Season 4 Episode 18, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Hot for Teacher

Season 4 Episode 18, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 4 Episode 18, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 4 Episode 18, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Pretty Little Liars Recap Season 4 Episode 18
Episode Highlights:

In this recap, Ezra continues to be a perverted voyeuristic stalker, but you already know that; Spencer starts buying drugs; Emily and Shana try to deliver money to Alison.

Episode Grade: A- (Awesome!)
Spencer buys drugs in the dark corners of Rosewood.

Spencer buys dem drugs
Spencer is buying drugs right in the school hallway.
Spencer is trying to haggle for drugs.
What is the story behind Brenda the Teenage Drug Dealer?
Brenda gives Spencer some sass for lying about her drug habit.
Andrew also has a serious drug habit.
Officer Holbrook is too busy flirting with Hanna.
Neither Hanna nor Officer Holbrook are interested in books.
Officer Holbrook is a pretty boy police detective.
Spencer vs. Ezra
Officer Holbrook randomly appears in the middle of a Spencer vs. Hanna confrontation.
Hanna chastises Spencer for her lack of discretion.
Ezra flunks Spencer on her English essay.
Ezra invites Spencer to stay behind for remedial lessons.
Ezra threatens to fail Spencer unless she puts out for him.

Ezria’s Cabin Sexcapades
Poor Jesse gets dragged into Ezria's personal drama.
Watch out, Jesse! You are Ezra's next target!
Aria goes through a dilemma about hiding her relationship with Ezra from her friends.
Aria carries around a cheetah print purse.

Ezra lied about chick peas! WHAT A VILLAIN.
Ezra is giving off strong evil vibes.
Ezra descends into his underground torture chamber.
Ezra is keeping surveillance footage of all the pretty little liars.
Ezra gets his rocks off from watching hidden surveillance footage of teenage girls.
Aria is unaware that her boyfriend is spying on her with a hundred hidden cameras.
Aria even installed a spy camera to watch Aria sleep!
Ezra has hidden surveillance cameras planted anywhere and everywhere!
Smile, Aria! You're on a hidden sex camera!
Shana, please kindly fuck off
Shana is being secretive just for the trolololz
Shana is sude a snide aggro bitch.
I want to make Ali collages and write fanfiction too!
Why is Shana being such a cow!? STOP IT!
Shana finally gives us some answers, to the detriment of her character.
Shana is playing all these unnecessary mind games.
Emily retrieves an illegal sum of money for Alison.
Emily hides thousands of dollars inside a coffee bag.
A sends a threatening message for Shana to GTFO.
How will the cash strapped Alison make money now!?
Alison used her last remaining dollars to buy some nail polish.
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19 Responses

  1. Default avatar Recap Everything June 11th, 2014 / Wednesday

    QUESTION: How does everyone feel about me recapping the Season 5 episodes before going back to the remaining Season 4 recaps? My OCD wants me to recap all of the episodes in chronological order, but I kinda want to talk smack about the newest season like rite nao. Thoughts?

    • Default avatar Mindy June 11th, 2014 / Wednesday

      YES PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE. THE LATEST EPISODE WAS SO WEIRD. I mean I expected way better. KILL EZRA! And Aria. I went on Tumblr after watching it and everyone was like “Ezria saves the day! <3" And I wanted to barf

    • Default avatar sara June 11th, 2014 / Wednesday

      Yes I would just start with S5. Tbh the rest of 4B was shit so..

    • Default avatar rebekah June 11th, 2014 / Wednesday

      I don’t mind which order, just as long as the season 4 ones still get posted!!
      The premiere was so weird, like wtf is with Shana’s character? They just completely hit reset with her again – how the fuck does she turn into a/evil killer with absolutely no development between this episode – which I’m pretty sure was the last time we saw her?
      It was still entertaining though, I laughed through quite a lot of the scenes – wanna play?

    • Default avatar RE Reader June 11th, 2014 / Wednesday

      Yes!!! The whole episode was me begging A to dress up as a surgeon and *accidentally* kill Ezra. And speaking of death, this is the second time Aria’s killed someone. Except this time they used up all their lives. Now she gets to join the Rosewood murderers club!

    • Default avatar Emmahhhh June 11th, 2014 / Wednesday

      You should recap 5×01 then 4×19 then 5×02 etc. in that pattern so you can get season 5 on track while finishing season 4. BTW I love this website and you are amazing aaand we should start a Hating on Aria club ;)

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

      THX 4 THE FEEDBACK. I don’t know if I have the energy to do both the Season 4 and Season 5 recaps at the same time, but I will try~ *lol* I do have more motivation to do the Season 5 recaps since the episodes are fresh off the oven!

