Season 3 Episode 22, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

Spencer gets locked up in a straightjacket; Alison is sinning even inside the holy church; Detective Wilden is not dead anymore; Emily meets Missy Franklin ZOMG!

Spencer Hastings is officially and certifiably crazy! *hooray* After watching her breakdown for the past several episodes, I think most of us expected her to end up at the nuthouse sooner than later. Spencer also has the added disadvantage of having the crazy gene run in her family (see: Melissa) so it’s almost like she was destined was for the loony bin.

The real surprise is that it took them this long to finally lock her up. I would have thrown her ass into Radley as soon as she started assaulting bitches in public. Or what about the time she carved graffiti on a grave? Or the time she put on a strip show in front of Andrew? Or the time…well, okay, there were a lot of red flags! It’s gonna be a long list!

During her psych evaluation, Spencer isn’t allowed any visitors outside of family members and medical professionals. I use the word ‘professional’ very loosely here, we’re talking about Dr. Sullivan after all. Knowing her, she probably had a direct hand in putting most of her former patients at this nuthouse.

Dr. Sullivan: Hi Spencer, we’re going to put you under observation for the next 72 hours to determine whether you require further treatment…
Dr. Sullivan: …so far, the diagnosis is not in your favour.

Why do you need 72 hours to evaluate whether Spencer is a legitimate nutjob? I can give you the exact answer in 0.72 seconds: BITCH CRAZY~~~

I know *Spencer @ the loony bin* sounds like it’d be an endless source of hilarious hijinks and entertainment, but the atmosphere was actually quite sombre. At one point, Spencer says a particularly depressing line that captures her inner turmoil: “It has been really nice not being Spencer Hastings, even if it was only for a couple of hours.”

Awww Spencer! *gives you a hug* Stay strong, girlie! :-(

Spencer’s parents couldn’t be bothered to show up in this episode, but at least Melissa was here to kick her little sister while she’s down.

Melissa: All this time, I just thought you were being cruel. I never thought you might be…unwell.

Oh my god, was that supposed to be nice? I’ve felt more warmth in Antarctica than the words coming out of Melissa’s mouth. Did she really think this was a good time to air out her grievances while her sister was being zipped up into a straightjacket? How about saying “Feel better!” or “I love you Spencer!” instead of “All this time I thought you were a bitch, but I never thought you might also be a mentally unstable bitch.” Who’s the cruel one now, Melissa???

During her rehab stint, Spencer befriends one of the caretakers named Eddie. Here’s what you need to know about his character:

1.) E. Lamb = Eddie Lamb. In a shocking twist, E. Lamb turns out to be a real person instead of Toby’s long lost twin brother designed to keep Keegan Allen on the show beyond this season.

Spencer: Eddie Lamb? Your last name is Lamb?
Eddie: Yep, somewhere in the past, I had an ancestor with a flock up some mountain. ^_^

2.) Did you know Eddie Lamb is an anagram for the words ‘blame’ and ‘died’? It makes you wonder if there’s a ~*deeper meaning*~ behind Toby using this name! :O :O :O

3.) Eddie is a HUGE GOSSIP who always begins by saying “I’m not supposed to be telling you this…” but proceeds to blurt out every piece of confidential information to Spencer anyway. He reveals some interesting tidbits, including: the security breach with his stolen badge was traced back to a staff member (hint: Wren) + Toby’s momma used to be a patient at this loony bin too!

4.) I think Eddie is super endearing and his character won me over as soon as he made that wise crack about his ancestor. His budding friendship with Spencer is especially adorable. He’s so supportive of his asylum bestie and constantly gives her encouragement during these dark times. I rly hope Eddie & Spencer can still become Facebook friends after she leaves Radley. :)

After making such a big fuss about NOT allowing any visitors during Spencer’s psych evaluation, Mona somehow gets to waltz in and out of the place whenever she wants. I guess the rules don’t apply to her? Maybe she has some kind of alumni pass or purchased a club membership at Radley?

Then again, the patients who willingly *choose* to return to the asylum after they’ve been released might not be the same kind of people who should’ve been let out in the first place. :\

The whole point of Mona’s visit is to *troll* Spencer as hard as possible, braggin’ and tauntin’ and cacklin’ and smirkin’ about how evuuuul she is.

Mona: That’s an interesting question. If it were true, if I killed him, why would I wanna talk to you? ;)

Is there a surer sign of evil than posing a hypothetical scenario about a murder that you may have committed? Let’s call O.J. Simpson and see how well that strategy worked out for him.

