Season 4 Episode 17, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Bite Your Tongue

Season 4 Episode 17, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 4 Episode 17, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Season 4 Episode 17, Pretty Little Liars Recap
Pretty Little Liars Recap Season 4 Episode 17
Episode Highlights:

In this PLL episode recap, Mona hooks up with Mike; Hanna visits the dentist from hell; Emily gets trapped inside a haunted school.

Episode Grade: B- (Not bad!)
Hanna is reading a book!? WTF!?

Hanna reads a book *gasps*
Who knew Hanna was such a James Patterson stan?
Hanna is being discriminated just because she's smart AND beautiful!
Hanna developed a love for books after she broke up with Caleb.
I have a hard time believing Officer Holbrook reads books either.
Officer Holbrook just grabs any book from the shelf and pretended that he read it.
Officer Holbrook needs to stop fronting and make out with Hanna already.
Nobody is looking forward to the romance between Hanna and Officer Holbrook.
Mona x Mike = nomance
Nobody is looking forward to the romance between Mona and Mike.
How did Mona sink her dark claws into Mike Montgomery?
Mona is just slutting her way through all of Aria's loved ones.
Mona just admitted to urinating in Aria's bedroom.
Aria is judging other people for the age difference in their relationship.
Mike has been completely brainwashed by Mona.
Meet Jesse, the new school guidance counsellor!
Jesse is a terrorist responsible for bringing Mike and Mona together.
Stop denying the fact that Mike Montgomery is GAY GAY GAY.
Maggie just fired a below-the-belt insult at Aria.
Aria fucking THROWS DOWN with that man-stealing slut Maggie!
Both Aria and Ezra need to work out their rage issues.

Andrew, the adorkable drug-dealing nerdmuffin
Andrew spent seven hours studying for his physics exam.
Andrew is blatantly flirting with Spencer.
When did Andrew become captain of the school's decathlon team?
Andrew is such a horny little nerd, oh my god.
Spencer only wants Andrew for her drugs.
Who takes drugs so that they can study more!?!?
Ezra is Board Shorts!
Spencer is still decoding Alison's diary.
Alison is licking her fork in her icky flashback with Ezra.
Alison and Ezra KISSED!!!!!
Ezra is confirmed to be Board Shorts.
Spencer didn't get carded at the bar.

Emily goes on a BITCH RAMPAGE
Emily is still angry at Spencer for ruining her magical reunion with Alison.
Spencer is like the worst wingman ever.
Emily is like Mrs. Crumplebottom from The Sims.
I would not be able to drive a car if I know A is in control of it!
Emily almost stabbed her own father with a pair of scissors.
Emily is being attacked at school!
A displays a message for Emily: ACT NORMAL, BITCH!
Emily's father is a superhero scaling the walls of the school like he's Spiderman.
Emily's father almost died after rescuing his daughter.
Don't worry though! Emily's father came back to life because he is PURE BADASS.
Emily and Spencer patch things up with each other.
Hanna visits the dentist.
A injected some weird shit into Hanna's teeth!
What did A do to Hanna's teeth!? OMFG.
A leaves a message inside Hanna's mouth.
At least Hanna didn't get any cavities.
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25 Responses

  1. Default avatar Recap Everything June 2nd, 2014 / Monday

    OMG. I posted this recap five minutes before 12AM, so it’s technically published on June 1st. I didn’t lie to be my beloved readers of Recap Everything. *halo* :D

  2. Default avatar RE Reader June 2nd, 2014 / Monday

    YAY YAY YAY! I missed your recaps! I am shipping Hanna and Andrew already (Handrew?) He can read her bedtime stories at night while she fantasizes about her 30 other love interests. Oh, and I totally agree about Mike/Mona. Stop brainwashing him and let him be himself! And I still don’t really know what went on with Mona and Ezra. At least she was smart enough to close the door ~cough cough, ARIA~ And lol at A this episode. That scene was hilarious and awesome!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

      I love that there’s support for #Handrew even though they’re polar opposite characters who have never interacted with each other before. Online fandoms are the best. ^_^

      I know exactly what happened between Mona and Ezra behind closed doors, but I’m gonna keep it klassy and not delve into the details. Let’s just say it involves whips and chains and handcuffs~ :O

  3. Default avatar RE Fangirl June 2nd, 2014 / Monday

    You’re back! My night is made

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

      Glad to have helped. Recap Everything is always at your service~ :D

  4. Default avatar Lol what June 2nd, 2014 / Monday


    PS: I think Hanna is so much better single. She’s smart and independent. Must they shove a new Hanna-Travis/Holbrook subplot down our throats?

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

      I know, I love Hanna so much a single lady who don’t need no man in her life. It actually gives her time to develop hobbies (no matter how short-lived they are) when she’s not too busy mooning over the guys. More of that plz.

  5. Default avatar SIMS and PLL are life June 2nd, 2014 / Monday

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA The Sims 2 :) Mrs. Crumplebottom and that Caliente bitch

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

      When The Sims 4 come out, don’t expect there to be any new recaps on this site for weeks to come. I will be playing that RELIGIOUSLY.

