Season 3 Episode 1, Pretty Little Liars Recap, It Happened That Night

Alison’s body goes missing; the pretty little liars get involved in a new scandal; Ezria celebrates their one-year anniversary.

Welcome to another season of Pretty Little Liars! Can you believe we’re already three seasons into this show? *reminiscences fondly* We have come so far since the pilot episode that introduced us to the intriguing murder investigation of Alison DiLaurentis!

…oh wait, no we haven’t. Three seasons into this crapfest and we’re STILL exactly where we started. No progress was made with finding Alison’s killer or the real mastermind behind A. In fact, we’re introduced to another unsolved teen murder (rip maya) plus other new mysteries (omg who is black swan u guise), so now we have two dead girls, three seasons, too many suspects, and absolutely no answers. *sighs*

In the third season premiere of Pretty Little Liars, we time travel FIVE MONTHS INTO THE FUTURE where the girls got to kick back, chillax, and live normal ordinary lives without A. During this time, Spencer studied in college, Emily built homes in Haiti, Hanna read a dictionary, and Aria took some world-renowned photography class that accepted her out of a thousand applicants…

Um, based on what qualifications!? I don’t get why they keep trying to shoehorn Aria as the Artsy One, even though the only things we’ve seen her do are paint her nails & make a vase in a pottery class. And now she’s suddenly the next Annie Liebovitz? WTF!?

Ever since A was revealed in the last season finale, it seems like a bajillion hair salons must have opened up in Rosewood to fill out the void. The best part about this episode is watching all the characters come strutting out with their new hairstyles and groovy highlights. FABULOUS~~~

The next best thing about this episode was seeing the greatest text message from A ever.

Spencer: *reads text message* Show me your boobs. –A
Aria: Does Mona have a ten-year-old brother?
Emily: A for annoying!

Doesn’t that text sound like something I’d write in my recaps? Although if I ever get the chance to send a message to the pretty little liars, it’d be along the lines of “aria aren’t ur shoulders cold?”

Spencer: Eventually we’ll be old news…
Aria: Yeah, and then Garrett will be on trial, and we’ll be news again. Or Mona will start talking and we’ll be news again.
Emily: Or I’ll show someone my boobs and we’ll be news again.

Look on the bright side, girls. Bad press is still better than no press at all. That’s exactly why Xtina and Britney had to come crawling back to judge singing competitions on TV.

Ever since Maya was confirmed DEAD DEAD DEAD, Emily had deteriorated into some sort of raging alcoholic who cannot put the bottle down. Drunk Emily is approximately 50% sassy bitch and 50% sulky miseryguts who sucks the joy out of every scene. Any time the other girls try to do or say something cute, Emily would be like “How dare the rest of you move on with your lives when Maya isn’t even here to enjoy hers? NEVA4GET!!!”

I don’t mean to rag on Emily for grieving over the death of a loved one, but I just wanna grab her by the shoulders and go like GET A GRIP OF URSELF GIRL because she’s such an emotional wreck right now, and it’s not the fun crazy kind either.

There’s a very season1esque scene where all the girls fall asleep during a stormy night…and by the time they wake up, Emily goes missing zomg!!! Nothing bad happens to her, but apparently Em gets so pissed that she goes on a random BOOZY GRAVEROBBING ADVENTURE in the middle of the night~~~

Dayum girl. Most drunks either just pass out or leave embarrassing messages on their ex’s answering machines. If Emily gets involved in this kind of crazy hijinks whenever she’s intoxicated, then they need to fill her character with alcohol in every single episode!

Emily has no recollection of what happened to her, or how her drunken ass even made it to the cemetery in the first place. She just woke up all of a sudden with a shovel in front of Alison’s empty open grave. *lolwut* Well, stranger things have happened when you get drunk. I know what I’m talking about – I’ve watched The Hangover before.

