Season 4 Episode 7, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Crash and Burn, Girl!

Season 4, Episode 7 - Pretty Little Liars Recap, Crash and Burn, Girl!
Welcome to another filler episode of Pretty Little Liars! Feel free to skip this episode except for the last thirty seconds where A drives a car straight into Emily’s house.


Mama Marin looks good in her prison uniform.

Mama Marin is a guilty bitch
Hanna wants her mom to take the guilty plea.
Mama Marin needs to go on the run as a criminal outlaw.
Who else is surprised that PLL took Ashley's storyline as far as they did?
Hanna is crying and moping over her incarcerated mommy.
Caleb promises to never leave Hanna's side.
Hanna is in no room to criticize others for being stupid.
Ezra preys on Hanna in the school hallways.
Hanna may have read two or three books in her entire life.
Everyone is giving Hanna the judgey eye.
Even Pam is judging Hanna and her mother.
We finally know which book Hanna has read.
Detective Wilden’s film collection
Can Emily stop obsessing over Shana for one moment?
Emily makes a snide dig at Spencer.
Emily steals a key to Detective Wilden's apartment.
Why would Emily put her mom's police job in jeopardy over some stupid key?
Aria heads to a guy's bedroom, surprise surprise.
Wilden has a vast film collection in his bedroom.
Aria should watch more adult films with her boyfriend if she's so curious..
Can Aria stop obsessing over Wilden's porn? We get it, he's a guy, he watches porn, move on.
Stop trying to make Team Taleb happen
I'm not looking forward to Caleb and Toby investigate Red Coat or whoever.
Why is Toby pretending to take notes?
The only good thing about the Toby and Caleb scenes are their Taleb bromance subtext.
Please stop trying to make Team Taleb happen.
Caleb and Toby put together a murder board just like Officer Holbrook.
Matt from Survivor Redemption Island is back on Pretty Little Liars again!
This PLL episode is so boring and there's almost nothing to discuss or recap.
Caleb randomly asks Nigel about his friend's house remodel. WTF?
Toby is threatening to set Nigel on fire!
Nigel throws money in Toby's face just like a stripper!
Toby goes through more of his dead mama angst.
Don't say the word RADLEY around Toby!
A drives a car into Emily’s house!!!
A gets blamed for vandalizing Connor's car.
A drives a car into Emily's house!!!
Hey Emily, don't know if you noticed, but there's a car stuck on the side of your house.
A is picking off all the law enforcement officers one by one.
Who vandalized Connor’s car? Who actually cares?
Mike gotta be the one who vandalized Connor's car, right?
Mike insults sad chicks in hipster glasses everywhere.
Mike and Connor had a lovers' feud over their lacrosse stick.
Connor wants to get Mike kicked out of the school.
Poor Papa Montgomery. All his children are psychoes
Aria's principal asks if her brother is off his meds.
Principal Hackett is a bit of a hack, seriously.
Ezra saves the day and prevents Mike from being expelled.
Aria is already knocking on Ezra's doorstep once again.
Ezra sees Aria and blurts out TWICE IN ONE DAY.
Ezra and Aria are telling each other how much they love one another through their EYES.
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15 Responses

  1. Default avatar Onyx October 6th, 2013 / Sunday

    Brilliant recap as per usual :’)
    I love your ability to read gay subtext! Absolutely hilarious! I’m all for the Mike and Connor ship- They’re both crayzies and are therefore perfect for eachother *thumbs up*
    I’m hoping the PLL writers have more car-home wrecking incidents, it makes these fillers more exciting! Vandalism FTW~*

    • Default avatar Recap Everything October 6th, 2013 / Sunday

      I don’t know what it is with Mike’s scenes, but strangely enough he has more ~*gay subtext*~ than any other character on the show, including Emily herself. I can’t wait until Mike x Connor finally become canon. Now all that’s missing is an official ship name. #Monnor?

      Kudos to A for being so innovative with the car wreck~ Man oh man, I thought they exhausted all the possible options with the automobile (i.e. slashing tires, running over ppl, storing corpses in the trunk), but A never ceases to amaze. The only question I have is how are they gonna top this scene??? :D

  2. Default avatar DarkAngel October 6th, 2013 / Sunday

    Great recap. I know this one was hard to get through.

    I like how all of sudden EzrA’s extra creepy this season, when he’s been a complete bore for the past 3 years.

    Hanna is good for advice, like you said that means just do the opposite.

