Season 5 Episode 1, Pretty Little Liars Recap, EscApe from New York

Season 5 Episode 1, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 5 Episode 1, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 5 Episode 1, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Pretty Little Liars Recap Season 5 Episode 1
Episode Highlights:

OMG. It’s the Season 5 premiere recap of Pretty Little Liars! Will Ezra survive his fatal bullet wound? Has Shana switched allegiances yet again? And who exactly is that girl wearing the atrocious wig?

Episode Grade: A (Loved it!)
Ezra is on the edge of heaven! Please enter and die immediately!

Will Ezra survive!?
Ezra will obviously survive from his bullet wound, duh.
One of the doctors must not be an Ezra fan, hehe.
Alison wants to hear an urgent Ezria update.
Ezra is suddenly depicted a hero this season despite being a gigantic creep for all of last season.
Aria responds to the name Mrs. Fitzgerald. A little presumptuous, don't you think?
Aria trying to fly under the radar with her million colourful scarves.
The green screen in PLL is so laughably bad.
A arranges a flash mob
A goes ambulance cruising! #YOLO
Hanna trying to read a magazine and not understanding any of the big words.
Spencer is a glorious history nerd.
Alison totally doesn't know who Sun-Tzu is.
Nobody in New York seems to care that there's an evil mofo roaming the streets.
Look at that cool street performer!
A has Alison cornered! WANNA PLAY!?
A is suddenly ambushed by the pretty little liars!
The pretty little liars try to outsmart A, but they fail.
A organizes a flash mob as a diversion tactic!
A is multiplied by a hundred!

Mona forms an anti-Alison resistance group
Mona is suddenly the sixth and least valuable pretty little liar.
Mona gathered a group of losers and weirdos to rally against Alison!
Stop being so nice and normal, Psycho Paige!
Mona, Melissa and Paige are all in the same room. May lord have mercy on our souls.
Lucas showed up too, but who cares about him?
Did Melissa steal one of Aria's scarves!?
Melissa's mood swings are out of control.
 Melissa was being so theatrical and dramatic about everything!
Papa Hastings keeps Melissa's crazy ass in check.
Papa DiLaurentis is also from the school of overwrought melodrama.
CeCe escapes in an atrocious wig
I feel so bad that Alison is left out from the group!
Alison is hiding all dem secrets from the pretty little liars!
The pretty little liars talk about their future.
Spencer was being very profound.
CeCe escapes ina n atrocious wig.
CeCe's alter-ego is a sophisticated femme fatale villain named Vivian Darkbloom.
Alison only flies first class, baby!
If only Pretty Little Liars revealed all this plot naturally instead of dumping it into one episode.
Ali tries to pit Emily against the other girls.
Ezra’s midnight rendezvous
Officer Holbrook is so worthless as a police detective.
Officer Holbrook is a secret Ezria fan like the rest of us.
Is there a dog named Ezra Fitz?
Ezra's family owns a theatre! Holy shit, he's rich!
Alison liked Ezra more after finding out he has money. Go figure.
Alison wants to be an actress worthy of admiration.
Ezra likes to take teenage girls on midnight tours behind the theatre stage.
Bill the Janitor has to keep quiet about Ezra's midnight discretions.

Shana goes berserk
Aria has fallen asleep while her boyfriend's life is in danger.
Shana blatantly sabotages Ezra's life support in an attempt to kill him.
I can't believe Ezra survived two assassination attempts! I DEMAND A REDO!
Shana's real allegiances shift for the thousandth time
Shana puts on a black hoodie and pulls out a gun on the pretty little liars!
Shana betrayed her childhood friend Alison.
Jenna sends her loyal lapdogs on suicide missions.
Jenna managed to seduce Alison's childhood friend and turned Shana against her lol.
Aria picks up a rifle and murders Shana in cold blood!
Shana is officially DEAD DEAD DEAD.
Aria's kill tally keeps rising.
Shana is dead, but QUEEN JENNA STILL LIVES.
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29 Responses

  1. Default avatar ANoelle June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

    What a really great thing to wake up to! :’DD

    Are you going to recap the first season, too?

