confronts Alison
Paige talks about Alison like she's some kind of disease.
Emily secretly wants a threesome between her, Paige and Alison.
Alison versus Paige, fight fight fight!
Paige is in tears after confronting Alison.
Alison cries crocodile tears while apologinz go Paige.

Alison seduces Emily
Alison seduces Emily to get her on her side again.
Alison is luring Emily in with her honey.
Alison and Emily share the same bed together.
Alison and Emily KISS and MAKE OUT. Woohoo, lesbians!
Why are Ezria's sex scenes intertwined with Emison's sex scenes?
Alison vs. Mona is the most epic scene in Pretty Little Liars history.
God is trapped in an unholy war between Alison and Mona.
We have waited for Alison and Mona's showdown for so long!
Alison drops her nice façade and becomes a massive bitch again.
Mona slaps Alison! Correction: Mona BITCHSLAPS Alison.
Alison retaliates and BITCHSLAPS Mona as well!
Mona gave it everything she got to bitchslap the fuck out of Alison.
I can watch Alison and Mona bitchslapping each other all day long.
Alison bitchslapped Mona so hard that it left a scar on her face!
Alison uses her scar to gain sympathy with the school.
Alison even has video proof of Alison bitchslapping her. I want a copy!
Alison is determined to seek revenge on Mona.
Alison can't even manipulate Emily anymore.
A blows up Jenna’s house
The police identified Bethany Young's body! Who's Bethany!?
All the couples hold hands together as they watch the news.
The police is already suspecting Alison's guilt.
There is a huge explosion at the end of this episode!
HOLY SHIT. Did A just blow up Jenna's house!?
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28 Responses

  1. Default avatar Rebekah December 15th, 2014 / Monday

    Surely your best recap yet, welcome back! All the craziness and random explosions from this episode are perfectly suited to you, it’s like the writers wanted to dedicate an episode to Recap Everything <3

    Just a heads up that the photos from "BREAKING NEWS ALERT: In a shocking twist of events, the Rosewood police were accidentally competent in an investigation, and they uncovered the identity of the girl who died in place of Alison" section are repeats from earlier in the recap.

    • Default avatar Rebekah December 15th, 2014 / Monday

      Whoops – they’re already fixed!

  2. Default avatar Mindy December 15th, 2014 / Monday

    THIS EPISODE! But omg Haleb is just putting me off. They used to be this show’s only healthy couple and now they’re in a toxic relationship too, even though it gets somewhat better in the later episodes. I really want you to recap 5×08 and 9 though, want to see how you deal with Bitchy Aria.

    • Default avatar Anonymous December 15th, 2014 / Monday

      Omfg Aria in tht episode thooo

  3. Default avatar RE Reader December 15th, 2014 / Monday

    TWO new recaps?! Merry Christmas to me!

  4. Default avatar JOHN December 15th, 2014 / Monday

    :D :D I only found the previous recap yesterday, so it was like discovering two recaps in two days! Make it a third tomorrow? :D

    But seriously, this was one of your best. Legitimately made me cry a bit at some parts. More please!

  5. Default avatar Darkangel December 15th, 2014 / Monday

    Every 100 episodes we’ll get a really great episode of PLL. Bring on episode 1000!!!

    Jenna’s return was talked about more than Alison’s return from the grave. lol That should show people who The Queen is. I loved Toby *looks at phone* “It’s Jenna, OMG, she needs me! Later Spencer”. Even her abuse victim drops everything and runs back to her. Alison’s probably jealous.

    Bitch drew blood with that slap. Damn! I wouldn’t be surprised if Ali had a shank hidden in her palms. She probably learned that trick when was terrorizing homeless kids during her fake kidnapping. Of course Mona came prepared. She actually knows how to get or create evidence unlike the stupid liars.

