Season 3 Episode 11, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Single Fright Female

Spencer accuses Paige of murdering Alison; Aria meets Maggie; Ezra celebrates his birthday; and a sex tape emerges!

The episode begins with Hanna receiving yet another phone call from her not-so-secret admirer Wren. OMG DUDE. GIVE IT UP ALREADY. NO MEANS NO. EVEN THAT SONG TITLE EXPLICITLY SAYS “CALL ME MAYBE”, NOT “CALL ME ALL THE TIME WHILE I HIT THE IGNORE BUTTON EVERY FIVE MINUTES”!!!

Seriously, this guy is more persistent than a debt collector. Even after Hanna rejected him to his face, Wren insists on flogging this dead horse of a love triangle. Remember how Maya used to ignore phone calls from her creepy stalker who eventually killed her? Yeah Wren, you’re reaching THAT level!

Spencer: Is Wren moving in? I know he can be persuasive! I mean, the dimples, the accent… You are not the first girl to fall for Downton Grabby! Hello, I’ve been there!
Hanna: Well, I’m not… *makes face* …there.

Oh please. If they were still single, let’s not pretend either of these girls would turn down the chance to ride Wren’s crotch so fast so hard. Especially Spencer, who’s gushing over Wren like she still has some unresolved feelings and the occasional sexual fantasy about him!

Can somebody explain to me what’s the point of Hanna and Caleb keeping their relationship a secret? Like, why are they pretending not to be together? As if anybody gives a shit whether they keep up this pointless charade or not. OHNOEZ HALEB CAN ONLY MAKE OUT INSIDE A DRESSING ROOM INSTEAD OF THE SCHOOL CAFETERIA! LET’S TURN THIS INTO A MULTI-EPISODE STORY ARC!

I guess Hanna and Caleb think if they create enough unnecessary drama on their own, then maybe A would leave the couple alone or something? Hey, this self-inflicted angst worked like a charm for Ezria over the past three seasons, so maybe Haleb is onto something here!

If they wanted to keep their relationship discrete, maybe Hanna should avoid cybersexing with her secret boyfriend on a public school computer.

Caleb: *typing* I’m finding it really hard not to come over there and kiss you.

Ooh yeah, I bet he finds it HARD and he CAME all over there. What kind of obscene filth is Caleb writing in that chatroom!? O_o

For this next storyline, we need to dig deep in our memories and try to recall a long forgotten plot point wayyyyy back in Season 1.

I’m sure most of us don’t remember anything about the first season finale except that Ian died, but there were supposed to be these incriminating videos of ~*girls gone wild*~, such as the liars getting nekkid & Jenna molesting various family members. The flash drive was originally lost during the scuffle between Spencer and Ian, but now the writers are like “let’s actually tie up 1 out of the 5846 loose ends on the show lol” so Ted conveniently retrieved the evidence through divine intervention or whatevs.

Ted: I only watched one video.

…which is code for “I watched EVERYTHING and even saved a copy on my personal computer so I can take screenshots and post them on a blog later.” Like, even the best samaritan wouldn’t turn in a USB drive to the police after watching ONE inappropriate video inside it. Yeah okay, mister, one video my ass!

Mr. One-Video seems eager to get rid of the USB drive and basically goes like WTF GET THIS SICK ILLEGAL SHIT OFF MY HANDS!!! X_X Instead of submitting the flash drive to the po-po (where Detective Wilden & his cronies will have a field day perving over the teenage flesh on display), Pastor Ted hands over the videos for Ashley to watch.

It turns out there’s actually a SEX TAPE of Ashley and Detective Wilden found amongst the film collection. Imagine if that was the one video Pastor Ted had clicked on and watched in full. *fapfapfap* He probably DID watch the sex tape and was too embarrassed to admit his sin, so that’s why he gave up the USB drive to her.

Since the world isn’t ready to handle an Ashley Marin sex scandal, she destroys the flash drive by THROWING IT INTO THE GARBAGE DISPOSAL.

Oh my god, what is up with the Marin family!? Why do they keep murdering perfectly functional electronics in such a destructive manner!? If you don’t want anyone to see the videos, just delete them on your computer or keep the USB inside a safe or something. There’s no need to resort to such violent measures!!! :(

At least we know where Hanna learns it from, throwing all kinds of shit into random appliances. First the blender, then the sink, and now they moved onto the garbage disposal. Seriously, this kitchen is like the Bermuda Triangle. It’s an instant death zone for anything remotely technological.

