Season 2 Episode 25, Pretty Little Liars Recap, unmAsked

It’s the second season finale of Pretty Little Liars! A’s secret identity is finally revealed; Maya’s whereabouts are explained; Spencer and Toby reconcile.

Put on your toffee tango lipstick and study up your Alfred Hitchcock movie references, because it’s time for another Pretty Little Liars season finale! By the end of this episode, we’ll reveal Alison’s killer (hint: they arrested the wrong dude), Maya’s whereabouts (hint: she’s heading to a morgue), and the secret identity of the evil mastermind behind this show (hint: lol Marlene King, keep trolling!) Plus, the girls get to dress up in glamorous dresses, reunite with their long lost lovers, and bawl their pretty mascaraed eyes out. What more could one possibly want from the PLL finale? (Hint: a coherent narrative that doesn’t feel sloppy & disjointed? Nope, ain’t happening with this show!)

Before we start the recap, let’s get the most important revelation out of the way: Mona is A. *omggasp* Yep, this five-foot-nothing demon imp is responsible for inflicting all of the physical abuse and emotional torment throughout the entire series. Cue the outrage and complaints from all the viewers who realized they’ve spent two seasons speculating over a mystery with the most obvious answer ever!

I guess there’d always been ppl bitching & moaning no matter who A turned out to be, but Mona is such a safe and predictable choice. :\ I kinda wish they’d go for shock value and pick a completely random person as A for the lulz. Imagine the hilarity if some satellite character like Danielle or Duncan was revealed to be the mastermind all along.

Remember when Marlene King promised the viewers that A will be different from the books and everyone actually believed her? *lolpwnt*

This goes to show that you should never trust what the show runner says in a press interview. I learned this the hard way after Tim Kring was like “Season 2 of Heroes will be even better than the first!” and Ryan Murphy was like “Season 3 of Glee will be free of guest stars, tributes, and gimmicks!”

We begin the episode with news of Garrett’s arrest, except we all know he’s yet another decoy to stretch this investigation into the third season. How long before he is released from jail, gets ostracized by the town, starts crying in a street alley, and then he’s comforted by a Hastings sister who will become his love interest?

By the way, is anyone keeping count of how many times the police have made a false arrest on this show? Garrett is the latest addition to the exclusive club of characters who’ve been accused of killing Alison. And when I say an ‘exclusive club’, this consists of pretty much half the Rosewood population. At this rate, “you’re under the arrest for the murder of Alison DiLaurentis” should be the town’s new slogan!

Melissa comes strutting into the room and starts randomly blurting out remarks like “I told y’all mah boo Ian was innocent~” and “I’m glad Garrett killed Alison because dat bitch deserved to dieeeee~” Afterwards, talking about corpses and murderers have made Melissa HONGRY, so she steals Aria’s toffee flavoured yogurt and chomps away.

All the pretty little liars look at her like O_O HOLY MOOD SWINGS. As If Melissa wasn’t already cray-cray enough before her pregnancy hormones kicked in!

Aria has such an ~*INTENSE*~ expression when her toffee flavoured yogurt got stolen. Look at her trying to say: “Don’t come between me and my toffee, pregnant lady. I WILL FIGHT YOU.”

Emily: Guys, I don’t trust Melissa as far as I can throw her and Ian’s fetus.
Aria: Ian’s fetus!? Em, that’s disgusting.

LOLWTF Emily. That remark was both completely inappropriate and also very gross. To put it into perspective, even I had enough tact not to make aborted fetus jokes in my recaps!

Hanna: She was in that kitchen, eating frozen yogurt, basically telling us that she was A!
Aria: Yeah, and now she wants to kill one of us! Parties and bodies go together like drinking and driving.
Hanna: Look, A is all-knowing. It’s like a genius on steroids. The only person I know that is smarter than Spencer is her sister.
Spencer: Um, I take offence!

I love how the pretty little liars don’t hold back on talking trash about Melissa whenever Spencer isn’t with the group. After all, good friends only talk smack about one another behind each other’s backs.

Spencer: EXCUSE ME. I scored higher on both the online IQ test and the fifth grade spelling test than Melissa did, so you best be joking your jocks off if you think I’m more dumb-dumb than my sister!

