Season 3 Episode 10, Pretty Little Liars Recap, What Lies Beneath

Nate kisses Emily; Surveillance tape of Maya surfaces; Emily & Hanna break into Noel’s cabin; Aria’s mom goes on a whore rampage.

Once again, Pretty Little Liars falls back on its favourite trope by pretending a scrap piece of paper is some kind of important clue. Before she died, Maya apparently left a note for Emily, going like “I HAVE SOME SECRETS TO SHARE WITH JOO~ ;D” but it’s hard to tell what she actually wrote since there’s an enormous hole on the bottom of the page. (WTF? Did a rat chew on the paper? Or maybe Maya just smoked a joint and accidentally burned it?)

The pretty little liars were left guessing what Maya wanted to tell Emily. Just once, I’d like somebody on this show to leave behind a note with ALL of the necessary information written on it. Is that too much to ask for?

Emily: Oh my god, Maya wrote this the day she died… :|

AND THEN~ Shay Mitchell gives us her most phoned in performance to date, as the actress delivers her line in such an unenthusiastic and disinterested manner that it’s obvious she doesn’t believe what she’s saying. Shay is probably thinking to herself: “Um yeah, what are the fucking chances of Maya leaving behind a note on the very same day that she died? Enough with these crappy soap opera contrivances, Pretty Little Liars. *rolls eyes*”

AND THEN~ Aria asks to see the letter so she can show off the bajillion different rings that she’s wearing. You’d think colouring your nails like a traffic light would be enough *glam* for a girl, but BAM! DOUBLE FINGER RING, BITCHES! I don’t even know what’s going on with her hands anymore, but you probably need a detailed diagram to explain everything.

It’s kinda weird to see Aria so dolled up and Ezra so dressed down. It’s even weirder to see Ezra show off his hairy legs in such a suggestive pose. And by ‘suggestive’, I mean that if he lifted his leg just an inch higher, we would have seen some ball sack hanging out of those boxer shorts.

Aria: How much do you have to pay someone to make them fall off the face of the earth?
Ezra: Are you talking about…
Aria: Maggie. Clearly, your mom must have given her a lot.

Wow, somebody is quite interested in the payout all of a sudden! Doesn’t it seem like Aria is fishing for a price so she can consider taking Queen Fitzgerald’s offer? She’s probably trying to decide whether she’d get more money by leaving Ezra now or waiting until the divorce settlements in a couple of years.

After an unsuccessful attempt to gauge how many new digits she can add to her bank account, Aria begins whining about how Ezra kept this HUGE SEKRIT from her, which he hits back with an astonishing petty retort.

Aria: You could have told me about her when I found out about Jackie! Ezra, we’ve been with each other for over a year now!
Ezra: And you took a very long time to tell me about Jenna and A.


Instead of talking out the issue with his needy girlfriend, rather than dragging out the bullshit over many tedious episodes, Ezra hastily leaves the confrontation to have a shower instead.

Um, is it just me or is Ezra taking A LOT of showers lately? It honestly feels like every time we get a scene in his apartment, this guy is whacking one off in the shower or something. Unless Aria joins him in some frisky shower hose fun, they need to come up with another activity for him to do.

Later in the episode, we get a scene of Ezria both looking bored out of their minds, which isn’t that different from their typical behaviour as a couple. It does make me realize how good the writers are at putting together BORING scenes with BORING characters doing nothing in a very BORING way. Their dialogue consists of mundane lines like “Do you want more popcorn?” and “Can we watch the movie later?” So yeah, riveting stuff here, folks.

Aria: We’re still fighting without actually fighting.

Oh my god, is this the most boring fight in the history of television!? I didn’t even know they were quarrelling until she pointed it out. Anyway, the resolution is that Aria apologized and said stuff like “Your past is your past~” (actual dialogue). Also, Ezra mentions that he did some online stalking and finds out Maggie now lives in Delaware…

And just when something interesting is *finally* revealed in the plot, the scene ends here so that PLL can prolong more of this drama over the next two episodes. UGH.

Sidebar: I couldn’t resist pointing this out, but Ezra’s e-mail address is apparently PT totally stands for Pedo Teacher, y/y?

