Season 1, Episode 06 – Sanctuary Part 1, Falling Skies Recap

Season 1, Episode 06 – Sanctuary Part 1, Falling Skies Recap The resistance contemplates sending the children away with the threat of an impending alien attack; Jimmy almost gets killed again.

Can someone keep Ben on a leash? Like, seriously. Just when you thought Falling Skies played out the whole children-in-peril angle for all its worth, this show never fails to disappoint. Instead of rescuing just one child, now all three of Tom’s sons have been kidnapped together! *headdesk*

Well, at least this shitfest is consistent. OMG WE HAVE TO SAVE BEN. AGAIN!!!

The episode begins with Dr. Anne with a gun pointed to her head! A small family of three is planning to leave the resistance, but they want to loot some medical supplies on their way out of here. Anne is like “U CRAZY? We’re trying to protect you! Your family is absolutely safe with us!”
But the guy is like “Yeah, I just read the script for this episode, and trust me sweetheart, I’m not the crazy one here.”
Unfortunately, the family of three do not make it far before they’re gunned down by the soldiers. They’re free to leave the resistance, but they must hand over the bag of painkillers and medicine, which doesn’t belong to them.
We’re introduced to a new character this week. Terry Clayton, a fighter who used to be in the 7th Mass resistance group, is here to report that their faction is no more. A bad skitter attack hit them hard, and now the alien creatures are heading their way towards the 11th Mass.
Terry informs the sausage fest that the impending skitter attack is about 72 hours away. In the meantime, he has direct orders to take away anyone under the age of 20 and bring these youths to a safe getaway at the farm.
And Captain Weaver is like, “I trust this newly introduced character with MAH LYFE. Tom, give away all your children to this man and convince the other families to do the same, kthx.”
All the parents are outraged by the notion of surrendering their kids to a total stranger, but Glorified Extra #1 thinks it might not be such a bad idea after all. Since these skitters are obviously going after the kids, wouldn’t it be much safer to bring the children to a safer location before the attack?
Now that Ben is back, the youngest brother Matt finally has something else to do besides acting like a precocious little brat. The two brothers discuss Ben’s experiences living with the skitters.
Ben doesn’t remember a lot of the details under the mind control, but he expresses a strange sentimentality towards the aliens. He thinks the skitters cared about the kidnapped children, as if they’re a family unit, and that Ben actually misses this feeling sometimes. Matt goes o_O but he’s just a kid and doesn’t notice all the red flags in this conversation.
Good thing Hal is a nosy motherfucker who eavesdrops into his brothers’ conversation. He had noticed Ben’s erratic behaviour since his return, including the ability to do 100 push-ups all of a sudden.
Dr. Anne reassures Hal that living with the skitters might have had some physical or emotional side effects on Ben, but nothing is fundamentally wrong with him. Hal isn’t convinced though, and has a gut feeling that Ben is acting like a “different” kid.
Anne is too busy flirting with Tom to follow up on Ben thoroughly, while Tom is too busy being an ACTION HERO to notice any drastic changes with his son. So they dismiss Hal’s concerns and believe Ben is still just dandy.
Her recent encounter with a gun has triggered a killer instinct within Anne, and she wants to learn how to defend herself. So, she turns to the resident kickass chick for gun lessons.

Anne: Shouldn’t I like, y’know, take a stance?
Margaret: You’re not the Terminator, honey. You’re just looking to protect yourself.

With Maggie’s help, Dr. Anne transformed from a defenceless weakling to the badass chick with a gun. Maggie makes some lame analogy about how shooting a gun is as easy as using a credit card, and then the two women start GUFFAWING like it’s the funniest joke they’ve ever heard. -_-“

(Now we know why the female characters are so sidelined on this show, because evidently the writers have no idea how to write normal conversations between women.)

