Season 1, Episode 08 – What Hides Beneath, Falling Skies Recap

Season 1, Episode 08 – What Hides Beneath, Falling Skies Recap Captain Weaver opens up about his tragic past; Anne makes a shocking discovery about the skitters

OMG WE HAVE TO SAVE BEN. Wait. Hold on. Did I get that right? Oh fuck me, they focused on a main storyline not about rescuing harnessed children! THIS IS PROGRESS!

Unfortunately, it’s still another tedious episode of Falling Skies. Eight episodes in and this show remains the same giant steaming shitfest. At least the two-hour season finale is next week, so something interesting might actually happen by luck. Hang in there!

Newly orphaned Rick is still a big creepy emo teen, but everyone thinks he’s just traumatized by his father’s death. Despite his shady as hell behaviour, they don’t suspect that he’s under the influence of the aliens.
Captain Weaver took off his silly little hat for the first time, which signifies this is a special ~*character development*~ episode for him.
Glorified Extra #2 dutifully says his one line for the episode and then gets ignored by the rest of the cast. It’s pretty damn hilarious that Dai appears in the background every episode, yet no one addresses him even though he’s always right there. I think he might’ve spoken less than 10 lines throughout the entire series, which is an amazing feat since the characters on this show do so much YAP YAP YAP.
We find out in this episode that Tom likes to *stir the pot* and *gossip* behind people’s backs. He brings up Weaver’s erratic behaviour as of late, while questioning if that cranky old man is in the right mental condition to lead the troops. Weaver overhears all the trash talking, so he volunteers to go on the next intel mission to prove his worth.
There’s still something terribly unusual about Ben’s body, because that kid can do a gazillion hours of exercise regimes without breaking a sweat. Ben feels conscious of this fact though, and he wouldn’t confide in his brother Hal about what is happening to him.
While most of the kids have lost the spikes from their backs, Ben and Rick are the only two still with a *razorback*. Dr. Anne talks out of her ass, acting as if she has a PhD in alien health sciences, and reassures Ben there’s nothing wrong with his body. The young teenager isn’t fully convinced.
Here’s what I don’t understand. The show barely gives Glorified Extras #1 and #2 a speaking line each episode. Characters like Karen, Maggie, and Pope have been absent for nearly half the season. Yet, they *always* find time to include a pointless scene with that annoying kid Matt, who whines about the same old shit each time. Sorry, I just couldn’t care less if some child feels scared or bored in a post-apocalyptic world. Why can’t they just put Matt in daycare and stop forcing him into scenes?
Anyway, Matt ignores his father’s warnings of *stranger danger* and hangs out with Pope anyway. So apparently Pope has experience on how to build bombs, but it’s clear the characters on this show all know impossible skills that will conveniently move forward the plot.
Pope’s task is to devise some sort of effective weapon for attacking the mechs. And since the season finale is next week, he will have figured it out by the end of this episode.
During the intel mission, Weaver, Tom & Hal are all *synchronized spying* on the aliens. Young Hal gets stuck with the tiniest equipment, snicker snicker.
One of the major revelations in this episode is the new alien species! All along, the human characters thought that the skitters and mechs were their only threats, but these new aliens are tall lanky creatures that walk on two feet! They almost look humanlike from a certain angle.
Along the way, the trio encounters a feeble, dishevelled, and off-kilter older lady who threatens them with a gun!
Once again, Tom’s strategy is to surrender immediately even though they’ve the upper hand. This is becoming a common tendency for Tom, who shies away from hostile combat as often as possible. Yeah it’s a little wimpy, but hey he’s still alive right?
The old lady turns out to be no threat. She’s just a lonely woman who lost her all her friends and family during the invasion. Surprisingly, she reveals that the alien had captured her, but they let her go with the “promise” that she’ll be reunited with her children soon. And here she is, waiting for months and months with a maniacal spark of hope.

The crazy woman is like, “Why yes, the aliens have captured all my children. Let’s drink some tea, shall we?”

Rick outright admits to Ben that he has abandoned his human past and embraced his new allegiance to the aliens. He claims the two of them are the *lucky* ones.
I was taken aback a little when we suddenly witness some Very Bad Acting from Ben, whose angry outburst sounds like he’s reciting lines for an elementary school play. I can’t believe they kept this scene in. It feels like a failed take!

In his unsuccessful attempt at emoting anger, Ben insists that he’s no longer with the skitters, but Rick is like “Gurl please, sit yo ass down. Like it or not, you’re one of us now.”

