Season 4 Episode 9, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Into the Deep

Season 4, Episode 9 - Pretty Little Liars Recap, Into the Deep
Emily has a birthday party; Mama Marin gets released from jail; Jenna nearly dies again, why do her haters never understand she is immortal?



Jake's existence has been validated now that he has gone shirtless.
Spencer slut shames Aria over the phone.
Aria shows her one-night stand out the door.
Jake takes the walk of shame after sleeping over at Aria's house.
Jake and Aria have an awkward morning after conversation.
Ezra gives Jake (and his abs) the evil glare.
Maggie continues to be a despicable bitch.
Ezra is gonna fight Maggie for Malcolm's custody rights.
Pastor Ted is a RICH BITCH
Hanna's knowledge of law is pitifully limited.
Ashley's criminal record could fill up Spencer's entire house.
Ashley's legal documents are all over the place at Spencer's house.
Mona is being interrogated by the police after her fake murder confession.
Who's this random actor interrogating Mona!?
Mona is spewing so much bullshit during the police interrogation.
Mona switched facial expressions as soon as the police detective leaves the room. STONE COLD BITCH, YEAH!
Ashley is granted bail due to Mona's fake confession.
Mama Marin is not offering a single penny to help with Ashley's bail.
Hanna is crying over not being able to raise the bail money for her mom.
Hanna's life mantra is I don't need faith, I need money.
Pastor Ted, why aren't you helping that lady with her baseball equipment!? RUDE.
Mama Marin has a new sexy accessory around her ankle.
Pastor Ted is a rich mofo who paid Ashley's bail money.
I didn't know Pastor Ted is secretly a millionaire.
Ashley better sexually reward Pastor Ted for bailing him out.
Mona is smiling sinisterly like an evil bitch.
Emily’s shitty birthday
Emily's birthday present is an appointment with the legendary Dominic Russo!
Paige really wants Emily to go to Stanford with her.
How is Emily supposed to pay for lessons with this legendary swim coach?
This Dominic Russo is a bit of a scam artist, eh?
How did Emily get such a high GPA when she was failing half her classes?
Emily, just admit that you're a shitty swimmer.
Why did Paige think this would be a good birthday present for Emily?
Emily is having the worst surprise birthday party right now.
Paige demands Emily to go to Stanford University with her.
Emily and Paige can't make this long-distance relationship work.
Paige needs to give up Stanford to be with Emily!
Aria is not impressed
Aria sees Jake flirting with some blonde bimbo.
Aria is seething when she sees Jake talking to another girl.
Aria is jealous even though she isn't interested in Jake.
Aria is such a compulsive lying bitch.
I love when Aria acts like a complete jealous betty.
Jake doesn't understand how Aria's mind works. Neither do we.
Emily walks away from the middle of a lovers' feud.
Jenna attends the party with her concubine Shana in tow.
Queen Jenna doesn't give yes or no answers. She speaks in beautifully cryptic code.
Jenna is assassinated yet again.
Jenna Marshall will never die, bitches. She has nine lives and counting.
I thought Shana was supposed to accompany Jenna at this party? SHADY BITCH.
Why is everyone blaming CeCe Drake for everything?
Aria and Jake have boring lovey-dovey scenes.
Aria and Jake make out on the couch.
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10 Responses

  1. Default avatar Anonymous January 1st, 2014 / Wednesday

    So happy you’re back! I loved this recap! Please break your resolution, though. Your comments on Aria being a slut are what makes these recaps so amazing!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 1st, 2014 / Wednesday

      TY~ :)
      Yeah, 95% of Aria’s scenes are about her leaping from man to man like hopscotch so I’ll have nothing left to say about her if I don’t break this resolution soon. *lol* We’ll see how long that lasts~

  2. Default avatar RE Fan January 1st, 2014 / Wednesday


    I was like *Day 65: still refreshing for recaps D:D:*, and then BAM, here it is!

    Omg this shady mofo Shana. I mean I have no clue what’s going on 95.4% of the show, so this just makes it even worse. What the hell is she up to? Better yet, what the hell is her story besides being in lesbian bars.

