Season 4 Episode 11, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Bring Down the Hoe

Season 4, Episode 11 - Pretty Little Liars Recap, Bring Down the Hoe
Yeehaw, it’s a hoedown! Hanna gets a new creepy stalker; Aria reunites with her old creepy stalker; Toby cries over his deadmama storyline some more.


This Pretty Little Liars episode is about Toby's dead mother yet again.

#deadmama drama in progress
Spencer and Toby listen to a tape of his mother singing.
Even Spencer thinks Toby is being too paranoid and obsessive over his dead mother.
Hanna thinks Spencer is pregnant with Toby's child.
Spencer holds a press conference to tell the pretty little liars about Toby's mother.
Hanna Is bored of the #deadmama drama just like the rest of us.
Lt. Tanner is one of the best characters in PLL. #truth
Lt. Tanner happily describes a crime to the pretty little liars.
Lt. Tanner is so great at terrorizing Hanna and the rest of the liars.
Meet Hanna’s new stalker!
Hanna's new love interest Travis is a major stalker creeper!
Caleb's new replacement Travis already needs to fuck off.
Travis is the richest gas station attendant ever.
Hanna is using her newfound cash to do so shopping at Macy's.
Hanna asks Travis to fill up the envelope with more money.
Who wanna look up my fanny hole?
Jessica doesn't care there's a gigantic crawl space at the bottom of her house.
The pretty little liars found a button that fell off Red Coat's red coat.
Spencer gives Aria some snark.
A is peeking up Alison's fanny through these spy holes.
Alison is acting surprisingly nice for once.
Emily only remembers that Alison was held at gunpoint four seasons later.
Ezra vs. Jake
Zoe is blatantly hitting on Emily who is totally oblivious to her advances.
Emily is in denial whenever a girl tries to hit on her.
Ezra yells at Emily for worrying over her recommendation letter from Zoe.
Ezra looks like a deranged psycho with that unshaven look on his face.
Ezra and Jake meet each other for the first time.
Ezra is completely envious of Jake's existence.
Jake buys Aria an ugly pair of cowboy boots.
Jake fulfills Aria's Cinderella fantasies.
Poor Aria has to rehearse the complicated chicken dance for this episode.
Ryan Guzman needs to perform strip dances on Dancing With The Stars.
Ezra is stalking Aria at her high school dance.
Ezra and Jake have a very civilized fight over Aria.
Ezra is giving Jake the ultimate staredown.
Some random background character interrupts the middle of Jake and Ezra's heated showdown.
Aria immediately runs to Ezra's apartment for comfort.
CeCe is eavesdropping on Ezria's conversation.
Travis: the miracle witness
Travis approaches Hanna like a totally creepy stalker.
There's a love triangle between Hanna, Travis and Caleb.
Hanna and Travis go slow dancing with their cowboy hats.
Hanna and Travis are dancing in the most awkward fashion ever.
Travis goes to the police with his alibi for Ashley.
Lt. Tanner is hilarious as usual and tries to talk Travis out of giving his confession.
So much mushy squash
Cute Paily moment! Emily and Paige slow dance together.
Travis confronts Spencer over the deadmama drama.
Toby is crying over Spencer's ultimate deadmama betrayal!
Spencer orders Caleb to go chase after Toby while she feeds Hanna.
I called the police to make this #deadmama drama finally stop.
Spencer, Red Coat is hiding in the truck behind you!
Emily has a weapon in her hand and she's not afraid to use it!
Red Coat teleported away just when Emily and Spencer ware about to capture her.
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24 Responses

  1. Default avatar Anonymous January 5th, 2014 / Sunday

    I was pissing myself at the name of this episode, hoedown, down with the ho I thought it was so funny
    Hanna’s new love interest who’s name I have already forgotten looks like the dude who has his body completely tattooed so he looks like a skeleton
    Great recap as always, looking forward to your next one

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 6th, 2014 / Monday

      So many *DOWN WITH THE HO* jokes, so little time~

  2. Default avatar Anonymous January 5th, 2014 / Sunday

    They did way better with the Macy’s advertising than Insidious 2.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 6th, 2014 / Monday

      Frankly, I was surprised they didn’t have Travis hand out *10% off coupons from Macy’s* instead of that wad of cash in his envelope.