Mona reveals that she has Alison’s diaries electronically archived in her tablet, which amuses me because you know the pretty little liars would have *NEVER* considered doing this in a million years. Hanna probably uses her tablet as a coaster to place food in the kitchen. And remember the time when Aria actually managed to get her hand on those diary pages? SHE HIDES THEM INSIDE HER SHOE. Holy lol, no wonder The A Team is constantly outsmarting these dumb bitches. How can this be an even-levelled playing field when they aren’t even using the same technologies?

Mona: I have the answers, Spencer. I have the answers to questions you haven’t even thought of.

My reaction after hearing that: NOOOOOO!!! ;A; How disheartening is it to find out there are STILL mysteries that haven’t been introduced after watching nearly three seasons of this show!? They’re really planning to stretch Pretty Little Liars into the next decade, aren’t they? I mean, what is there left about Alison DiLaurentis that we don’t already know about? I’m just assuming most of these questions will be something banal like: “What did Alison eat for lunch on the day that she died? Did she put ranch dressing in her salad?” *checks her diary*

FLASHBACK TIME: We’re taken to an amazing flashback segment where Mona was letting loose with some sexy church hymns. She was bobbing her head, chanting out loud, and waving her hands in the air like she was at a Backstreet Boys reunion concert. Girlfriend was *really* getting into the groove~

Over by the next row, we see Spencer and Alison sitting…wait, hold up, WUTDAFUQ IS ALISON DOING INSIDE A CHURCH??? Why didn’t she get repelled by an invisible force field at the entrance!? And why has she not burst into flames yet!? I thought the holy church would be the one last sacred place on this earth where we’re shielded from the wickedness of Alison DiLaurentis, but it’s clear now that her evil has no boundaries.

Considering this show has been a hollow atheist ground for the past three seasons, it’s strange to see these characters are suddenly regular churchgoers. Since when do Alison and Spencer pray anyway? Saying “oh my god” is not an active form of prayer, you guys.

Even with the judgment of *GOD* staring down at her couldn’t stop Alison from behaving like a rampant awful human being. Everyone else was praying solemnly and there was Alison cackling like a maniac as she openly mocked Mona’s antics. I’m surprised she didn’t start ripping pages out of the bible and make paper airplanes to throw them at Mona’s bobbing head.

Alison: What do you suppose Loser Mona was doing in there? Praying for bigger boobs?
Spencer: Why do you even bother coming to church?
Alison: I like to cover my bets.

Oh sweetheart, you’ve lost that bet long, long ago. No amount of churchgoing will spare your amoral soul and you’re definitely going to hell in a handbasket. Alison could commit herself to a nunnery every day for the next fifty years and I still don’t think she would have repented enough for her sins. Let’s just say a prayer a day does not necessarily keep eternal damnation away.

In this episode, we also find out that Alison knew she wasn’t *pregnant* before she died, which means her dead baby isn’t really dead because there was no dead baby in the first place. (Dead baby, dead baby, dead baby, I feel like every time I type out those words, I’m just marking another notch in a tally on my way to hell.)

Spencer: What is that? You were writing in it all during service.
Alison: It’s my diary.
Spencer: Since when do you keep a diary?
Alison: Since forever.

If by “forever”, you mean “at the start of Season 3B when the writers suddenly decide to make this diary an important plot device to prolong the ongoing investigation”, then yes since forever and here’s a flashback to prove that it existed in our narrative all along.

To be fair, the diary did appear in the last season finale where Mona used it to store her gum wrappers, but we had to go through fifty other storylines before we approached this plot point again, so yeah it does feel like *forever*.

Back in the present, Mona teases Spencer that she has read all of the vampire diaries and she knows exactly where they are hidden. At this point, Spencer is basically as frustrated as the viewers about the arrested development of the show, so she threatens to choke the answers straight out of Mona.

Spencer: Mona, I’ve got nothing left to lose! They already think I’m crazy!
Mona: You’re not crazy. You’re as sane as I am.

Welp, that’s an oddly comforting line from the pinnacle of stable mental health. Remind me again why she was let out of Radley???

Meanwhile, Spencer’s friends are worried because she didn’t reply back to their text messages and she didn’t show up to school on the next day.

Hanna: Okay, you guys, she has ditched school before. Alright, it’s not a big deal.

I love how Hanna has such a low regard for our educational system that ditching classes is no cause for alarm. What’s the big deal? It’s just school! I can take it or leave it. *shrugs*

The unintentionally funniest line in the episode goes to Emily, who sends the following text message to her friends after she discovers Spencer’s whereabouts.