Afterwards, Ted asked “What are we gonna do with that flash drive?” and Ashley was like “What flash drive!? I know of no flash drive that contains videos of me naked and handcuffed to the bed with a police officer!!!” and Hanna chirped in “I hope you’re good at fixing broken kitchen appliances when you marry into the family, mister.”

By the way, how completely *random* is it that Hanna’s mom watched all the video footage and now knows every character’s dirty little secret? Surely this will lead up to Mama Marin being A’s accomplice later in the season, amirite?

Hanna: Hey Jenna, you know that video that Ali threatened you with? The one with you and Toby? In your bedroom?

I loved how Hanna didn’t stop at “video that Ali threatened you with” and proceeded to describe it in great detail, just in case Jenna didn’t remember the exact location she was filmed having sex with her stepbrother. I almost wish Jenna didn’t interrupt her so we can hear Hanna describe the video in full: “Hey Jenna, remember that incriminating video? With you and your brother? In your bedroom? With those rubber gloves? And the lubricant?”

Hanna tries to warn Jenna that her video might be leaked to the police, and then the whole town will know what a filthy incestuous nympho whore she is. However, Jenna remains as cool as a cucumber, going like “pmsl @ u thinking that the abandoned plot will go anywhere, have you seen the half-assed writing on this show? Besides, faking my blindness is my NEW secret for this season, so you need to come up with a more relevant threat to keep up with the times, kthxbye~”

Hanna and Nate have a good ol’ bitching session about Jenna right in front of her. He’s still *butthurt* that she boned every guy in Rosewood except for him, while Hanna could never resist an opportunity to shade Jenna whenever possible.

Nate: She’s all up in your face one day and the next she’s looking right through you.
Hanna: Well, she perfected that when she was still playing Helen Keller.
Nate: What do you mean ‘playing’? You telling me she was faking!? Being blind!?

And then this gloriously epic line happened:


LMAO. It was all in the sassy delivery. Most of the dialogue on this show is written the way that you’d expect a bunch of privileged white suburban girls would speak, so it was hilariously jarring to hear Nate get all *street* on Jenna.


LMAO. Saying it out loud never gets old. By the way, where has THIS Nate been hiding in the past eleven episodes? Don’t you wish his character had been more of this sassypants mofo instead of being such a sleazy creeper at the start?

Jenna got so spooked by her earlier encounter that she goes over to Emily’s house to deliver a very stern warning…

Jenna: Be very careful who you spend time with, Emily! VERY careful!

…and then Jenna was afraid that she might have given away *too much spoilers* so she left the scene without explaining jack shit. Oh gee, thanks for the brand new information, Jenna! You totally saved Emily’s life with that crystal clear warning! Bitch was about as helpful as somebody calling the police hotline just to proclaim: “There’s a crime happening in the neighbourhood! I’m not gonna tell you anything else though. BUT BE VERY CAREFUL!!! *hangs up*”

Nate thinks he is Emily’s honey boo after they randomly made out in the last episode, so now he’s being all *grabby shoulder* and *how u doin’ girl ;)* around her. To be fair, Emily usually switches romantic partners and dumps her current one at this time every season, so I don’t really blame Nate for lining himself up in queue to be her next love interest.

Since Emily’s bare shoulder was giving mixed signals to Nate, she shuts him down and clarifies that she’s still not interested in the peen, particularly not his. Any break-up speech that begins with “Aw Nate, we need to keep things on a FRIENDSHIP LEVEL~” was never gonna end well, so his reaction was all *clenches fists* and *death glare* and *buys rope & masking tape from hardware store to kidnap you next episode*.

Nate: I’m kinda lost here. Emily and I were in this groove. Suddenly, she just pink slipped.
Hanna: Um Nate…SHE’S GAY! She dated your cousin!
Nate: Yeah, I get it. I figure it was about the person, not the equipment. Maya was pretty fluid.

Does anyone think that Nate would be a lot creepier if he was actually Maya’s real cousin and still made comments about her sexual fluidity? *shudders*

Who else expected Paige to unleash a whole new brand of crazy after Emily told her about DAT KISS? Even Emily made sure she wasn’t around any swimming pools or garbage cans when she made her confession.

Paige: I think you miss Maya. And so does he. You both loved the same person. Doesn’t mean you feel that way towards each other. Maybe those lines are just a little blurry right now.

Um okay? That was a shockingly calm and uncharacteristically mature response. When did Psycho Paige transform into Pacifist Paige!? o.o

This season, I think the writers made a conscious decision to normalize Paige’s character and make her a lot more likable to the viewers. That’s why the past few episodes were full of scenes where Paige acted so zen and so chill about everything. Even her reaction to Emily’s confession was more along the lines of “oh, cool story bruh!”

