Season 4 Episode 15, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Love ShAck, Baby

Season 4 Episode 15, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Love ShAck, Baby
Season 4 Episode 15, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Love ShAck, Baby
Season 4 Episode 15, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Love ShAck, Baby
Pretty Little Liars Recap Season 4 Episode 15
Episode Highlights:

The pretty little liars decode Alison’s diary; Hanna and Mike’s sordid love affair is exposed; Spencer lays a public smackdown on Mama DiLaurentis.

Episode Grade: A- (Awesome!)
Emily has a wet dream about Alison.

Alison climbs into bed with Emily!
Why does Emily sleep with the windows wide open?

Ezra *stalks* Alison
Alison and Emily's romance is epic as hell.
There's hardly a love triangle between Emily, Alison and the obvious outsider Paige.
Alison asks Emily to meet her at The Kissing Rock or the local McDonald's, I can't tell for sure.
Ezra love a bloody love note to Alison at The Kissing Rock.
Ezra is blatantly spying on the teenagers in his high school.
Ezra is watching a snuff film of Alison being tortured!!!
Aria is wearing her glorious cheetah print pants.
Aria needs to morph into a real-life cheetah one day.
Even Spencer is a shameful Ezria supporter.
Aria gives Ezra a fingerjob.
Spencer slut shames Mama DiLaurentis
Spencer wears a sleeveless cape looking like a four-armed monster.
Spencer x Toby makeout time!
Toby doesn't know how to man flan.
Spencer catches her father in a compromising position with Alison's mother.
Jessica spreaded her legs open and wide for Peter!
Spencer slut shames Jessica in public. It was glorious.
I live for the Hastings vs. DiLaurentis family drama!
Homegirl is judging these rich white people and their extramarital affairs.
Spencer's father is NOT impressed!
Spencer moves in to live with Toby.

Hanna hooked up with Mike Montgomery!?
Good news, CeCe Drake is still alive!
How does Travis know all this news about CeCe Drake!?
Travis is testing the waters before pursuing a romance with Hanna.
Hanna hooked up with Mike in the past!? WTF!?
Aria reacted surprisingly well to Hanna macking on her little brother.
Is there some girl code that states you don't make out with your friend's underage little brother?
Mike Montgomery likes dem big-boned gals.
Alison isn't in a position to judge other for bad romantic choices.
The Diary of Alison DiLaurentis
Alison's diary is filled with snide schoolgirl remarks.
Why are the pretty little liars making so much fuss over Alison's diary?
Alison knew about Emily's crush on her a long time ago.
Aria doesn't know that she's Suzy Clueless.
So many of the pretty little liars' dads had affairs already.
Alison wrote a poem called The Busy Bee.
Travis is shoehorned into the plot just because he's the new love interest.
When did Emily become such an expert mechanic?

Ezra sneaks into Hanna’s room!
Aria brings her friends to Ezra's SEX CABIN.
How much sex did Aria and Ezra have inside his cabin???
Ezra sneaks into Hanna's bedroom!
Ezra rummages through a teenage girl's belongings!
Ezra is hacking into Hanna's computer like a crazy psycho stalker.
Look at the pure maniacal evil in Ezra's eyes! He must be stopped!
Travis is a socially awkward gremlin *lol*
Why do the pretty little liars always act like such frantic chickens?
The pretty little liars are ready to attack Travis!
When will Travis McStalker be exposed as the final villain?
Hanna's new love interest, Travis, is a really nice guy!
Travis sits there awkwardly as Hanna sobs her eyes out.
The pretty little liars have led A directly to Alison's secret hiding spot.
Good job at jeopardizing Alison's safety, pretty little liars!
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30 Responses

  1. Default avatar Ezra February 10th, 2014 / Monday

    I’m suing you for slander, Recap Everything. And I would watch VERY CAREFULLY about what you drink over the next few days. You never know what innocuous substances one may have added to your beverages. THIS IS NOT A THREAT, IT’S A PROMISE.

    – Kisses, A

    • Default avatar Aria February 10th, 2014 / Monday


    • Default avatar Anonymous May 29th, 2015 / Friday

      mirrors will run in my reflection
      -kisses A

  2. Default avatar JAKE February 10th, 2014 / Monday


    • Default avatar Ezra February 12th, 2014 / Wednesday

      Hey Jake, before you talk to Aria, I have a kicking bag right here that I’d like you to kick~~~

  3. Default avatar DarkAngel February 10th, 2014 / Monday

    Ali’s asking to be murdered now that she told those dumb asses she’s alive. She better just give up or she’s going to be murdered worse than the other 12 times she was murdered.

    CeCe Drake killed a snake with a mannequin leg, she’s obviously a trained assassin. Her cover was retail clerk.

