Season 4 Episode 6, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Under the Gun

Season 4, Episode 06 - Pretty Little Liars Recap, Under the Gun
Hanna’s mom is finally arrested; Aria gets bullied by perverted teenage boys; Spencer and Toby investigate who stole the missing colours in the town of Ravenswood.


Love it!
Lt. Tanner interrogates Hanna about her mother's crime.

Lt. Tanner (in glasses) is an evil corrupt cop working for A most likely.
Lt. Tanner almost convinced Hanna to confess to a crime she didn't commit.
Emily does an evidence switcheroo
Hanna's parents wouldn't let Caleb see his girlfriend Hanna. How cruel!
How long before Caleb cheats on Hanna with one of his Ravenswood sidepieces?
Emily lied about bringing over Hanna's physics homework just to meet with her.
What if Hanna is actually just an idiot savant?
Whoever wrote this episode spent a lot of time looking at dictionary definitions of words.
Emily wants to submit the most incriminating video against Ashley to the police? WTF?
The pretty little liars are simply enabling Hanna's stupidity.
Hanna hides the gun in the makeup box.
Want to know what happened to Wilden? Watch this!
Lt. Tanner tries to frame Emily and sentence her to seven years in prison.
Emily is aggravated over that unnecessary ho Shana.
Shana's personality is a hot mess and her personality changes every episode.
Shana has an uncanny resemblance to Sailor Neptune.
Can Shana close the door when she's screeching on her violin?
Aria, the sex tutor
Aria spits out coffee and asks Spencer to taste it afterwards.
Aria is wearing tacks and nails on her fingers. That gotta hurt!
Is Emily the laziest employee ever?
Meet Mike's friend and future love interest, Connor!
Connor wants Aria to tutor him because she's a WRITING GENIUS.
Aria invites Connor directly to her house just to tutor him.
Mike is jealous over Aria and Connor's relationship.
When is Mike Montgomery's gay coming out storyline gonna happen?
Aria does not like kissing underage teenage boys.
No thank you, Aria is not gonna downgrade from a hunky love interest like Jake to some shrivelling shrimp like Connor.
Stop slut-shaming Aria!
Mike is angry because Connor told the whole school that Aria made out with him last night.
Aria marches straight into a locker room with a bunch of naked guys.
I would hit that attractive extra in the locker room, yes please.
Connor just called Aria a cheap slut!
STFU Connor! You're a slut-shaming douchebag!
Ezra steps in and defends his woman's honour! Aria is my slut only!
Aria gets bullied by a bunch of horny teenage boys.
Aria tells Ezra to JUST STAY AWAY FROM ME.
Aria and Mike have a heart-to-heart conversation with each other.
Mike smashes the shit out of Connor's car!
Mike sprays the word LIAR on his friend Connor's car.
Connor and Mike are the perfect match made in douche heaven.
Just call Mona for what she is…A BIG FAT C.
Emily is just jealous that Toby loves Spencer more than her!
Is Toby's deadmama storyline finally over?
Team Spoby goes on a road trip to Ravenswood!
Welcome to Ravenswood, a town without olour!
There are lots of ravens flying around in Ravenswood.
Toby, it's just someone standing in a graveyard. Don't act so surprised.
The people in Ravenswood like to stand around doing nothing.
Is this guy a random A minion or just some random guy calling his wife about dinner?
Spencer and Toby talk to Lady Grunwald in hopes of finding more answers about Alison.
Lady Grunwald is the mastermind behind all of A's schemes!
Just to summarize, Lady Grunwald is Red Coat, A, a time traveller, and a lying bitch.
Spencer and Toby argue over who is the more obsessive paranoid mess. The answer is both of them, you're both the same.
Spencer crosses the street as she squares off against a wind machine at maximum settings.
Oh look, Shana is in Ravenswood too, whoopee doo.
A dead bird dies on top of Spoby's car. IT'S AN OMEN.
Raenswood is like one big practical joke.
Mama Marin, you’re under arrest!
Ashley is so bad at lying. She can never be one of the pretty little liar.
Ashley should build up a bigger, badder rap sheet before she goes to jail.
Hanna finally realizes has a self-aware moment and realize that she's such a dumb bitch.
Papa Marin has a soap opera moment and drunks during the daytime instead.
Ashley is arrested for killing Detective Wilden.
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34 Responses

  1. Default avatar Jay September 22nd, 2013 / Sunday

    I don’t think Aria’s a slut, she’s only slept with one guy and that one guy was her boyfriend. :/

    • Default avatar Recap Everything September 22nd, 2013 / Sunday

      Aria is such a sensitive topic in all my recaps, so I feel like I need to watch what I say about her or WAR will break out in the comments section. :O

  2. Default avatar DarkAngel September 22nd, 2013 / Sunday

    I think all of Shana’s scenes were supposed to be Jenna’s but the actress got pregnant and couldn’t do them. So we got stuck with random person #3 involved in all the important scenes.

