Season 5 Episode 4, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Thrown From the Ride

Season 5 Episode 4, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 5 Episode 4, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 5 Episode 4, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Pretty Little Liars Recap Season 5 Episode 4
Episode Highlights:

In this PLL recap, Hanna gets an XTREME MAKEOVER; Aria gets haunted by Shana’s undead ghost; Mona and Alison prepare for war against each other.

Episode Grade: C (Meh.)
Hanna gets a stylish and exotic makeover!

Hanna’s first world problems
Hanna doesn't like her new hairstyle.
Hanna's new hairstyle makes her look like a new gothic witch.
Travis is still clinging onto the hope that he is Hanna's boyfriend.
Lucas thinks he has a shot at being Hanna's new love interest. Poor guy.
Travis is so desperate to get Hanna's attention.
Hanna was already bored of Lucas as soon as they start talking.
Poor Lucas is rejected by a girl yet again.
Mona and Lucas are working together.
I can't believe Janel didn't win Dancing With the Stars with Val Chemrkovskiy!
Choose a side, Pacifist Paige!
Paige better surrender to Mona's evil wrath.
When did Psycho Paige become Pacifist Paige!?
Paige disses Mona. Does she have a death wish?
Paily has a cute moment sharing pizza together.
Why does Sydney keep interfering with Paige and Emily?
Emily doesn't realize she's giving mixed signals to Paige.
Paige warns Emily about the uprising against Alison.

Alison gets bullied
Why is Alison so excited about going back to school? Does she not realize school sucks?
Alison insists on going back to school no matter the risks.
Alison's fashion sense is so old lady.
Alison almost signs a text message as A, oops!
Alison is viciously bullied on the Internet!
Welcome to HELL, Alison!
Even the police are bullying Alison! Leave her alone!
Alison is suddenly pretending to cry and have human emotions.
Alison has her vadge examined.
Alison is sticking to the story that she jumped out of a moving vehicle blindfolded.
The doctor doesn't believe Alison's story of how she got the injury.
Hanna is also doubting her friend Alison.
Alison hid her recorder in her vagina.
Hanna is shoplifting clothes again!
Why did Hanna steal such an ugly bustier?
Aria is haunted by Shana’s ghost
Hanna is pretending to be interested in books for three seconds.
Aria freaks out over one of Shana's old books.
Mona is trolling Aria hardcore about Shana's death.
Aria seriously needs to take a psychological selfie and get over killing Shana.
Aria chats with a deliberate online troll.
Aria is watching online footage of dead people's funerals.
Aria, stop having remorse over murdering Shana!
Aria is already turning to Ezra's apartment for comfort.
Ezra is of no help to Aria, as always.
Proceed directly to jail, Aria!
Aria falls under Ezra's spell again.
Is Aria slut-shaming herself?

The part of the recap where we appreciate Andrew’s hotness
I hope Pretty Little Liars never gives Andrew a storyline.
It's a little creepy that Andrew keeps hitting on Spencer who already has a boyfriend.
Did A kill the dead possum in Spencer's shed?
Spencer is trying to accuse her dad of murder.
Spencer wants to team up with her mom to gang up against her dad.
Veronica should be the top suspect for killing Jessica DiLaurentis.
Veronica gives a massive STANKFACE when Jessica's name is brought up.
Veronica loses it in front of the police. KILLER!
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20 Responses

  1. Default avatar Joe December 12th, 2014 / Friday

    great recap! so funny

    • Default avatar Recap Everything December 17th, 2014 / Wednesday

      thx boo <3

  2. Default avatar Yup December 12th, 2014 / Friday

    I’ll see ya’ll when the next recap hits, sometime next year! But it’s good to see a sign that this site’s still functioning, if irregularly.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything December 17th, 2014 / Wednesday

      Next year is too optimistic of a deadline lolz~ Next recap will be posted in the new decade.

  3. Default avatar Wassup December 12th, 2014 / Friday

    Funny recap!! Keep writing, I had almost given up on you!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything December 17th, 2014 / Wednesday

      thx 4 still believing in me, gurl~ :*)

  4. Default avatar Silhoutte December 13th, 2014 / Saturday

    Great recap as usual, I guess I’ll see you when the next season if BBC sherlock comes out than!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything December 17th, 2014 / Wednesday

      They should totally dedicate an episode of Sherlock on solving all the unsolvable mysteries of PLL. <3

  5. Default avatar JOHN December 14th, 2014 / Sunday

    Hilarious as usual!