All the girls arrive at the cemetery going WHATDAFUQ EM, but yeah this is likely a set-up meant to incriminate them in an unsavoury crime. They decide the best course of action is to flee the scene, fake an alibi and dispose the evidence. Unfortunately, Aria & Hanna were tasked with getting rid of the damn shovel, which means they make a minimal effort and simply abandon it in the woods.

FFS why didn’t they take the shovel with them!? You just *know* this evidence will show up in the future and bite these liars in the ass, right?

I also love how the girls thought they were being soooo clever to rub away the fingerprints, as if whoever is trying to frame them won’t have the ability to plant fake ones anyway. Remind me to never entrust Aria and Hanna with hiding my murder weapon when I commit a crime!

On their way back, Aria and Hanna encounter Lucas who is also up and awake in the middle of the night. I cannot wait to see what kind of poorly thought-out storyline that the show comes up with to explain his shady late night activities. I’m guessing along the lines of Lucas starting an illegal gambling ring at Holden’s fight club or sumthin’.

Once again, we witness Aria’s absolute lack of discretion and general self-awareness, even when Hanna is telling her friend to hide from plain view so that Lucas doesn’t see them. Apparently, Aria believes she turns *invisible* just because she’s sitting inside a car. At least that would explain a lot of the Ezria’s romantic interactions last season. -_-”

Spencer comes up with a cover story so that all four pretty little liars have alibis on the night of the crime: they were partaying at Spencer’s lake house, spent a low-key night together, and had no clue about Ali’s body getting dug up until they received a phone call from Mama Hastings. Before committing themselves to this carefully crafted lie, Aria takes a final opportunity to remind the girls that they can still ~*confess*~ about what really happened last night…

Pfft, as if that would ever happen. No one wants to watch a show called Pretty Little Truth Tellers! Bring on the lies and deceit!!!

Veronica: Hi Spencer! I just came back from the hairstylist rocking a brand new ‘do, which was the reason why I couldn’t fulfill my basic parental responsibilities and keep watch over you girls last night. BTW your dead friend’s body got stolen. Your thoughts?
Spencer: no1curr. *hangs up*

The rest of the episode is spent on the pretty little liars growing uber paranoid and freaking out over their guilty consciences. *ARIA EYES O_O* It probably didn’t help that the other characters were all too eager to admit “LOL SO GLAD YOU BITCHES WEREN’T INVOLVED IN A SCANDAL FOR ONCE.” Mama Marin even said something like:

Ashley: Can I just tell you that I’m so relieved the girls were out of town last night? For once, they were reading the news instead of making it!

Despite their alibis, the girls get brought into police questioning anyway since they’re basically the default suspects for any investigation pertaining to Alison DiLaurentis. The girls seem to pull off their rehearsed lie competently and no official charges were made against them in the end.

Sidebar: Spencer’s clothes look like they’re from the closet of a modern working woman…if she was working as a phone operator in the 1980s.

…although this outfit is strictly business on top and young partay girl in a short tight skirt on the bottom half. If said party girl likes to match colours and prints with the wallpaper of a motel room, that is.

Not only does Ezra have the audacity to flaunt his relationship with Aria in public, but he also does it in front of the fucking police office of all places. Hey Ezra, you’re standing five feet away from the nearest jail cell, maybe you can hold off on linking arms with your jailbait girlfriend until you are out of the danger zone???

Look, I get why you’re here and I’m sure she appreciates it, but I’m sure the last thing she needs right now is the police questioning her relationship with a former teacher.

Ezra: I thought we were past this?

No Ezra, the whole of society isn’t past this as long as you were a former high school teacher macking on an underage minor. *headdesk* But does anyone get the feeling that Ezra himself is totally over this storyline? It almost feels like he’s intentionally putting himself into situations where he’s nonchalant about getting caught or arrested.