    I love how the Liars finally put on gloves to look around Wilden’s apartment. That was them really sticking it to A. Hey, look you can’t tie us to this crime scene only the millions of other crime scenes that you have our fingerprints, along with pictures and videos.

    Man, I love meeting the many lovers of Jenna. It’s like every couple of episodes we meet a new one. Do you think she’s dating 5 different people at time while being blind? Because that’s an amazing accomplishment.

    Emily’s obsession with Shana’s like Spencer’s obsession with Jenna. So if we break it down they are both just obsessed with whatever or whoever Jenna’s doing.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything October 6th, 2013 / Sunday

      Yeah, there weren’t a lot of talking points or material to work with. It might have been the weakest episode of the season IMO.

      ezrA is super creepy this season, man. Every time he finishes a scene, the camera always lingers on his *ominous* expression for an extra five seconds. I do like Creepy Ezra way more than I like Boring Ezra though, so it’s an improvement.

      Why do they even bother with the gloves? You just know A probably has some ~*portable fingerprint kit*~ where she can put fake prints on any piece of evidence in under 30 seconds. And just watch the liars never wear gloves again after this episode. It’s like how Hanna suggested they should turn on the music so A can’t eavesdrop their conversation that ONE time…which was actually too logical, so the show couldn’t let it continue.

      I love watching Jenna’s entourage grow and expand. Any time she’s not in an episode, we’ll have to assume that she’s out there procuring a new bodyguard/lapdog/love interest to add to her collection in her chamber of souls.

      And I agree, Emily’s obsession with Shana basically boils down to her even deeper obsession with Jenna. It’s amazing how much of a gravitational pull Jenna has over the liars~~~

  3. Default avatar Anonymous October 6th, 2013 / Sunday

    Not the best recap. I get that the episode was boring and normally I love the extra snark, but this felt like an insult to people who actually still like the show.

    *spoiler alert* Toby’s mom story DOES continue into 4B. Big time. Do with this information what you want, but complaining about every time Toby is on the screen isn’t making the episodes or the recaps any better.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything October 6th, 2013 / Sunday

      Oh noooo, I feel like I just failed an assignment at school! I’m sorry you didn’t like it tho. :(

    • Default avatar nikki October 11th, 2013 / Friday

      not the best recap? hello!!!!!!! not the best episode. God, she has nothing to work with. i still have BLIND hope and BELIEF as strong as annoying Harry on OUAT that this show will get intriguing once more, and the character arcs will eventually get better. look, if not, then im still holding out for mona and hanna’s grandma getting a spinoff somewhere with color and shopping malls and a coffee bar. jenna can come postnatally. and noel, post-i’m the prettiest but not the most popular on dwts; let me go where my grin will be in everything teenage girl’s heart…

  4. Default avatar HOC October 6th, 2013 / Sunday

    Why are they forcing Shana into the story, this irrelevant twat needs to go, i demand A to murder her ass ASAP!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything October 15th, 2013 / Tuesday

      Oh my god yes, Shana needs to gooooooo. Knowing her, she won’t be important enough to get an on-screen death from A, so she’ll probably get pushed offs training between the commercials like Garrett did.

  5. Default avatar Anonymous October 7th, 2013 / Monday

    God your recaps are hilarious! I agree with you on everything (:

  6. Default avatar Anonymous October 7th, 2013 / Monday

    Hey so what do you think of Ashley benson’s acting ability? she is the only actress u don’t really comment on

  7. Default avatar don't take away his nuts! October 9th, 2013 / Wednesday

    I feel like at this point with pretty little liars I lack sympathy for most of the characters. It didn’t even affect me when ashley was going to jail, I was like herp derp she’ll be out eventually, so there is no point in getting emotionally involved. To be honest the only reason I’m hanging on to this show is because my curiosity for this cluster fucked story is ridiculous. Please let them end on season 5!

  8. Default avatar rebekah October 15th, 2013 / Tuesday

    “Sad chicks in hipster glasses playing the same three chords and whining about their ex” = PLL throwing shade on Taylor Swift?!

  9. Default avatar Melody November 25th, 2013 / Monday

    I found your Taleb descriptions HILARIOUS!

  10. Default avatar PLLISLOVEPLLISLIFE September 24th, 2014 / Wednesday

    Omg i loved the caleb and toby thing, its kinda cute how they are trying to help out their girlfriends
    although like no guys would ever do that but its pretty cute

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