Emily: Spencer’s OK!!!

Um, I beg to differ? Please give your definition of OK. Last time I checked, your friend is locked up in a mental institution after losing her everloving mind, so I don’t think ‘OK’ is the most scientifically accurate term that encompasses her condition here.

The second unintentionally funniest line in the episode happened in a random conversation.

Ashley: *bites on a carrot stick* God, I want a pretzel.
Hanna: Just put some salt on it.


Also: somebody let Hanna know that carrot sticks are not the same as potato fries. You can’t just eat them with salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, honey or mayonnaise. It’s not really a versatile kind of food.

Mama Marin is up for a promotion at work, which might require her to relocate to New York (aka. not happening). Hanna thinks it’s a terrific idea to split the show so that half of it will be dedicated to her zany misadventures in NYC, while the other half will stay in Rosewood and focus on the next generation of the pretty little liars. However, Pastor Ted isn’t enthused with the news, as he starts whining and feeling massively sorry for himself.

I think it’s very telling that Ashley wanted to cancel her New York trip when she found out that Spencer was in Radley (“It’s not a good time to leave!”), yet she didn’t express the same convictions when Ted poured his heart out about how much he loves her (“Maybe I’ll come back? lolshrug”). Something tells me that she might not be taking this relationship as seriously as he is. :\

Now that Spencer is confirmed to be “okay”, the other liars immediately go back to talking smack about their friend behind her back.

Aria: A has been turning the screws for so long, one of us was bound to snap a string! I just never thought it would be Spencer.
Hanna: I did. There’s a downside to being too smart.

In the same scene, Hanna also suggested that they should pretend to be Spencer’s cousins to visit her at Radley. Because, yes, Spencer and Emily definitely look like they have the same ancestor who raised a flock of lambs up some mountain. The fact that Hanna thought this was a *plausible* idea indicates there might be a downside to being too stupid as well.

Mona arrives, but she doesn’t get the opportunity to say her usual bitchy lines before Aria went fucking berserk and promptly serves her ass on a platter!!!

Mona: Listen to me…

*roflmao* Aria must have a little bit of an evil seed in her, because wow, that was some seriously spiteful shit talking! I am still feeling the shivers after that line!

While we’re on the topic of Aria Montgomery, can somebody let her know that her application to become the first human-leopard hybrid species has been accepted? I feel like she’s morphing into a wildlife animal right before our very eyes. You take Aria to the zoo, while the other animals would leer at her and go like: “Why does SHE get to leave the cage???”

And while we’re on the topic of questionable fashion choices, I can’t be the only one who thought Hanna’s outfit was butt ugly, right? She looks very, erm, matronly, except I don’t think any of the moms on this show would be caught dead wearing that get-up. This is something Hanna’s grandmother might consider wearing for her 75th birthday, but then she takes one look at the mirror and goes “Oh girl, no, I have self-esteem today” before putting the outfit back into the closet right where it belongs.

Also, that necklace: please make up your mind whether you are white or blue, because you can’t be both.

Scarily enough, we get to see a glimpse inside Hanna’s closet and she pulls out these *floral rugs* and *tribal skins* that are supposed to be her wardrobe. I swear there was an outfit with feathers in it. FEATHERS, people! I know these girls think they’re fashion forward with their edgy clothing, but maybe not every piece of unconventional material has to be worn on their bodies?

To be fair, Hanna might not be in the right state of mind to dress normally, since she’s the only pretty little liar whose mother solves problems by running ’em over with a car.

Aria: I’m worried about Spencer…
Hanna: Okay, I have to split myself between disasters! It’s after 3PM, so I’m thinking about my mom!

It continues to be hilarious watching Hanna & her momma freak out over the hit-and-run, especially since they adopted a mantra of *NO BODY, NO CAR, NO CRIME*. Ashley has also been checking the newspapers every day to see if Wilden’s body was found. Only in the Marin household is it normal to begin the morning looking for incriminating headlines about yourself, but that just proves how badass Mama Marin is~

HE’S ALIVE!!! Unfortunately, it turns out that Mama Marin didn’t hit the accelerator hard enough because the ghost of Detective Wilden has returned to the living world. He doesn’t even have a single scratch or injury on his body. Ashley, you better turn on the engine, get behind the steering wheel again and finish the job properly this time!