It was pretty funny to see Mama Montgomery visibly *cringe* after Ezra and Aria invited her to tag along on their dinner date. Those family dinners are always gonna be quite awks from now on~

The only good thing to come out of this relationship is that it effectively severed Papa Montgomery and Mama Montgomery’s marriage. Aria’s parents can’t see eye-to-eye on the topic of their daughter being a teenage hobag, especially since Ella is pretty much a hardcore Ezria shipper at this point. She keeps saying stuff like “I haven’t COMPLETELY come around to accepting your relationship yet…but I’ll reluctantly support my daughter’s terrible life decisions as long as it keeps those crazy Ezria fans from sending hateful messages to Holly Marie Combs’ Twitter account like last season because they can’t separate between the character & the actress.”

Aria: Remember when I was 13? (lmao that’s barely four years ago, sweetheart~) You took me to that grown-up lunch and you made me promise to allow me to be me. Mom, you’re doing that. By not shutting out Ezra, you’re allowing me to be me.

When she gave that advice, I’m pretty sure Mama Montgomery was telling her daughter to grow up to be a STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMYN. Unfortunately, I don’t think she expected her child to turn into some kind of teenage bimbo whose entire existence revolves around a taboo relationship with a predatory creeper.

TBH I thought this premiere was a little too SERIOUS BUSINESS for my liking. Thankfully, Hanna delivered big time in the comic relief department. She had a lot of hilarious moments throughout the episode:

1.) I love Hanna’s ongoing ~*journey*~ through the English vocabulary! Her attempts to insert specific words into everyday conversations (regardless of context) never cease to amuse.

Hanna: I need an aspirin…AND A *TROUGH* OF WATER.

2.) Hanna lists out her over-the-top summer resolutions, which includes “volunteering at the animal shelter for pocket dogs” and “internship at Vera Wang”. Of course she declined that internship because she didn’t want to work for free lol.

3.) There was a tongue-in-cheek moment when Hanna almost accidentally stole a necklace from the store because she *forgot* to take it off. Old habits die hard, you pretty little thief~

4.) She had this amazingly candid exchange with her mama bear:

Ashley: Hanna, you like this?
Hanna: Yeah, I love it…FOR A PREGNANT WOMAN. Mom, is there something I need to know?
Ashley: *sarcastic* I need to have sex to get pregnant.
Hanna: Ew mom, that’s gross!
Ashley: Well, since when did you become a prude?
Hanna: Since you intimated that you wanna have sex. Alright, you’re allowed to date, but you’re not open for business!

FYI I would rather watch Mama Marin getting down n’ dirty with her sex life rather than suffer through yet another nauseating Ezria moment. In this episode, the couple recreates a season1esque scene of their first encounter inside the restroom of some scumpond bar. *shudders* OH BARF.

Someday, Aria and Ezria would be proud to tell their children about the origins of their beautiful love story: “I met your mother when she was a sixteen-year-old teenager who sneaked into a bar. And then we made out next to some drunk guy’s urine.”

I’m kinda amazed that Aria and Ezra managed to stay as a couple during these past five months, and even more amazed that they’re somehow celebrating their one-year anniversary together. My god, has it been a year since they first met each other? Then why do these Ezria scenes always feel like something out of hell where the passage of time never flows?

All of a sudden, Aria has this FUCKING EPIC MELTDOWN inside a washroom stall. She was all screaming and shuddering and bawling and kicking her feet like a complete raving lunatic. *rofl* Leave it to Aria to turn taking a simple piss into a traumatic life event.

My favourite part of Aria’s meltdown was her trying to lock the bathroom stall. Even though the lock was obviously not working, and most normal people would have stopped trying after their first attempt, that didn’t stop Aria from clicking the broken lock A BAJILLION TIMES.

Aria freaked out because she saw some weird hoodie person (who vaguely resembled A) walk into the washroom behind her. The show didn’t make it clear if this was a *real* scene or if Aria just went cray-cray and made it all up in her hallucination.