  6. Default avatar Ags June 2nd, 2014 / Monday

    you’re BACK! I didn’t even read it yet, I got so ecstatic. Do you have any idea how BORING it was to watch Pretty Little Liars without immediately reading your snarky and ironic (and critisizing Aria’s wardrobe) recaps??
    oh, you’re back <3

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

      THX~ I promise not to be away for too long next time. I love watching Pretty Little Liars and hearing everyone’s thoughts on the episode as well! I feel like this show works best as an *online group activity*~ <3

  7. Default avatar Darkangel June 2nd, 2014 / Monday

    I missed your recaps, Gurl! I’m glad you’re back!

    Jesse’s A, I called it! Or he runs the A recruitment center. Gotta collect all the crazies in one room to see which one is crazy enough to stalk and torture 4 girls for no real reason.

    I now ship Mona/Ezra! #sorrynotsorry. She’s the best thing about EzrA.

    I agree, why is Hanna reading, her life is a mystery novel, a romance novel, a horror novel and a sci-fi novel. I love your comic on what happened to Hanna at the dentist!

    Spencer Going To Extremes Hastings’ heart probably pumps out coffee, so you’ll know she needs something stronger. Poor Andrew got drug dealer zoned.

    The men in Rosewood only grow stronger by sleeping with underage girls. So Papa Fields has to die. There can’t be actual heroic, decent men in that town.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

      Jesse is totally A. I have a hard time believing they’d introduce a perfectly normal male character on the show who’s not a delegated love interest. He might be moonlighting as the *headhunter* for the A Team. Gotta scout out the best/most evil talent and then pass along their resumes to his head boss Mona.

      Mona/Ezra scenes will always continue to give me SO MUCH LIFE. <3

      I actually love that comic too. Sometimes it's even easier for me to just draw pictures about the episode instead of writing out all these wordy recaps. A picture is worth a thousand words~

      Poor Andrew. If he can't be Spencer's boyfriend, then at least he can still be her drug supplier.

      I think I buy into the theory that sleeping with jailbait rejuvenate these men's lifeforce, kinda like vampires with their blood. The PLL universe must be working against Papa Fields to make sure there are no decent men left on the show, so stay strong gurl~

  8. Default avatar Ash June 2nd, 2014 / Monday

    I’m so happy you’re back! <3

    I think the ACT NORMAL, BITCH! was the funniest thing about this episode, although I also enjoyed Aria telling the counselor that MONA IS THE DEVIL. The poop or snoop line was just bizarre, but your analysis of it reminded me of this horrendous movie I saw on netflix that featured janel parrish peeing on someone's doormat lol. The only other things I have to say about this one is Emily needs to take it down a few notches and that I don't understand the purpose of Hanna and Holbrook. Like what was going through the writers minds to make them think it's a good idea to hint at another age-inappropriate relationship? I find Holbrook pretty boring anyway. The next few episodes will be fun with Spencer's downward spiral. (Is this her second in the month of November? Lol because the radley stuff in season 3b was after Halloween and apparently it isn't Christmas yet)

    I hope you update soon! :)

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

      WUT. WHAT MOVIE DID JANEL PARRISH PEE ON SOMEBODY’S DOORMAT??? That sounds like a life-changing movie and I need to watch it right away.

      I don’t understand the purpose of Officer Holbrook’s existence AT ALL. His romantic subplot with Hanna confuses and repulses me in equal measures. I just really want Lt. Tanner back on the show instead of him. :(

      Spencer basically has a meltdown every week, so she’s right on schedule. <3

  9. Default avatar ANoelle June 4th, 2014 / Wednesday


    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

      Phew, everything is going to be alright again! :D :D :D

  10. Default avatar JOHN June 7th, 2014 / Saturday



    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 15th, 2014 / Sunday


  11. Default avatar Julia June 7th, 2014 / Saturday

    I missed you so much!!! Especially your little graphics.
    My favourite part was Emily. I started rofling – is that a word? – from the word taco bell all through the end of this recap. And I love the Sims!
    I get the feeling that Emily’s storylines are made even better by the fact that Shay Mitchell has only, like, two facial expressions. Agree/disagree?
    Why is Wayne Fields the only non-creepy guy in Rosewood?

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next recap!!!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

      rofling is totally a legit word on this site, and so is lmaoing, pmsling and trololololing. I need to compile a list of all the webspeak in my very own Recap Everything dictionary/glossary one day.

      In Shay’s defence, she was rapidly switching between those two facial expressions back and forth during this episode, so I think she’s improving, gurl!

  12. Default avatar Melody June 7th, 2014 / Saturday

    Can you please update season 1 after this. I wanna see what you have to say about Spoby’s first kiss. I love your recaps! Glad you’re back!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

      I totally plan on recapping Season 1 of PLL~ Hopefully it’ll be sooner rather than later. I know I joked about finally recapping that season in the year 2016, but it’s starting to look like that might be a realistic timeline. *lol*

  13. Default avatar Marissa June 12th, 2014 / Thursday

    Kinda a contradiction… First A says whoever finds ali gets to keep her, then A says to stop looking? Which message are the girls suppose to follow?

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 15th, 2014 / Sunday

      Yeah, that’s kinda confusing now that you mentioned it. Maybe the message comes from two different As? I notice the discrepancy in the other messages too, i.e. “Act normal, bitch!” seems like something that monA might write, while like “GTFO ROSEWOOD SHANA” seems like something that ezrA might wring.

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