Season 4 Episode 10, Pretty Little Liars Recap, The Mirror Has Three Faces

Season 4, Episode 10 - Pretty Little Liars Recap, The Mirror Has Three Faces
Are you ready for the Wren vs. Mona vs. Veronica epic warfare? Also, Emily moves into the DiLaurentis house; Ezra finds out Malcolm isn’t even his son.


Emily thinks Alison's mom is an evil satanic worshipper.

Is Alison's undead spirit hiding under her bed?
Jessica is obsessed with her dead daughter memorabilia.
Mama DiLaurentis is FOREVER ALONE
Jessica DiLaurentis has crazy eyes!
I feel so bad for Alison's mother, still coping with the death of her daughter.
I love Jessica's character on PLL and think she is very well-written.
Toby's deadmama storyline must be one of the worst ever featured on PLL.
The hilariously senile Dr. Palmer is back!
Toby's Oedipus complex is out of control.
Alison and CeCe once checked into Radley as a prank.
Jessica almost sliced off her daughter's fingers on the piano.
Here's a childhood picture of Alison and her mommy.
Jessica is all alone after her divorce.
Emily compares her relationship with Paige to Jessica's 24-year marriage.
Let's find a new boy toy for Jessica DiLaurentis!
Emily comes out to Alison's mom. Did you tell Jessica that you hooked up with her daughter too?
Both Emily and Jessica could feel Alison's undead spirit everywhere.
Alison is showing up everywhere and not even in hiding anymore.
That’s not yo baby, Ezra!
Ezra discovers that Malcolm isn't his son.
Maggie should have kept bullshitting and lied to Ezra about his son.
Maggie chooses who the baby daddy is after she got herself pregnant.
Ezra should have done a DNA paternity test before claiming a son is his..
Ezra's mom knew her so-called grandson was fake all along.
Ezra is a pathetic loser with nothing going on in his life.
Aria turns down Ezra's call, mwhahaha.
I have nothing interesting to say about Jake or his relationship with Aria.
We don't even get to see Karate Jake in action. BORING.
Nobody is surprised that CeCe Drake turned out to be a massive bitch.
Wren vs. Mona showdown
Look up Julian Morris nudes, I promise you won't regret them.
Wren is so ambiguously evil!
Mona has a heated and sexually charged exchange with Wren.
Wren doesn't know how to spell the word diagnosis.
Wren says Mona has extreme distrust and paranoia with delusions of persecution.
All our WRENNA dreams are dead
Hanna wants to get into Radley. It's about time!
Caleb tries to stop Hanna from being so stupid.
Wren is there as the rebound after Hanna had a huge argument with Caleb.
All of the pretty little liars exchange notes and talk smak about Wren behind his back.
Radley does not have security cameras installed, fool.
Hanna looks like the first lady in her outfit this episode
Hanna and Caleb can't break up yet! Ravenswood hasn't started yet!
Wren sees Hanna and Caleb making out from his car.
I am shipping Wreronica
Wren and Veronica need to hook up with each other!
Wren and Veronica have so much sexual chemistry with each other, oh my god.
Is Wren propositioning Veronica? He better be!
Veronica visits Mona at Radley to threaten some bitches.
Veronica warns Mona not to mess with this bitch!
Wren is in Radley being shady as hell.
Is Wren a villain? Is Wren actually A?
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12 Responses

  1. Default avatar RE Fan January 3rd, 2014 / Friday

    LOL AT EZRA!!!!!!!!!!

    When I watched this episode, I was like booyyy you so screwed. Even aria was like *lol not now* Maybe that’s when he was like, meh nothing to do anymore on this show, *becomes A*


    And lol at emily being like “oh ma gad gurrl, i feel ya” as if her life has been so tragically difficult in the love life department. I mean yes her love interests keep dying or randomly moving away, but Mama Dilaurentis has it much harder :(

    As for Wren (those Julian Morris pictures D: D:, now whatever scene he walks in, he’ll be automatically nekkid to my eyes D:), what does he do exactly? D: I thought he was an intern or something? and then he’s a psychiatrist? and does other patients than Mona? O:

    Totally agree with the whole Jake x Aria thingy. THEY MAKE NO SENSE other than Aria wants to tap dat and jake.. well i’m not sure why jake wants her *lol* Perhaps he is drawn to sophisticated women like our Lady Montgomery here. ORR ORR maybe ezra hired jake to date aria so he can keep tabs on her since they are not dating anymore, and A needs their information! D:D: I call dibs on this hilariously unique to PLL story line.