Hey look, it’s Jimmy! He was the middle-school aged kid who sucked ass on a mission and almost got everyone killed. Since that incident, Jimmy had been taken off duty, but he’s eager to get involved and endanger all the adults’ lives again.
Captain Weaver tries to minimize the damage done and assigns Jimmy on a random late night watch post. Predictably, within seconds of him arriving, shit is already going down because the skitters are attacking!
Luckily, the attacking skitter decides to do the world a favour and put Jimmy out of his misery.
But for some reason, the show is intent on keeping that cockroach Jimmy alive despite being the instigator of two near-death experiences. Captain Weaver arrives just in time and ~*finally*~ does something useful by shooting the skitter to pieces!
Jimmy goes all WAHHH I ALMOST GOT KILLED BY AN ALIEN and starts crying like a little bitch!
Captain Weaver comforts the crying kid, but is secretly happy that he’s no longer the most useless character on the show.
This attack, however, confirms the captain’s suspicions that none of the kids are safe with the impending alien attack coming their way. Tom reluctantly agrees to send all the children with Clayton to go to the safe haven.
We get this hilariously awful scene where some asshole bullies Ben because he’s ~*different*~.
Hal comes to his brother’s rescue and gets all up in the bully’s grill. Like all schoolyard bullies, the asshole immediately chickens out and retreats like a scared little bitch.
Tom is still on the fence about sending his kids away with Clayton, but Ben convinces him that all the children are much safer if they go away now before the skitters come. This way, the adults can fully prepare themselves to attack the aliens, rather than waste their manpower and resources on protecting the youths.
Professor Tom lectures the parents about how CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE and THEIR SAFETY MUST COME FIRST, so he decides for everyone in the group that each and every single child must be sent away with Terry Clayton. A few other soldiers will accompany the group of kids, so nothing could possibly go wrong! (Oh boy, looking back, the family that escaped at the beginning of the episode was actually the *sane* ones.)
Hal gets into a dilemma because he’s a 25-year-old actor playing a 16-year-old teenager, so he doesn’t know which group he belongs to. In the end, he decides to accompany the youths to keep a watchful eye out for his brothers.
Mike and his emo kid Rick are accompanying the group of children as well.
How do you know things will go terribly wrong with this send-your-children-away plan? Because Jimmy is also travelling with the group, and that kid is like a *magnet* for skitter attacks. ALL OF THE CHILDREN’S LIVES ARE NOW ENDANGERED BECAUSE OF YOU, JIMMY.
And after all the hoo-hah made about rescuing the children, Tom parts ways with his three sons just like that. Dr. Anne uses this opportunity to sniff the manly scent of Tom’s armpits.
Can I make a Neverland Ranch joke or is it still too early? (RIP Michael Jackson)
Later that night, Clayton sneaks into a kid’s room (hold on – it gets worse) with the false promise that the child can meet up with his parents again.
And the kid Eli is like, “You didn’t offer me any candy, and my dumbass parents told me to trust this perfect stranger, so OK I’ll come outside with you!”
Eli senses something is wrong, but it’s too late to run away by then. He gets hit by the horrible CGI effects and faints on the spot.
It turns out Terry Clayton is no saviour. He’s a child peddler who’s bartering young slaves with the aliens!!!
Holy crap, Falling Skies! Do you guys know how to write ANY OTHER PLOTLINES besides abducting children!? This shit has taken up six out of six episodes now! It’s a fucking alien invasion; you have a lot of storytelling opportunities! Please move on!!!
Clayton thanks his intel source for giving him the info on where to kidnap the children…
…and we find out that Pope has basically hopped from one prison to another lol *suckstobeu*

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  1. Default avatar Recap Everything February 4th, 2012 / Saturday

    I joke about the quality of this show from time to time, but Falling Skies is really growing on me. It's a fun show and I enjoy it too.

  2. Default avatar Recap Everything February 4th, 2012 / Saturday

    *snickers* Falling Skies is totally ridiculous enough to be a Syfyfyfy show. I'm surprised because TNT usually has great programming. But I made it through over half the season already, so I don't wanna give up on the show now.

  3. Default avatar Recap Everything February 4th, 2012 / Saturday

    Heh. It's only a matter of time before the whole cast falls in love with Hal anyway. That boy can be paired with anyone, including the aliens!

  4. Default avatar Recap Everything February 4th, 2012 / Saturday

    Jimmy is the cockroach of Falling Skies. Even an alien invasion apocalypse can't kill him off.

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