Aria: *sobbing* I had a panic attack! I think I saw A!
Spencer: No you didn’t, OK? Mona is in a straightjacket. She can’t hurt us anymore. BITCH CRAZY.

All red flags point to Aria’s ~*pregnancy hormones*~ from having too much sex with Ezra, amirite? I do think it’s a bit weird that Aria is sooooo traumatized considering that A barely even acknowledged her in the past two seasons. Bitch please, you can have your bathroom meltdown *AFTER* A tried to run you over with a car or kill you with a rake!

Anyway, Aria’s friends tell her to chill the fuck out, and then Hanna comes out with this sage advice straight from her thesaurus.

Hanna: Don’t worry, Aria. Someday we’ll all have jubilation.

Unfortunately, Aria seems to do a better impression of *crazy* than Mona, who’s just kind of… :|. Hanna has been visiting her friend in the nuthouse, but she’s all disappointingly stoic and unresponsive. Like, I didn’t literally expect Mona to be tied up in a straightjacket (altho how awesome would that be?) but a little more emotion out of her would be nice. What happened to the crazy mumbling bitch with the Norman Bates style soliloquy in the last season finale? More of that please.

Can’t say I’m too surprised to see Alison inside a mental institution, even if her appearance is part of Mona’s cray-cray hallucination. I love that Ali got fierce new curls in this season. It’s comforting to know that there are hairstylists in hell too.

In between the seasons, Wren got demoted from a secondary love interest to the all-purpose doctor character, so he makes a random cameo appearance at the mental hospital to report on Mona’s progress. I’m not really sure what’s going on Dr. Wren’s work uniform, but I don’t think I can take professional medical advice seriously from somebody dressed like…that.

*insert mandatory Spoby makeout scene*

Poor Wren. He can dress in his quirky little clothes and he can talk in that posh British accent, but how can he ever compete with a shirtless Toby?

Just look at this motherfucking stud, draping a towel over his wet nether regions as he comes strutting out of the shower with a pair of glistening rock hard abs. He makes it look sooooo easy.

For some bizarre reason, Spencer is pretending to be a chaste angel and doesn’t want to tap all over that. Oh gurrrl, what’s the matter with you???

Spencer: Okay, I know it was my idea to wait, but right now I’m just completely forgetting why…
Toby: Maybe you’ll remember after I put some clothes on.

LMAO~ What a cocky bitch. He’s completely right though. I think there was a reason for this shirtless Toby scene, but I must have lost my train of thought as my eyes drifted from the left pec to the right one.

Toby and Emily have a genuine heart-to-heart that reminds us how much they’re BFF4LYFE. Emily basically pours her heart out to her best friend, while Toby offers adorable life advice and demonstrates what a beautiful human being he is inside and out. This scene makes me wanna ship the two of them even if their relationship has to be strictly platonic. *waves shipper’s flag*

BTW what’s up with that completely random moment when Toby suddenly addressed the waitress by name, even though she’s nothing more than a faceless extra that appears on screen for two seconds? Was that some kind of inside joke? Tell me I’m not the only one who noticed how out of place that line was.

Waitress: *brings over coffee*
Toby: OK THANKS ANGIE!!! *wink wink smile*

Speaking of Toby, I need a reason to include this screenshot of Emily’s bedroom, which still contains that carved out piece of wall from Season 2. (LOL TOBYOWNAGE) This was a really small gesture of background continuity, but I appreciated its inclusion a lot.

Also, I wanna call total bullshit on Emily developing some kind of soap opera amnesia where she can recall certain scenes of that drunken night from her very selective memory. Dr. Wren has given us an official diagnosis on this uncommon syndrome, and it’s called PLOT DRIVEN MEMORY DISORDER. Fucking hell, this is gonna be even worse than the time when Caleb conveniently retrieved a new piece of evidence from A’s cell phone across multiple episodes. -_-”

Garrett pleas for his innocence and tries begging Spencer to get her powerful lawyer mama to represent him during the trial. Spencer is like LOL SUCK IT BITCH, but then Garrett goes like I KNOW WHO DUG UP ALISON’S BODY, which makes Spencer think about his offer for three additional seconds. And then she’s still like NOPE BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME because she doesn’t buy his bluff at all, so Garrett is left to rot in prison some more. Sorry bb!