Dr. Anne and Lourdes perform a surgical operation on a dead skitter corpse. First-year med student Lourdes is very nervous about the procedure. She’s like “Oh my werd, they didn’t teach us this in mah Sunday school!” Congrats to Dr. Anne for giving the cheesy line of the week with her response: “Consider this extra credit.”
When they cut open the skitter’s body, there’s a harness inside!
This discovery confirms Dr. Anne’s theory that the skitters may have been “somebody else” in a previous life. Or in other words, the harnessed children transform into these alien skitters!
Too many characters have been acting rationally in the episode thus far, so Weaver is like “This feels like the right time to have a sudden mental breakdown and endanger my allies’ lives! Yippee!”
Based on a picture that Rick drew earlier, which vaguely resembled the outside exteriors of Weaver’s old house, he’s convinced the aliens have mind reading powers and could prey on human emotions.
Weaver rambles on and on, going all *batshit crazy* *loony bin* *fruity loopy* with each word out of his mouth. At one point, he seems to have lost his mind.
Tom’s expression says it all, but he takes time to entertain Weaver’s crazy ramblings anyway.
Eventually, Weaver reveals his ~*tragic backstory*~. It turns out that he watched most of his family get blasted by a mech, while his daughter was captured by the skitters. Weaver managed to rescue her, but he attempted to rip out the harness and thus killed his own daughter in the process!
Weaver tries to play it cool, because he understands that a lot of other people had suffered worse than him. Then Tom acts like a dick by rubbing it in a few more times, going all NO HANDS DOWN YOU WIN SUCKIEST LIFE EVER, and overemphasizes on the tragic aspects of Weaver’s circumstances.
Anyway, Rick’s picture brought back all these hurtful memories to the surface, thus explaining Weaver’s lunacy at the moment. He’s tired from acting out of pure hate and revenge. He just wants to go home and rest in peace.
So Weaver has given up on fighting altogether, and he’s resigned to dying in the alien invasion with the rest of his family. He decides to quit the resistance once and for all…..but then ten seconds later, he’s like “J/K! My character development subplot is over! Let’s kick some alien ass!”
With all that emotional crap out of the way, Weaver & Tom become action heroes again and take down an attacking mech.
I thought with all the screentime that Weaver is getting this episode, this episode might actually be his swan song. But nope, the old fart is still alive, and in typical Falling Skies fashion, the whole segment turned out to be much ado about nothing.
The trio discovers that the crazy older lady has sold them out to the aliens. They revisit her again to collect more information on this human double agent.
And then this…creepy…alien…creature…thingy (?) also exists too, whatever the hell it’s supposed to be. This alien seems to be in cahoots with Karen, who’s now one of the harnessed youths.
Hal suddenly remembers that he still has a girlfriend, and he goes ballistic at the sight of Karen again. Tom has to hold back his son to stop him from doing anything reckless.

Since it won’t be an episode of Falling Skies without the need to rescue someone, Hal swears that he’ll come back for Karen really soon. And by “really soon”, according to the pacing of this show, Karen will probably make her next appearance in Season 3.

In a clumsy symbolic parallel, this older lady has also gone insane due to the loss of her family. The aliens kept her alive so that she’ll be an unsuspecting accomplice in a ploy to lure, trap, and kill more humans. Tom wants to bring her back to camp so that she won’t fool any other innocent people, but Weaver feels sorry for her and lets McCrazyPants stay here with her memories.
Weaver’s change of heart was brought upon by a pair of glasses that he found. These glasses belonged to his wife, and they weren’t found in the house until recently. Weaver keeps hope alive that his wife might still be out there waiting for him.

Tom doesn’t have the heart to point out the various discrepancies in his theory, but I’ll gladly do it:
1. The glasses were in his house the whole time. He just didn’t notice it until recently.
2. Even if she was alive, why would she leave behind her only pair of glasses?
3. The fact that she abandoned the glasses meant she left in a hurry and was in probable life-threatening danger.

The episode ends with Pope making a big show and tell with his latest discovery. He has found the right kinds of bullets to take down those pesky mechs!
Damn, John Pope makes badass look so effortless.
Pope is hailed as a motherfucking hero as he should be, and everyone celebrates that they’ve finally found a competitive edge over the aliens in combat.
Even Tom is happy for a change! He’s normally very *srsbusiness*, but this is one of the few times that we’ve actually seen him smile without reservation.
Unfortunately, not everyone is jumping with joy with the latest innovation. Our two razorback teenagers are more reserved about the newest destruction technique, and Rick has already scurried off to alert the alien forces…*ruh-roh*

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  1. Default avatar Recap Everything February 4th, 2012 / Saturday

    Thanks! These recaps are usually the easiest to write when the episode is REALLY good or REALLY bad. Let's just say I don't often run out of material when writing the Falling Skies recaps. *lol*

  2. Default avatar ezria < apocalypse December 22nd, 2012 / Saturday

    lol I have never seen an episode of this show…I don’t know why I clicked this. but I nevertheless found the recap hilarious. xD

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