Meanwhile, Ella goes on a date with her hot pastry chef boyfriend Zack, who prepared a homemade breakfast and personally delivered it to her classroom. Oh gosh, isn’t that the sweetest gesture ever? *swoons* This is easily way more romantic than anything Aria or Ezra ever did for each other, although it’s a sad state of affairs that Mama Montgomery has a more engaging love subplot than her own daughter.

IMHO I think Zack’s character may be a little too good to be true. He’s saying all the right lines and pulling all the right moves to woo a woman. He cooks + he gardens + he wears a leather jacket very well. Is this guy for real? Because he seems more like a female writer’s fantasy of how a perfect man might behave.

Don’t get me wrong, I really like Zack and that weird sideway smile thing he does, but you gotta be cautious over guys like him. The more seemingly perfect they are, the bigger the deal breaking secret that lies underneath.

Things are progressing quite well between Ella and Zack, who are already playing tonsil hockey during their second appearance together. No doubts about it, Mama Montgomery definitely traded up when she ditched her hubby and found this hot dish on the side. Yum, yum, yum. I bet he tastes like a freshly baked cream bun when you’re kissing him.

Aria comes barging into the classroom only to find her mother slipping it into some stranger dude. LOL AWKWARD~

Unfortunately, Mama Montgomery is about as discrete with her romantic digressions as her daughter, because she leaves the classroom door wide open while getting her mack on with Zack. They didn’t just have a simple peck on the lips either; these two were basically having a full make-out session for the entire student body to see!

Things are only made more awkward because Aria couldn’t stop gawking at them for a good five minutes, instead of turning away in a mad dash and washing her eyes out with soap. Didn’t anybody teach her that it’s rude to stare!?

(Needless to say, those famous *ARIA EYES O_O* were out in full effect!)

Since Aria decides the moment still isn’t awkward enough for all parties involved, she makes her presence known by interrupting her mother in the middle of the makeout sesh. This is followed by Ella’s awkward reaction, and then the awkward introductions between Aria and Zack, and the awkward long silences that came afterwards, and the awkward moment when Zack referred to Mama Montgomery as “babe”. This scene was just an all-around AWKWARDFEST.

Aria: You didn’t mention how…different he was.
Ella: Different than who? Or is different code for young?
Aria: No, I don’t have a problem with his age. *pause* Mom, did you tell him yours?

Hahahaha, oh Aria. The unintentionally funniest line of the episode goes to Aria, who is definitely not in a position to question anybody about age-inappropriate relationships. In fact, somebody should have said the exact same line to her when she started romancing her high school teacher: “No, I don’t have a problem with his age. Aria, did you tell him yours?”

Ella: We’ll talk. We’ll talk after school. We’ll talk. We’ll talk.
Aria: *still gawking awkwardly O_O*
Ella: OKAY BYE!!!

My favourite moment was when Ella literally goes ~kthxbye~ after that embarrassing exchange with her daughter. Her delivery was perfect.

Around this time, the writers often introduce some dramatic tension to keep the relationship interesting to watch (i.e. Ashley finding out Ted is a pastor). In this instance, the complication between Zackella is that Mama Montgomery is a giant hobag who’s dating every Dick, Harry and Joe – literally! It turns out she’s having coffee dates with multiple guys (hopefully not at the same coffee shop that Zack owns) so hotmamma can play the field and keep her options open.

Out of all the female characters in PLL, Mama Montgomery is the last person I’d expect to have a casual fling on the show, let alone get involved in a dozen other romances at the same time! WHAT A PLAYA~~~

Ella: He’s handsome and smart and he certainly boosted my ego…
Aria: Pretty sure you boosted his too.
Ella: Yeah, but something tells me that there’re plenty of ladies stopping by the coffee shop to inflate it for him.

Okay…something tells me they aren’t talking about his *ego* anymore. Just so we are on the same page, “boosting his ego” = “sucking his diq” right? Or am I reading too much into a euphemism when there isn’t one?

Aria: What happened to not wanting to add somebody to the equation?
Ella: *cringe* Well, I’ve broken through that wall. And now that I’m on the other side, I can see what’s out there and I’m willing to kiss a few frogs to find my prince.