  3. Default avatar Spoby Baby January 5th, 2014 / Sunday

    I wish Spencer was pregnant. :( That would’ve made this episode so much. More interesting. And it would’ve given Toby something other than his dead mamma to deal with. And no ones had a baby on this show yet! Melissa had a miscarriage and Ali’s wasn’t real.
    Can Aria have no love interests for once? Because both of them are extremely boring and creepy. Like, how did Jake know Aria’s exact shoe size? O_O I love how he had to get her outrageous boots through. Not normal cowboy boots, but turquoise shiny boots that look like rain boots. Where do you even find those???
    Also, I find it really hilarious that everyone in Rosewood knows the choreography to a western dance. Rosewood is about as far as you can get from country.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 6th, 2014 / Monday

      Yessss we need pregnant little liars ASAP~ :o) And I don’t just want one liar to get knocked up anymore, I want all four of them to be pregnant at the same time. <3 (Emily can surrogate.)

      I thought Jake picked those rain boots from the lost and found, gurrrl. You know Aria wore them once and then they're gonna collect dust in her shoe shelf and never be touched again.

      I love the perfectly synchronized choreography of the dance (except for Aria lol <3) and I would totally rather watch more dancing than more Aria relationship scenes tbh.

  4. Default avatar Anonymous January 5th, 2014 / Sunday

    I want the dead mama storyline to continue just because of your hilarious recaps about it. Seriously, you’re making it so enjoyable

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 8th, 2014 / Wednesday

      NO MOAR DEADMAMA! JUST NO! ;_; *lol* I do get a perverse enjoyment out of bashing that storyline though, so maybe I secretly love to hate it. <3

  5. Default avatar LynnLayne January 5th, 2014 / Sunday

    Yay, only two more to go! Great recap :D

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 8th, 2014 / Wednesday

      I think I might be able to catch up to the most recent PLL recap by this weekend. :O When was the last time that happened!?

  6. Default avatar RE Fan January 5th, 2014 / Sunday

    This was hilarious! Somehow, you magically made the DEADMAMA storyline interesting. And Miranda popping into your recap: brilliant!

    Also, I need to take the time aside to applaud your amazing drawing skills. Also, the timing of the screenshots is always awesome :D Aria the photographer (D: D:) would be so proud (the only type of shots I believe Aria can actually do)

    And why are all of Hanna’s love interests creepy stalkers *cough cough lucas*.. Sorry, WHY ARE ALL THE LOVE INTERESTS CREEPY STALKERS?!

    And PLL really? I was like “ZOMG THEY ARE FINALLY GETTING RED COAT!!! MOM COME SEE THIS TIME FOR REAL!!!” Unfortunately, my mom later slapped me when they literally only got a red coat. Reminded me of Mona’s famous line from last season: “It’s her! Don’t you get it!? She can do anything! She’s everywhere and she’s nowhere!” LOLOLOL

    Can’t wait for your input on the crazy midseason finale! Take care gurll.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 8th, 2014 / Wednesday

      I love Miranda hijacking into my recaps just like her character hijacked the main show, it’s my favourite thing ever. I want to use her more sparodically though so it’ll feel ~*fresh*~

      I always feel like my stick figure doodles are laughably bad though, so I’m glad someone likes them haha. I also compulsively take hundreds of screenshots in every episode and try to choose the most hilarious/most inappropriate ones for these recaps.

      Poor Lucas. You’d think now that Caleb is finally gone, he would get Hanna all to himself BUT NOPE. I do look forward to the Hanna vs. Creepy Stalker vs. Creepy Stalker love triangle though.

      GURRRRL they will never reveal anything outside of the finale episodes and possibly the Halloween episodes. Everything else is just hilarious filler (which I do love~)

      Thx gurl, u take care too~

  7. Default avatar DarkAngel January 5th, 2014 / Sunday

    Come on girl, Toby’s mom is Alison! She can already teleport so we know that bitch mastered time travel. Then they can solve two mysteries at once!

    Although solving one mystery would be the biggest shock for this show.