    Please tell me there are others soon on the way?? These are too good to wait months for ;_;

    • Default avatar Recap Everything December 17th, 2014 / Wednesday

      I feel ya, bruh. ;_; Aiming to pump out the next recap by the weekend~

    • Default avatar Kathryn December 17th, 2014 / Wednesday

      Seriously? I can’t wait! So happy you’re back gurl~~

  6. Default avatar Anonymous December 14th, 2014 / Sunday

    I Watched this episode with my friends, and we all cracked up at the singing lady during shana’s funeral.

    I’m surprised you didn’t mention that the funeral was actually RECORDED and ONLINE. Who does that? Only pll would get away with this logic

  7. Default avatar YOUR BEST FRIEND December 15th, 2014 / Monday

    OMG GIRL I MISSED YOU SO MUCH. Great recap, both this one and the next. Please start writing more regularly though!

  8. Default avatar Darkangel December 15th, 2014 / Monday

    Girl, I thought you gave up on this show. I did.

    Recap was great as usual. Of course this is the only show where you can be 20 episodes behind and we’re all still watching the same storyline.

    I loved Paige’s “oh shit” face when she tried to be tough and Mona gave her the death glare to end all death glares. No one messes with the Omnipresent reality bending being that is Mona. (Who also got the better trophy in getting to bang Val!)

    I thought Alison would’ve come up with a better lie. What was doing straddling the heavy metal rock? That cut was pretty high up on her inner thigh. Your knife slipping while cutting an orange (blindfolded and jumping out of a moving car) would’ve made more sense.

    How can they can they shows Aria and Ezra playing freaking board games over Veronica Hasting’s epic meltdown? WTF, show?

  9. Default avatar Anonymous December 16th, 2014 / Tuesday

    I totally agree with you on the Andrew thing. Trying to hook up with someone who already has a girlfriend is really douchey, and it’s making me mad at Andrew. At least Spencer has made it clear that she wants to be with Toby, and is not a cheater. I guarentee that if Andrew was hitting on one of the other liars

    • Default avatar Anonymous December 16th, 2014 / Tuesday

      well, Hanna or Aria, they would definitely hook up with him. I don’t want to hate Andrew, thougt. I, too, love how irrelevant his character is! If he needs a storyline, maybe he could kill Ezra. Just a suggestion…

    • Default avatar Anonymous December 16th, 2014 / Tuesday

      Oops I meant boyfriend

  10. Default avatar Erinsgirl December 16th, 2014 / Tuesday

    This recap made my day.

    Janel was robbed!

    But she was stealing the show all season including the Xmas ep!

    Paige may be the most observant person in Rosewood. That means nothing irl but definitely giving her props here. Now if people would only listen to her.

    Lol at the Ezra tranquilizer shot pic. But hopefully Ezria means they’ll have their own storyline like always with no use to the actual show and I can fast forward through all their scenes for max enjoyment.

    Accusing each other of murder is the no. 1 Hastings family bonding activity. (2nd to hiring private detectives to investigate each other).

    And yes while the girls got their duplicity, temper and lying nature from Daddy H, Mommy H definitely’s responsible for the crazy. (Which makes Peter the sane one)!

    I must admit while I’ve always been on the fence about Andrew before I loved him this ep. Andrew you’re a handsome, intelligent, driven, charming, goal-oriented young man with a bright future. You gracefully offer to help a girl with gardening, ask her to make out with you while passive-aggressively dissing her boyfriend by demeaning his job and then respect her decision not to be a rampant cheating slut on said bf (its 50/50 amoung the girls at the moment). Any girl would be lucky to date you and any parent would be thrilled to introduce you as a prospective son in law.

    You stand 0 chance with any of these girls!

    In honour of his nerd credentials I present the below evidence of why Andrew’s drug-dealing, academic back-stabbing makes him far too stable a guy for our Liars (who based on their romantic histories should take said history and find professional help immediately).