    • Default avatar Mila June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

      You actually should! I’d love to see you describe the whole Hanna almost dying and Wren and Spencer stuff.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

      I’ve been working away on this sparkly new recap during the night like elves in a shoe store. :D

      Season 1 is totally in the works, but only after I finish the Season 4 recaps first. Out of all the Season 1 episodes, I’m already looking forward to recapping the episode where Paige tries to drown Emily in the swimming pool. I will have A LOT to say about that.

    • Default avatar ANoelle June 16th, 2014 / Monday

      Awww, man I can’t wait for that one! Maybe you could make it as a holiday special? X3

  2. Default avatar Julia June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

    I love you!!! (Don’t tell my boyfriend.)

    I lol’ed so hard at the Pokémon Center reference and the nuclear explosion sentence. Also, the surgeon with the saw. You’re a genius.

    I do think that Aria only turned around at the mention of Mrs. Fitzgerald because she thought, “oh shite, his mother is here”, but your interpretation is much funnier.

    I actually thought the whole hospital was under ground and the windows just painted on. Did Ezra’s room even have a window?

    Yeah, A surfing the ambulance had me lol like crazy. I know it was supposed to be suspenseful moment, but all I could do was rofl about how absolutely awesomely ridiculous it is.

    Why, WHY on earth did Alison run away from the crowded streets to that deserted playground? Why would you do that?
    And your Pokémon references are hilarious. I wonder what A’s favourite type is. Dark? Ghost? I better start taking a fairy type with me everywhere I go!
    Before that, though, there was the scene where A rides the elevator and all the PLLs take the stairs to follow him/her/it/bitch. (LOL?) If I was A, I’d totally count on that and just stay in the elevator until they’re all gone upstairs. I’m a bit disappointed Spencer didn’t think of that.

    Seriously, what is wrong with Melissa? Sometimes she acts like Spencer is completely deranged (pot meet kettle), and then in episodes like this when Spencer is in actual danger, it’s like “Melissa uses Spotlight! She draws all the attention to herself!” And yeah, Papa Hastings. Any more kids you’re hiding there? Hope they didn’t inherit the crazy gene…

    Alison was sleeping under bridges, eating from dumpsters, but getting manicures? Not to mention her hair looks freshly dyed. Hmmm…

    Why can Shana and Aria even just walk into the IMCU like that?

    Have I mentioned that I love you?

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 16th, 2014 / Monday

      So much love. <3 It would totally be appropriate for us to have an affair online like the rest of parents do on PLL. *lol*

      I am such a big Pokemon Nerd and I can basically compare anything to the Pokemon universe. We need to start assigning Pokemon types to each PLL character. Emily is a water type, Aria is a fighting type, Lucas is a fire type, Jenna is an ice type (ice cold, baby~), A has to be a dark type, everyone from Ravenswood is a psychic type, and the recently departed Shana is an elusive water/ghost type.

      I would have loved if Queen Fitzgerald made a cameo appearance this episode. Aria would have definitely pulled the gun trigger on her lololol. I also loved that she's supposedly on a plane trip from Sydney. As expected, Dianne is such a well travelled and cultured globetrotter. <3

      When I saw A on top of that ambulance, all I could do was go like WUT WUT WUT WUT WUT until the opening credits stopped rolling. Such a ridiculous(ly awesome) way to start off the show.

      I think Ali wanted to lure A to the playground for the surprise PLL ambush? Personally, I would have stayed next to the saxophone lady just because she's awesome.

      Melissa's character is basically like a myriad of undiagnosed and undiscovered mental illnesses. They need to open a special Radley facility just to contain her brand of crazy. Papa Hastings' children are either insane or druggies or both, so he should help make the world a better place and stop procreating kthx

      lol exactly, I love how Shana and Aria can just waltz in and out like they own the place. No visitors allowed in the ICU...except you Dr. Trauma Surgeon Montgomery!

    • Default avatar Julia June 18th, 2014 / Wednesday

      How can I reply directly to your comment?

      I made my boyfriend read this recap so that he’d understand what I was talking about and he found it funny. He even said he’d watch some episodes with me!! (He’s also a big Pokémon fan. XD)

      I think A should be a Psychic type because bitch (lol?) clearly reads the Liars’ minds. I also think NO ONE on this show is a normal type.