You’d think his character’s resuscitation would put an end to this terribly misguided storyline once and for all, but the plot refuses to die because Detective Wilden is now badgering Hanna about his missing police car.

Aria: Don’t you think they’ll find it? Don’t all cop cars have GPS?
Hanna: No, it doesn’t work underwater!
Aria: It doesn’t?
Hanna: Nothing works underwater! It’s a scientific fact!

Has Hanna’s brain been underwater lately? Because that would explain a lot. *smacks forehead* It kinda feels like Aria and Hanna are trying to out-stupid each other sometimes, y’know?

OMIGAWD IT’S MISSY FRANKLIN!!! For those of you who won’t admit they don’t watch the Olympics that closely outside of the tally board where they display the medal count for each country (namely me), Missy Franklin is a teen swimmer who won a bajillion gold medals at the 2012 Summer Olympics. All you need to know about Missy is that she’s a Very Big Deal and should be treated as such.

Missy is obviously a huge PLL fan and used her ~*star power*~ to snag a cameo appearance on her favourite TV show. Most people think Pretty Little Liars should be honoured to have such an accomplished athlete appear on their dog and pony show, but I digress. Appearing on PLL should be the only award that matters in life. In fact, the picture that she took with Shay Mitchell will probably be laminated and framed next to the cabinet with all of her Olympic awards and medals.

1.) Missy Franklin turned 18 years old just two days ago, so happy birthday girl! I actually waited until she was *legal age* before I posted this recap, because I know I’m gonna get flak for making jabs at America’s Sweetheart. She’s an adult now, she’s fair game. ^_^

2.) Did you know she got serenaded by Prince Harry on her 18th birthday? Lucky bitch. Where was he during any and all of my birthdays?

3.) I’m just gonna throw this theory out there to test the waters, but Missy Franklin = Red Coat??? You don’t introduce a brand new female character on the show two episodes before the season finale without an ulterior motive. It’s like how they brought in Nate right after Maya’s death, similar to how Missy appeared right after all those Red Coat cameos. The timing is a little too convenient if you ask me.

The story is that Shana met Missy at the airport (stalker~~~), introduced herself, and then invited her for a cup of coffee at Rosewood. Now, I don’t wanna make any assumptions, but what Shana is describing seems to resemble a lot like picking up a chick at the airport and asking her out for a coffee date, which makes me think…is there something about herself that Missy Franklin hasn’t told the world yet? :O

I’m just kidding, but I do find it hard to believe that a celebrity like Missy would have time in her schedule to meet with some random civilian like Shana. Just to put it into perspective, this girl has bumped fists with some legit stars like Justin Bieber and Prince Harry, so I’m not really sure where Shana Nobody fits into this spectrum?

Strangely enough, Shana decides to introduce her Olympic bestie to Emily of all people, even though they knew each other for a total of one scene and their interaction was limited to: “Where’s the restroom?” “At the back.” So, I didn’t think they were friends or even on speaking terms with each other until now. Of course, Shana has proven that she makes acquaintances quite easily. I can just imagine this bitch throwing herself at Missy Franklin in the Colorado airport, clinging onto her arm desperately, and begging for a coffee date until she finally said yes.

It’s also bizarre that Shana asked Emily to meet with Missy, but Paige didn’t get asked at all!? I know the real reason is because Shay Mitchell has a higher ~*star power*~ than Lindsey Shaw, but it’s still really weird that Shana would contact her ex-girlfriend’s current girlfriend, yet exclude her actual ex from this special occasion.

Emily’s initial meeting with Missy is nothing short of endearing, as she’s reduced to a non-functioning human being who can only process one or two-word answers.

Missy: So, Shana was telling me that you swim?
Emily:*star-struck* Hello. Yes. I swim.

As their conversation continues, Missy hilariously pretends to care about Emily’s swimming ambitions and even promises to watch a video of her high school swim meet. *lmao* As if. The only time Missy would watch a video of some amateur swimming is if she wants to feel better about herself. “Oh look, there are so many worse swimmers than me! :)” Besides, she probably already forgot Emily’s name by the time she walked out of that coffee shop, so that video is going straight to the junk e-mail folder.

This is my favourite part from their exchange:

Emily: Oh god. *shakes head* Um, congratulations! It’s not too late to say congratulations, is it?
Missy: No, it’s never too late to say congratulations. Teeheehee!

Wow, somebody is clearly used to being praised. You won a few Olympic gold medals, not the Nobel Prize. Nobody likes a braggart, Missy Franklin. Take your self-esteem down a notch, okay?

