Season 2 Episode 6, Pretty Little Liars Recap, Never Letting Go

The girls participate in a high school fashion show; Hanna’s parents might be reconciling.

The girls still can’t decide whether Ian is actually Alison’s killer or not. Either way, there’s a general sense of relief amongst the group that their lives are normalizing again. Spencer is especially elated that all four of them are in a committed relationship right now. Since ‘normalcy’ is the last word anyone would use to describe Aria’s love life, she immediately complicates things by sneaking out for a secret rendezvous with Jason DiLaurentis.

Jason realized his confession at the funeral could be used as incriminating evidence against him, so he makes Aria promise that she won’t tell anyone about his vulnerable moment.

Since this is Aria we’re talking about, she proceeds to tell everybody and their mothers about it. This is Aria’s attempt at subtlety:

Aria: Hey mom, not gonna mention any names, but I’ve a friend who blacked out on the same night his sister got killed. Your thoughts?

Spencer has never encountered a cell phone that she doesn’t want to pick up, especially if it belongs to someone else. You’d think she learned this lesson after Melissa chewed her ass out last episode. Unfortunately, Spencer just can’t help being a nosy bitch and sticking her ear where it doesn’t belong.

She catches her dad in a lie, because he has been keeping in contact with Alison’s mom – Jessica DiLaurentis. The two of them even seem to be arguing with each other. What exactly are they talking about?

Spencer is taken aback by her father’s deception: “HE IS NEITHER PRETTY NOR LITTLE. MY DAD IS NOT QUALIFIED TO BE A LIAR.” She soon turns this conversation about what a shady motherfucker Jason is, but Aria vehemently defends her new prospective love interest.

Aria: Maybe shutting out the world is just how he copes. Who knows what he’s feeling right now?
Spencer: *snarky* Well, apparently you.
Aria: I’m just trying to be human. And possibly get into his pants.

Emily has a genuine heart-to-heart moment with her mom. Since she notices that her parents can’t stand being separated from each other, Emily suggests that her mom accompany him in Texas, while she stays here in a friend’s house.

Emily’s mom gets teary-eyed, not because her daughter is such a considerate soul, but the actress realizes that she’s getting written off the show!

This episode, Rosewood High is coordinating a fashion show. Jessica DiLaurentis wants the girls to wear her daughter’s clothing as a loving tribute in Allison’s memory. Everyone thinks this is a pretty creepy idea, but none of them have the heart to deny a grieving parent’s last wish.

FLASHBACK TIME: That bitch Alison needs to get some new material. We’ve seen enough of her lesbian vagtease with Emily and pointed jabs at Hefty Hanna way too many times (even if they always make me laugh without fail).

Alison: I knew you’d like this one, Em. Don’t I look hot?
Hanna: Ali, this dress is to die for! Can I try it on?
Alison: There’s not that much stretch. *smirk*

The fashion show occupies most of the episode, but obviously there’s a lot of backstage drama especially with Mona in charge of the proceedings. Since these fashion shows are the perfect outlets for closeted gay teenagers (hey, don’t judge), Noel will also make an appearance as the *DJ* and Mona’s *beard*.

Speaking of gay teenagers, Emily’s relationship with Samara is moving at a snail’s pace. They seem to act like a pair of platonic friends rather than an actual couple.

Emily is obviously comfortable enough to change out of her clothes right in front of Samara. On a related note, this show needs more naked Emily.

It’s a bit frustrating because Emily is such a vag tease. Samara is obviously into her, but Emily is playing coy and hard to get. She mastered the YOU CAN WATCH BUT YOU CAN’T TOUCH strategy to a tee.

Hanna’s dad is still bumming around the house for some reason. His presence both confuses her and infuriates her, especially when Hanna sees how well their parents are getting along with each other. In her opinion, there’s no point of being attached to her dad when he’s just gonna leave them behind for his new family.

Papa Hanna claims that he wants to spend more time with his daughter, but she doesn’t believe him. She accuses her dad of still being in love with Mom, and is using this opportunity to get closer to her. The dad is like OUTRAGEOUS! PRESPOSTEROUS! UNFATHOMABLE! But in the end, he doesn’t deny his attraction.

So, Aria and Jason are totally besties now, as they go over old photographs of Alison. And while Jason is a slightly more appropriate love interest than Ezra, he still reeks of *CREEPER ALERT* during his interactions with Aria.

Then, Aria fucks up newfound friendship because she asked too many questions. It’s clear that she was fishing for information about Ali’s death. And we all know how ~*subtle*~ Aria can be.

Mona’s reign of terror dominates the fashion show, as she bosses everyone around acting like she runs the place (and technically Mona is in charge of running the show, ever since she stole the chairman position from Spencer).