    Those Liars sure don’t wait long before finding another lover. It’s like well, it’s been 12 hours since my last boyfriend/girlfriend, time for a new one! They are so lucky that one just randomly appears for them.

    Also this show has more supernatural things and super human powers than shows actually about ghosts and super heroes.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 11th, 2014 / Tuesday

      I know, I can’t believe Alison spent years putting together a new undercover identity for herself and she completely throws it away by contacting the pretty little liars. Her first MAJOR misstep in my opinion. The good news is that we know she still has several dozens of remaining lives in her Health Bar, so she won’t stay dead even after getting killed again and again.

      Both Alison and CeCe are pretty GANGSTA, aren’t they? *lol* I love how CeCe has become some international criminal runaway in the background narrative. I hope Travis continues to provide updates to her epic journey every episode. SPOILER ALERT: soon, Mama Montgomery will call Aria and tell her that she spotted a CECE DRAKE SIGHTING in Austria. <3

      There is never a shortage of male and female suitors for the pretty little liars. Miss Hanna Marin has been especially busy over the past couple of episodes juggling between her boy toys left and right. I can't wait until Caleb comes back from Ravenswood and finds out she now ha thirty boyfriends for every day of the month.

      The paranormal activity in Pretty Little Liars is out of control. At this point, it is actually rarer to find an ordinary character that doesn't have teleportation/dreamstalking/immortality superpowers.

  4. Default avatar RE Fan February 11th, 2014 / Tuesday

    Oh poor Paige. Hahaha. She’s basically like the appetizer once you get the main dish, you never touch it again!

    And oh God I wouldn’t trust these girls to look out for a piece of gum of mine. “We just found the most important clue ever in our dumb convoluted 4 season run?! Whoops, lost it!”

    HANNA WHY DAFUQ DID YOU HAVE TO DEGAY MIKE MONTGOMERY? *sigh* He is not meant for the straight life. If he and Noel Kahn don’t hook up soon, I shall be immensely disappointed with the direction these season has taken, because let’s face it, nobody watches this shit for the story.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 11th, 2014 / Tuesday

      I am totally losing faith in Mike Montgomery after his recent gay conversion therapy, although I still have hopes that hooking up with Mona will be so traumatizing that it’d cause Mike to switch teams forever. I am going to be hopeful that the higher powers are saving up Noel x Mike love story for the endgame.

      Poor Paige is clasping onto a very flimsy thread of relevancy on the show right now and I can’t see how her character will even stay through Season 5 before they ship her off to Stanford forever. I bet she thought she’d finally won the prize after she *offed* Maya, but noooope Emily’s girl crushes seem to be a never ending list.

      I would not trust the pretty little liars to help me hold the door for me. THESE BITCHES ARE BAD NEWS.

  5. Default avatar ash February 11th, 2014 / Tuesday

    Spencer making a public spectacle confronting Mrs. D was seriously one of the best things ever. And when she was talking with her dad, it reminded me of that scene from the lion king where Mufasa was all YOU DELIBERATELY DISOBEYED ME. And what’s worse, she put his mistress’s reputation in danger!
    Aria on the animorphs cover…hahaha I don’t even have words
    I thought this episode was so much better than the last one, and the next one is pretty good too. There is a scene in the next one where they show Alison/Ezra together and it legitimately made me uncomfortable. Like Ezra and Aria are dull but this was just predatory. I’m all for more Alison in the show as long as they keep her far far away from Ezra. Also, Paige and Jake should go join a support group for neglected love interests lol.
    Great work as usual!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 12th, 2014 / Wednesday

      So much SPENCEROWNAGE during her public smackdown of Mama DiLaurentis. <3 I only want Spencer's dad and Alison's mom to get together just so we can witness many awesome scenes of Spencer delivering home truths to the pair of 'em.

      My fave part about the Animorphs cover is the "Jake's not around. Who will take his place?" which I didn't even notice until I smacked Aria's head on the book cover. What a hilariously apt coincidence.

      I really liked this episode too! I liked how all of the liars (except Spencer maybe?) had some kind of scandalous secret that they are hiding from their friends. Usually the girls tell each other everything, from when they have their last period to a gazillion updates on their relationship status, so it's pretty ~*refreshing*~ to see them act so secretive!

      Every Alison DiLaurentis scene in the past couple of episodes have been GOLD. I was really sceptical about her return from the dead at first, but they've been nailing her scenes and her storyline so well that I totally support the ~*Aliveson*~ plot twist.