Spencer just wouldn’t let it go that someone thinks Melissa is ~*better*~ than her at something, even if the competition is “who’s more of an evil diabolical genius with deep rooted psychological issues?”

The pretty little liars are meeting up for another afternoon of obsessing over Alison’s death, so they come up with various excuses to blow off shopping with Mona after school. Emily is like “Too busy coming up with inappropriate fetus jokes KTHXBYE~” Spencer is like “Too busy getting a higher score than Melissa in Pac-Man KTHXBYE~” Aria V. Montgomery is like “Vintage is my middle name, but…KTHXBYE~” and she didn’t even have the good graces to complete her lie. Even Hanna refuses to spend time with her so-called BFF, leaving Mona to stew in her own rage all by herself.

The girls meet up at Ezra’s apartment, where we get a brief glimpse of YOUNG IAN HARDING PHOTOS for all you fangurls to gush over. I’m surprised the show would let us see Ezra’s adolescent years at all, considering it reminds the viewers that Aria wasn’t even a fetus that Emily could throw when these pictures were taken.

(OMG. Look at all these tasteless fetus jokes popping up. Emily started it!)

The unintentionally funniest line of the episode goes to Aria, who claims her relationship with Fitz is “really over” this time. *lol* Yeah right, that’s what she said the last time, and the time before that, and the time before that too… At this rate, Aria and Ezra probably broke up AND reconciled again by the time you finished reading this sentence.

Aria tells Hanna to get her fat ass off Ezra’s bed because it’s now considered “sacred ground”. LOL Aria makes it sound like she kneels next to the bed and worships the unwashed sheets every night. I shouldn’t laugh though, because this ritual sounds just obsessive enough for it to be true.

The other girls are like OMG FINALLY, while Aria has this coy expression on her face that says “Oh yeah, I’ve tapped it. Multiple times.” Unfortunately, her expression resembles more of a giddy girl who’s excited about touching a penis for the first time, rather than somebody who experienced the most orgasmic night of their lives, so make of that as you will.

The pretty little liars have resorted to investigating clues found on A FUCKING PEN. Wow. This show isn’t even trying to put a half-assed effort into their plots anymore. It’s bad enough that we had to put up with postcards, newspaper classified ads, and other meaningless scrap pieces of papers throughout the season, just because the writers insist these random objects are ~*connected*~ to Alison’s murder somehow. The next thing you know, the girls will find a used gum wrapper and declare it as a vital clue to their investigation. (Oh, the irony.)

It’s a field trip, y’all! The investigation leads our protagonists to a seedy looking motel in the middle of nowhere. If you’re getting some deja vu vibes from the locale, that’s because Pretty Little Liars is paying homage to an Albert Hitchcock movie in every season finale. Season 1 was Vertigo, Season 2 is Psycho, and Season 3 is sooooo gonna be Rear Window, I’m calling it now!

Team Sparia discovers evidence that Alison came to this creepy inn to get *closer* to her tormenter. Oh my, look at Spencer & Aria getting things done and figuring shit out! Too bad this kind of activity only ever occurs in the final episode of the season. These past 24 episodes have been a long stretch of false leads, filler storylines, and zero revelations. -_-”

You can’t really have a Psycho tribute without a faux Norman Bates. This guy might as well have greeted the pretty little liars with “HULLO, I KEEP DEAD BODIES IN THE UNOCCUPIED ROOMS.” Unfortunately, there are already so many creepers on this show that the innkeeper was kinda unremarkable in his overall shadiness. Let’s see him try to blackmail, seduce, or assault a teenage girl – and then he might actually have a chance of cracking the Top 20 list.

Of course, no Psycho tribute is complete without recreating the most iconic scene in the movie. A sneaks into the bathroom and goes all *watchingyounekkid* but I’m sad to report there was no stabbings involved. So basically, this has less to do with Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho and more to do with an excuse to get Ashley Benson undressed for a titillating naked shower scene. *shrugs* Okay, I’m cool with that.

RING RING! Emily has missed another call from Maya, because it’s difficult to get a good cell phone signal when you’re calling from hell. Besides, this might not even be the real Maya anyway. How convenient is it that Emily received this phone call just when A needed to lure her out of the hotel room, hmm? *conspiracy theory*

For every mystery that gets solved in this episode, the show overcompensates by introducing at least ten new loose ends that won’t be brought up again next season. Case in point, Jenna is having a *SECRET* meeting with a *SECRET* somebody and gives away a *SECRET* package with some *SECRET* special instructions.