Yeah, I guess it’s kinda nice that she seems so *understanding* and *forgiving* over sharing her girlfriend with another dude, but I’m a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to see the old psycho bitch in action. I was hoping she might karate chop the table in rage or do something awesome like that. :(

After all, this was the same Psycho Paige who once KICKED THE SHIT out of Alison during a soccer game and left a ginormous purple bruise on her back. This girl could do some serious damage! For that reason, I’ve a hard time believing Paige would look at her cheating girlfriend and go like “Oh Emily, I absolutely don’t mind sharing sloppy seconds with Nate! Blurry lines and all that, teeheehee~ ^_^”

FLASHBACK TIME: The show decides to shoehorn some complicated history between Alison and Paige, which nobody knew about until now. In the past, Ali used to write some saucy love letters to Paige under the pretence of being Emily. Then, she took their correspondence and threatened to out the deeply closeted Paige to her family!

Alison: I own you now, you no-neck bitch!!! ^_^

Besides “no-neck bitch”, Alison’s other nickname for Paige is “Pigskin”, which makes just about as much sense as “Hermes” and “Lady G”. Gurl, you need to work on your nicknames!

My favourite part about the flashback is watching Alison gloat over her diabolical schemes with her henchwoman Cece.

Alison: So I snuck into Emily’s bedroom and stole some of her stationery!
Cece: *gasps* Love it!

Are these bitches for real? I don’t think stealing stationery is considered scandalous even in a second-grade classroom. It was like ooh Ali, you took a piece of paper from Emily’s desk, how fucking badass of you!

My other favourite part about the flashback is watching Spencer’s glassy-eyed expression afterwards because she was still stuck in ~*flashback mode*~. I love how Pretty Little Liars treats these flashbacks so literally, as if the characters are physically transported to another time dimension when they recall memories of the past. COME BACK FROM THE TWILIGHT ZONE, SPENCER!!!

What Spencer took from the flashback is that “PAIGE HAZ A MOTIVE NAO!!!” so she spends the entire episode trying to convince Emily that her girlfriend is a murderer.

Spencer: A friend of ours had an ongoing feud with someone whom we both know has a bit of a dark side! I’m not accusing Paige of anything, but let’s not forget this girl once tried to drown you!
Emily: There were other issues going on in her life back then!
Spencer: Yeah, like being sneaky! She almost got you kicked off the swim team! I’m not calling her a snake, but…

You’d think Spencer would be more sympathetic after learning what Alison did to Paige, but her immediate conclusion was BULLYING VICTIM = MURDER SUSPECT!!! Meanwhile, all I see is a poor vulnerable girl who got bullied because of her sexuality. :(

Paige: She spent most of ninth grade torturing me. At first, it was just teasing. I got through it. I pushed back. If you wanted to play dirty, then so can I. But I had no idea what I was up against. She was relentless. I had nobody to turn to. I was completely alone. Finally, it didn’t matter what Alison could do to me, because I was willing to do much worse to myself.


I must say, I was really impressed with Lindsey Shaw for rocking the raw emotions in this scene. I never took notice of her acting skills until now, but she did such a fantastic job conveying the fragility and vulnerability of her character. As we all know, good acting is virtually nonexistent in this show, so it’s worth mentioning when an actress can bring some actual gravitas to her performance. Good job, Lindsey Shaw, you totally nailed it!

I don’t even know how to describe this next scene properly, but Spencer gets attacked by a snake!? An actual snake appeared out of nowhere and got frisky with Spencer for a while. *lolwtf* I think the PLL writers paid attention to the common criticism of “NOTHING EVER HAPPENS IN THIS STUPID SHOW!!! D:”, so lately they’ve been drumming up drama by putting the girls in as many life-threatening situations as possible. Their thought process must have gone like: “Hmm, this episode is looking a bit dull… let’s throw in a random snake attack for the laffos!”

And it worked. Spencer was screaming, the snake was hissing, and I was guffawing. The scene was as scary as it was hilariously entertaining.

Afterwards, Spencer’s little paranoid brain worked its bizarre logic: 1.) OMG I got attacked by a snake! 2.) OMG I just called Paige a snake! 3.) OMG THAT MEANS PAIGE IS THE SNAKE! SHE MUST HAVE KILLED ALISON!!! :O

I’m usually a big fan of Spencer’s wild conspiracy theories and baseless murder accusations, but the problem is that I found Paige so sympathetic that it made Spencer’s witch-hunt seem petty and antagonistic. I felt especially uncomfortable when Spencer and Hanna conspired together to snoop through Paige’s bag, under the misguided belief that they will discover some incriminating evidence or whatever. Their behaviour reminded me of the same bullying tactics that Alison used to torment Paige and all her other victims. :\

With all the whispering, gossiping and snooping around, Spencer just went too far this time and verged heavily onto WHAT A FUCKING BITCH territory. I was alternating between feelings of “omg poor Paige :(” and “omg Spencer is such an asshole :(” throughout these scenes.