    You gotta love Mona she still knows the exact moment to strike. Those bitches are not even near her league. She must really love Hanna cause she’s pretty. Because I don’t see how else Mona could stand listening to Hanna without wanting to punch the dumb out of her.

    What happened to Lt. Tanner’s pet? Was he chained to the fire hydrant outside?

    Good ole dull Ravenswood. I don’t know what that town is, it’s like lets take every cliche in beginning of horror movies and make a show out of it. They’ve learned to teleport and time travel why not travel to an alternate universe. And seriously if you were Alison and you pissed off the entire plant Earth (in one day), you’d need another dimension to hide out in.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything September 22nd, 2013 / Sunday

      omg I didn’t know she was pregnant? I’ve always thought some of Shana’s scenes were supposed to go to Noel, but then Brant decided to have a career outside of Pretty Little Liars, so her character was born.

      I just love how Emily and Spencer finally repaired their relationship and then Mona comes strutting in to completely destroy it again within 5 seconds. What a boss. I think a super genius like Mona enjoys having a dumb friend like Hanna because her stupidity is so ~*fascinating*~ to her.

      I think Lt. Tanner ordered Officer Holbrook to do her laundry and clean up her house while she’s at work. I have so many jokes about their dynamic that I want to make, so it sucks he doesn’t make any more appearances. :(

      I honestly can’t decide if this episode was a good showcase for Ravenswood the Spin-Off Show or not? On one hand, wtf nothing makes sense about this town. On the other hand, the place is such a total trainwreck that I’m inclined to watch the spin-off just to see how much more ridonkculous it will get.

    • Default avatar DarkAngel September 25th, 2013 / Wednesday

      “omg I didn’t know she was pregnant?”

      Yep, I think she’s due soon. But that’s why she hasn’t been in the show that much. But I totally think they should’ve written her pregnancy into the show, imagine the shock and tears of the shippers if Jenna was pregnant with Toby’s baby!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything September 25th, 2013 / Wednesday

      lmao yesssss~~~ A Jenna/Toby baby would be my EVERYTHING. Knowing Jenna though, she probably made a deal with the devil to sacrifice her firstborn anyway, so I guess there’s always the second baby to make this storyline happen.

  3. Default avatar lasha-tumbai September 22nd, 2013 / Sunday

    I didn’t like Shana, but now when I read your comparison between her and Sailor Neptune… *let the headcannon-ing begin*

    • Default avatar Recap Everything September 22nd, 2013 / Sunday

      The B Team are ringers for the three outer sailor scouts: Shana = Sailor Neptune (the frigid one), Jenna = Sailor Uranus (the fierce one) & Melissa = Sailor Pluto (the ringleader with the ~*dark*~ and ~*mysterious*~ aura).

  4. Default avatar Alex September 22nd, 2013 / Sunday

    The Mike storyline is SCREAMING gay. I can’t wait, I really really can’t. Oh Shana. She’s gotta go. I like how you acknowledged that Aria is a sensitive topic in your recaps, some of her fans be craaaaaay.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything September 22nd, 2013 / Sunday

      I honestly thought Mike and Connor were going to hook up in the locker room at the end of this episode, and the whole Aria thing was a just a huge smokescreen, buuuut they didn’t go there unfortunately. :-( However, I’m still holding out hope their dysfunctional hatemance will blossom into a deliciously angst-filled coming out love story in Season 4B. <3

  5. Default avatar PLL FO LYFE September 22nd, 2013 / Sunday

    I wouldn’t exactly say that Aria is a complete slut, I guess she’s just really comfortable with expressing her sexuality? But, I have to admit the way she got dissed from Conner was priceless! I was watching my T.V and I was like “OOOHHHHHHH”….and holi crap Shauna can she just gtfo already, like who the hell does this bisnatch think she is? I’m sorry any character after Cece is just fucking irrelevant to me…I feel like going to rosewood, dressing up like Damien from mean girls and stand at their school and yell out to shauna “SHE DOESN’T EVEN GO HERE”….that’s how irrelevant this bitch is to me.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything September 22nd, 2013 / Sunday

      Yeah, I’d say that Aria is just very…umm, friendly with everyone~ And she’s as generous with her kisses as the new A. :o)

      Every time Shana appears on screen, my reaction is always like WHO DOES THIS BITCH THINK SHE IS??? I thought they did a good job introducing Cece without forcing her character too much upon us, but they were less successful with Shana and everything about her just feels inorganic. I dunno, they really need to rework and rethink her character a bit more.