Well, that revealed absolutely nothing. Why do they even bother showing us this scene if we aren’t allowed to know any of the fucking details!? It’s as if the writers gave a figurative middle finger to all their viewers, going like: “Oh, there’s a mystery alright, but we won’t tell you what it is, or what it’s about, or even what it entails. Good luck guessing in between the seasons!”

A invites the pretty little liars to the masquerade ball, where the characters get to dress up and boogie away. In other words, the show needs an excuse to spend its remainder fashion & music budget for the season, and what better way to use this money than to buy avant-garde knockoff dresses and pay royalty fees for Lady Antebellum jams?

If the pretty little liars were a superhero team, this is what I’d picture them to look like! Emily and Hanna look fab in their dresses. Not loving that colour or design on Spencer though. As for the circus tent that Aria is wearing, it looks like a black curtain and a red tablecloth got into a fight on her dress, so she had to use her leather gloves to moderate the match.

For some reason, Caleb thinks it’s cute to start sucking on Hanna’s neck like he’s some kind of vampire. O_o

Caleb wasn’t even supposed to be at the masquerade ball, because he was gonna meet up with his mama. But then he’s like “Screw it! She kinda abandoned me for over 16 years, so let’s see how the bitch likes it when the tables are turned.”

Hey Em, how many girls need to show up in body bags before you and Paige hook up again? Unfortunately, Emily has totally friend-zoned that bitch, which means she’s gonna wait and see if she can find anyone better than a drug addict or a psychotic pool killer as a love interest next season.

I feel sorry for poor Paige, getting turned down twice by the same girl. It was so bad that I thought they were going to shake hands after the conversation! D:

The most intriguing part about this episode is when Aria smiles at a text message that she received, goes into this dark passageway, and the music suddenly turns *sinister*. For a second there, I thought the show was gonna pull a fast one on us and actually reveal that Aria is either A or working alongside A!!! O_O

Alas, she’s only there to meet up with Ezra (which is a different type of *sinister*) so I got my hopes up for nothing.

OMG #EZRIAGOESPUBLIC! THEY TOOK OFF THEIR MASKS AND CLOTHES AND EVERYTHING!!! I’m not sure why the show wants us to think them dancing is a momentous occasion though, considering these two have already made a public spectacle of themselves in art museums, school parking lots, and rainy street intersections.

Of course, nothing really happens to them. Everyone else just blatantly *ignores* these two sexual deviants grinding perversely against each other on the dance floor. Then again, an adult man striking a romantic relationship with an underage girl seems to be the norm around Rosewood, so I’m not surprised at the lack of outrage.

This episode sees the return of Lucas, who comes back for a mere one-second WTF cameo appearance. We’re also introduced to a mysterious brunette in a ~*BLACK SWAN*~ costume. This chick is seen mingling with Jenna at the masquerade ball, so you automatically know she is shady as fuck.

Who is Black Swan? Knowing this show, she’s probably just some random girl asking for directions to the nearest restroom. -_-”

Aria: I can’t tell from here!
Hanna: Tall, size 2, ugh I hate her already.

Preach it, gurl. These naturally skinny bitches are truly the antagonists of the world.

Spencer is forced to hang out with Mona since they’re both dateless at the masquerade ball.

Spencer: I have to admit, you had me fooled, but I’ve got you figured out.

OMG. Did someone hand Spencer the wrong script? She wasn’t supposed to say this kind of dialogue until the second half of the show! D:

Spencer: I don’t know why you hide behind that layer of superficial bitch, but you’re a great friend to Hanna.
Mona: That means more to me than you’ll ever know. *evil smirk*

Oh Spencer, why couldn’t you just say something nice without preceding it with an insult? See, that’s why A hates you bitches!

FLASHBACK TIME: Mona reveals that she once saw Alison in her Vivian Darkbloom get-up, acting like some modern day film noir character as she spies on A. Here’s a word of advice: if you wanna spy on someone, maybe it isn’t the best idea to wear a bright red jacket that draws unnecessary attention onto yourself.

