Season 4 Episode 14, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Who’s in the Box?

Season 4 Episode 14, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Love ShAck, Baby
Season 4 Episode 14, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Love ShAck, Baby
Season 4 Episode 14, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Love ShAck, Baby
Pretty Little Liars Recap Season 4 Episode 14
Episode Highlights:

The pretty little liars meet the pretty little knockoffs! Also, Hanna and Caleb break up; Ezria has yucky cabin sex; Toby’s dead mama files a lawsuit!

Episode Grade: B+ (Great!)
Hanna and Caleb are breaking up!

Caleb came back to Rosewood to have farewell sex with Hanna.
Hanna succumbed to Caleb's charms.
Caleb keeps saying the word COMPLICATED even though their relationship is pretty simple to understand.
Caleb is obsessed with the Ravenswood drama.
Caleb is breaking up with Hanna for no good reason at all.
Miranda has stolen your man, Hanna!
Hanna should have expected that Miranda would steal Caleb away from her.
Caleb, act like a real man and beak up with your girlfriend properly!
Miranda is a filthy boyfriend stealing ho!
Hanna is telling Caleb off for breaking up with her.
Hanna is clinging onto Caleb's bag and not willing to let him go.
Hanna is heartbroken after Caleb broke up with her.
Wren needs to be Hanna's new rebound boyfriend!
Caleb should just have both Hanna AND Miranda as his girlfriends!
Ravenswood is gonna get cancelled after one season.
Caleb has such a melodramatic breakup scene.
How is #PLL the most tweeted show in the universe?
Spencer and Toby are threatening to sue the hospital over #deadmama.
Toby gets an apology letter for the #deadmama death.
Where is my apology letter for PLL's #deadmama travesty?

Spencer is concerned about Jason's whereabouts.
Jason is getting laid across the country.
The pretty little liars keep acting like Alison's mom is some crazy bitch.
Aria makes atrocious fashion choices in her pants as usual.
Alison's mom hired Hanna's mom to work for her!
Alison told Jessica to hire Hanna's mom in a dream.
Nobody wants you back alive, Alison!
Why didn't Alison tell anyone that she was alive? DAT BITCH.
Emily is pissed off about Alison's lies.
Emily just assassinated all over Alison's character.
Alison’s counterfeit appears!
Ain't nobody got time for that fraudulent bitch, Sara Harvey!
Hanna doesn't know how to pronounce the word gazebo.
Can you imagine Alison living inside some cardboard box?
Professor Hanna is coming up with all these intelligent theories!
The counterfeit pretty little liars have invaded the show!
Tina is the likeliest suspect for killing Sara.
Was Claire hitting on Emily?
Claire wishes her friend Sara would drop dead.
Claire, ever think that you are not Sara's real friend?
Alison and Sara Harvey are secret lesbian lovers who are in cahoots together all along.

Mona seduces Ezra ;)
Ezra and Aria enact their sick teacher-student sexual fantasies.
I look forward to Ezra's creepy scenes now!
Mona is seducing Ezra.
Ezra wants to tap dat jailbait so badly!
I ship Mona x Ezra together!
Mona has entrapped that predatory sleazebag Ezra!
Ezra is such a villain!
Even Mona is terrified of that monster Ezra.
Ezra wants to take Aria to a time machine so that she can be EVEN YOUNGER.
Everyone thinks Ezria's relationship is a mistake.
Why is Aria cheating on Jake with Ezra when it should be the other way around?
Nobody wants to watch awkward Ezria sex.
Aria looks forlorn after having disappointing sex with Ezra.
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29 Responses

  1. Default avatar Anna January 23rd, 2014 / Thursday

    Oh dear, I’d comment something witty or clever, but I am too distracted by the hideous pants Aria was wearing in the latest episode… The pants you wrote about here are NOT so bad compared to the thing she was wearing now… Yuck.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 23rd, 2014 / Thursday

      Are we talking about THE CHEETAH??? Aria has been out of control with those animal prints lately. I think her DNA has more cheetah genes than human genes at this point. O_O

    • Default avatar Anna January 23rd, 2014 / Thursday

      Yeah, I was talking about the cheetah. And her butt is just SO huge in them. Aria, what r u doin. Aria, stahp ;_;