    Why must you traumatize me with Ezaria sex pictures? :(

  6. Default avatar Anonymous December 15th, 2014 / Monday

    I’m so sad… there was no pictures making fun of Spoby’s truck scene…

    • Default avatar Joe December 16th, 2014 / Tuesday

      Spoby make out every episode so nothing new there lol

  7. Default avatar Erinsgirl December 17th, 2014 / Wednesday

    Two recaps in as many days. Awesome

    Yet another great review.

    I’m fine with Ezria relationship scenes that involve only those two and no interaction with the plot or the rest of the cast. It’s the best way to enjoy them. Fast-forward and pretending they don’t exist.

    I find it really funny that Spoby are the only couple officially together and have what is a relatively (PLL standards) honest, healthy relationship at this point in time. So of course they have minimal screen time and mostly exposition scenes because the writers have no idea what these relationships are actually like. Stay tuned for their break-up, Spencer to see date some random for a couple of eps before their inevitable reunion in a key episode in 5B.

    Plus Toby will at the very least find love with a new hairstyle.

    Although did anyone notice A’s back to their old habit of trying to killing Toby whenever they feel like it. A just ‘happens’ to blow up his family home and someone just ‘happens’ to ask if anyone was inside and Toby just ‘happens’ to risk his life for the awful family that treated him like crap. I know the truth! Watch your back Tobes, you’re back on A’s hit-list.

    Emily is again showing her ‘not like the others’ status as she is now the only one clearly not from a broken home.

    And Emily how blind do you have to be to see the evil in Alison.

    Paige rocked her scenes.

    The Hastings don’t do half measures. If there’s a breakup you bet your ass there will be bodies.

    Hiring PIs are all the rage for the Hastings. How else would they now what was happening with their family members? Asking someone who lives with you how they are is so passe. Although who is Mama Hastings trying to kid. She’s as sketchy as the rest of her brood she just’s better at not acting shady. It was very telling that she wasn’t leaving Papa H because he lied but because he got Melissa involved (lol at the irony). She’s got secrets and she’s in no way helping Spencer. The Hastings have terrible judgement. Especially romantically. Based on past history Veronica’s new bf will try to bed her 17yo daughter before planting false evidence to get her arrested for a crime she probably didn’t commit and then try to kill her. Within 5 minutes of meeting her.

    Truthfully though I’m as devastated as Spence. Sure Mom and Dad lied, schemed, committed adultery, had secret surgeries, let potential murderers and perverts live with their teenager, were never at home to supervise said teenager despite the worrying arrests, hospital visits and claims of dead bfs, were never in the same room together and every time they did Spence was definitely going to have something bad happen to her.

    They were perfect together! It’s like nothing makes sense anymore.

    Mona v Alison! So good.

    This is why they had to #spolier alert#

    kill Mona off because if she and Spencer got together we might actually get some freaking answers.

    I’m all for the show going supernatural ala Ravenswood.

    Only instead of drippy ghosts and some stupid pact we have GhostMona! Think how awesome that match would be. Reinstated Queen Bee Alison and Wildcard Sacred Goddess Jenna vs DeFacto leader/ Sherlock Holmes/ crazy person Spencer and former Champion of the Dark and Dangerous Mona. It is would be out-of-this-world. The four of them are basically the same person with variations in the crazy/ evil ratio.

    And GhostMona would improve any scene.

    Alison plotting, GhostMona trolls her.

    Emily decides which love interest to make out with for this ep, GhostMona provides a grading system.

    Standard Haleb make-out scene, GhostMona pops up to talk outfit choices with Hanna and critique Caleb’s technique.

    Dull and dreary Ezria scene GhostMona definitely proves they/ Fitzgerald/ Hemingway/(insert Ezria’s fave writer) are terrible writers and they die of shock.

    Kids this Christmas ask Santa to go to Ravenswood and bring GhostMona back.

    And Dear Recap Everything for Christmas can bring more recaps? I’ve been very good and the Rosewood population has been bad. Thank you Santa Everything.

    Merry Christmas

  8. Default avatar Julia December 22nd, 2014 / Monday

    Merry Christmas!