LOL @ Aria calling out her mom on the hypocrisy. I remember praising Ella for being such a strong-minded independent character just several episodes ago too, so I understand where Aria is coming from. I also get Ella’s concerns about the new pastry chef in her life, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that she’s still a giant hobag. In summary: Mama Montgomery loves the taste of dick and now she can’t get enough of it!

Aria: He basically said he only got eyes for you. What am I supposed to say back? Sorry buddy, don’t get your hopes up. My mom is dating half of Rosewood!
Ella: Shhhh!

LOL @ Aria again. She’s full of zingers this episode. Also, do you remember when she made that remark about “my mom is a slut”, which seemed quite harsh and unfounded at the time? Yeah, it turns out she was pretty much right-on with her assessment. Guess it takes one to know one.

Ella: I have to move my own pace. I need to feel comfortable. *sighs* Trust me, there are so many things your father and I didn’t know about each other when we got married.

Okay, this time I am 100% positive that she’s talking about HIS DIQ. Or at least she made an offhanded remark about how they aren’t sexually compatible with each other.

Sidebar: Oh my gosh, I think it’s super adorable that Aria and Ella are attending yoga classes. I can totally picture them doing this kind of mother-daughter activity together. ^_^

Ella: I’ve been dating other guys while we have been seeing each other. And I was under the impression that you were too.
Zack: Dating guys?

Heh, perfect comeback. I kinda love him for saying that. And see, this is what I meant when I mention how Zack always knows the right thing to say. He used humour to defuse a tense situation that could have potentially ended their relationship, which was followed by a shitload of compliments (“Oh Ella, you’re so sexeh and funneh and I loves me a mature lady~”) to make her feel at ease. And then he makes out with her before she can express any more doubts about their relationship. Game, set and match!

I still have some reservations about Zack’s character, but I’m glad that Ella landed such a good guy in her life. Most of their relationship conflict is probably gonna come from their age difference, plus Aria has to cope with the fact that mom has landed a much, much, much hotter boyfriend than her.

P.S. What’s up with the Montgomery family and their bizarre tendency to date outside their age groups? At this point, I won’t be surprised if Mike’s boyfriend ends up being some geezer in a retirement home.

Spencer: I don’t know how much more of this A I can handle. I survived Mona with straight As. And now I’m like failing everything. Even physics!
Emily: Spence, it’s gonna be okay. And a B is far from failing.
Spencer: B is for bad.

I love how Spencer just can’t ~*let it go*~ with that physics assignment. In her college application, she probably put “Didn’t get an A in my homework!!!” as her weakness & character flaw. Plus, it amuses me that Emily is the one to console Spencer when she nearly had to repeat a grade due to her abysmal marks. If anybody has the right to complain about their academics, it ain’t Spencer!

If Spencer thinks she’s failing school after getting a B in one assignment, imagine how it must feel for poor dumbass Paige with her C-grade average. She even got kicked out of the swim team because of her low marks!

Paige: Coach Morgan asked me into her office…
Emily: Maybe she’s gonna ask you to swim the last leg of the relay!
Paige: I hope so. I’m dying for that spot!

Uh oh, we all know how *intense* Paige gets when it comes to her swimming competitions! If she doesn’t get to swim that last leg, SOMEBODY will be dying alright!

OMG. This episode has a strangely voyeuristic scene as Spencer hides inside the school locker room while some guy gets undressed in front of her. During those ten seconds of glorious gratuitousness, he slowly strips down to his underwear before heading to the showers with his teammate. (I’ve also seen pornos that begin the same way.)

Um yeah, that was quite *weird* to watch. In fact, the whole scene was kinda perverted and felt more than a little dirty, so naturally I rewatched it at least five more times. :D

Too bad Spencer was just spying on a random pair of six pack abs. Imagine if it was Noel Kahn who had been stripped down to his skivvies like that? Talk about a missed opportunity!

Spencer does what Spencer does best, which is conducting all sorts of unethical activities while the PLL fans cheer her on. She goes snooping into Noel’s locker to find evidence that may connect him to Maya’s murder. I guess it wasn’t enough that Spencer accused everyone and their fathers (including her own) of killing Alison, so now she goes over the same suspects list and tries to blame them for Maya’s death as well!