  2. Default avatar don't take away his nuts! January 23rd, 2014 / Thursday

    Great snark as always ;)! I honestly think this was a pretty lame premiere, it felt more like a filler episode to me. And come on, how can the police mix up two deadbodies wouldnt they do some sort of DNA test? I mean sure, shows have room to defy some logic but PLL is taking way too much liberty with that sentiment. Ms.D is such a major troll lol, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was in cohorts with Alison, just trolling the whole town (now that would be an interesting storyline I would like to see) and I love how they made halebs break up super vague so if anything goes wrong with ravenswood they can have caleb come crawling back to hanahh a.k.a they know ravenswood will fail eventually! How awesome would it be if ezra seduced aria to the A team? Or could you imagine if all the girls secretly join the A team but none of them know that the others are participating as well (viewer’s should definitely come up with story lines, instead of their lazy illogical crap)

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 23rd, 2014 / Thursday

      Yeah, I thought the episode was decent when I first watched it, but then I kinda realized nothing rly happened? Those Ezra x Mona scenes make up for everything tho. Personally I was a lot more invested in the next episode.

      Obviously the forensics team and the coroner are working for A, duh! *lol* Just watch PLL pull a stunt like this and reveal the DNA evidence was faked somehow, JUST WATCH.

      That would be amazing if Mama D is secretly working with Alison to terrorize the town. She is a MUCH BETTER accomplice for Alison than dat miscellaneous ho Shana. *sideeye*

      I don’t think Ravenswood’s ratings are too hot? It will probably be cancelled after one season and we’ll see Caleb sooner than later.

      That would be SO EPIC to have all the pretty little liars pull A stunts against each other. Remember when Spencer was A for five minutes last season and almost caused Aria to go into complete meltdown? That was fun~

  3. Default avatar DM January 23rd, 2014 / Thursday

    Remember the time Spencer wished Alison was dead the same night she disappeared for 2 years and everyone thought she was dead? Why wasn’t Spencer there talking to the doppeliars?
    And seriously, if Caleb were to even try and explain the plot of Ravenswood to Hanna, it would take up the entire length of the episode and then some. I mean I watched the last season of Ravenswood and was still surprised by the “previously on” section.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 24th, 2014 / Friday

      Sadly, Spencer was being held hostage by Toby’s dead mama storyline to participate. ;(
      I just watched the latest episode of Ravenswood (p.s. i’m not hating but it might seriously be the worst one yet? O.o) and I realize I have NO IDEA what’s going on with the show. *Caleb & his merry band of friends have scary stuff happen to them in Locations A, B, C & D* <-- my Ravenswood recap

  4. Default avatar Anonymous January 23rd, 2014 / Thursday

    OMG I ASKED ABOUT ASHLEY BENSON! I am so happy to be indirectly mentioned in your recap :) btw great job

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 24th, 2014 / Friday

      Hehe, it was you, I’m glad you’re still around to catch the shoutout~~~ See, I totally *read* and *remember* every single comment that I get. <3

  5. Default avatar Julia January 23rd, 2014 / Thursday

    OMFG Permanentwood had me giggle-snorting really badly.

    Spencer does have a point with the “I’ll just go on the internet” thing. Some people may believe what she says without proof, and I’m sure Radley doesn’t want that bad publicity. Of course they could sue for slander, but if Spoby then claim that it’s not slander if it’s the truth, an investigation will be opened and… well, unless A plays with them then, they might actually win.

    Also, Peter’s O_o face is so much better than Aria’s O_O face. At least we know now that she’s not also his daughter. *lol*

    You know what I’d really love to see? An episode five years into the future where the PLLs graduate from college (if they ever even get into one – or actually finish the longest senior year of high school ever) where they’ll look back on their lives as we see them right now and think, “gosh, was I STOOPID.” Wouldn’t that be hilarious? No?

    Does anyone besides me wonder how Emily is supposed to be “the sweet one” of the four? Because all I ever see is constipated bitchface and wangsting/snapping at people. Hm…

    How did Hanna mispronounce gazebo as gaysbo? She must have heard that word thousands of times, and a mispronunciation like that would make much more sense if she read it somewhere, but didn’t know how to pronounce it. And we all know that Hanna can’t read.