    Sean: flirted with her best friend; virgin who wouldn’t sleep with her (and Hanna is the liar who recites Cosmo!);
    Wren: Dated her best friend; See below.
    Caleb: Mommy issues; daddy issues; foster parent issues; social worker issues; sees dead people; dumped her for a ghost; severe PTSD; went behind her back to find her stalker; formerly homeless; spied on her for money; made money from illegal hacking; worked for car thieves; lied to cops; mom disapproved; made out with her best friend
    Holbrook: Charged her mother with murder; charged her best friend with murder; tried to land her future boyfriend’s father in jail; age-inappropriate; probably sleeping with Alison; possibly working with A
    Travis: Stalked her; law-breaking father

    And Hanna is the Liar with the least questionable romantic baggage!

    Ian: cheated on her sister with her; cheated on her sister with her best friend; was her coach; age-inappropriate; filmed underage students without their consent; did drugs; possibly framed her for murder; tried to kill her
    Wren: cheated on her sister with her; secretly got back with her sister; kissed Hanna; probably hooked up with Alison; will help underage girls hide their alcohol consumption, steroid use and major stab wounds and then brings them home to make out with; attracted to emotionally vulnerable teenage girls; tries to break-up teenage girls relationships with their steady, more appropriate boyfriends; involved with A
    Alex: Father disapproved; secret past with mother; anti-Hastings
    Toby: mommy issues; stepsis issues; probable daddy and stepmom issues; was in juvie and reform school; accused of murder; stereotypical bad boy (tattoo, motorcycle, runaway); parents banned them from seeing each other; constantly has his life endangered from their relationship; leaves town on a regular basis; lied to the cops; literal ‘sleep with the enemy’ thing while he was on the A-team; tends to forget his stepsis’ whereabouts; argues with her parents; continuously caught half-naked or otherwise uncomfortable positions by Spencer’s family members

    I’m sensing some reoccurring themes here.

    Noel: Dated Mona; dated Jenna; talks and acts like a Bond villain; tied to the Alison secret; threatens her best friends on occasion and/ or breaks into their houses; runs the Noel Kahn Underground Railroad for teenage girls; tried to blackmail Fitz; only person to try to report Fitz (making him the most mentally healthy person on the show).
    Jake: Couldn’t read; didn’t know what black and white films were; kept dating her after finding out about Ezria
    Jason: Filmed underage girls without their knowledge (2 of whom where his sisters); made out with the 3rd sister; drug and alcohol issues; possible murderer; has both Hastings and DiLaurentis DNA; age inappropriate; stalker
    Ezra: neglected to tell her he was rich, he was her teacher, had an ex-fiancée, knocked a girl up and had a fake kid, his real name, his psycho family, his obsession with Alison, his prior relationship to Alison, his tendency to use their relationship and spying on her and her friends for monetary and professional gain, his knowledge of her age, he was using her to find Alison; parents disapproved; he’s a peado; inappropriate with anyone under the age of 21; relationship is illegal.
    Riley: Drunk the entire time; named his guitar; drank pineapple schnapps

    But while Aria is the Liar who keeps making the same mistake over and over again, she’s not actually the one with the worst basic judgement.

    That honour goes to Emily:
    Samara: Lied to her mother; mixed signals on her interest; hit on her knowing Paige liked her
    Maya: Runaway; junkie; troubled; stalked; sends her mixed signals; murdered; mother disapproved
    Nate: Stalker; psycho; murderer; creep
    Ben: pervert; attempted to rape her
    Toby: fell in love with Spencer; accidently attacked her; A-team member
    Paige: threatened her and her friends; tried to drown her; ratted out Alison against Emily’s wishes; hooked up with her knowing she was drunk; hit on her knowing she was hung up on other girls; in the closet; severe rage issues; formerly suicidal
    Alison: She’s Alison!

    If A wants to ruin their lives, A should send them to a therapist. One that can recommend and ensure celibacy.

    But then there wouldn’t be a show.

    • Default avatar Julia December 22nd, 2014 / Monday

      Thank you for taking the time to write that down.
      Impressionable teenage girls should not watch that show without parental supervision. And I mean non-Rosewood parents.
      Better yet, they may only watch the show if they read the corresponding recap.

  11. Default avatar Julia December 22nd, 2014 / Monday

    I loved the Draco Malfoy comparison. I love you!

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