Spencer gets caught and confronted by Noel. Sorta. Except not really? He doesn’t know what she was trying to do with his locker, but figures that she was up to no good. If I was Noel, I’d count the number of jock straps that have gone missing. We might have an underwear thief on our hands!

(Okay, Spencer actually stole and later returned his cell phone, but that’s not nearly as scandalous~)

Noel: It’s kinda hot knowing you think I’m capable of murder.

Is anyone turned on by that? Because the only thing I have turned on is my cell phone with the police AND the psych ward on speed dial. Noel Kahn is such a fucking demented serial killer in the making, oh my god!!! If someone made that kind of death threat to me, I’d immediately check myself into a witness protection program and pray for mercy!!! O_o

In addition to being a full-time psychopath, Noel also does some part-time drug trafficking on the side. Just when you thought this guy couldn’t get any shadier, he admits to being a ~*drug dealer*~ who occasionally supplied weed to Maya. That’s how they got acquainted and why she was invited to his groovy parties.

Incidentally, this also solves the mysteries of where Holden got all those painkillers last season (aka. drug stash) and why he had that ink stamp on his wrist (aka. secret membership to the official Rosewood drug ring). And yes, I realize I’m the only PLL viewer who actually gives a crap about Holden and still makes speculation theories about him, but I’m just prepping myself for his next *random cameo appearance* in the future.

I actually get nervous when I see Jenna and Noel laughing together because you just know they are brewing up something nasty and evil. PLOTTING WORLD DOMINATION GIVES US GREAT PLEASURE. *cackles*

I think it’s safe to say that Nate is NOT shipping Jenna x Noel. We’ll discuss more about this mofo’s brand of crazy in the next two recaps, but does anyone wonder what would have happened if Cece didn’t make that fake phone call earlier in the season? Would Jenna still be going out with Nate right now? Would she have been his next victim? Or would she have helped him kidnap Paige and then pin Emily down as he slits her throat???

Jenna sure has a knack for attracting all these psychotic men to her honeypot. Just take a look at her rap sheet: Garrett, Noel, Nate…and I don’t even know what to classify her relationship with Toby anymore. It’s one thing to have a preference for bad boys, but it’s never a good sign to go for four out of four guys who all have some sort of criminal records!

Why are the pretty little liars still investigating Maya’s murder when Nate is practically threatening bitches to their faces? And by investigating, I mean Hanna decides to print out every single photograph of Maya in existence to look for some missing clue. I highly doubt she’ll find anything useful in a professional headshot picture taken from Bianca Lawson’s acting portfolio, so maybe Hanna should focus her efforts elsewhere.

Emily: What’s this? Have you taken up scrapbooking?
Hanna: No, I blew up the photos from Maya’s website.
Emily: Uh…ALL of them!?
Hanna: Yes. And I organized them by date and location, and I really think I’m onto something here.
Emily: Or on something.

Um, is Hanna aware that you can view and magnify photos on a computer as well? -_-“

Emily: *drools over photo* Leave it to Maya to make even pyjamas look sexy. *suggestive eyebrow*

Oh my god, Emily! Your girlfriend is already dead, you can’t bang her anymore! Tame your hormones, girl!

Thankfully, Maya was such a raging narcissist who couldn’t stop taking pictures of herself before she got killed, so Hanna and Emily figure out that she was staying at Noel’s cabin in her sexy pyjamas.

Sidebar: I love that Maya was a runaway teen whose main priority was uploading sexy pictures of herself in a blog that nobody else has access to. Instead of collecting all the essential items to stay alive, let’s take lots and lots and lots of pictures!!!

Off they go to investigate! You know how most people might try to climb over the gate to break in? I love that these skinny bitches are able to slide in between the gates like fucking ghosts. And then, they just simply waltz into Noel’s cabin without a scratch, once again proving that Rosewood has the worst security systems ever.

Sidebar 2: This prop decoration has nothing to do with the plot, but it was seen inside Noel’s cabin and I just had to include the bizarre screenshot for the lulz.