When she’s not too busy crushing the last glimmers of hope within a prison inmate, Spencer likes to hang out at Mona’s secret evil lair inside that seedy motel room. All the manic decorations have been torn down, so I’m not sure if that makes Spencer more or less crazy for scrutinizing every crack, line, and space in the room. Talk about an unhealthy obsession. O_O

…and I do mean she scrutinizes every single detail. Holy obsessive compulsive disorder, Spencer actually went as far as to create an entire computer depiction of A’s secret evil lair as she could recall from the last season finale. Yeah, I know this is basically the set designer’s hard work credited to Spencer’s character instead, but I’m still quite impressed with how awesome everything looks. Put this shit on your website, ABC Family! I wanna take a virtual tour!

Spencer strongly believes that Black Swan is connected to A through some bizarro logic, because they’re gonna push this dumbass mystery on us as hard as they can throughout the season. Sorry, but I’m still not convinced about why we should give a flying fuck about Black Swan’s identity. Nowadays, all it takes is for some skinny brunette to put on a feathery black dress, and we suddenly have a multi-episode mystery on our hands.

Spencer: Well, there are things that don’t add up. Like, Mona was with you when A gave Emily that massage. And there’s no way she could have gotten Ian’s body out of that bell tower by herself.
Aria: Wait, you’re saying that you think somebody was helping her?

LMAO. Spencer’s dialogue makes me laugh because so many PLL fans have pointed out these plot holes long ago. Black Swan is the writers’ blatant attempt to cover their tracks because they weren’t careful enough when planning A’s scenes in the past.

At the end of the episode, the pretty little liars realize their alibis and their credibility are going down the shitter after being confronted with photographs that capture them at the scene of the crime. Did these girls really think they could get away with it? Ohohohoho! Welcome back, A!!!

Right on cue, the pretty little liars receive a new text message, which reads: “Mona played with dolls. I play with body parts. Game on, bitches. –A”


Oh my god, the girls are so fucked.

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26 Responses

  1. Default avatar Beth June 14th, 2012 / Thursday

    I've been looking forward to this recap all week :) I loved the part about Aria turning the lock a bajillion times. When I watched it I was like “pfft. Next stall!” haha silly Aria.

    I am also really glad that they included the cut out piece of wall in the background. I love Toby, and that was a nice touch. Especially after his scenes with Emily this episode.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 14th, 2012 / Thursday

      omg Aria turning that broken lock bothered me so freaking much. It just seems like common sense to me to use the next stall if the lock is broken, but maybe Aria thought it would magically fix if she turned it a certain number of times. *lol*

      That cutout piece of wall was so endearing. It's the little quirk like this that makes me love Toby. He's my fave male character on the show. <3

  2. Default avatar Leo June 14th, 2012 / Thursday

    Ashley: I need to have sex to get pregnant.
    Mama Marin is the best mom ever on the show! She rocks this show.

    Anyway, I was kinda bothered to by the way Aria panic, I mean she was the least hurt and tortured out of the core four yet she acted so big-of-a-deal about a person with hoodie hanging around.
    Still, and forever an Ezria shipper (yes, you can't change me :P) and totally digs Aria's new hair yo.

    And wow, three seasons and we still haven't found who murdered Alison? This show totally rocks! -_-

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 15th, 2012 / Friday

      Mama Marin is a goddess. I hope Detective Wilden comes back and they have lots of vengeful hatesex together <3

      To be fair, I think it's easier to convert someone who is anti-Ezria than the other way around. You guys will never change. *shakes fist* In one of my future recaps, I'm going to be obnoxiously pro-Ezria just to see how it feels like~

      Three seasons and counting! I don't think we'll find out Alison's killer until the series finale when the show gets cancelled in its 7th season or something.