    I understand you, I also like Eza’s scenes more now. It’s like back then with Mona when she changed from Hanna’s ditzy bitchy (say that out loud!) friend into an evil gooddess.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 24th, 2014 / Friday

      lawl permanentwood~~~ i still *gigglesnort* when i type it out too, but then again i’m easily amused. :o)
      I love how easily Spencer ~*bullied*~ a confession out of the hospital. We should totally help Spencer in her Internet campaign and help her slander against Radley until it shuts down. Somebody start an anti-Radley post on Reddit and get it trending plz~ ^_^
      If you watch closely, Papa Hastings has been making all kinds of O_o faces in the background lately. He’s totally hamming it up.
      I would especially love to see Aria look back at all her life decisions five years from now. *visits Ezra in prison cell* OH EZRA, I was such a foolish naive little girl back then.
      Emily has been acting like such a raging aggro bitch this season, oh my gawd. I forgot to mention how she suddenly SNAPPED at Paige in this episode for absolutely no reason. Who knew Paige would actually be the *nicer* girlfriend in this relationship? <3
      GAYSBO! hehe~ They might have purposely made Hanna a bit smarter this episode, but you just can't take the *inherent stoopid* out of a girl.
      I love how all the characters suddenly become a hundred times better when they turn evil. By Season 7, we'll be watching a show full of evil villains unleashing mental warfare against each other and it will be GLORIOUS.

  6. Default avatar HOC January 23rd, 2014 / Thursday

    ugh, the guy who plays Caleb is a terrible actor, (not as bad as Keegan of course) is good that Ravenswood is so damn awful that his lack of acting abilities goes unnoticed there.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 27th, 2014 / Monday

      Let’s just say the male actors on this show definitely pale in comparison to the ladies lol~ When he started crying and hitting his hand against the steering wheel, I was like …WUT? O.O

  7. Default avatar anonymous January 23rd, 2014 / Thursday

    even though ezras facials alone make my skin crawl i like this new version of him as well. the mona and ezra conversation was intense, i loved how mona was subtly and indirectly owning him, i completely agree with ur recap of that part.
    and now that ezra and aria are back together, this is hopefully gonna call for some sort of breakdown when she finds out about ezra’s double life. instead of crying and shit, spencer style, im hoping for violence. i saw a promo a few weeks ago of aria chucking a lamp across a room, hopefully that was the start of something huge.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 27th, 2014 / Monday

      Those Ezra x Mona scenes were the BEST. It may possibly be my favourite Ezra scene ever. DAT FACE SAYS IT ALL.

      Yesss, Aria needs to go berserk but it should be a different way from Spencer. Remember back when Aria trashed her daddy’s office after she found out he cheated? I think she always had a bit of an evil seed in her, so more of that please!

  8. Default avatar rebekah January 27th, 2014 / Monday

    IT LOOKS SO DIFFERENT wow I think I went into shock when I saw the new design! Looks good though

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 27th, 2014 / Monday

      THANK YOU. I was really tired of how ugly the previous layout look, so I decided to just get up and change it altogether. I also did a lot of small cosmetic changes that I’ve been putting off for a whole time (fixing up how the old recaps look, changing the URL names etc.) I think the site looks much more organized now! Let me know if there’s any accessibility/readability issues tho~

    • Default avatar Anonymous January 27th, 2014 / Monday

      Yeah it’s heaps more organised, looks almost professional even ;) maybe if you post a few new recaps I can have a look for some of those issues

    • Default avatar rebekah January 27th, 2014 / Monday

      Yeah it’s heaps more organised, looks almost professional even ;) maybe if you post a few new recaps I can have a look for some of those issues

    • Default avatar rebekah January 27th, 2014 / Monday

      Yeah it’s heaps more organised, looks almost professional even ;) maybe if you post a few new recaps I can have a look for some of those issues

    • Default avatar rebekah January 28th, 2014 / Tuesday

      I think I forgot to put my name and then pressed the comment button twice haha sorrry

  9. Default avatar DarkAngel January 27th, 2014 / Monday

    Ezra is 100 times more interesting with everyone else besides Aria. Those scenes are just so booorrrriiiingggg even when Ezra’s giving his “I’m a creeper” looks. Just look at the pic you posted with him and Mona. That was a much more creepier face. And yeah, I think Ian Harding is thrilled to be playing an actual character now instead of a cardboard cut out. Which that role is still being played by Toby.

    In my mind Mona’s still more of a genius mastermind than Erza, so she just wanted to see how easily he’d reveal his true nature to her and he did it in about 2 seconds.In my headcannon, Mona totally recorded the convo so that’s a win for the Holy Trinity of Mona, Jenna and Alison.