Aww, I’m just kidding. I feel like I’ve been too harsh on her when I actually love Missy Franklin and everything that she stands for. This girl is so sweet and salt of the earth IRL. She’s like the Jennifer Lawrence of the Olympic swimming world. Missy is probably saving a family of dolphins as we speak, because she can really do no wrong in humanity’s eyes. Continue being your adorable self and we’ll see you again in Season 4! ^_^

Emily is totes surprised when she learns that Shana is a competitive swimmer as well: “I didn’t know you swim?” Um, that might be because you know nothing about her other than the fact that she works at a costume shop and she harasses celebrities in airports. Shana responds by being all *flirty eyes* and *seductive look* which leaves Emily very intrigued and possibly a little turned on. In case it isn’t painfully obvious already, Shana and Emily are TOTALLY gonna hook up in Season 4, with or without Paige in the picture.

Meanwhile, Ezra is going through some financial woes ever since the writers ran out of imaginary jobs to give his character (the list so far: tutor, editor, ghostwriter, aspiring author, obituary writer, food blogger, television recapper, erotica publisher, reviewer, livejournal group moderator, youtube commenter, freelance crossword solver, kitchen appliance instruction manual fact checker, etc.) Unfortunately, none of these jobs worked out for him and Ezra’s only source of income is getting a cut from Aria’s allowance money every month, which is barely enough to cover the rent.

Since Ezra wants to be a teacher again, Aria has to resort to asking her daddy dearest to give her boyfriend his old job back. We’re then taken to an absolutely SINISTER scene where Aria’s parents are plotting Ezra’s demise like two diabolical masterminds.

Byron: *strokes beard* What are we supposed to do about Ezra and his situation?
Ella: *twirls moustache* Are we supposed to do…anything?

This conversation is so dark, you guys. The dialogue was spoken like they were two army lords plotting military tactics and battle line formations in the war room. From the way they were talking, you would not be mistaken if you thought they were planning an assassination attempt on Ezra’s life instead. Actually, I’m still unsure if that’s the case or not?

Byron: If we helped him stabilize this new family, he might end things with Aria.
Ella: *smirks* I suppose that’s true.

There’s a particularly brilliant moment when Mama Montgomery *slowly* opens her eyes as she says “I suppose that’s true~” and there was a look of pure Machiavellian evil in her eyes. WHAT A VILLAIN.

Byron: He is a good teacher…
Ella: Other aspects of his character are debatable, but yes he is a good teacher.

What is there left to debate? I think she meant to say ‘despicable’. I do love how Mama Montgomery pretends to be #TeamEzria in front of her daughter, but she secretly despises Ezra as much as her husband does. *teehee* However, I’d like to squash the belief that Ezra ‘Child Molester’ Fitz is a good teacher in any way. He lost his claim on that title as soon as he started giving his students remedial lessons in the bedroom, okay? You fuck one student and you’re immediately off the ‘good teacher’ list, no exceptions.

Later on, Ezra has an awkward man2man chat with Papa Montgomery. They immediately get off on the wrong foot when Ezra says he never asked for help and he’s sorry that Aria took it upon herself to meddle with his career. Byron roars back that his daughter was only trying to help an unemployable douchebag with his job prospects, so don’t blame her for the many, many, many shortcomings in his life.

The whole point of Byron’s visit is to *taunt* Ezra that he won’t get his old job back teaching at Hollis, but he thought it was more hurtful to deliver the news in person. ^_^ You should have seen Ezra’s face light up when Byron said “I talked to the dean to see if there was room in the department for you…” only to be met with crushing disappointment a moment later: “…but of course you can’t have your old job back, you suck~ lol”

Byron: But I still want to help you, if I can.
Ezra: Because…?
Byron: I have reached a point in my life where I spend a great deal of time trying to make some kind of amends to someone for something.
Ezra: There’s no shortage of bad judgment in this world.

Did Papa Montgomery just get dissed? What a thinly veiled undermining comment coming from Ezra. Oh yeah, there’s no shortage of bad judgment in this world. *looks squarely at Byron’s blockhead face* Honestly, I think Byron and Ezra are just as bad as each other, so I always enjoy the scenes when the two of them exchange catty jabs at one another.

The awkward conversation gets turned up to 100x when Aria is called into the principal’s office to discuss her “social” relationship with Ezra. He recently applied to become a substitute teacher at her high school, and it has come to the vice principal’s attention that Aria is a bit of a slut, so he was wondering if there might be a ~*conflict of interest*~.