Spencer: Mona is five feet of insidious snark with a side ponytail and I just wanna grab it. And yank it really, really hard!
Toby: Don’t mind me. I’m just here to provide the occasional moral encouragement and look strangely hot.

Samara arrives at the fashion show going all HEY GURLFRIEND, LESBIAN ARMY COMING THROUGH! She brought her best friend Quinn as a date. The two of them seem awfully cozy with each other, much to Emily’s dismay.

Even though Emily thought she and Samara shared a spark, Samara didn’t think they were supposed to have a mutually exclusive relationship with each other. She and Quinn aren’t friends with benefits, but what’s the problem even if they are? To be fair, Emily stated that she wasn’t looking for anything too *serious* during the initial courting stage, which Samara interpreted as MORE PUSSY FOR ME THEN.

Meanwhile, Emily’s mom describes her current predicament to the other adult women. Naturally, Aria’s negligent mother chips in her support: “O YA, GO AHEAD AND ABANDON YOUR CHILDREN, I DO IT ALL THE TIME.”

Something is definitely going on between Jessica DiLaurentis and Peter Hastings, because they’ve another heated confrontation, this time in person. Spencer suspects her father is hiding a terrible secret.

Hanna’s parents share a *moment* together as they start grinding against each other on the dance floor.

Hanna witnesses her parents getting along so well together, and she’s like WTF DOES NOT COMPUTE.

We get a long fabulous segment of the fashion show in action. All the girls were obvious gorgeous and fierce, but I have to say Emily was *really* WERQING the runway like she’s a pro (Shay Mitchell did come from a modelling background). She even eyefucked the cameras a few times, and I’m like WOOHOO, GEDDIT GURL.

Obviously, something goes wrong at the end of the fashion show. You just know this shit is going to happen during Alison’s tribute, right?

All four girls were gathered on stage when it happened. Alison’s face on the screen begins to disintegrate, as the lights dim red and everything morphs into flames!

And to be honest, not that bad of a look for Alison. She should try the heavy metal possessed demon look more often.

The audience reacts to the shocking images displayed on screen, including the words “EVIL BITCH MONSTER” flashing over Alison’s picture. Understandably, Alison’s mom gets up and leaves the fashion show in distress.

On this runway, you’re either *IN* or you’re *OUT*. Jessica, your shapeless black dress did not flatter your body in the slightest. I’m sorry to say you just didn’t make the cut. Auf Wiedersehen, DiLaurentis!


The girls, who put together the photo montage for Alison’s tribute, feel responsible for what happened tonight, even though it’s obvious someone else tampered with the video.

Aria: Maybe we should just send Mrs. DiLaurentis a note or something.
Spencer: I don’t think there’s a section for ‘I’m sorry you got traumatized’ cards.

As much as the girls want to move on, the memories of Alison will haunt them for as long as A is still around.

So Noel is still a creepy smarmy motherfucker. After the show, he approaches Aria and asks her what to do with the prank video, in case it falls into the *wrong* hands again.

Since Noel is the A/V guy with a developing bad boy cred, he’s one of the prime suspects for the hijinks that occurred tonight. Then again, the video passed through so many hands that anyone could’ve tempered with the clips, including Noel’s beard Mona.

Not satisfied that some juvenile high school punk is beating him in the creep-o-meter, Jason DiLaurentis arrives to the scene and immediately snaps the CD into half. The two guys eyefuck each other for a while, and Aria just stands there looking O_O the entire time.

Emily: Mom, when you and dad are dating, did you see other people?
Pam: No, my beloved daughter, because I’m not a total WHORE.

Emiy comes to an agreement with her mom over their living arrangements. Her mom will move to Texas so she can be with her hubby, while Emily stays at Rosewood until the semester ends. She’ll join her family in the summer. In the meantime, Emily can live with Hanna and her mom.

Hanna’s dad finally admits that her daughter was right about him. He still does have romantic feelings for Ashley, and he won’t leave town until they are sorted out. He also implicitly adds, “BTW do you mind sleeping with your headphones on, because your mom and I are *SO* totally gonna bone tonight.”

Hanna puts on her best poker face in front of her dad. However, you can tell from the nuances of her expression and the tremble in her voice that Hanna is secretly happy about her father’s presence.

In her quest to alienate every single member of her family until they hate her guts, Spencer confronts her father about what *really* happened between him and Jessica DiLaurentis. Why is he so angry that Jason has moved back to town?

Spencer’s dad denies everything, and he won’t tell his daughter what the prevailing issue is. He only warns Spencer to stay away from Jason DiLaurentis because he is Very Bad News.

The episode ends with Aria accepting a ride home from Jason, which is usually euphemism for a one-night quickie. What would Fitzy-poo think about their relationship, hmm?

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