It turns out Maya has been living inside a ~*secret room*~ at Noel’s cabin all along, and she even left behind her bag of goods. Her belongings mostly consist of various useless junk, including a pocket knife with the initials LJ (lol Lyndon James, you’re so funneh).

The funniest thing about this knife is when Emily immediately blurted out “PROTECTION!?” (no, not that kind) …as if this measly rusty little knife could protect Maya against the sewer pipe that crushed her skull and killed her instantly. Yeah, this “protection” sure worked out well for her, didn’t it?

Maya’s bag also contains other crap like a scarf (wtf has any character ever worn a scarf on this show?) and a birthday card for Alison (watch they turn this scrap piece of paper into an important clue somehow).

What Maya’s bag DIDN’T contain was a bunch of suspiciously missing items that she should have in her bag! Where are the tampons? Where are the marijuana joints? I find it hard to believe that Maya would run away from home without packing a year’s supply of pot to keep herself sustained. Are we sure this is Maya’s bag!?

The house suddenly goes on INTRUDER LOCKDOWN as all the doors and windows become automatically locked, thus trapping Emily and Hanna inside the cabin with no means of escape. You might expect this kind of security system for a super-secret spy building or something, not a run-down cabin in the middle of fucking nowhere, but it was still a genuine OHSHIT moment for me!

PROTECTION!? Well, at least Emily’s choice of weapon is slightly more effective than that pocket knife that Maya carried in her bag. Emily was pretty badass in this scene though, kicking and screaming and fighting so hard to get herself out of danger. (Meanwhile, Hanna stabbed herself in the knee and nearly died in there, so yeah…) Emily eventually grabs a baseball bat and SMASH DEM WINDOWS, just in time to rescue the two of them before Hanna bled to death!

A leaves a message outside the cabin stating: “I’m saving you for later – A”, aka. “I’m saving you for the season finale so enjoy all the other filler episodes until then – A”.

Hanna needs to get stitches on her knee, so Dr. Wren came over for a house call and got his grubby paws suspiciously close to her lady parts. He was dying to steal first, second & third base tonight, and even cooked a full-course dinner to get laid, but Hanna still turned him down in the end.

What a cocktease! You can’t invite a guy to your house in the middle of the night, spread your legs wide open in front of him, and then go like “hehehe you can touch me anywhere, except you can’t touch me there~ ;D”

But Wren is acting like such a fucking predatory creeper, oh my god! I guess it was sorta different (but not really) when he was flirting with Spencer since she practically threw her drunken ass onto him. But now he’s all like “I fixed up your leg, so you need to pay for my services in the currency of sexual favours” and Hanna had to be like NO MEANS NO!!!


One moment ago, Emily and Nate were going through their usual “I miss Maya blah blah blah ;_;” routine. And suddenly these two were making out with each other! It’s not like she was confused about her sexual identity, and it’s not like she ever expressed any desire towards Nate, so I don’t understand where this kiss came from!?

Does Emily respond to all emotional traumatic experiences by making out with the first available pair of lips that she finds? Did Nate’s actor have it in his contract that he gets to kiss one of the liars during his twelve-episode stint on the show? Have the writers forgotten that Emily is supposed to a lesbian who already has a committed girlfriend? I just don’t fucking get it!!!

Of course Paige sees them kissing, and then she does what Psycho Paige does best, which involves completely losing her shit and erupting into a temporary burst of lunatic rage. Watch out garbage cans, do not get in Psycho Paige’s way of destruction!!! *pow pow pow* And then after knocking over an innocent neighbour’s garbage cans, Paige just casually struts out of the scene like a motherfucking boss~~~

(…except I couldn’t get a clear screenshot or animated gif of this glorious moment happening, so this Microsoft Paint doodle will have to suffice.)

((P.S. Thanks to a reader for showing me this awesome gif.))

On the next day, Paige and Emily have this intense interrogation scene where they both skirt around the issue and don’t talk about the giant elephant in the room. However, Psycho Paige looks like she was a few seconds away from yanking Emily by the hair and dragging the bitch out for another pool drowning, but sadly this never got to happen. Maybe next time. :(

Spencer managed to annoy Noel so much that he sent her actual evidence just so she would leave him alone for the rest of the episode. Is this the first time that the pretty little liars obtained a clue by the virtue of being too annoying? *lol* ANOTHER SPENCER VICTORY!