Principal Hackett: Are you currently seeing Ezra Fitz? Seeing him…socially?

OMG HOW EMBARRASSING. I would be mortified if my vice principal asked me about my sexual history with a former teacher. Of course, Aria’s first instinct is to deny these charges: “Umm, I’m not seeing him socially or horizontally. I know it might seem that way since I had made out with him in public on multiple occasions, but that ain’t a thang anymore so give mah man his job!”

At the end of the episode, Spencer has the MOTHER OF ALL MELTDOWNS where tears come out of her nose and drool comes out of her eyes and snot comes out of her mouth because nothing really makes sense anymore. She gives a long-winded soliloquy that can be described as the incoherent ramblings of a madwoman. It ends with her breaking the fourth wall and proclaiming to the viewers: “YOU DON’T KNOW WHO I AM ANYMORE~~~”

The most amazing part about Spencer’s breakdown when she starts hallucinating that she’s talking to her friends, and she imagines the other mental patients as the pretty little liars. I would seriously have no problem if this becomes the star-studded line-up to replace the main PLL cast. Spencer, Dr. Sullivan, and those two nameless nutjobs are the new pretty little liars from now on!

We close the episode with a glimpse of A’s new evil lair…on wheels! Yep, that’s right, Mona and Toby are taking their freak show behind the wheel in their awesome A Team mobile van. Between them and Mama Marin, the roads of Rosewood just got helluva dangerous! If I were you, I would look both ways before I cross the street! D:

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  1. Default avatar stellAr May 12th, 2013 / Sunday

    “Hanna thinks it’s a terrific idea to split the show so that half of it will be dedicated to her zany misadventures in NYC, while the other half will stay in Rosewood and focus on the next generation of the pretty little liars”

    lmao, stellar recap as always. keep on goin, gurl ^_^

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    Hanna has to split her time between all her friends and her mom. Aria’s time is split between ME ME ME and Ezra ME and ME.

    Gurl, according to Dr. Sullivan, Mona is God that lives in hyper space or something. The PLL’s really can’t compete with that. And Hanna probably threw her tablet in the garbage disposal so Caleb wouldn’t use it to hack Mona’s computer or something useful like that. Cause being useful is a naughty word on this show.

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    “Hanna thinks it’s a terrific idea to split the show so that half of it will be dedicated to her zany misadventures in NYC, while the other half will stay in Rosewood and focus on the next generation of the pretty little liars”
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    Also: somebody let Hanna know that carrot sticks are not the same as potato fries. You can’t just eat them with salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard, honey or mayonnaise. It’s not really a versatile kind of food.

    best part in entire recap~ lolol.
    yeah, I can’t really see how Alison got into church without being stopped by a giant lightening bolt sent from the big man upstairs himself. Eh, she’s probably blackmailing someone. It’s Alison! She’s blackmailing everyone and their mother!
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    aria is with ezra…’nuff said

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      Oh my god, that show is even more ridiculous! That’d be fantastic, please do a recap of that!!

    • Default avatar Chuch June 10th, 2013 / Monday

      I agree! Please please please do a recap of the secret life of the american teenager!

  15. Default avatar Chuch June 5th, 2013 / Wednesday

    OMG! This was hilarious, as always! But seriously, I miss you and all of your funny! Please come back soon! We need the recaps to fully enjoy the new episodes coming out!

  16. Default avatar DarkAngel June 6th, 2013 / Thursday

    Did you go Spencercrazy and get locked in Radley from having to watch the last few episodes of this show? Just open the window and walk out. I look forward to reading your recaps of this wonderful mess of a show!

  17. Default avatar J July 8th, 2014 / Tuesday

    Nah, remember when Spencer took pictures of her moms papers on her tablet? She’s a smartie.

  18. Default avatar Hilarious! December 11th, 2014 / Thursday

    Hahahaha I just couldn’t stop laughing my head off! Who ever is behind this is a genius

  19. Custom avatar Ali Dee March 4th, 2017 / Saturday

    “The most amazing part about Spencer’s breakdown when she starts hallucinating that she’s talking to her friends, and she imagines the other mental patients as the pretty little liars. I would seriously have no problem if this becomes the star-studded line-up to replace the main PLL cast. Spencer, Dr. Sullivan, and those two nameless nutjobs are the new pretty little liars from now on!”

    Lol so hard at this! Actually cried with laughter! All of your recaps of anything to do with Spencer in Radley are so good! ROFL.

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