  6. Default avatar McSlut September 22nd, 2013 / Sunday

    I’m betting that Mike is straight and will hook up with Mona. Calling it now. It will happen. YOU WILL SEE.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything September 22nd, 2013 / Sunday

      If Mike was straight before, he’ll surely be gay by the time Mona is finished with him. She’ll turn him off from women for good~ :O

    • Default avatar rebekah February 19th, 2014 / Wednesday

      You were right!!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 19th, 2014 / Wednesday

      Hanna: Enjoy mah sloppy seconds, Mona!

      Mike will be cured of his heterosexuality once Noel comes back on the show and start showing him some ~*lacrosse*~ moves on the field. YOU WILL SEE.

    • Default avatar rebekah March 28th, 2014 / Friday

      And Noel is actually going to be back in season 5…. please please please

  7. Default avatar DM September 23rd, 2013 / Monday

    I was totally thinking the same thing about Emily, she was just jealous that Toby didn’t come to her, his bestest friend in the whole wide world, with a secret and went to his girlfriend instead. Just like last season, “If Toby really were trying to torture and kill all of us, he so would have told me first because we are totes bffs”

    Please do not be nicer to Aria in future recaps. It’s the best part. Not sure if slut is the right word as much as sexually stupid.

    Fun Fact: Connor’s actor made an unpleasant regular appearance on the last season of The Secret Life Of The American Teenager. He played literally the same character, a pervy douchey freshman just trying to get it in. Some of his lines were like Ethan’s lines verbatim. It was like de ja vu of my worst television viewing experience ever.

    The second view of Ravenswood made it seem a little better. This visit was just so random. I’m surprised you didn’t add anything about Toby’s no caffeine vs. no food comment about Spencer, since he is always such a peach himself.

    • Default avatar new ArrivAl September 23rd, 2013 / Monday

      Oh, the line about “low blood sugar Spencer being worse than no caffeine Spencer” was priceless. And Spencer’s deadpan answer about that’s some girlfriend you’ve got was the capper.

      Aria is like hormones gone wild. She deserves all the comments you give. And Ezra. The entire team knows they were slutting it up while she was his student, therefore, as Rosewood High goes, the entire school should know by the end of the day. Why is the Administration so clueless? Or are they all being blackmailed as well?

      Of course, this is the show where the only person who seems to know anything about forensics is Spencer (she probably went to Forensics camp or won a prize essay contest on the subject). Abby from N.C.I.S. would have figured this whole thing out the night Allison went missing. But then, there wouldn’t have been a show. Gotta love ABC family. At least this show has a plot of sorts. Conner’s last show was nothing but sex, sex and more sex. Maybe Aria transferred from that High School…

    • Default avatar Recap Everything September 24th, 2013 / Tuesday

      I can’t believe all the evil shit Toby has done (he LITERALLY got away with trying to murder Hanna) and none of the other girls even called him out on it – must be Emily’s doing. I don’t think Emily and Toby even shared a scene together for a while, but she is still as devoted to him ever. Emily must think Toby is her ~*soul sister*~ or something.

      Yeah, once Connor used the word SLUT, shit just got a little real. I think it’s too strong of a term when Aria is simply just your average garden-variety ho, nothing special. *loljk* Naw, it’s funny to make jabs at her tho because she’s such an oblivious human who doesn’t realize how her actions come across sometimes…but I don’t really think she’s a sexual deviant.

      PLL recycling character tropes <3 Secret Life spreading their message of sexual promiscuity on another show <3 There's just no containing those hot sluts on *that* show.

      RE: that caffeine line: I'm tempted to go back and add that part to my recap. I got a chuckle out of that scene, but it must have slipped out of my mind while writing tho.

      Alison's murder wouldn't even have enough plot to cover a full episode on NCIS. It would be like one of those episodes where the mystery is secondary to the other *character development* stories (which is another thing that PLL is missing lolz)

  8. Default avatar LynnLayne September 23rd, 2013 / Monday

    I thought the color thing in Ravenswood would be a one time thing but then they did it again in the finale -_- Like I was losing my mind as I was TRYING to watch. I hated the color. I hated it. I hated it. I just hated it.
    Your Aria jabs are one of the best parts. I know some Ezria shippers read these but I just find it hilarious.
    And the sooner they out Mike the sooner we can start legitimately shipping him with Holden, Connor, etc. But everyone knows he’s gay. The PLL writers need to just do it already.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything September 25th, 2013 / Wednesday

      That color drought was too much gurrrrl. Let’s hope they don’t carry over to the actual show tho.