He sends over the surveillance footage at his cabin, on the day of Maya’s murder, which began innocently with Jenna and Noel having a late night romantic rendezvous. (Jenna was still pretending to be blind for god knows why, even though I thought she and Noel were supposed to be accomplices in crime? Maybe they are into kinky roleplaying?)

Gotta love Aria’s massive stankface while Jenna and Noel were making out in the surveillance tape. If this was a Youtube video, she would have hit the ‘thumbs down’ button so fast so hard.

Afterwards, Maya immediately leaved the cabin because she didn’t want to be in the same place where two evil forces fornicate. Unfortunately, she took a few steps outside and kinda got kidnapped right away? *lolpwnt*

Wouldn’t Maya have screamed for help or something? Or did Jenna and Noel have such loud noisy sex that they couldn’t hear a poor girl get killed outside? Knowing those two though, they were probably cackling and giving each other high-fives while Maya was getting strangled, stabbed and stoned to death!

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    I kept checking for your recaps and finding none so I stopped for awhile, then I check today and find 2! And they were both great as always.

    “plus Aria has to cope with the fact that mom has landed a much, much, much hotter boyfriend than her.”

    And her boyfriend actually has a personality. So Mama Montgomery won the lottery in that family.

    I can imagine Jenna and Noel's sexy talk is about how everyone thinks they are serial killers, it probably really gets them in the mood. And yeah, I can buy that instead of their names they scream murderer! lol So they couldn't hear Maya getting murdered.

    This is the best Raging Paige Gif I've seen.

    Why is everyone so obsessed with Maya? Emily, Nate and Hanna. Did they forget she was an obnoxious ahole?

    You gotta give PLL credit at least with Spencer watching a gay porno in the making in the locker room they are making it an equal opportunity creepfest.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything September 15th, 2012 / Saturday

      OMG. That ~*raging Paige gif*~ is epic and amazing and thank you for introducing it to my life.

      I'm pretty sure I'll be able to finish the Episode 11 recap by next week, so the wait won't be too long~

      Yeah, I'm kinda *over* this Maya thing already and she just was never that intriguing of a character, so I'll be relieved when it's over in two episodes.

      I wouldn't be surprised if Jenna & Noel get it on after hearing Emily's horrid screams for help.

      That locker room scene was so shameless omg~ I half expected to hear Spencer make a moaning sound in the middle of that scene. I'm always in favour of anything that will get more hot naked people on a TV show, so yes more of this please.

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    I'm guessing that Zack is on the A-team, who knows why ? Maybe Alison didn't pay for her pasteries one time or something haha After the whole Toby thing I believe everyone is torturing these bitches because who wouldn't haha Love the recaps they seriously make my day !

    • Default avatar Recap Everything September 16th, 2012 / Sunday

      Great conspiracy theory~ It would be awesome if Zack and Angie and that nameless gay barista at the coffee shop are all on the A team. Maybe Alison left a scathing review of the store on Yelp and now they are all taking revenge on her through torturing the pretty little liars. <3

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    “The more seemingly perfect they are, the bigger the deal breaking secret that lies underneath.” It's like the first line of Pride and Prejudice, it's so perfect – I'm using it!!!
    Btw, I was totally thinking the same thing when Ella said she was dating the whole town;that “my mom is a slut” line came flooding back!
    And Lucy Hale really extended herself this character – that stank-face was an **awesome** break from her Aria eyes o-O!
    I think the PLL writers forgot about Cece calling Jenna. Different writer each episode, and nobody bothers checking their work. Boo!
    Keep em coming! Can't wait for you to recap Nurse Mona. -nic

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    Though it will be more interesting if it turns out to be Mike and his friend from Season 2 whom he fight with hhaaa….Imagine the drama dude!
    Oh and Mike will show up in the 19th episode. Read a source about it. WOW! Let's hope he doesn't have a new face when he shows up.

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