Spencer decides to visit the inn one more time based on a hunch, and for some bizarre reason she’s accompanied by Mona in this late night investigation. Of course the one time that Spencer actually trusts her, she gets stabbed right in the back! *smh*


Spencer discovers there’s a secret evil lair inside the motel room with creepy photographs of the girls pasted in every corner of the room. This obsessive photo shrine of a room explains so much about A. If you ever wondered what kind of person would hijack a cereal box just to send an implicit threat to a teenage girl, just take one look at this place and it explains everything~~~

Just look at this place, it’s like a Tumblr blog personified! *CREEPY CLOWN HEAD*

I know A’s headquarters is supposed to be really creepy, but it also looks kinda awesome in some sick twisted maniacal way. I hope that ABC Family opens up a Pretty Little Liars museum and/or amusement park one day, and this room can be one of the first public exhibitions. ^_^

The best part about A’s room is this awesome collection of Pretty Little Liars dolls. Emily’s doll looks so hipster. Hanna’s doll looks so stylish. Even Aria’s doll has a ridiculous fashion sense – just look at those boots that go up to her thighs. And is Spencer’s doll wearing a straightjacket? *lmao*

(They should totally open up a Pretty Little Liars store and sell money-grubbing merchandise like these dolls, no? ABC Family Marketing Department, call me~)


Remember when I said that the PLL writers are scraping the bottom of the barrel as they try to make any random object into a possible clue? They’ve hit a new low, though I stopped questioning the cracktastic logic behind this show long ago.

I know Mona has been popping gum into her mouth like crazy in this episode, but have we ever seen her near a pack of gum before the season finale? Is this a recurring character quirk that completely went over my head? Like, I’ve watched every episode of this show at least twice (I know, my bedroom is decorated with creepy Pretty Little Liars photographs too~) and even I haven’t noticed this alleged *clue* until now. Or did they just pull something out of their asses and make it up on the spot like always? (…why do I even ask these obvious questions?)

When Spencer gets an inkling that her companion may not be entirely innocent, that’s when Mona is like *ACTIVATING HYPERREALITY PSYCHOTIC LUNATISIS SYNDROME OR WHATEVER CRAP DOCTOR SULLIVAN SAID THAT I HAVE*.

Spencer: You’re A!
Mona: Congratulations Spencer, you’ve figured it out. *knocks the bitch unconscious*

Mona starts blathering away about how she’s part of the A-TEAM, which consists of evil diabolical geniuses with nothing better to do than to torture the lives of four teenage girls. Oh god, there’s more than one of them? Like, a single person doing all the crazy shit on the show is an evil mastermind that deserves kudos, but having an entire team is like a bunch of pathetic losers who need to let go of whatever petty grudge they hold.

BTW you guys know the real reason why there’s an A-Team, right? It’s because the show wrote themselves into a corner with previous conflicting storylines, so they need to say there are MULTIPLE A to explain any discrepancies within the plot. I see what you did there, Pretty Little Liars!

Mona has all the best surveillance equipment in the world, but apparently she doesn’t own any rope or handcuffs to keep Spencer tied up, so her hostage was able to stop the car and run free!

Are we sure Mona is A? Because she seriously sucks balls at it. If I was in her shoes, I would’ve put Spencer in the trunk, drove her to some abandoned warehouse, and then torture her until she breaks. Hell, I’m able to come up with a better contingency plan than Mona, and I’m not even the insane maniac with psychological issues here (…or am I?)

A fight breaks out between Mona and all of the pretty little liars, but it was kinda dark and I couldn’t really see anything happening. Anyway, it ends with Mona lying embarrassingly in a ditch. I thought A was supposed to be a kickass villain, not some weak ass bitch who gets defeated after a thirty-second confrontation. WTF!? WORST A EVER.

Hanna is devastated after discovering her best friend is a crazypants ho who secretly hated her all along. Apparently, Mona pulled all the crazy shenanigans to get back at Hanna for being such a terrible friend. She also blames the pretty little liars for putting a rift in their friendship.

I feel like they should have used the simple explanation of ‘Mona hates the girls because they bullied her in the past’, which would have been a more justifiable motive. However, it is kind of hilarious that Mona’s actions were triggered by the fact that Hanna had been such a shitty friend to her. How shitty? Shitty enough for Mona to consistently put them in life-threatening perilous situations, that’s how shitty! *lol*

Mona: (thinking) I know they’re watching me. I don’t look bad, considering. I like this lipstick. What’s it called? Toffee Tango? They think it’s over. Loser Mona is going to the nuthouse and those precious liars are going home to sleep with their windows open and their doors unlocked. Don’t they know that’s what we want?