  3. Default avatar Emma June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

    It sucks because on netflix it only goes up to season 3 and I can’t watch season 4-5 cause I only have a phone

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 16th, 2014 / Monday

      That sucks! :( We need to write concerned letters to protest Netflix. Pretty Little Liars is considered mandatory TV viewing and should be made accessible to all viewers!!!

    • Default avatar Melody June 18th, 2014 / Wednesday

      Season 4 is up on Netflix now!

  4. Default avatar Don't take away his nuts! June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

    Excellent recap as always! I’m definitely on team A now, those bitches are so goddamn stupid sometimes they really deserve to be tormented by A! I love how no one mentions the fact that ezra knowingly went after Aria even though he knew she was clearly underage, why does no one touch on that in the show, he’s clearly a creep! And I’m super excited to see how mona plans the welcome back party for Alison :D

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 16th, 2014 / Monday

      Hooray, another A convert! They are clearly on the winning side, so I am rooting for them too. :D

      I seriously think Ezra getting shot is going to automatically ~*redeem*~ his character despite all of the creepy exploitative behavior in the past 4 seasons. Aria looked like she wanted to jump him right there on the hospital bed already, so all is forgiven. -_-”

      Mona’s welcome wagon will probably involve torches, pitchforks and explosives. Welcome back to Rosewood, Alison! *BOOM*

  5. Default avatar RE Fan June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

    Girl you are a psychic! From the season 3 premiere you knew there would be 7 seasons!
    Oh, btw is there no death haiku for Shana Switcheroo?

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 16th, 2014 / Monday

      My official prediction is 24 seasons of Pretty Little Liars before they finally decide to wrap up all the loose ends on this show. I’d like to make a money wager on this prediction too~

      Shana is too much of a basic bitch to get a special death haiku from Recap Everything. #sorry

  6. Default avatar HOC June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

    i laugh at the bunch of losers at mona’s meeting, blaming alison for being social pariahs. I love the irony of how some of them managed to become even bigger losers after Alison disappearance lol.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 16th, 2014 / Monday

      I know, right? Some of them manage to be even more pathetic without Alison’s guidance. I’m looking at you, Lucas! *side eye* The funny thing is they still haven’t gotten over her after so long…while Alison probably doesn’t even remember most of these losers and never gave them a second thought. *lol*

  7. Default avatar DM June 16th, 2014 / Monday

    Does anyone actually think that Alison and CeCe look alike? I mean seriously, if one of them straightens their hair all resemblance will be completely gone.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 16th, 2014 / Monday

      This has bothered me from the moment CeCe was introduced and all the pretty little liars were immediately like ZOMG TWIN TWIST!? They honestly don’t look anything alike other than the hair. -_-“

  8. Default avatar Darkangel June 16th, 2014 / Monday

    Jenna’s magical vajayjay strikes again! Anyone that sleeps with her becomes her obsessed minion. First we have Toby who has not been at all helpful handing out the deets on the blind girl he lived with for years, then we had Ian, Garret, Wilden, Lucas, Mona, Noel, Shana and that guy that worked at the airport. I wouldn’t be surprised if Melissa Hastings is on her lists of conquests.

    I love this show’s way of telling us Ezra’s not a creeper is to show us him showing a 14 year old Alison a dark theater at night. Because what’s not creepy about a grown man taking a trip to New York with a high school freshman. But oh right the show tried to tell us that Ali’s a virgin. lol. She stayed in hotels with her older men but never slept with them. They were just interested in taping the intellectual conversations they had with Alison whilst lying on a bed.

    I’m rooting for Team A too! We also have the minute Ali gets back together with the Liars she starts acting dumb like them. Running from a crowded hospital to an empty playground, really that was the smartest move they could come up with?