Oh, and they found Alison’s other earring in Paige’s bag or whatever. Big whoop-dee-doo!

Did a wardrobe consultant suddenly decide that Ezra’s hairy legs were his best feature? Lately, Pretty Little Liars has been showcasing dem legs by constantly putting him in these baggy boxer shorts that ride up his thighs, so we’ve been seeing a lot of exposed skin.

I am a little *conflicted* on how I feel about Ezra’s hairy legs. I feel like his legs are always in my face and I don’t really wanna see that much of it. At the same time, I’m also fascinated by the possibility that we might see some ballsack or hairy butt cheeks hanging out of those shorts. (No, I’m not proud to admit it is this kind of hard-pressing dilemma that goes through my head as I watch the show.)

BTW Ezra waking up and sneaking a peek at his morning wood was an unintentionally hilarious moment for me. It was like “Good morning Aria… *eyes directed downwards* How would you like some sausage and nuts for breakfast? ;)”

Ezra is suffering from a huge case of buyer’s remorse after his mama bribed Maggie to *gtfo* with her teenage pregnancy. Now he’s wondering if she ruined her life forever. Um Ezra? It might be a little too late to worry about that poor girl YEARS after you behaved like a spineless cad and let mommy use her purse strings to make your problems go away. Why is he suddenly worrying about Maggie all the time when we made it through the past two seasons being totally oblivious to her existence!?

Ezra: What if her life spiralled out of control after my mom sent her off?
Aria: Wait… two days ago, you were assuring me that Maggie was ancient history! You’ve moved on!

I love that Aria does not console her boyfriend during his moral crisis, but her first reaction is to behave like a jealous ho instead. Let’s break down Aria’s thought process: WHO CARES IF MAGGIE IS ETERNALLY TRAUMATIZED AFTER SHE WAS PAID TO HAVE A TEENAGE ABORTION!? YOU ASSURED ME THAT BITCH WAS ANCIENT HISTORY!!! I SWEAR TO GOD, YOU BETTER NOT DUMP ME AND MOVE ON TO THE NEXT WOMAN!!!

Aria: He’s obsessed! He’s convinced that he ruined Maggie’s life!
Spencer: Well, why is he still thinking about his high school girlfriend!?

Um, which one? Was that a Freudian slip or did Spencer make that barbed comment on purpose?

Aria: I just wish there was a way I can get in touch with her…
Spencer:That is a TERRIBLE idea! That is SUCH a terrible idea! Stay out of it! It is none of your business!

Yeah, just go ahead and ignore all the flashing red warning signs! ALL ABOARD THE ARIA MONTGOMERY CRAZY TRAIN!!!

Meet Maggie! She’s an elementary school teacher with a rather sweet disposition and leads a relatively normal lifestyle, based on first impressions. Aria managed to meet with her by making up an alias (“My name is Amy, y’all!”) and a fake backstory (“I’m a co-ed student aspiring to be a kiddie teacher, yay!”).

The fact that Maggie didn’t do a proper background check and would let any random stranger waltz into her classroom does NOT speak well for her intelligence. Good lord, Ezra always goes for the dumb ones!

Meet Malcolm! We discover that Maggie is a single lady with this seven-year-old kiddo, aka. Ezra’s bastard son. It turns out that she took the money but didn’t get an abortion, so now there’s a miniature version of Ezra shacked up somewhere. (Thankfully, the child resembles nothing like him in appearance.)

For now, Malcolm lives in ignorant bliss without a daddy in his life, so let’s hope it continues this way. He should count his blessings that he doesn’t know his father is a *complete monster* who might hook up with some of Malcolm’s more senior classmates in the near future.

Aria freaks out after discovering that Ezra has a son because:

a.) The existence of Malcolm Fitzgerald will reduce her share of the family inheritance significantly.
b.) Sorry Aria, looks like someone beat you to the punch in making babies with Ezra!
c.) Aria must have realized she’s the “other woman” in the relationship – y’know, the one who’s obviously in the way of a happy family reconciliation.
d.) Aria can fight off bitches like Jackie or Maggie if they threaten to steal her man, but how is she supposed to compete with his own flesh and blood? Bastard son always trumps the teen jailbait in the hierarchy!