What a nutjob, amirite? *lol* All that’s missing from her soliloquy is a MUWAHAHA in the end.

Dr. Sullivan: She was living in a perpetual state of hyper reality. The adrenaline rush that accompanied her feelings of empowerment and her high level of intelligence fuelled Mona’s ability to be seemingly all-knowing and omnipresent.

LOLWTF. Where did this doctor get her crack degree in fictional television psychology!? Are we supposed to believe Mona has a convenient personality disorder that is capable of pulling every impossible scheme on the show? If you’re gonna spew unqualified psychoanalysis bullshit, at least try to make it sound believable!

According to Dr. Sullivan, Toby ~*inspired*~ her to come out of hiding because he was so in love with Spencer or whatever. Anyway, the writers are finally finished manufacturing conflict for a relatively normal and well-adjusted couple, at least for this season, so Spoby are back in action baby!

Toby: Pretending not to love you was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

Really Toby? The hardest thing in your life is NOT trying to escape police arrest for a murder that you didn’t commit? Or getting molested by your half-sister in a freak accident that caused her to lose her vision? Or driving an unconscious girl to the hospital after you accidentally attacked her in the science lab? Or surviving a two-storey fall that broke nearly half your limbs? OK, this guy sure has his life priorities straight!

OMG MAYA RETURNS… in a body bag, no less. We end the episode with the shocking revelation that they’ve found Maya’s body wrapped in a Season 3 mystery. (IDK about you, but if they find any chlorine in her body, Psycho Paige is totes topping my suspects list!)

I know Maya is DEAD DEAD DEAD, but Hanna might be jumping the gun a little early by already wearing a funeral wreath on her head.

RIP Maya St. Germain – A Eulogy Haiku
Smoked too many joints
End up in a body bag
Goodbye, pot princess!

And there we have it, the second season finale of Pretty Little Liars! I kinda liked it and hated it at the same time. The A reveal was a little lame, but I suppose my expectations were maybe too high. Overall, it was as silly and ridiculous as any PLL episode, which is good enough for me.

I hope you enjoyed my funny TV recaps of the show. I’ll be back next season for more mysteries, more liars, and more toffee~~~

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20 Responses

  1. Default avatar Anonymous April 4th, 2012 / Wednesday

    I think I saw Mona chewing gum in the last episode (there was a thing about gum in the books as well) and when I recognised her voice in the “Previously” line I was pretty sure it's her.
    From that scene with Mona and Alison I feel like they tried to made Vivian that Effy Stonem-ish character but I just can't take it seriously for some reason.
    By the way, there was some quality acting in this episode. But overall, it was rushed, I'm not a part of the butthurt fans but it could have been better. Except that it's PLL…

    • Default avatar Recap Everything April 5th, 2012 / Thursday

      Ahh, you're right. Mona did chew on some gum before she fake-kissed Caleb in the car. I think I also recall gum being on A's shopping receipts a couple of episodes ago. These clues are way too *subtle* for this show though. O_O

      I can't take Alison in that disguise seriously at all with that big lopsided wig and the overdramatic red coat. Vivian Darkbloom is almost as laughable as her Lady G persona.

      I feel the same way – the finale could have been better, so it left me kinda unsatisfied in some parts. I think my expectations were too high, and I bought into all the hype surrounding this episode. When I was watching the episode again, I actually liked it a bit more once my initial disappoint faded away.

  2. Default avatar Anonymous April 4th, 2012 / Wednesday

    FauxNormanBates wouldn't even register on the PLL's creep scale, they come from a town full of them.

    Does Marlene King think that enough people love Maya that we'd be “ohnoes, she's dead!” and have that be a shocking cliffhanger?

    I love that Mona's the only one in that town that chews gum, so Spencer can figure that clue out on her own. It's her flynn effect genius test scores that helped her out there.

    Dr. Sullivan could've just simplified her diagnosis and said Mona's got a God complex that gives her the powers of a God. It even makes her grow 2 feet when she puts a hoodie on.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything April 5th, 2012 / Thursday

      IKR? *lol* Don't forget that five-foot-nothing Mona actually overpowered Emily in a hand-to-hand combat situation. Apparently, Mona also has superhuman strength too. It's like she has a one-size-fits-all personality disorder.