  3. Default avatar Unknown June 14th, 2012 / Thursday

    You didn't mention Hanna's bikini top! For once, Aria takes a back seat to Hanna in the overdone feathers department.

    I also did not like the business as usual aspect of things.

    however, there were SO MANY references to the first episode, some of which I didn't even pick up on until reading your recap (the Ezria makeout scene, the shoplifting). It was even the same two liars bumping into each other shopping – Spencer and Hanna. Did you notice the song that played when they got the first group A text played here again at the end of the episode (Rachel Diggs The Hands of Time)?
    At least they avoided the barn this time. -nic

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 17th, 2012 / Sunday

      I dunno – I thought this episode lacked a bit of *spark*. It had a bit of a *melancholic* vibe that I don't normally associate with this show. The show is back in top form next episode though~

      And yeah, this episode has such a ~*season1esque*~ feel (this is now an official word in the Recap Everything lexicon btw) with a lot of throwbacks to the first season. I didn't notice the similarity between Hanna/Spencer shopping, so that's a good catch. The writers are getting better at continuity lately, which is great for a detail-oriented viewer like me, so it's fun to see spot any past PLL references that I can find! :D

  4. Default avatar Anonymous June 14th, 2012 / Thursday

    I'm loving that very last line at the end of this recap. I don't know why, it's just so freaking perfect! :DD


    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 17th, 2012 / Sunday

      Hehe. That line just captures the whole essence of the show, doesn't it? :)

  5. Default avatar Anonymous June 14th, 2012 / Thursday

    Omg so I totally noticed that Toby line ” Thanks Angie” too ! I'm calling it now Angie = the new A because you know that would be something this show would try to pull. haha Anyway love it as usual RE :-)

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 17th, 2012 / Sunday

      OMG. I'm so obsessed with Angie's character and I'm on the constant lookout for her from now on. I hope she makes a return, because she's already a PLL star! *THXANGIE*

  6. Default avatar Anonymous June 15th, 2012 / Friday

    “Hanna: Since you intimated that you wanna have sex. Alright, you're allowed to date, but you're not open for business!”

    Even better was Mama Hasting's oblivious “Ashley, are you opening a business?” lol

    Yes, Aria lets have a panic attack about someone else walking into to a public bathroom! But Aria lives in her own little la la land all the time she probably thought the bathroom was just for her.

    Angie is totes the black swan that Jenna paid to show up and mess with the girls. Now she's spying for her on her step-brother lover.

    I love your recaps! You should totally write a pro-Ezaria recap for the next ep. Good luck pretending those two are at all interesting.

    On a side note you should recap Game of Thrones, it's as crazy as this show but it has Queen bitches, sadistic child kings, twin incest, face changing assassins, ice zombies and dragons!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 17th, 2012 / Sunday

      That whole exchange was GOLD. Hanna and her mama can be so adorable together~

      YESSS I hope Angie is Black Swan. I'm pushing this storyline as much as I'm praying for an Aria pregnancy to happen~

      Some readers have asked me to recap GoT too! But I'm actually reading the Fire & Ice books right now, and I'm kind of a snob who needs to read the source material so I can nitpick the adaptation later, so I don't want to dive into the actual TV show until I'm caught up in all five books. Of course, I'm like the slowest reader ever so I might actually start recapping Game of Thrones in its sixth season or something. *lol*

    • Default avatar Anonymous June 17th, 2012 / Sunday

      An Aria pregnancy would be golden, however the creator would never do anything to ruin the perfect fairy tale romance that is Aria and Ezra.

      As for Game of Thrones, most of the storylines are completely different than the books. The Author is one of the writers so he improved some storylines and others not so much. But it is a enjoyable show.