Fortunately, Wesley is here to save the day by wearing tight clothes and offering useless advice to Aria.

Wesley: I’m here for moral support, Aria! *flexes biceps* ^_^
Aria: You and I were learning fractions when this kid was born! And I’ve never had to deal with anything like this before!

In other words, SHIT JUST GOT REAL for poor little-wittle Aria Montgomery. All this girl ever wanted was to have a morally dubious fling with her high school teacher, but she never signed up for all the baggage with the bastard kid and the baby momma drama!

Aria needs to dump Ezra already and go for the younger brother instead. He’s better looking, just as rich, way more age-appropriate, and most importantly, baggage-free. If she hurries up, Aria can even be Wesley’s Maggie and earn a shitload of money by the time of her high school graduation.

BTW as you know, my eyes always go straight to the crotch area, so I was super distracted by the fact that Wesley left his fly open during this scene. Why didn’t anybody tell the poor kid to zip up? Or perhaps Wesley just wanted to accelerate his future hook-up with Aria, so he unzipped his pants to let her have easier access to his crotch?

Look at him, sitting on the sofa next to his brother’s girlfriend with his wang hanging out of those tight white pants. We all know Wesley is crushing on Aria pretty hard, but coming onto somebody doesn’t get any more obvious than that!

Ezra comes home to find his girlfriend and his little brother playing house together in his own apartment. He immediately has a ~*red flag*~ moment, and you can tell there’s some suspicion in his voice as he talks to the two of them. When Ezra says “Hello Wesley”, he’s probably thinking in his head: “Fuck off Wesley, three’s a crowd. And zip up your goddamn pants in front of my girlfriend.”

After seeing the two of them together, Ezra literally has an OHSHIT expression because the wheels in his head are turning and even he realizes that a hook-up between Aria & Wesley is imminent. That’s how fucking obvious this romantic subplot is. It’s only a matter of when and where their kiss will take place, and which brother she’ll choose in the end.

By the way, it was Ezra’s birthday this episode, which went by rather uneventfully. Just look at the party – this place is dead! They should have invited Paige to smash some cupcakes and go on a loopy drunken rampage. Every good birthday party needs a Psycho Paige to make things livelier! ;D

(If you were pondering the dark number that is Ezra’s age, I did some math and my guesstimate puts him at around 26 years old.)

Obviously Aria couldn’t go like “Happy birthday, Ezra! Your present is a seven-year-old son who you’ve never met before!” so she compensates by going for a full make-out sesh right there on the sofa. Apparently, Wesley didn’t get the memo that he’s the third wheel in an intimate birthday party between two lovers, so he just sits there and gawks at them ~*super awkwardly*~.

Don’t worry, dude! They didn’t cast your character just so you can wear vintage preppy clothes all the time. You’ll get your chance to mack on Aria soon enough.

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    And Nate's line from this episode? Best. Thing. Ever. I have that scene on repeat :)

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      *shades up* I'm putting on my Jenna sunglasses, so I can pretend that I'm blind and not see any of you~~~ 8D

      The Aria/Wesley is soooo annoyingly predictable. They need to throw a spanner in the works and make Aria pregnant and then all the drama will revolve around figuring out which Fitz brother is the real father. <3

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    Haha, Prince Wren!!! I am so glad you are still watching OUAT even though you are not recapping it. How do you like the new season? Ruby's wardrobe is awesome now – leather jackets, cool hats. They must have reading your recaps :D

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    How can you miss the craziest thing ever done on this show, CeCe murdering a snake with a mannequin leg?

    Spencer doesn't need an excuse to accuse someone of murder, she probably already accused the guy who does her dry cleaning. She's running out of suspects, I'm waiting for her to accuse Mike Montgomery, he's been in Out of Town, PA forever, that's super suspicious. Plus we know Mike likes to push people (or throw laptops at them) and Ian was pushed. Solved it, Mike's the killer! See anyone can do Spencer logic.

    Paige must've beat up a lot of garbage cans to control her rage when Emily told her she kissed a dude. And Emily, gurl if the creepiest person in Rosewood is warning you to be careful of your creepy new friend, you probably want to listen. And she shouldn't have to spell it out for you since you saw Nate go all murdering rage on her at the coffee shop that apparently put your only restaurant out of business.

    Ezra had the saddest 26th birthday party ever. If your only guests are two high school kids, it's time to look at your life to see what's wrong with it. I also have to say best deer in the headlights screencap of Ezra eva!!!

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