    They didn’t handle the Caleb randomly goes to Ravenswood well, so I wouldn’t expect them to handle the Haleb break up any better than that. I don’t watch Ravenswood, but isn’t Miranda dead? Is Caleb banging a ghost now? How does that work? I think I just convinced myself to not watch that show even more.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 10th, 2014 / Monday

      Yes Miranda is totes dead now~ it was an interesting premise for five minutes and then Ravenswood botched this plot by introducing a thousand other elements to complicate things further. D: I am totally PRO-ghosts ex though, so that’s one of the main reasons why I wanted to watch the spinoff when I heard Miss Miranda kicked the bucket. Sadly they are still meandering through the will-they-won’t-they aspects of their relationship, which will drag on forever and for eternity, so I don’t expect to see any ghost on human action until Season 5.

      It is truly incredible how awful those Ezrua scenes can be. Aria by herself isn’t so bad, and even Ezra proved his solo scenes have potential, but put these two together and you are guaranteed frustration, tedium, and insomnia.

      I can’t wait until the end of Pretty Little Liars when all the characters have died from a zombie apocalypse and only the Holy Evil Trinity have survived mankind. I wanna live in that world where Alison, Jenna and Mona are forever my queens. <3

  10. Default avatar Julia January 28th, 2014 / Tuesday

    Nice new design!

    I forgot to say above: Way to play a game, Travis! First he’s all, “let me show you how to handle a stick” and pulling off the oldest trick in the book, and then suddely, “I think we should wait”? Don’t you think he only said that so Hanna would be all, “awww, you’re such a nice guy” (didn’t he use that phrase before?) and want to shtup him even more?
    Also *lol* @ Hanna for her hand on his arm. Must try that on the boyfriend when we’re not long distance anymore (it’s complicated!!!1111!!), but I could think of places where a hand could be more effective… :D

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 10th, 2014 / Monday

      lmao dat scene~~~ I dunno who was worse, Hanna practically throwing herself at him or Travis practically giving her a full body check-up. They are both so SHAMELESS …and I love it! i don’t know why but I always have a lot to say about Travis in my recaps, so we will analyze that *pool* scene very thoroughly frame-by-frame! :D

  11. Default avatar Delly January 28th, 2014 / Tuesday

    Great recap as always! Mona and Ezra’s scene, definitely the highlight of this episode. I think you’re right. Ian Harding does a solid creepy character. Like he genuinely creeps me out when talking to the girls, or their parents, or someone not batshit crazy. I like that. I actually like creep Ezra. Boring Ezra was boring. And don’t even get me started on Ezria. I still despise them.
    Caleb and Hanna’s split was completely poorly done. Like you said, they had so much time to plan this and they go for “it’s complicated”. It’s like they’re trying to force people to watch Ravenswood to understand what the hell Caleb’s talking about. I don’t watch it so i was lost.

    P.S. I know you probably get this alot, but are you planning on resuming you’re teen wolf recaps? They were pretty hilarious and I think the show has gotten even better since and I’d love to hear (or read, whatever lol) you’re take on it
    P.S.S New Design.. I love it.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything February 10th, 2014 / Monday

      They were totally strong-arming the PLL viewers into watching their flop showw. *lol so obvious* I was thinking exactly that during the break-up, like, how on earth will the non-Ravenswood viewers be able to user stand Caleb’s sudden change of heart? I can only imagine half the viewers being confused as hell. Mind you, not that the real reason for his exit is any better either (aka. omg I must keep mah girlfriend from da Ravenswood curse~~~) so it was kind of a gravest all around lol.

      Mona seriously delivers in every scene. And every time I think I have a favorite Mona Moment, that crazy bitch just goes ahead and does something even more insanely awesome. her character I just the best.

      TY about the new design. :) As for the Teen Wolf recaps, I have actually been thinking A LOT about them. I have a new format of recaps that I want to try out, which will increase te amount of updates I post, but I am not sure how ppl will respond to it. The new Teen Wolf recaps are coming, even if they might be much shorter and possibly in a completely different format from these full-length ones. WE WILL SEE.

  12. Default avatar RE Fan January 30th, 2014 / Thursday

    I loved this recap. I could not watch this episode unfortunately, but I still laughed out loud at your quirkiness.
    Congratulations on the new layout! Looks neat!

    And by the way, I have watched the latest episodes, and let me just say that I episode 16 is one that I can not wait for you to recap. The episode has just too much *recap* material you could work with.

  13. Default avatar ANoelle January 31st, 2014 / Friday

    I was laughing so hard about your comments about JAAYYYSSSOONNN

    //Heavy Rain flashbacks//

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