      Out of everything that could have tipped Spencer off, it was the ~*used gum wrapper*~ that gave away Mona's identity. Only in Pretty Little Liars would this kind of logic fly.

      They really should have killed off all four of the girls' love interests. Now THAT would have been a shocking cliffhanger. But just Maya? Meh.

  3. Default avatar Anonymous April 4th, 2012 / Wednesday

    I basically watch the show just to read your recaps haha!! I feel like the put that ” Team Sparia” line in there just to trick the viewers into thinking Aria actually does shit besides talk to , listen to,and breath Ezra. We all know that Spencer and occasionally Emily are the ones that “solve” stuff while Hanna provides comic relief and danger to electronic appliances. Can't wait to June to see what messes these bitches get into next !

    • Default avatar Recap Everything April 5th, 2012 / Thursday

      Your description of the girls pretty much sums it up. I have no idea what is Aria's role on this show, other than to provide us with ample material for mocking her every terrible decision in life. Take Ezra away from her and she really has no other purpose or function.

      Bring on Season 3! June can't come soon enough. :)

  4. Default avatar Anonymous April 5th, 2012 / Thursday

    “OMG MAYA RETURNS… in a body bag” I spit out my drink when I read that, for realz

    • Default avatar Recap Everything April 5th, 2012 / Thursday

      Maya had the best cameo appearance in this episode. <3

  5. Default avatar Anonymous April 5th, 2012 / Thursday

    what a horrible episode. if only ezra was in that body bag…and they just skipped the ezria dfancing scene thet could have actually developed mona's lines. even now she's a main character they still dont give her something to work with. that ball was a complete waste of time. ur right the set designer justnt wanted something to do – nic

    • Default avatar Recap Everything April 20th, 2012 / Friday

      IF ONLY Ezra's body was in the body bag. ;_;

      This is the worst dance ever~~~ The Season 1 dances had Emily getting mauled and Hanna being blackmailed into a two-timing dancing hoor. The only thing of interest that happened here was ~BLACK SWAN~ who is probably someone not even introduced in the show yet. So lame, whatevs.

  6. Default avatar Anonymous April 5th, 2012 / Thursday

    Ezras Hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Default avatar Dave April 11th, 2012 / Wednesday

    LMAO!!! Marvelous job as always R.E.! Gonna miss your recaps so much. Poof until June…

    Couple of things though. The gum wrapper is not the only hint Spencer found. There were cashmere sweaters which were offered to her few episodes back (when Spence comforts heart-broken Mona). But even with those it was all too quickly and useless XD

    I have to say also that I found that last Emily's crying really impressive. We all know Shay Mitchell isn't the best actress (*lol* I'm trying to be good here) but that acting was fantastic IMO.

    Finally I wanna share to you an interesting theory about how Aria may be the head-A:
    I like this very much but it's quite unlikely because it would be giving the show to much credit.

    Take care!

  8. Default avatar Anonymous July 31st, 2012 / Tuesday

    I read somewhere that someone said that in Allison's diary it said something about Ali saying that byron is cute but he owes her something? but im pretty sure its wrong because ive been trying to find pictures and the one you posted there doesn't say anything about that? well maybe im missing something?

  9. Default avatar Pretty Little good_girl December 8th, 2012 / Saturday

    so it The ‘A-Team’ huh :P
    I liked the episode especially Mona’s crazy Acting is good :P
    I love everyone except Aria & I just HATE Ezria……

  10. Default avatar hahaha July 4th, 2013 / Thursday


  11. Default avatar Ugh, Aria December 12th, 2013 / Thursday

    Ugh I HATE the stupid “Team Sparia” line. It’s lead to everyone becoming obsessed over their relationship, when in reality, it’s not even a team. Aria doesn’t do shit. Their friendship is always Aria talking about “ME, ME, ME!” While Spencer actually tries to solve these stupid mysteries.

    • Default avatar Spencer January 20th, 2014 / Monday

      I AGREE 100% WITH YOU.

    • Default avatar Spencer, not Aria January 20th, 2014 / Monday

      I AGREE 100% WITH YOU.

    • Default avatar Recap Everything January 23rd, 2014 / Thursday


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