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 17th, 2014 / Tuesday

      I am in awe of Jenna’s seductive wiles and her ability to wrap all these minions around her little finger. Don’t forget Nate too! She sank her claws into that one and disposed of him rather quickly. It’s hilarious to me that Shana thinks she’s sooooo in love with Jenna when in reality she’s basically just a notch in Jenna’s little black book. *lol*

      Even the show’s best efforts to redeem Ezra and paint his character in a good light (which they’re desperately trying this season) makes him look creepy as hell. I don’t think anyone is buying into Alison’s whole “Ezra and I had such a chaste and platonic relationship, I swear! *halo*” BS. Remember when she got so scared that she was pregnant? Unless Alison is privy to ~*immaculate conception*~, I’d say that Ezra must have dipped it inside her one too many times.

      I really thought having Alison in the group would finally give the pretty little liars an intellectual boost, but it turns out she’s just as vapid and clueless as the rest of them. I guess stupidity must be contagious. D:

  9. Default avatar Ash June 16th, 2014 / Monday

    I loved the recap. This episode was a fun one. My favorite scenes were with the girls in the theater, when they were talking about how their lives would be without A and also the one where Ali couldn’t relate to what the group was talking about. With all the craziness it was interesting to see serious scenes.

    I’ve been suspicious of Melissa since the first season. Her, Mona, and Jenna are deeply involved in all of it so they’d better not get killed off! Also, I laughed really hard at the part about the airport workers being too polite to point out “Vivian” hasn’t aged well at all xD
    In response to what you asked in the comments for the other recap, I think the movie with Janel Parrish peeing on the doormat was called Triple Dog Dare. That part was funny but I must warn you that the movie was pretty terrible and you may not want to waste your time on it lol

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 17th, 2014 / Tuesday

      Yes, those were my two favourite scenes too! There were some surprisingly intimate and introspective moments between the pretty little liars, which really enriched the relationship dynamics and emotional depth. I even liked when the three of them were just joking about that crappy reality show (*Freaky Foodies*), it felt like an authentic conversation among three good friends.

      Melissa is soooooo suspicious omg. Sometimes I feel like Mona and Jenna are just evil characters for the sake of being evil, but Melissa is being evil because she’s trying to hide a big secret. I recall all those ~*secretive*~ scenes she had with Ian in Season 1, she definitely has some dirty laundry in her basket.

      lolololol @ dat cece disguise. If she was walking around any other airport dressed like that, the officials would have immediately classified her as a *suspicious person* and detained her ass for 48 hours.

      Somebody peeing on a carpet seems like such a hilarious moment out of context and it makes me really, really wanna watch the movie. *lol* It doesn’t matter how bad the rest of the movie is (I can’t imagine how much better/worse it could get than the doormat scene tbh), I’m gonna put it in my must-watch list anyway~

  10. Default avatar Melody June 18th, 2014 / Wednesday

    I can’t wait to see what you say about 5×02! Please put up the recap soon.

  11. Default avatar Sara June 19th, 2014 / Thursday

    recap everything… are like laughing gas :D god bless you ! whenever um in a bad mood I read your old recaps.
    5×02 please!!!!!

  12. Default avatar Selena Richardson June 19th, 2014 / Thursday

    Where is your haiku for the dead people. Don’t you usually write one because they are hilarious! Also why did you stop the Teen Wolf recaps. They were sooooooooo funny.

  13. Default avatar Remi June 19th, 2014 / Thursday

    You need to recap that black and white episode from season 4.It was so cringe and I just need you to make fun of it. Btw this recap was so funny.Can’t wait for the next one.

  14. Default avatar Audrey June 27th, 2014 / Friday

    It’s really fun to look through your polls and vote/look at the results! I love your recaps so much <3 They give me life! I am super excited to see how you recap the rest of season 4 and the upcoming season 5 episodes. You never cease to impress me with your ~faboolus~ theories and make me laugh in the process. KEEP AT IT GURLL~~

  15. Default avatar Olive June 24th, 2016 / Friday

    First let me say I LOVE your recaps!! That being said, I’m concerned you may have to change your name from Recap Everything. It’s 2016, why are seasons 1, 4 and 5 incomplete? Just curious, I hope we get to see more from you in the future!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 25th, 2016 / Saturday

      Thank you! I’m definitely planning to recap all of those seasons ~*one day*~, but you may be reading them on another site called Recap Anything or Recap Something instead. *lol*

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