      I love me some Aria jabs~~~ she just gives me so much material to work with every episode with her ridiculous antics. I have actually toned back on some of my comments about her tho, so some of the Aria fans do have an impact on me. *lol*

      Can you imagine if there’s a love triangle between Mike, Holden and Connor? Amazing. I mean, seriously, does anyone actually want to watch a storyline where Mike’s friend calls his sister a slut…or do we wanna watch a gay gay gay storyline where Mike and Connor go at it underneath the locker room showers? I think the answer is obvious.

  9. Default avatar Hoc September 23rd, 2013 / Monday

    A little off topic but i just saw this video of Brant Daugherty from dancing with the stars and he looks gay gay gay

    • Default avatar Hoc September 23rd, 2013 / Monday

      Not saying he is, i just thought that he really is nothing like Noel.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything September 25th, 2013 / Wednesday

      A hot guy’s sexuality IRL is like another one of those territories that I have to be sensitive about, or I will unleash a new brand of war in the comments section. *lol* Imma reserve judgment, although I already *knew* from instinct what team he plays on based on one scene in Season 1. ;O

      BTW I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve started watching my first season of DWTS just because of Brant. <3 lolsosad~

    • Default avatar Anonymous September 29th, 2013 / Sunday

      Don’t worry. I’m only watching Devious Maids because of Drew. but i do admit, it is a good show

  10. Default avatar Jay September 24th, 2013 / Tuesday

    No I think your jabs at Aria are funny and I even really like her. I was just saying I don’t think she’s a slut. She’s not sleeping around with a bunch of guys, the show has only implied she’s been with Ezra. It’s only been kissing. The other 3 aren’t much better. Spencer kissed both of her sister’s boyfriends/fiancees, Hanna was pressing her first boyfriend (Shawn?) into having sex when he wanted to wait. Emily has dated so many girls I can’t even count.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything September 25th, 2013 / Wednesday

      They all have a bit of *lolslut* in them tbh. Aria has been getting the brunt prolly because she’s the only one in between relationships right now (does Jake count as an official relationship? That’s more like a fling, right?) For the record, I don’t really think Aria is like SLUT OF THE CENTURY who grabs onto differ dicks like they are jungle bars or anything like that. I’ve seen a lot worse, so Aria should really step up her game if she wants to play in the big leagues.

  11. Default avatar Riddhi September 29th, 2013 / Sunday

    I actually used to love your recaps but lately you have been so hateful towards Hanna, it just annoys me. Sure she has acted dumb the past few episodes but if you paid attention, Hanna is actually pretty smart. I would say she is smarter and more courageous than Aria and Emily.
    And how so you know that she flunks her classes or wouldn’t get into college. Lets not forget that she is supposed to be talented and does intend to get into fashion school. After all she did get an internship for Vera Wang!

    • Default avatar Dells September 29th, 2013 / Sunday

      Lolol jeez its all just jokes. Hanna’s my favorite character, but you got to admit these past episodes Hanna has been making really idiotic choices. And the show writes Hanna to be the dumb one. Not saying she is but still its why we love her

    • Default avatar Hoc October 1st, 2013 / Tuesday

      OMG She’s just a fictional characters, and a very dumb one tbh.

    • Default avatar DarkAngel October 2nd, 2013 / Wednesday

      Hanna is dumb, she jumps into things without thinking about it making it worse for everyone involved. Being courageous doesn’t mean she’s smart. It’s an honorable trait to have but she’s still a dumbass.

      The Vera Wang thing was fake and set up by A. Like Aria’s many talents, I have yet to see Hanna show any of hers. The writers can say all they want about the characters but without showing us anything it means nothing.

  12. Default avatar nikki October 11th, 2013 / Friday

    hanna used to be the idiot savant. i had such high hopes for her character after she found caleb and that episode where she confronts the alison ghost in dr. sullivan/wherewolf’s chair. i thought she was brilliant, like she had inner wisdom. but it has yet to make an appearance this season…they just keep giving her dumb hanna jokes. even ashley benson calls her character dumb hanna. her character was interesting and it just went flat…like soda thats been uncapped too long. more carbonation here please!

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