    Just because Travis acted like a decent human beind does not mean Hanna owes him sex. Respect and decent treatment, yeah, but it would be the wrong show for that.

    I loved your mail from God. Also, how stupid is Alison? Mona was so obviously going to record that.

  9. Default avatar O_O January 3rd, 2015 / Saturday

    I didn’t even notice that they were playing that version of “Every Breath You Take” – good catch! I think an even better anthem for the Ezria relationship would be “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” by The Police – it’s like that song was WRITTEN for Ezria!

    • Default avatar B January 5th, 2015 / Monday

      LOL at what you said about this two songs, I like The Police and when I hear the lyrics I just laugh imagining Ezra akwardly singing this with his sweater vest included. When they played that for these scenes I didn’t know if they were being bold by saying: “we know these two relationships are wrong but we want to show thats happens in real life too” or just tried to be romantic and ended up looking cheesy and clueless.

      About season 5, I think they could have portrayed a more intelligent Alison. The other seasons at least made her look in control and cunning, and now she is someone who thinks can blatantly lie all the time and still walk away just because she is blonde, pretty and so called popular? Please, that’s delusional. She is like that though, she lives in a kind of fantasy world where she is the beautiful Queen, because most people didn’t even like Alison that much, they were scared of her. Probably she didn’t care that they were pretending to love her. Anyway Spencer is supposed to be the smart one and sometimes she is not that bright, don’t even get me started on Emily or Aria, which sometimes I think are worse than Hannah because they blurt out pretty insensitive stuff. But anyway I still really like that show, it gets ridiculous but the premise was really good and at least you get to think about how a seemingly innocent lie can turn out really bad. And that’s Alison’s motto so I don’t think she is going to end up well…

  10. Default avatar Anonymous January 20th, 2015 / Tuesday

    :,( I miss your recaps! I could really use a laugh right now!

  11. Default avatar Anonymous January 24th, 2015 / Saturday

    Recap gossip girl!

    • Default avatar Rebekah January 26th, 2015 / Monday

      Oh my god that would be amazing hahaha

  12. Default avatar Anonymous January 25th, 2015 / Sunday

    I know you have a life outside of these recaps, and it’s hard to regularly post. That doesn’t mean I don’t miss them, though, and I hope you are coming back soon! These episodes have been pretty ridiculous lately, and I can’t watch them without wishing I could hear what you have to say about them! #bringbackRE

  13. Default avatar Anonymous January 26th, 2015 / Monday

    Please come backkkk :( We miss you!!

  14. Default avatar We miss you! January 30th, 2015 / Friday

    Please write recaps again! I miss you heaps :(

  15. Default avatar COME BACK RE February 2nd, 2015 / Monday

    Ok you have to come back! I need your opinion on the Jason-Ashley-Ted love triangle!!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 9th, 2015 / Monday

      I think we can all agree that the Mama Marin affair has been the *highlight* of Season 5 so far.

  16. Default avatar Anonymous February 7th, 2015 / Saturday

    You have to come back, RE. You have to come back!!!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 9th, 2015 / Monday

      Staging a recapping protest until my bae Alison is cleared from her wrongfully accused murder charges and she’s a free woman again~~~

      P.S. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that RE stopped updating at the same time that Alison got arrested. RE = Alison theory? Thoughts???

    • Default avatar Anonymous February 23rd, 2015 / Monday

      Hmm, interesting theory. It looks like Alison is getting out of jail soon. I hope that means we will be seeing more recaps. ;)

    • Default avatar Recap Everything March 26th, 2015 / Thursday

      It turns out Ali is serving her whole life behind bars lol :( Guess that means no more recaps forever~

  17. Default avatar Anonymous March 8th, 2015 / Sunday

    I miss you x 100

  18. Default avatar We Miss You March 11th, 2015 / Wednesday

    I don’t know if I can survive without your recaps :'(
    Please come back- Life isn’t funny enough without them!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything March 26th, 2015 / Thursday

      OMG. Am I saving lives with my recaps? :O #BOSS

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