    “her daddy and mommy could tell her about the story where she was conceived through tepid rebound sex in a dinky motel room. ”

    All why mommy was pretending to be the zombie grandmother she was named after.

    I love how clueless Emily is about how hot she is.

    Ezra and Aria deserve each other they are both so needy and selfish. His “People have real problems” thing was said the the girl who had her house run over by a driverless car and until recently lived in a shady motel and now lives with the emotionally unstable mother of her dead best girlfriend. STFU Ezra!

    CeCe must be getting punished, having to listen to Ezzzzaria all night.

    Emily going all psycho on Red Coat was awesome. She’s like “F this, I’m gonna kill this bitch once and for all!”

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 9th, 2014 / Thursday

      lmao yes please~ I think by Season 7, it will be revealed that Alison is related to every character in some way. Spencer’s sister, Toby’s mother, Emily’s cousin, Hanna’s newest stepmom and Aria’s daughter from the future.

      Spencer will give birth to her babay in Radley, naturally.

      Ezra is such a douchewaffle. When he snapped at Emily, that totally showed his TRU CHARACTA.

      lol I love how CeCe was just standing there in the hall with her war pressed against the door. Can she make it anymore obvious to Ezra’s neighbors that she is eavesdropping on him?

      Emily swung dat thing with the intent to KILL. If this was a whack-a-mole game, she’d already have broken the machine.

  8. Default avatar ash January 5th, 2014 / Sunday

    ooh yay new recaps!!
    Emily was really about to claim her second murder victim with that shovel. Like, what if red coat didn’t have super powers and she ended up killing Alison right there in the back of the truck :o
    I’m not sure how I feel about the Travis guy. It was so obvious they were setting up a love interest bc god forbid Hanna be single for a few episodes once Caleb leaves. Oh and the DEADMAMA. I used to like Spoby but they ruined it. Spencer is awesome enough on her own :)
    As for Alison, I think they’re intentionally trying to make her seem nicer/more likable so she won’t be seen as a bad guy in 4B. It’s going to take a lot more than a few sweet scenes with Emily for all to be forgotten though lol

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 9th, 2014 / Thursday

      lol re: Alison, PLL probably realized they have so many evil bitches and villains running around town that they actually need some good guys to maintain the balance again. I doubt Alison’s sweetness will last long though. Bitch pretty much created the *core* of evil~

      Yes, Spencer on her own is still an awesome character, but even she can’t elevate the dreariness that is DEADMAMA. It is truly a storyline that cannot be salvaged. :(

      I kinda want to give Travis a chance too but his introduction to the show was so sloppy? Deus ex machina + Caleb’s replacement + hilariously creepy stalking – it is like PLL already stacked the deck against him before the viewers get a chance to warm to him.

      Emily is really the only liar with enough balls to go after A and I love that about her. The other girls are like sitting ducks but at least Emily has a 1% chance if survival in a showdown against A. :)

  9. Default avatar kate January 8th, 2014 / Wednesday

    you know that jake is 22 on the show right? about 2-3 yrs younger than ezra so he’s also pretty pathetic dating a high schooler and going to a high school dance then telling ezra he should have better things to do lmao

  10. Default avatar Happs May 2nd, 2014 / Friday

    LOL at Emily in this episode, that bitch be out to kill.

    I don’t know why Emily and Spencer spent 5 minutes trying to get the truck running when they could have just ran after red coat as well?

  11. Default avatar -A June 18th, 2014 / Wednesday

    Im coming back I hope you know im alive and you know it Kisses -A

    • Default avatar -A March 9th, 2015 / Monday

      hi bitch, who you trying to foul you ain’t A guess what I am! Kisses –A

    • Default avatar -A March 9th, 2015 / Monday

      Well you are right I am coming back!!! –A

  12. Default avatar -A June 18th, 2014 / Wednesday

    see you bishes Kisses -A

  13. Default avatar PLLISLOVEPLLISLIFE September 26th, 2014 / Friday

    Lol i couldn’t get over Caleb trying to do cowboy puns like omg it was so lame !!!! :P

  14. Default avatar -A is for Aria March 9th, 2015 / Monday

    Just a little clue the one in my picture is A

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