    To conclude: YOU ROCK GURL. Recapping like a boss this new year. I’m going to take in all the goodness before you disappear like Emily’s love interests again D: D:

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 5th, 2014 / Sunday

      Thx gurl~ I don’t know how much longer I can keep this up, I’m running out of fuel in the tank! D: But I really miss being able to recap these episodes immediately after they air , so I’m desperately trying to recap everything. I also want to recap Ravenswood too at some point~ dat hot mess of a show lol~

      I immediately had a double take when Emily was like *yes gurl yes* to Mama D. SAY WHAT? *lol* The nerve of that girl.

      Wren is a jack-of-all-trades doctor. <3 I thought he was still a medical student even at the end of Season 3 *lol* but maybe he has evolved into a psychiatrist by now.

      Aria and Jake's attraction is strictly physical. I'm pretty sure he's only pursuing her because he wanna get laid~

  2. Default avatar Anonymous January 3rd, 2014 / Friday

    Great Recap as usual. the ezra/maggie storyline so reminded me of Glee’s Quinn/Puck/Finn storyline.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 5th, 2014 / Sunday

      Pretty Little Liars stealing storylines from Glee <3 They have a musical number next episode too! The resemblance is starting to get very *suspicious* hmmmmm.

  3. Default avatar Anonymous January 3rd, 2014 / Friday

    Pfft, with all the girls popping up around Emily, I highly donut she’s a virgin sacrifice, she’s totally been slutting it up
    Remember when she condered showing A her boobs

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 5th, 2014 / Sunday

      Only Mama DiLaurentis considers Emily a virgin. Remember how she doesn’t even know that Emily is a lesbian yet? Mama D, gurl, where you been?

      Emily will flash her ta-tas to anyone and everyone else though. <3

  4. Default avatar Nonny January 4th, 2014 / Saturday

    Wreronica? hahaha shut up and take my money! $$$

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 5th, 2014 / Sunday

      Recap Everything is the official HQ for the Wreronica ship. The sign-up sheet is on the bottom, thank you!

  5. Default avatar WRENIA FTW January 5th, 2014 / Sunday

    WHY HAVEN’T WREN AND ARIA HOOKED UP YET??? They’re both huge sluts/cheaters! It would be epicccc! And not boring like Jakria/Ezria. I want to see #WRENIA (or #AREN?) happen!
    Lol Mama Hastings is such a badass! Yelling at psychos and man sluts.
    I am so sick of dead mamma. Toby is my favorite male character, and I love him and Spencer together, but this mamma thing is ruining it! Just tell us who killed her and FINISH THIS AWFUL STORYLINE!!!!
    At least the whole Malcolm thing is over. I knew it wasn’t going to be his kid. God forbid anything getting in the way of Ezria. But it was really fun to see him cry! :)
    I’m really confused about Mrs. D. She’s really sweet and loving in the present, but in flashbacks she’s a terrible crazy mother. No wonder Jason did drugs!
    I hope you recap this Ravenswood mess. I watched one episode and didn’t want to see anymore. It’s a ripoff of every horror movie ever done very poorly.

    • Default avatar PLLISLOVEPLLISLIFE September 26th, 2014 / Friday

      I agree with like everything you said!
      IM TOTAALLLLYYY READY for a new Spoby storyline but i sort of think its cute how sad he was at like the start and then Spencer trying to help Toby but like more then two episodes on it and now i am totally done!!!

      BUT MORE SPOBY!!!!! (the limit does not exist for spoby scenes)

  6. Default avatar DarkAngel January 5th, 2014 / Sunday

    Wreronica awesome! I ship it!

    That picture makes me think that they are sacrificing the kid to the gods and the whole family came to watch including the horse. Does that make me crazy?

    Toby’s deadmama drama needs to stop now. What a pointless storyline. Spencer pretending to be Toby’s mom, eww. But if that’s what those two are into, to each their own. I guess.

    At least Ezra’s equally as pointless storyline ended. Hopefully.

    I haven’t watched Ravenswood. Don’t think I want to watch Pretty Little Liars with actual ghosts, after having to suffer through this show for 4 years. Unless of course the ghosts of Alison’s clones show up. But I’ll eagerly await your recaps.

  7. Default avatar Jane October 8th, 2014 / Wednesday

    When I look at the picture, the first thing I noticed is OMFG WHAT IS DAT MAN DOING TO THE LITTLE BOY!? STOP TOSSING HIM LIKE THAT HE’S NOT PIZZA DOUGH! CHILD ABUSE!!! D: D: D: LOOOOOL XD. … Maybe it’s Mrs. F. dressed like a man? You know, she’s such a child abuser :)

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