  2. Default avatar sara June 11th, 2014 / Wednesday

    The cameras I guess were explained that Ezra hired a private investigator to keep the girls safe and try and catch/figure out who A. I don’t get why he went to his car, probably just added it in to go along with the “Is Ezra A or not” plot because if he was just being creepy and watching her sleep it would make no sense why he wouldn’t just watch her sleep as he’s laying right next to her, opposed to going all the way outside to his car.

    • Default avatar Anonymous June 11th, 2014 / Wednesday

      I don’t even think the cameras had to do anything with a private investigator. Ezra’s just a huge perv.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

      That’s an interesting ezrA theory and definitely sounds like something PLL would use to justify his character as one of the good guys. *lol* Regardless of his evilness, I still think he’s a big perv though!

  3. Default avatar Darkangel June 11th, 2014 / Wednesday

    Rosewood High has teachers banging their students in their classrooms and drug deals going down in the middle of the hallway. I wonder if they put that on the school brochure? I’m sure its a selling point for all pedos, stalkers and serial killers that want to find a good school for their kids.

    I love that the liars are always hiding their money in food containers, I guess Ali never taught them how to hide money in the lining of pictures or in bags with clues to where money is hidden all over the town.

    I love how they are showing us how creepy Ezra is but then we’re supposed to forget about it this season. That’s not how things work Marlene King. We can’t unsee something you showed us.

    I hate Shana but she’s smarter than the liars, there’s a threat, GTFO. That’s what normal people would do. I’m beginning to think the liars are masochists.

    I say finish season 4, season 5 already seems like it’s going to be rinse, wash, repeat anyway.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

      IKR? Scariest high school evar. The fact that they let Mona Vandevil terrorize the school hallways and extracurricular activities also makes me question their policies. Lucas totally made the right call when he got home-schooled instead.

      lmao yaaaas, Alison is the master at hiding stashes of money in the most obscure places. I guess you have to use a little more discretion when you’re dealing with mafia money though.

      I’m actually so pissed off that they tried to justify all of Ezra’s creepy behaviour simply because he’s writing a goddamn BOOK. Let’s brush everything under the carpet because he’s one of the good guys now! *like wtf* I wish PLL would just own up to the fact that ezrA is a gigantic stalker creep. You have shown us too much evidence. We already KNOW Ezra’s true nature.

      Yes, I don’t like Shana either, but I respect her intellect and her self-preseverance. I totally understand why Alison trusted her to be her confidante rather than those pretty little liar bimbos~

  4. Default avatar Anonymous June 11th, 2014 / Wednesday

    Haha next time we see Andrew he’ll be in a coma and no one will visit him.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

      I’m pretty sure he’ll get at least one hospital visitation from Brenda as she tries to push more drugs onto him. That girl is a shrewd businesswoman and she won’t lose one of her best customers just because he overdosed!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

      I still can’t get over the fact that Ezra installed surveillance cameras to watch Aria sleep. LOLWTF. Who does that!? So cweepy.

      Emily totes need to check her ‘tude out the door, man. She was extremely fortunate that A slacked off that one time and didn’t steal the money. Worst hiding spot ever~~~

      Can you imagine if Hermione was part of the PLL cast? I don’t know if she’ll be besties with Shana or if those two bitches will constantly clash with each other over academia and trying to be on the right side of an argument. <3

  5. Default avatar Julia June 11th, 2014 / Wednesday

    “I like watching you sleep~” Now which creeper who loved underage girls said that before?

    Emily shouldn’t be chastising other people on their attitude…

    I totally expected the money to be gone as well. Like, this show has you waiting for the worst to happen all the time. Is A slacking off? Was there a sale at whatever trendy shop they buy their black hoodies?
    I also had the same thought about the nail polish. Ali’s priorities are even more screwed up than Hermione “we might have died! or, worse, been expelled!” Granger’s.

    And please recap season 5! :)

  6. Default avatar A January 20th, 2017 / Friday

    Aww, im binge watching pll on netfliz and enjoying your recaps at the same time, was really looking forward to your recap of episode 19 :(

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 9th, 2017 / Thursday

      Recap of Episode 19: Spencer has a drug-induced, black-and-white hallucination where she fantasizes about Paige and Emily having sex. Repressed lesbianism much?

      P.S. I will get to the Episode 19 recap one day…….within the next century, I promise.

    • Custom avatar random person February 21st, 2017 / Tuesday

      me too. I’m on a marathon of PLL and will miss the recaps for the next of season 4
      *cries of anguish*
      *sob* *sob*

      *waits patiently until 2020 when finally ep 19 will be recapped*
      2020: yay! new recap

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