      TY! Happy to please~ :D

  6. Default avatar Anon February 12th, 2014 / Wednesday

    So much second-hand embarassment during Ali’s writing endeavours… No wonder Ezra went all *perverted casting director* on her in the next episode.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 12th, 2014 / Wednesday

      lmao @ *perverted casting director* – yes, that is exactly the right description for Ezra~

      And gurrrrl, writing is definitely not Alison’s forte. Her Bumbling Bee nursery rhyme made me laugh for all the wrong reasons.

  7. Default avatar DM February 12th, 2014 / Wednesday

    I’m pretty sure that Spencer’s jacket is designed like that. She’s not wearing it wrong, the designer was just an idiot. Look closely, Those sleeves are fake! They made it look like it had sleeves but really they are just a piece of fabric that hangs over the arms. There is no underside to the “sleeves”. Spencer’s only fault was purchasing this ridiculous piece of material in the first place.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 12th, 2014 / Wednesday

      I spent wayyyy too much time researching on that caped trench coat thingy online and I still can’t believe it is an actual piece of fashion that people wear. I know it’s just an extra pair of sleeves with no utility or purpose, but it bothered me soooo much. Whoever designed it seriously needs to REASSESS their life.

  8. Default avatar Anonymous February 12th, 2014 / Wednesday

    Oh my god Aria the Animorph!!!!! I can’t stop laughing! She better change back before she’s stuck as a cheetah forever O_O
    And the the whole Jake thing is perfect!!!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 14th, 2014 / Friday

      lol~ The Animorphs picture was actually inspired by a commenter in the last recap, who talked about Aria’s horrid pants this episode and got me thinking about different ideas to use for this recap.

      The Jake thing is just perfect. It’s like the book cover was ~designed~ to define Aria’s life to a tee.

  9. Default avatar Nonny February 13th, 2014 / Thursday

    Can I just say how much I LOVE creepy ezrA lol… His character is suddenly a 1000 times more interesting and I look forward to more of his evilness muahahaha… I hope they keep him that way coz it’s just way more fun. XD

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 14th, 2014 / Friday

      Yes yes yes~~~ I think Ezra and Alison are the two characters really *delivering* in this recent batch of episodes. I actually don’t know if they’ll ever be able to make Ezra normal again now that his TRU CHARACTA has been exposed. Unlike Toby, they really went all out and made him an *evil mofo* as much as possible, so there’s no turning back now!

  10. Default avatar rebekah February 15th, 2014 / Saturday

    This is a brilliant day for Pretty Little Liars – Ravenswood has finally officially been axed!!!!! I heard the news and the first thing i thought of was what you would have to say so I thought I’d better get on here and share the news :)

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 15th, 2014 / Saturday


      Thx for sharing the news gurl~ All I can say is LOLFLOP. As we speak right now, Caleb is already boarding the first bus back to Rosewood before ~*DA RAVENSWOOD CANCELLATION CURSE*~ claims him forever. I can’t wait to see him crawling back on all fours to Hanna’s feet again. Hopefully she’s too busy making out with Wren, Travis and Office Holbrook to even give her ex-bofo the time of day. ^_^

  11. Default avatar EC February 15th, 2014 / Saturday

    first of all I love all your “aria hating” its hilarious! all my friends love aria and say she’s the best part of the show, lol aria has no plot whatsoever.
    second of all, when are you gonn arecap next episode, I actually wanna know what you think about the whole Emily x alison thing.
    great recap (as always) btw.
    last of all, who are your favorite characters in pll? mine are mona and ali

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 17th, 2014 / Monday

      I actually love Aria too! Albeit for a slightly different reason as your friends. ^_^”

      Next recap was just posted! SPOILER ALERT: I ~~~love~~~ Emily x Alison and totally ship the two of them together.

      My fave right now has gotta be Alison. DAT BITCH DELIVERS. Mona is a close second for me. I also love Jenna, but she just hasn’t appeared on the show too much lately.

  12. Default avatar ANoelle February 25th, 2014 / Tuesday

    Where did Spencer get her coat-trenchcoat-poncho thing? I think it’s pretty cool!

  13. Default avatar Spencer March 9th, 2014 / Sunday

    What did you guys expect? As much as I love Aria, she is as stupid as it can get. God, she’s so naive.

    • Default avatar Aria June 18th, 2014 / Wednesday

      Well, that’s hateful…

  14. Default avatar Silhouette June 16th, 2014 / Monday

    Jesus I’ve only had to look at one post…Omfg you are my hero

  15. Default avatar Aria July 19th, 2014 / Saturday

    Hey I wonder if Jake’s till single…

  16. Default avatar Anonymous October 27th, 2014 / Monday


  17. Default avatar spoby for life September 23rd, 2015 / Wednesday

    What happened to Jake? After he got kick/stabbed, we never heard of him again

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