  7. Default avatar Anonymous June 17th, 2012 / Sunday

    Been eagerly awaiting your PLL recaps!! Thank you so much!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything June 17th, 2012 / Sunday

      You're welcome! Hope you enjoyed reading it~ :)

  8. Default avatar Anonymous June 24th, 2012 / Sunday

    Enjoying the PLL recaps nearly too much that I could basically train abs by laughing out that loud!
    The sarcasms are just piercing, and I love how peculiar (in a good way) you see and note the shows.
    It would be awesome if I could suggest you recapping the shows like Lost Girl, Lip service or The L Word.
    Thank you for this brilliant blog! Luv it!!!!

    • Default avatar Recap Everything July 3rd, 2012 / Tuesday

      Thank you so much! Disclaimer: Recap Everything is not liable for any personal injuries incurred from laughing too hard~ :D

      OMG Lost Girl. That show epitomizes the mantra of 'sooo bad that it's sooo good' <3
      I keep on saying that I'll watch new shows, but my schedule is so packed atm. I will put it on my ever expanding 'to recap' list though!

  9. Default avatar Anonymous June 28th, 2012 / Thursday

    At first I thought the scene where Emily is explaining why she can only remember certain things from that night was somehow going to be related to Spencer and/or Jason since they both hold some kind of significance to the night of Ali's disappearance and murder AND they both can't remember that night. But then I quickly remembered that the writers of PLL would never think that deep. LOL but keep it up you're REALLY funny!

  10. Default avatar Anonymous October 2nd, 2012 / Tuesday

    Spencer's outfit matches they bathroom's floor oo :,D

  11. Default avatar Anonymous November 1st, 2012 / Thursday

    What's brand Spencer's cell phone ??

  12. Default avatar antonella November 10th, 2015 / Tuesday

    la historia de los gemela asi me contraon que fue la historia las gemela se divetian juegando mientras esperados que sus padres regresaran pero aquella noche irian a perdir caramelos ninguna otra noche Asi que cogio el cuchillo y lo levanto y lo clavo con fuerza en el pecho de su hermana una diabolica sonrisa se dibujo con su rostro mientras veria como brotaba la sangre del pecho el su hermana y no tuvieron mas remedio que enviarla a un centro para asesinatos pertubados y alli a permanecido todo este tiempo hasta ayer cuando escapo y juro volver a Rosewwood a matar a todos los niños que se atrevan a perdi caramelos en halloween

  13. Default avatar antonella November 10th, 2015 / Tuesday

    creo que hay alquien ahi asustarmos ver alquien en la ventana los niños ahi en halloween escalofrios una casa vieja remedio una mujer tengo el pelo rubio asustada llamar telefono casa de miedo se altero muchos y comienzo a llorar enfadada hermana le dijo que hui mi hermana siempre dice menttiras y me mete en problemas somos hermana pero peleamos todo el tiempo nuestras muñecas creo que a ella le gusta pelear digo mi mama algo malo sobre mi daño Alison persona torrible llamar 911 la verdada contale Alison desparecion tiempo estaba desapariecida decireslo a alquien todo su secretos se fue la busque por todo lados creo que la escuche gritar y empusion mia sacar el colegio chau mia

  14. Default avatar antonella November 11th, 2015 / Wednesday

    cuasas de muerte sus mana asesinato todas pista tambien vio a Alison escapandose de su casa ayer a la noche creo mi historia radley fue A quien lo digo esta viva Aliosn
    A ya esta muerta coninidencia historia es terrible lo que la peso Alison madre fue encontarda enteerrada en mi jardin miedo su hijo sobe señora dilaurentis asesinada ella era A encontre a esta chica desaparecion a la vez que Alison es rubia misma edad sus padres creo que se escapo con un chico no recuerdos de Alison amiga esta en la tumba Alison Alison corre libre quien la encuerntre se la queda RW2

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