    And lol at that Paige attempt for a *birthday present*.
    Hanna would have figured out that this wasn’t going to end well! Maybe Paige is back to her psychotic ways and is trying to torment her girlfriend? D: OMG I NOW GET IT. Remember Paige and Shana talking at the lesbian bar way back? They must have been planning to alienate their girlfriends so they could finally be together!!! MYSTERY SOLVED D: D:

    Don’t stay too long before the next recap, because this one was great!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 2nd, 2014 / Thursday

      HOORAY! :D Thx for believing that Recap Everything will be revived one day. *teary-eyed* Now watch me post five in a row just because I really want to finish up the remaining ones before the new episodes air by Jan. 7th~~~ I think the next one should be ready by Thursday or Friday at the latest.

      Shana is too ~*ambiguously evil*~ and I feel like she needs to do something SCANDALOUS that will shake the whole of Rosewood to the core! This bitch just needs to do something, or anything really. Right now, nobody understands the purpose of Shana except she’s a prop for Jenna so that her character isn’t talking to herself in scenes.

      I also think it’s verrrrry suspicious that Jenna drowned at Paige’s lakehouse when Paige already had a criminal record of drowning bitches in the past. OMG I would *totally support* the idea of Paige and Shana conspiring together to assassinate Jenna. SO EPIC. Please make it happen. <3

  3. Default avatar DM January 2nd, 2014 / Thursday

    It wasn’t the senior discount. The bail price is 10% of the bond. Bail is basically a security deposit that the defendant will appear in court, if they don’t then whoever paid the bail is on the hook for the entire amount. AKA if Ashley skips town and doesn’t show up to her court date, then Pastor Ted owes RWPD the full mil.

    I do enjoy the thought of Pastor Ted as some sort of Dexter Morgan killing the bad guys to spare the good guys. But I don’t think he thought it all the way through.

    Veronica did work on Garrett’s case at home in season 3 – that’s why Spencer was able to go through all her shit to creep on his files.

    We also saw Paige’s house in season 3. It makes sense that she doesn’t understand the concept of paying for things since she clearly has the same money tree growing in her backyard that Spencer does.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 3rd, 2014 / Friday

      Please leave behind your business card. When I get arrested, I know who to call to represent me. *lol* In my defense though, it was meant to be a throwaway joke~

      I love the idea of Pastor Ted turning out to be the Immoral (erm, more immoral?) One in the relationship and would love the idea of him going on a Dexter rampage across Rosewood. He would say a prayer for their eternal damnation before shooting a round of bullets into each victim’s body. <3

      I totally forgot about Garrett's existence until your reminder. Poor forgotten unloved Garrett. D:

      Considering how rich the population is, I'm pretty sure every resident living in Rosewood is a money farmer. Except for Hanna and recently Emily's family, who are *poor*. And by *Rosewood poor* I mean *at least middle class everywhere else*.

  4. Default avatar DarkAngel January 5th, 2014 / Sunday

    OMG, you’re back!

    Paige has a freaking Lake “pool” in her backyard so she doesn’t understand poor people problems. She can probably fly back from Standford for the weekend on her private jet to visit Emily. So I don’t know why she’s whining. What do you mean you can’t? Just hand them the card shaped thing with all the money on it.

    Shana: “I’ll be with you the whole time”
    You had one job, Shana!

    They really should learn that Jenna can’t be killed, she’s been blown up twice and drowned. Don’t they know you can’t kill a robot? I also think Jennabot’s voice setting got stuck on creepy and cryptic.

    I love Aria’s selfishness (it’s the only thing I love about her). In Aria’s mind, “I don’t want Jake, but no one else can have him ever!” Everything belongs to her, since she’s the only one that matters.

    Ezra’s such a pathetic loser with no life.

    Mona’s a BAMF. Can you imagine if Alison, Jenna and Mona were friends, they’d take over the world or destroy it.

  5. Default avatar nikki January 10th, 2014 / Friday

    See unlike you, I thought OUAT that this show had serious potential. What a total crapfest – and i don’t realize the extent of it until i read your recaps. seriously, another employee on the rosewood police force. its unbelievable! the boxes that don’t link through other storylines. the random shit they make up on the spot, and then they forget they made up. and even when they do remember bizarre storylines like little Malcolm, we have no clue why they went there in teh first place. this show was once gonig somewhere, but it has no consistency, and now it has NO POINT. the only thing not pointless about PLL is your recaps. Its the only source of fresh relevant material on this show. Long live iron man Jake!

  6. Default avatar Carli January 14th, 2014 / Tuesday

    IM GLAD THAT YOURE STILL ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Default avatar L February 5th, 2014 / Wednesday

    Pastor Ted paid 1,000,000. Love the caption on the pictures! Great laughs!

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